2018-07-12-Lightline TeaM

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Topic: Standing as Light

Group: Lightline TeaM


Teacher: Charles

TR: Mark Rogers



Question: What is needed for God's intervention to take place, at what point do prayers of petitions for healing, peace etc. take place?

Mark: I make a formal request and petition to our spirit guides who have been in attendance, awaiting our requests for their services. I do so at this time in gratitude for this act of grace. When we come together like this we are extending in faith, we are acting as a result of this faith and we can all witness that as a result of our action in faith, we are always rewarded with the approach of spirit, the embrace of spirit, the connection with spirit that we seek even now. We thank you for this connection, we will display our faith in action, even now. Help us to make it so, thank you.

Charles: Good evening, I am pleased to greet you all. I have been granted this opportunity for interface with you and I treasure this experience. I am Charles and I would like to first start with this example you have provided, this petition that you have made, allowed for the benefit of others, is an invitation that simply cannot be ignored from on high. Such a petition elicits a guaranteed response. It is an absolute certainty that when one is in alignment with their spiritual aspect and when one makes a sincere petition of this spiritual circuit, this petition is received and is addressed as per the limitations of the one engaged in making the petition.

Rest assured that your request, for instance, for health and healing will certainly be granted in due process and by this I mean there are a number of processes in play in such an equation. There is this grand element of free will choice you have mentioned and all other components of this equation are subservient to this overarching requirement, therefore it is often seen as inaction from the side of spirit when in fact it may simply be the passing of time necessary for growth to occur in the individual who is making the petition or in the individual who is receiving the healing or in a combination of both.

Therefore, you should ever strive not to take personally the effects of your petitions, rather make them in all the sincerity you can muster and allow that they will be received on high with the intention they were sent. Allow that this intention will receive the intervention you speak of in due process, that is, this intention will be brought into the equation at the right time and in the right sequence according to the growth chart of the individuals involved.

But your lives move slowly and you are largely impatient to see results that match your requests so that you might see cause and effect in action. Truly this is where your faith becomes an important aspect. You must exercise this faith that even though you may not see the effect, you have been there for the cause. In the same way one will plant the seedling for a great tree and exercise their faith that this tree will one day exist to be a grand and noble tree, they need not be alive to see the entire process to exercise the faith to plant the seedling.

This is your role as light workers and healers, to stand in faith that all your petitions, all your concerns will be appropriately dealt with as the process unfolds, perhaps unrecognizable to you in the form they finally take. But trust that your desires around truth, beauty and goodness are preserved and brought forward at the appropriate time.

Question: [Regarding faltering democracy, famines, poverty, climate change, world conditions etc.] How bad is it?

I would address this other question raised tonight of, how bad is it? I would point to some factors that contribute to your consideration of this question. As history has unfolded, there have been many intense episodes that you have cited and innumerable ones you have not cited. Some, you are aware of, others, you are wholly ignorant to. This has been the long arch of development of mankind which has been in progress for a long time and will continue to be in progress as we move forward.

There have been throughout this arch of time what you would call bad events, bad circumstances that have occurred in cycles throughout this development. Some of them have been extremely bad for those who have experienced them while others on the other side of the planet perhaps, are wholly ignorant. What has changed is now, through your media, you are connected to even the smallest incident on the other side of the globe directly and simultaneously with all the other bad incidents occurring around the globe and so you have brought to your personal awareness a greater magnitude of events which are traumatic and now you are able to surround yourself with the latest problem, the next tragedy and there is little rest for those who are plugged into this circuit and you are inundated.

So while things have been bad for certain groups of individuals before living in certain geographic areas, this badness was largely confined to specific areas and arenas. Now, the reports of every manner of badness are before you daily. This causes a shift in the collective consciousness, this degree of awareness that you now have about events around the globe as they unfold. This will be one of the challenges of your generation: how to interface with all this information you are being presented, making it appear that you are at an all time record bad place.

In fact, you as individuals may not be in such a desperate circumstance, but, now you have the yoke of awareness and the impression of the truths of injustice which are present on your world. I caution you about accepting this yoke and taking on this personal burden. I ask you to consider: Is your life that bad? Is your experience that horrible? Are you not some of the most privileged people on this planet? How then can you be so oppressed by everyone else's choices. I invite you to guard against this intrusion of information. It is enticing, it draws you in with its intensity but your question itself implies that this brings with it the stress that accompanies one who accepts the yoke of all that is undesirable going on around them.

Please try to recall, that while things appear to be getting darker around you, your role is to maintain the light, sustain the light, be the light. As it gets darker around you, you are even more needed to stand firm and act as this light anchor. Fear not about what your other brothers and sisters on the planet must go through on their evolution. You are privileged to accept the basic premises, the truth of truth, beauty and goodness. Your brothers and sisters may lack this awareness and they may be captured by fear and terrorized by this weapon that is being used against them.

Don't fall for this trick. You are better than that. You know of a certainty of your destiny, of your survival, of peace and grace that exists, for you have tasted it. Do not fall for being told that everything is as bad as it gets. We look forward to things turning around and it is our petition as well that things turn towards the light just as you would desire and our petitions, being based in love and offered in sincerity, will certainly be honored in time. But there are many factors at play, many free will choices involved and we must navigate our way through brothers and sisters becoming enlightened, being made aware so they will choose differently and act differently in accordance with the principles of truth, beauty and goodness.


And so, I will bring this session to a close with a collective petition which I will invite you to join. Divine Parents, we are graced with your presence and ours as we join in this process together with you. We are of a common sentiment in wishing the best outcome for this gigantic experiment call mankind. We are somewhere on the timeline of this arch of development. We ask that this arch be steered and guided towards truth, beauty and goodness and that all of us come to the awareness that this is the direction to proceed and with a willingness in alignment with that direction. We state our intention to act in faith as we are so able. So we look forward to joining you as this unfolds with our assistance. Let it be so, thank you.