2018-07-22-Building the Circuits of the Gospel

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Topic: Building the Circuits of the Gospel of Jesus into Planetary Consciousness

Group: Center for Christ Consciousness


Teacher: Manotia

TR: Donna D'Ingillo



PRAYER: Mother and Father, we come together as one in your presence today as angels helpers as we collaborate with our beloved Planetary Seraphim. We are truly grateful to cooperate with you and our angelic helpers in this manner today, and we ask that what we focus from our hearts of desires, from our minds as our intentions will uplift the circuits of Urantian consciousness even further, building new areas for truth, goodness, mercy and justice to prevail. We settle into our hearts now and we ask that your WILL be done. Thank you.


MANOTIA: Greetings, to you all my dear and devoted brethren! This is Manotia. Over the last two calls, we have been asking you to hold the focus for Michael’s AUTHORITY to prevail within the circuits of Urantian consciousness. We will continue in this way, now invoking the assistance of the Angels of the Churches to minister in these circuits of conscious human-angelic cooperation and collaboration.

Take some deep breaths. Let your gaze settle upon your heart centers. As you do this, envision the words MICHAEL’S AUTHORITY in your mind’s eye as the Angels of the Churches now minister into their areas of involvement through this focused circuit. We begin. (Pause)

All around the globe the institutionalized religions of your world are receiving more of the ministrations from these Seraphim. And one of the objectives today is to invite you to feel your desire for the purity of Jesus’s teachings and the gospel as He shared it to move in this circuit. You might say that it will move through the various belief systems–especially within the Christian context and deliver more spiritual vitality of the purity of His Gospel to be disseminated through this circuit of the Angels of the Churches. To restate the Gospel in more modern terms, focus on the words the PARENTHOOD OF GOD AND THE BROTHERHOOD AND SISTERHOOD OF HUMANITY to now move up from your hearts as you desire more of the purity of the Gospel as Jesus taught it to move through these circuits.

The greater context of MICHAEL’S AUTHORITY is providing more of the opening for the Angels of the Churches to minister and disseminate the purity of the Gospel into the areas where it can be more fully established and better received. (Pause)

To assist you in your focused efforts from your heart, you may spiral the words the PARENTHOOD OF GOD AND THE BROTHERHOOD AND SISTERHOOD OF HUMANITY all around the planet in that familiar counter-clockwise rotation. And we continue to take your heart energies and place them where they will do the most good. (Pause)

The world is hungry for this TRUTH and the GOODNESS it imparts into the hearts of humanity. Your Father Michael, when He was here in human form as Jesus, left mighty energies in the collective consciousness that are now ready to break ground, you might say, upon these circuits of institutionalized religious beliefs and to spark new forms of relationship of humans to Deity and to one another. What we ask for you is to desire this more and for these relationship energies to spread far and wide. This will help many of your brethren open to the their own inner spiritual dimensions and encourage their faith development because their Spirits of Truth, as you might say, are being opened and expanded in the circuit of the true Gospel.

Jesus invites all of the peoples of this world to come in relationship to Him. That they may begin to perceive Him as He truly is, not only as the Creator Sovereign of Nebadon, but as their immediate Spirit Father who loves them and is here to encourage them on their paths. So feel your desires for these energies to be spread far and wide, broad and deep, especially into those areas where the circuits are ready to open to these greater truths and the goodness it imparts to the human heart. (Pause)

We now invite you to focus simply on the words the GOSPEL OF JESUS. Let your hearts be full of the desire for the Gospel to now break through certain circuits of resistance, especially in the more unconscious levels of human mind. Let the vibrancy and the truths and goodness of His teachings swell to greater proportions in your hearts that the Angels of the Churches may deliver this energy into various circuits that need this greater encircuitment and how it can feed the circuits of human mind and help more people into a loving relationship with one another and with their own Indwelling Spirits. This will help them come into an awareness that we are all part of the Family of God and this parental nature of our Creator is what is so healing, uplifting, and inspiring to the human soul. Feel your desire for your brothers and sisters to receive this now. (Pause)

As you feel your desires for your brothers and sisters to perceive more of the true Gospel, we also invite you to allow the energies to extend and expand upon the Christian Church as it is today. There are many division and sects within this religious tradition that have acted as loggerheads against one another as each division tries to interpret the teachings of Jesus and apply them to human life. As you know, many of His teachings were diverted into less favorable belief systems, and now we invite you to feel the need for the return of Jesus, the purity of Jesus, to superimpose the Christian Church that more people may feel His presence within their hearts when they are attending services.

Jesus. is from an energetic standpoint. bigger than the Christian Church, for His presence lives in each of you through the Spirit of Truth. The Spirit of Truth is a planet-wide circuit and we now invite you to feel that desire for the peoples of this world to perceive more of who Jesus is, and as MICHAEL’S AUTHORITY continues to hold this circuit open for more upliftment to occur, that the human heart may recognize the purity of His Gospel and the faith relationship you have with your Indwelling Spirits. (Pause)

We have one additional visualization for you to gaze upon in mind’s eye. Take a moment to shift focus as you look at the globe in your mind’s eye in front of you. There is what you might see as a vertical axis moving through the globe from the north to south pole and it is a tube of great light. As the Gospel of Jesus spirals around the globe, we invite you to ask for the energies of MICHAELS’S AUTHORITY to pulse in this vertical light tube moving through the core. Simply do your best to hold this focus of the Gospel and MICHAEL’S AUTHORITY in this dimensional visualization as we continue to minister through the Angels of the Churches. (Pause)

Let your hearts swell with love and desire for more people to open up to the truth of what this means for the transformation of human consciousness. Thank you. (Pause)

Feel your desire for this energy to penetrate into every heart that more lives may open to the truth of the true Gospel and what it means for this world. (Pause)


My dear brothers and sisters, we so thank you for your participation with us today as we have completed our objectives, and will continue to pervade these circuits with your heart energies once we all leave. For truly what we have co-created with you is a mighty force for GOODNESS and TRUTH, and in the coming days remember to focus on this meditation, returning to that place of desire for the Gospel to pervade the planet as the Holy Spirit continues to grow in presence all around the globe in bringing in more LOVE, PEACE, and COMPASSION to the human heart.

We have enjoyed our time with you and we are always available if you call upon us to do this sacred focusing on behalf of the world. Spend moments of your leisure time in this focus of service, for you do more good than you know, and you add into the growing spiritual energies expanding in the circuits of mind as we uplift Urantian life to the LOVE of our Father in Paradise. I leave you in that love, my dear brothers and sisters, and we will join you again very soon to continue this sacred work on behalf of Michael’s beloved Urantia. Good day!