2018-07-26-Lightline TeaM

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Topic: Michael's Romp Around Reality

Group: Lightline TeaM


Teacher: Michael




Dear Michael and Mother Spirit--Hello again! Here we are; and here we are being aware of the two of you all around us and right part of us. So once again, and forever and ever, dear parents, we thank you. We thank you for being a part of us--Mother Spirit, for all the augmentation you give our minds and our spirits, and Michael, your Spirit of Truth serving as an unerring compass always pointing the way to more. There is always a way to keep growing, and your orientation toward truth is always a great encompassing for our minds and our spirits.

I have no specific requests tonight and so, Michael, if you would, would you kind-of give us a romp around reality just for the fun of it? We can sit back, put our feet up, take it easy, and enjoy a rebirth of wonder. There is so much to be wondrous about, it is good to be reminded sometimes of what we so nonchalantly call the Creation. It is nice to be reminded, both, that all we are, and all that we experience does come from God’s creativity. We are not some kind of a haphazard happening, but we ourselves were deliberately created to enjoy it. So if you would: thank you. Amen.


(Michael’s Romp Around Reality)

Michael: My dear children, this is Michael, and I would be tickled indeed to have a little Romp Around Reality with you. Mother Spirit and I have our ability to share your lives with you, and so we experience again The Creation as each one of you experiences it in your own personal life. Isn’t this one of the greatest benefits and gifts of having children?—that we can multiply our own reception through them. In this we can definitely appreciate God’s ability to create all the trillions of trillions of beings everywhere that are on his own personality circuit to enjoy. It’s the fact that our Father--yours and mine--experiences everything that we do, and holds it for us, for indeed this is that generosity of God’s that gives rise to us all.

Let us start our Romp by looking outside your human sphere, for you who reside on Urantia. You have in just the last several decades created dozens of eyes on the sky--all your earth-bound telescopes, and then your space-bourne Hubble, looking out and giving you tens of thousands of the most amazing pictures of the Universe out here. What an amazing, mind-blowing spectacle this is with hundreds of millions of galaxies, each one unique, and each one--in a sense--beyond your comprehension in their size and variety, how they came into being, and what their possible future might be. It’s all in that little word you use--the “universe”--pointing everywhere outward at some things that are truly wondrous.

(The First Source and Center)

Now to stretch your imaginations even further, conceive of and appreciate that all of this started with what we call The First Source and Center--a personal being, not some impersonal natural law nor some accident of being all of this; not some Big Bang that just happened for some inconceivable reason eighteen billion years or so ago. Even our own Local Universe here--Mother Spirit’s, and mine, and yours--is over four hundred billion years old, and yet is still a very young Local Universe compared to others.

Try to get some feeling for a single, personal being who initiated it all, first by creating two other beings similar to himself with whom he could share all of this. Then he brought up out of time and space--as you know them--a whole Central Universe of a billion unique worlds, each with its own unique spiritual leader--the universe of Havona that you yourselves will be going across and experiencing someday.

Then there is this entire created universe of ours just for the pure fun of it, you might say, for that is the basic principle of God’s creation. It’s just his own nature, spontaneous in that sense. It springs from him for his pure delight, and for him to keep in touch with every personal being in existence.

It takes a while to relax your mind, let it go out there, and get a sense that this is all real, no matter whether you are indoors in your human room, or out there in nature in the woods or at the beach, in the middle of the day, or midnight with the whole starry sky above. You get some awareness, some humble feeling that all this really exists. It is actually real, and it is happening right now.

(Avoiding the “objective fallacy”)

Then bring it all back home with the fact that you are a spiritual being. You are a creative being and all this I’m talking about, all this I’m pointing at--this universe that you are a part of, and you can be aware of, my dear ones--you yourselves are co-creating for yourselves. Everything you can be aware of is partly you. This helps you to avoid the “objective fallacy” that, as real, and absolute, and mind-blowing as everything is for you, there is still always so much more. Every single one of you lives in a slightly different universe for yourself, personally.

All of this stems from the fact that each one of you is a unique creation of God’s. What we call your personality is this uniqueness of a personal being that you are--a living being given life and spirit--creative spirit. This is your essence. This is the kind of being you are as a human being. Now to be aware of that? Every human face you meet, every person is like a little god or, as we say, a little walking infinity all their own. Yet while this can be a kind of scary thing--that the shared humanity between and among you can be lost in this uniqueness of each one of you being different, this is also that infinity of unique experience you have to give to each other, to share.

Then here too, in addition to all this “out there,” you inhabit a living physical body that is itself infinite to you. No single one of you can read the tens of thousands of books on anatomy and all that evolution--just on this world, just on Urantia alone--has led up to this present moment and you. Even your own bodies are a vast inner-cosmos to explore and to appreciate with all humility, to be really open to what this body of yours thrives on, as well as what hurts it, all under that magical word called “health.” That one word means so much, it’s another whole realm to explore and be open to what your body is telling you it needs and thrives on.

(Your relationship with your body and mind)

Then, oh my goodness!--if that weren’t enough, consider the intimate relationship your personality—you--have with this body of yours. All you have to do is wiggle your fingers to realize you have something called mind, something bequeathed to you by another few hundred thousand years of evolution. More recently it’s what you call cultural evolution--the language you have, the concepts you have, the understanding you have of what is and what is not. All this comes under the word mind.

Do you have it or does it have you? What is your relationship with this mind of yours? How is it involved in the spiritual part of you, your co-creativity? How much can you be creatively independent with each thought or emotion that comes and goes, to give you a choice and some measure of freedom?

Then there is the fifth part of you, not your personality or your spirit, your body or your mind with its memories you can call forth at any time. This is the part of you we call soul, co-authored by a presence of God himself within you. This part of you is a presence of God who is sharing his experience of you, with you. This is your soul, my dear ones. Your soul is so gigantic, it is another whole realm compared to your memories that you can recall in a moment’s notice. Important indeed is what kind of relationship your personality--your consciousness and your spirit—has with your soul and its presence of God. You might say it’s your true past in all its enormity: when you are two years old, or five, or twelve; going into Kindergarten, then High School, then off to college or a job.

Think of all the hundreds of people you have known in your life, and those few precious dear friends and family, and all that you have shared with them—all this being held sacrosanct by a presence of God right within you. This is why your relationship to your own soul is itself a transcendent function—literally--as you tune and give moments of your present time to let your soul come forth of itself.

(Your soul and God’s presence)

This can be a part of your meditations, part of your appreciation for all that you have experienced, with the promise that, on and on into the future, your relationship with the presence of God within you will continue to grow, even until some day, in some imaginable future on some other totally unimaginable world, with your own point of view grown so enormously, you become one with this presence of God.

This is the dimension of time, my dear ones. This is that promise of eternity that Mother Spirit and I tease you with because we know ourselves, being a part of you, it is so incomprehensible--something called “life forever.” To continue to live forever by your own choice? What greater gift could God himself give you? It’s all a matter of your will and choice; all a matter of your being a free-willed creature with that dignity, that near God-like dignity.

This is what we encourage you to, above all, see in each other. Now imagine; stretch your minds and imagine what the world of yours, what this precious Urantia of yours would be like if all human beings could see each other this way, as unique sons and daughters of God. This can be a welcome challenge for each one of you every day, in all your relationships with those around you. It’s a way to treasure them and appreciate them, literally give them value.

(Infinity within and without)

So this is the universe all around you, my dear ones, that you inhabit. Yet this is also the universe that is right within you, a truly unfathomable realm of individual being. Every day when you wake up and take on this mantle, keep in mind it is something to explore. You are an infinity to yourselves, for indeed this is God’s hallmark, is it not?

That next pair of human eyes you meet: see if you can’t beam this wealth to them. For what you can share in that meeting of eyes, even with a total stranger passing you on the sidewalk: there is nothing to equal it. Here you have a little touch of what God is doing with all his children--just sharing life. Now if you have any questions or comments, let’s share those.


Student: That was beautiful. That covered every question that came across my mind all week, from listening to another study group on the last Light-line. Funny how you and Mother Spirit do that, isn’t it?

Michael: This is the delight of you being able to tune in to us, and it is also something we tease you to practice yourselves. Write down the questions you can ask in your meditation of myself, or Mother Spirit, or even the presence of God within you—your Thought Adjuster. Ask us to come forth to give you ideas, and tease you with feeling the enormity surrounding you, and right within you.

Student: See? There you go again. In my group we’re studying the Thought Adjuster papers this week.

(Pay attention)

Michael: Right. My dear, this is something in which you have free will. You yourself are a unique creative being, so this contact with spirit beings is something you have to choose to do. The greatest compliment you can pay to the Creator of the universe is to pay attention. Give this presence of God some opportunity to be with you very personally. This is also true with Mother Spirit and me when, from time to time, you say hello to us. You simply say within yourself, “Dear Michael, dear Mother Spirit: glad to have you in my life.” So, my dear, be in my peace.

Student: Thank you.


Michael: My dear ones, if there are no more comments or questions, I hoped tonight to give you some feeling of how close Mother Spirit and I are to you, and how human, how very human we are. This is an ability to experience others, you too will grow yourselves, forever. You have that long, long path laid out before you, all the way to Paradise some millions and millions of years into your future.

(Who and what you will become)

Another thing we tease you with is the kind of being you will become. All this is in store for you. It’s how every step of the way, every day, your world is becoming part of you because you are co-creating it. This is a promise of things to come that are so beyond your wildest imagination—so far. A true hallmark of humility is being aware of so much, and still being thankful to our Father for creating it and you.

(And where you are headed)

Give yourselves that opportunity, whether at the beach looking out across an ocean, or on a clear, starry night looking up into your future. This is where you are headed, my dear ones. Come on out with Mother Spirit and me.

We bid you a happy good evening. Mother Spirit sends her love and I bid you: Be in my peace. Just enjoy it from time to time. Let unfathomable life overwhelm you from time to time.

All my love.