2018-08-12-Expanding the Gospel of Jesus

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Topic: Building the Circuits of the Gospel of Jesus into Planetary Consciousness

Group: Center for Christ Consciousness


Teacher: Manotia

TR: Donna D'Ingillo



PRAYER: Mother and Father, thank you for centering us in your presence now that the energies we convey from our hearts and minds may be used in service to the upliftment of all Urantian circuits of consciousness. You know exactly what is needed during this very important time upon the planet. We are delighted to collaborate with our Seraphim in the furtherance of these spiritual circuits to create more space within the human mind to align in Father’s WILL. As we take our place in this co-creative circuit with our Planetary Seraphim we ask to be joined as one in your love to these circuits of mind, and that our efforts today may produce very productive fruits of the spirit to be shared throughout the planet. We offer ourselves to you now as your WILL is done. Thank you.


MANOTIA: My dear brethren, greetings to one and all! This is Manotia. And it gives us great pleasure to join you again in this forum of collaboration as angels—Seraphim—work together to bring more light and love to this beleaguered world. We have been using these circuits to resurrect the gospel of Jesus as He taught it during His Urantia sojourn. The Angels of the Churches are primarily involved in this resurgence of the true gospel and they will again collaborate with you in this circuit of cooperation.

But we will also have the Seraphic groups of the Angels of the Nations and the Angels of Industry participate in building these circuits of the gospel of Jesus in their areas of concern. The gospel as Jesus taught it is for all humanity. It is inclusive. It brings about the awareness that all humans are equally loved by the Father and have a rightful place upon this world to grow in their personality potential—their spiritual and creative endowments to reach that higher state of Christ Consciousness.

As you focus from your hearts feeling that desire for the gospel of Jesus to take up more bandwidth (as you say) of human consciousness, these three Seraphic groups will be primarily involved. We ask that you keep your desires keen and focused on the gospel of Jesus, sending that signal of love from the heart into the circuits of mind that all of these may be upstepped by that liberating gospel as Jesus pronounced the truth.

As we begin we invite you simply to envision the words THE GOSPEL OF JESUS in your mind’s eye, and if you wish to use that familiar counter-clockwise rotation spiraling around the globe, feeling your desire for this to be placed in those areas where the most good can be produced. We begin. (Pause)

There are many new circuits being made available to this Urantian system of consciousness to connect with certain circuits of the evolutionary history of this world for further upstepping to occur. These circuits are here to provide the human mind to open to a greater reality. This will support your overall decision making to move more into the direction of Spirit, aligning with your Father Fragments’ abilities to direct human thoughts into more elevated spiritual areas of enlightenment. There are many participating with us in the cultivation of these circuits to reach into various of what might you call depths of the evolutionary circuit that more change may occur and more spiritual liberation promulgated through both human and celestial collaboration.

We cannot underscore enough how important it is for you to maintain your own individual thoughts and feelings to those higher tones and notes of universe reality, even though you see so much darkness before you in various areas of your planet’s operations. Nevertheless, there is this strong undercurrent now building up spiritual energy to support the connection of the earth realms to the heavenly realms that a more seamless stream of information can proceed unhindered. Continue to focus on the GOSPEL OF JESUS as we work in these areas of evolutionary consciousness and the higher realms of your planet’s circuitry. (Pause)

As you know from your Urantia text account of the life of Jesus, He did not live His human life solely for this world. He lived it for his entire universe. This world, however, has a unique place in all of Nebadon. And in today’s infusion we are building, what you might call, a template of the true gospel as He spoke and taught it to reverberate into those other areas where certain planets have deviated from the divine plan as had Urantia during the rebellion period.

As you continue to focus on your hearts also take a few moments to appeal to your Indwelling Spirits that you may begin to perceive how important it is to reflect upon this energy and not only send it into the planet but into those other universe circuits to help other worlds in their outworking. I recognize that this is a large request we ask of you but it is simply a matter of desire. It does not necessarily engage the intellect as to what this means or how it will affect those worlds. It is simply a matter of desiring that all planets under rebellion sophistries return to the GOSPEL OF JESUS—the Fatherhood of God and the fraternity of all life.

This is what you may call a slight expansion of what we have been doing. But it is important now because Urantia is opening her doors to the rest of the universe. It is important for this world to recognize not only its social relationships of the planetary culture but the interplanetary culture as well. More correction can occur in this arena as well as more help can come your way. So simply allow that desire to pour forth from your hearts and more ministry can be applied here in these circuits. The Angels of the Nations and the Angels of Industry are mightily and fully engaged with your heart energy now as this moves into other dimensions of reality. (Pause)

In the coming days we encourage you to invoke both Seraphic groups of the Angels of Nations and Industry to be upstepped in these circuits of the GOSPEL OF JESUS. There is much good that can be produced from your collaboration with them, even though you as an individual may feel not quite up to the task. But they are mighty angelic groups and it only takes a little bit of human will and desire to bring about changes that they can impart in their areas of endeavor.

If you were to see the entire circuitry of mind upon the planet you would perceive that the spiritual energy is rising and that it is causing a quaking within the rebellion mindset and that much is now breaking up and diminishing in scope. So do not underestimate your efforts, but recognize that this is part of the teamwork model of the universe that you are now learning and engaging and growing as a member of our cosmic family.

When you do your part each day, you grow. When you sit in stillness and commune with your Spirits and our Parents, you expand. It may not seem quite so apparent to you at the time but incrementally there are changes that are being made in how you think and feel and it is adding to the Planetary Supreme Mind that is now taking more form and size within Urantian consciousness. Continue your focus for a few more moments while we still engage with the circuits of the GOSPEL and the Seraphic groups.

We ask you to add one more visualization or focus and that is for MICHAEL’S AUTHORITY to take more dominion here and to add to what we have been collaborating with you today. Allow this focus to resonate in your hearts and send that into the planet: MICHAEL’S AUTHORITY (Pause)


My dear brethren, our objectives are complete, but the energies continue to do their work in these circuits of Urantian consciousness and as they repercuss out into the universe. Remember to play your parts well each day as a cosmic brother and sister knowing that we are all members of the family of the First Source and Center and that we all contribute to the growing of the Supreme Being—the evolution of Deity throughout the cosmos.

We thank you for your efforts and time today. We will be with you once again in this manner in two weeks. We hope that you will continue in this interim period to do your part each day to build these circuits so fundamental to the construction of the era of Light and Life upon Urantia. I leave you in the LOVE of our Parents, and I look forward to our time together very soon. Enjoy your day wherever it takes you, and I wish you a fond farewell.