2018-08-26-Building Michael's Authority

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Topic: Building Michael's Authority and the Gospel of Jesus into the Power Structures of the Planet

Group: Center for Christ Consciousness


Teacher: Manotia

TR: Donna D'Ingillo



PRAYER: Mother and Father, we are dedicated to serving you in this period of planetary correction. Thank you for engaging with us, weaving us together as one in your LOVE through the circuits of heart, mind, soul and Spirit. Prepare us now to receive the infusions of our Planetary Seraphim, as they direct our focused efforts today to impart more transformational change, healing and rehabilitation to those areas in our planetary consciousness where there is great need. We thank you for this opportunity to serve. May your WILL be done now.


MANOTIA: Greetings my dear brethren! This is Manotia. It gives us great joy to collaborate with you in the reconstruction of the circuits of Urantian consciousness. All through these long epics of your planet’s history, we have labored on your behalf to bring about more viability in these circuits of consciousness for Father’s WILL to prevail. However, the corruption in certain circuits of your world have been so dire that it has taken a longer period of time to upstep them, especially during those periods before the rebellion had been finally adjudicated at the system level.

All this has, of course, as you know now changed and the massive efforts put in place by Michael to correct this world and the other rebellion worlds is an undertaking of stupendous magnitude and yet one of great service.

Today we will engage with the energies of Michal’s AUTHORITY and the continued restoration of the circuits of the Gospel of Jesus. We point this in the direction of the power structures upon the planet. Power structures are an energy form all around the globe. There has been a distortion of the way power is conducted upon Urantia. I am using this world “power” to connote several definitions. One is as the influence of individuals within the circuits of planetary consciousness and another is the application of the energies conducted throughout the world.

We invite you to focus on the words POWER STRUCTURES and simply see this in your mind’s eye. It is not important that you completely understand what it is we are engaged to do today as it is that you focus from your hearts the desire for MICHAEL’S AUTHORITY and the GOSPEL OF JESUS to be infused into these power structures all around the globe. All seraphic planetary groups are now engaged with us, so take a few moments to settle into your hearts.

Take some deep breaths, allowing the mental chatter to quiet. In your mind’s eye, allow the words POWER STRUCTURES to appear and then focus in your hearts with the words MICHAEL’S AUTHORITY AND THE GOSPEL OF JESUS to imprint upon the POWER STRUCTURES. Do your best to maintain this focus as we engage with you now in these circuits. Let us begin. (Pause)

All power exists and emanates from the Father in Paradise. He shares this with the evolutionary universes to convey His WILL throughout the cosmos, that the time-space creation may one day reflect the glories and beauties of the central universe of His making. This is a large undertaking and there are many, many influences that work to build the expression of the Father’s WILL and WORD throughout the time-space creation. What occurred upon Urantia caused by the rebellion was a great deviation and distortion of this power energy. But now many, many efforts are being made to clear up these deviant circuits and to provide this world with the, what you might call, reformed power structure that will usher in the era of Light and Life over time.

What we ask of you is to feel that desire and intention for the existing power structures to receive more spiritual energy. Michael’s AUTHORITY can do much but it is from the human end where we can impart the most change, especially when you focus on the desire for the GOSPEL OF JESUS as He originally taught it to gain more expansive presence within the circuits of consciousness. So here is where we are engaged with you today, and we simply ask that you ensure that your love and desire for this to come about—this change in the power structures as we help you outwork the past and gain trajectory for this planet on Her ascension journey. Continue to focus, and we continue to minister in these circuits. (Pause)

Since all twelve seraphic groups are now engaged with you, we invite you to shift your focus slightly by asking for the energies of your heart focus on the GOSPEL OF JESUS to be infused throughout all of these planetary sectors. This is a very wide range of planetary activity, yet much can be accomplished through our collaboration today, especially when you feel that desire for the GOSPEL OF JESUS to be imparted through all of the power structures within the existing twelve sectors of planetary activity and social transformation. Allow the Seraphim to use your enhanced heart energies through the power of LOVE and devotion to engage with their areas to shift the power structure. (Pause)

The last focus is another shifting of your heart energies, but is also conjoined with MICHAEL’S AUTHORITY and the GOSPEL OF JESUS. We now invite you to simply feel your desire for the Personalized Adjuster of Jesus to move in these circuits that we have co-created. Feel that desire for Jesus’ Personalized Adjuster to have more space and placement within the circuits of Urantian consciousness. This will facilitate the Urantian Adjuster circuit in ways that are greatly needed now. Simply send that heart energy to Jesus’ Personalized Adjuster and allow Spirit to do the rest. (Pause)


My dear brothers and sisters, we are very grateful for your participation today. While we have completed our objectives for today, the energies will still continue to expand and be disseminated into those places of great need within the existing power structures. As we have encouraged you in the past, we ask that you continue to focus with us each day in the construction of these circuits that more spiritual vitality may enhance what these circuits are designed to do. We do understand that much of this is beyond human understanding. You will know in time the extent of the activity in what we have co-created together. Urantia is now opening up to great waves of information to, not only uplift your consciousness, but to heal the damage that has occurred here. Your efforts are a part of this as are the efforts of many in like-hearted and like-minded groups. This is a time when, as you say, all hands on deck are needed. We encourage you to spend time in stillness with us after you have communed with the Father within and simply invite that energies of MICHAEL’S AUTHORITY and the GOSPEL OF JESUS to continue to bathe the power structure. As we conclude this meeting, let us take a few moments to raise our hearts to the Father of all and spend these final moments in worship. (Pause)

Father of Lights, we conjoin with our human brethren as we spend this opportunity to commune with you. We ask that the circuits of the Father Fragments continue to be upstepped, or should I say down-stepped into Urantian consciousness, that more hearts and minds open to you and the sacred bond between Paradise Father and human child. Let your Paradise GLORY engage with these mighty men and women who have stepped forward to serve Michael and the Correcting Time to return this world to your WILL and to be a beacon of light to all creation how transformation can truly repair a world seared by rebellion, and it is your divine plan that makes all this possible through your redemption and your LOVE. (Pause)

I will leave you in this manner, dear ones. Feel free to continue your communion with the Father if you so desire. We will engage with you again in two weeks, and we look forward to the enhancement of these circuits and what can be accomplished through human-angelic collaboration. I leave you in our Father’s LOVE, and may you thrive and prosper in it more and more each day. Farewell.