2018-09-08-Growing in Your Intuitive Gifts

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Topic: Growing in Your Intuitive Gifts and the Dreams of Your Hearts

Group: Center for Christ Consciousness


Teacher: Nebadonia, Michael

TR: Donna D'Ingillo



PRAYER: Mother and Father, thank you for this opportunity to receive from you more of the divine inheritance we require to grow as strong and healthy universe citizens. As you imprint more of your divine essence upon us, may we be mindful of your presence within us and grateful for all that you provide as we receive from you now. May your will be done, and we thank you for this time to be with you.


NEBADONIA: Greetings my precious children! This is your Mother Nebadonia who speaks. The faith attitude of your minds and hearts is a fundamental component of your spiritual development. You bring to us a trust that we will prepare you for very vigorous service one day out in the grand universe. Starting here on this sphere of Urantia you have many, many lessons to learn, as well as you are also in the process of outworking the effects of the Lucifer rebellion that so adversely impacted your planet.

You are not alone. We are involved with you on this stupendous adventure of crafting your God-given nature through your faith actions and attitudes. Over the last few months we have been encouraging you on this faith journey to explore your inner dimensions so that you may grow in faith of what it means to be a son and daughter of God. Each of you has been given tremendous potential to achieve your personality synthesis such as what your Father Michael achieved as Jesus. And here today is where we wish to support you to help you gain more, as you say, bandwidth in your awareness of your intuitive gifts that the Father Himself has placed within you through the circuits of personality.

There is nothing you need to do today other than to be mindful of our presence within you and to feel that desire to gain more access to your intuition where you may perceive more of the leadings of your Spirit and how your inner gifts can be further utilized during this time of planetary correction.

Take some deep breathes now and settle into your hearts. Let you inner gaze fall on that desire to increasingly become aware of your gifts that you may cultivate them more easily and readily in service to your brethren who are still struggling and in need spiritual support. Allow my presence to envelop you, holding you in the bosom of my being as the imprinting begins now. (Pause)

To enhance this imprinting, I invite you now to move into that place in your heart where the dreams you have held for your life reside. You might consider these dreams of your heart as a signal from the Father into your mind to help you achieve the greatness that is contained within your potential. So many times humans falter when they are impressed with the dreams of their hearts and think that it is too farfetched, too insurmountable, that they lack the abilities to bring them forward. But there are many dreams within your hearts that have still yet to come to full fruition.

I invite you to take a few moments to focus on your heart and the dreams that you have held. As you make contact with them, simply bring them before your Father and me. Share them with us. Give them to us, and simply relax once you have done so. (Pause)

What your Father and I are helping you receive today is what you might call more of that spiritual bandwidth to help your mindal circuitry imprint upon greater access to your own Indwelling Father Fragments. Many of you are aware that the communication between Spirit and mind and body has been severely curtailed because of the rebellion circuitry. But much of this interference is no longer in place. And so in the coming days and weeks and months these expanded circuits will help you mightily perceive more of what your Spirit is conveying into your minds, and to help you gain greater confidence in your hearts’ ability to perceive your gifts and to make them more manifest out in material reality, especially when you are being a truth revealer and light bearer to your brethren.

And as you do this, as you minister in this way, you will be immensely gratified, and this also establishes a greater faith bond between us and with your own Spirit that you are indeed very connected and very supported as you go about your day. Continue to receive and relax into this deeper imprinting. (Pause)

Your Father and I desire for you to enjoy your human life experience more. This is a unique time in your ascension careers, even though you can hardly appreciate what is yet to come. This life is very important and it is there for you to make use of, to employ your creative gifts, to grow your intuition, to stand steadfast in faith. And all of these attitudes will bring you more fulfilment because now you are living more of your true purpose as children of God, having this marvelous evolutionary experience on this world. And while sometimes some of you bemoan the state of this world, I assure you that it is creating some extraordinary souls of stupendous proportions who will one day do very great works in service to the Father of all.

So let go of your complaints, let go of your insecurities and allow the gifts that have been seeded within you to bear new seeds of thoughts and concepts in your mind that you may use these gifts in ways you have yet not achieved, but you will in time as these circuits continue to amalgamate and integrate into you. (Pause)

How you use these enhanced spiritual connections is entirely up to you. But we encourage you to spend the requisite time you need in stillness to make contact with your Spirit and to receive the impressions from the Father of what it is Father would like to co-create with you, in you, and through you. This is the most mighty partnership upon your planet now: God and humanity coming together as one, and it is all possible within you. Allow these words to settle in as I remain with you for a few more moments before your Father Michael will address you. (Pause)

I leave you in Michael’s hands as you continue to integrate these energies, opening more to His presence within you and to receive more of His LOVE. You are here to thrive in your humanity and we support all of the efforts you make, large and small, to do just that; to be creative spiritual beings learning the first lessons of life on this rugged sphere. Learn them well that you may accomplish great things with the Father, and know that we are with you as you do this. Good day, my beloved children.

MICHAEL: Greetings, dear ones! This is Michael. Continue to allow these energies to reverberate into your beings. The cultivation of your personality gifts is of utmost importance to your Mother and me! As your Parents we are here to guide you along this journey of personality cultivation. As you begin to perceive with greater intuition what is possible within you, do not hold back. Allow these energies to move you forward. Do not imagine that this is wishful thinking or this is just your mind speaking to you. Let your heart energies expand that you may move forward in courage and confidence of the creative power within you. You never know what you can create with Spirit until you try! You must make sincere effort.

Now, we understand that in the past there have been many influences that have impeded your creative expression, but those conditions are no longer there to thwart you. Their influence is diminishing. So let this be a catalyzing time for your creative potential to soar to new heights, to lead you into new insights about the ways and workings of our universe family, and how you fit in as an important and integral member. We have given you many helpers to be by your side, to encourage you and support you when you falter, but now learn to use your spiritual team in co-creation of your gifts.

As your Mother suggested, you are just giving them to us now that we can convey to you more spiritual energy to help you achieve that what has been so carefully seeded in you by the Father in Paradise. Just as I had to learn about this part of my human nature when I was here as Jesus, so must you. But it is up to you whether or not to engage your efforts and activities in this way. But I am here not only to encourage you as your Father but as your brother. You can always come to me when you are in the midst of a human problem and ask me how I handled a similar situation.

For you see, my children, self-mastery is entirely possible. You are mastering how you think, how you feel, and how to use the creative energies within you, conforming to the Father’s plans that have been seeded within you. It is all so entirely possible now. So hold back no longer. Move forward in faith: bold faith, vigorous faith, assured faith. And your confidence and courage will expand proportionately with the more faith you demonstrate in your daily living actions.

Allow these words to settle in as I share more of my essence with you as well as my human life experience as Jesus and the energetic forms that I can convey to you. (Pause)

The time is upon you to manifest more of Father’s plans for your human life. Let this be a time of great exploration and joyful creation as you lead inspired lives and demonstrate the goodness and the love of the Father Within. Your brothers and sisters need to see your actions now. They need inspiration because they may not find it in themselves yet, but you can guide them there. And by your actions of love, compassion, forgiveness and understanding, patience, tolerance and mercy, you will be mighty conveyors of the Father’s presence to another individual or to many depending upon your spiritual strength and resiliency.

So there is no reason to hold back anymore, my children, and as you move forward we are there to support you and you may even sense that at times. And that is good for we want you to experience that dynamic environment of being uplifted in Spirit as you live each day. It is all possible. It is all achievable if this is your heart’s desire.


Your Mother and I have conveyed much to you. We have shared much with you also. Continue to expand in these circuits of our being, knowing full well that your lives are supported that you may continue to express the goodness and the greatness within you. As these energies integrate within, ensure that you are acting on those inner promptings you sense each day, for here is how you grow your faith and see through the eyes of the body the living proof that God is real and within you.

I leave you in our Father’s LOVE, my children, and I bless you that you may continue to flourish and prosper and bring about mighty changes in Urantian consciousness from your own unique efforts. Good day, my beloved children!