Current Digest of the Post-Soviet Press

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The Universal Database of Russian Newspapers (UDB-COM) provides comprehensive coverage of national news, current events, economic developments and cultural events in Russia.


Russian newspapers, including official sources, independent media and partisan publications. Official sources, independent media and partisan publications are all represented on this database, thus offering a wide array of opinions and perspectives. Several English-language newspapers including the notable Moscow Times, widely read by the international community in the Russian capital, constitute an important part of the database. The full-image, full-text English-language online digital archive presents over 10,000 articles from the Soviet/Russian press, government documents and special interest journals from 1949 through 2006. Now an unprecedented primary-source research tool, the weekly selections of Russian-language press materials was selected by leading Slavic scholars in the USA who carefully guided English language translations. CDPSP Digital Archive paints a broad picture of life in Soviet and post-Soviet times, chronicling the rise and fall of the Soviet Union as a superpower and the emergence of Modern Russia. CDPSP’'s coverage opens broad possibilities for research into international policy, domestic affairs and social issues from previously out of reach Soviet/Russian news of 1949 to 1980.



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