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Entente Cordiale dancing.jpg


French, from Old French, intent, understanding or (cordiale)‘ (friendly) understanding.’


  • 1.a friendly understanding or informal alliance between states or factions: the growing entente between former opponents.
  • 2. a group of states in an informal alliance.
  • 3. (the Entente Cordiale) the understanding between Britain and France reached in 1904, forming the basis of Anglo-French cooperation in World War I.


Entente - a type of treaty or military alliance where the signatories promise to consult each other or to cooperate with each other in case of a crisis or military action. An example of an entente is Entente Cordiale between France and United Kingdom.

It has been found that signatories of ententes are less likely to assist each other during wars than signatories of defense pacts, but more likely than signatories of non-aggression pacts. It has also been found that great powers are less likely to start wars against their partners in ententes than against their partners in non-aggression pacts and defense pacts, or states with no alliance with them.