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Adjective - '''finite''' (comparative more finite, superlative most finite)
Adjective - '''finite''' (comparative more finite, superlative most finite)

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Adjective - finite (comparative more finite, superlative most finite)

  • Limited, constrained by bounds, impermanent [1]

Finite is the opposite of infinite. It may refer to:

  • Having a finite number of elements: finite set
  • Being a finite number, so not equal to \pm\infty; all real numbers are finite
  • Having a finite size
  • In physics jargon, finite can mean either non-infinite or non-zero.
  • A finite state machine or finite automaton is a model of behavior composed of states, transitions and actions.
  • Finite verb [2]

The finite level of reality is characterized by creature life and time-space limitations. Finite realities may not have endings, but they always have beginnings--they are created. The Deity level of Supremacy may be conceived as a function in relation to finite existences.[3]