State Papers Online, 1509-1714

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State Papers Online, 1509-1714 is a collection of English government documents originating from the 16th and 17th centuries. The papers feature the office archives and correspondence of the secretaries of state serving the Monarch as facsimile manuscript documents accessed directly or via the fully searchable Calendar. This collection contains information on every facet of English government, including social and economic affairs, law and order, religious policy, crown possessions and intelligence gathering as well as Britain's international relations and foreign policy.


State Papers Online includes: * Letters to and from local officers or private persons * Letters to and from the monarchs * Letters to and from the Secretaries of State * Documents in cipher * Letters to and from ambassadors abroad * Instructions to commissioners and to special missions * Depositions, documents covering the Crown's revenues and possessions * Private papers and papers produced by the office's internal administration * Drafts of proposals or of acts of Parliament