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Susan Kimsey served as the Transmitter/Receiver (TR) for the Half Moon Bay Teaching Mission Group beginning March of 1993. Below, you may read her brief description of this experience, and will find many of these lessons by following this link.


This has been an experience which has stretched my beliefs, challenged my abilities, expanded my perceptions, and increased my faith in God and the benevolent design of His creation. I have grown through moments of doubt and disbelief that such an amazing experience could be happening to me. After sixteen months of growth in my relationship with the Teachers, I no longer doubt their existence, and I am becoming comfortable with my ability to hear their words.

As our group grows, I watch with interest how others are developing a relationship with the Teachers. I see all of us prompted to discover our better selves, and become willing to work on those areas of our personalities that need development. It has been an exciting, rewarding experience to join with people I care for in this relationship with the celestials.

One particular benefit of being a TR that I cherish is the experience of feeling the presence of the Teachers. Just as I can hear their words in my mind, I can feel their emotions in my heart. I have felt their patience for our confusion or disbelief, their satisfaction for our sincere attempts to ask heartfelt questions, their pleasure in sharing our company, and their deep love and respect for us as fellow children of God. They are remarkable guides on our path toward our eternal destiny.

I hope you enjoy reading these transcripts. They have been a "labor of love" from many of us in the group. We have added commentary or notes to help you understand better all that has occurred during our sessions. If reading these transcripts encourages you to seek out more information regarding the Teaching Mission, or to develop a more vital hope and interest in your own path to God, then they have served their purpose. - Susan Kimsey