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John de Koster wrote: Mon, May 21, 2012 at 12:37 AM

Hello Rob,

I'm not sure you are the architect of the site, but I would like to compliment you, or your brothers and sisters who made this possible for a great job! I like the no-nonsense wiki approach.

Actually I would like to thank everybody on the TML list for allowing me, as a 'lurker' to be a witness of the whole process, though at times the discussion's are a little to intense for my taste, I'm grateful for the opportunity to tune-in when I felt fit.

Love, respect, and gratefulness, John de Koster / The Netherlands

Gerdean wrote: Mon, May 21, 2012 at 12:50 AM

Yes, John, Rob is doing a great job.

Speaking of Nordan Symposium, Rob, ought not the Correcting Time be listed under post-adjudication (since it was inaugurated formally on 2/1/92) instead of pre-adjudication?

Always something. G.

Rob wrote: Mon, May 21, 2012 at 2:13 PM

Hello John-

Thank you for sharing your appreciation! The work you see is but a beginning, and I am glad you have found it helpful. The Nordan Symposia celebrates the evolving dialogue of humanity and divinity that begins on evolutionary worlds with the first blush of bona fide human consciousness and proceeds without end into dimensions we have yet to explore. The Teaching Mission Dialogues represent well this scope of divinity attainment and is then well suited to serving as the core of what will become its many collections.



Correcting Time

Gerdean-I understand your point, and for this reason the description of the Correcting Time category is introduced by saying,

The Correcting Time refers to the worldwide reconnection of spiritual circuitry whereby this planet along with other formerly isolated worlds are now able to receive broadcasts of universe intelligence. For purposes of file structure, this category features teaching attributed to celestial origin both preceding and following this public announcement on February 2, 1992.

If you examine the category of 'teachers' in the "Correcting Time" collection you will find the description as:

The term "Teachers" will generally refer to any personalities who offer instruction seen as helpful to others. In this category however, the term refers to celestial teachers channeling spiritual intelligence through human beings outside the context of The Teaching Mission.

I welcome suggestions that would better accomplish the purpose.

Gerdean wrote: Mon, May 21, 2012 at 3:48 PM

I don't know. Maybe Luminaria can advise you.

It just seems to me that if the Correcting Time was inaugurated on February 2, 1992, that is when the Correcting Time commenced. Prior to that, there were teachers, seers, philosophers, channelers, natural philosophers, sooth-sayers, and all that, but only since February 2, 1992 has the Correcting Time been. Or are you under the impression that the circuits were opening as far back as, say, Padgett?

While we are seeking clarification, I am reminded of your recent comment about a generally misunderstood assumption that the Teaching Mission is for personal correction and that the Magisterial Mission is for service. The Teachers came to teach us, and when we had learned, we were sent out to be teachers in our own right. Nobody said we had to shift from the Teaching Mission to the Magisterial Mission before we set out to do service. It was not that we had to graduate from one to qualify for the other.

It was never conveyed to me by any of my supernal teachers, including the Universal Father, the Eternal Son, the Infinite Spirit, Christ Michael, Nebadonia, a wide range of Sons, including One High in Authority, Mighty Messengers, Most Highs and members of the Teacher Corps, as well as morontia companions, celestial artisans and midwayers, that there was ever to be a time when we stopped learning or stopped serving.


Rob wrote: Mon, May 21, 2012 at 4:19 PM

Hello Gerdean-

Until such time as any 'celestial' takes on a material form, I will value more those suggestions from human associates who are more acquainted with the material nuances of these issues. This is worthwhile point to explore at length, and no doubt when I visit, we can more efficiently tackle the intricacies of file structure relative to meanings associated with terminology.

As for the Teaching Mission and Magisterial Mission among any number of other initiatives inspired by the First Source, how could service not be the motivating force for any? In our cosmic home, there are many ways to serve and these are but two programs. The generosity of our Creator Son though insures there are always more than meets any eye but that of the Father.



p.s. I have entered this exchange in the Correcting Time discussion page for future reference as the issue of better defining file structure is one that will always be a matter of interest for those who care about langauge and meaning.

CTC (Correcting Time Community) Description?

The Correcting Time Community is made up of individuals who seek to better their lives through enhanced spiritual growth, and to leave this planet in better shape than when they arrived. Our planet, as you know, is in a sorry state and needs a new set of heroes to correct its ills. By this time in our history, we should be well past the need for wars and our social institutions should be serving the needs of all our peoples, not just the wealthy or the self-professed authorities of the major political parties within all nations, or the raping of our natural resources for the monetary gain of a few.

Imagine, if you will, a world where every individual has their basic needs met of food, shelter, a meaningful job, healthcare, a stable loving family life and a good education. Imagine that each person has the ability to grow into their full potential of what God has designed for them, or as they have desired their potential to be through the opportunities presented to them, or as they have made possible through their own efforts and steadfastness. Imagine what it would be like if every individual on this world were seen as equal in value to every other individual, just as accepted and loved by their fellow man as God loves them. On normal worlds in our universe this is what comes as their civilizations advance in intellect and spiritual enhancement.

Periodically, normal worlds are given the assistance of Spiritual Beings, a Planetary Prince and his staff, to give them a little nudge when they falter to evolve into cooperative groups of early forms of government, to learn about agriculture and nutrition, sanitation practices, education and vocational training. The second assistance is given by the gift of an Adam and Eve couple, a Material Son and Daughter, to uplift the people biologically and to teach enhanced family values and further education on nutrition and race harmonization. Unfortunately, both of these early forms of assistance defaulted in their assigned tasks and our world has suffered greatly because of it.

One great advantage we have had was the incarnation of our local universe creator, Michael, as Joshua Ben Joseph, the babe of Bethlehem, who grew up as Jesus, an ordinary man of the realm whose main purpose was to bring God to man and man to God, as well as other spiritual truths that could be comprehended by some individuals at that period of time. Now, Christ Michael, as he is known throughout the universe, has determined that we are now ready to receive the next upstepping, which he has named the “Correcting Time” and has chosen Monjoronson, a brother of Paradise origin, to serve as a Magisterial Son to our world. Monjoronson’s major responsibility is to teach us how to save our civilization from being lost by making all of our social structures sustainable into the future, for as of right now, we are headed toward a collapse of civilization, worldwide.

The first part of the Correcting Time was the gift of a book, a 2097 page tome called “The Urantia Book.” The authors of the 196 papers are all Celestial Beings of different ranks within the Universe hierarchy of Administration, and they inform us of what we need to know in order to ascend spiritually through the remainder of our lives here on Urantia (as our world is known on high,) and up through the various levels of the Universe until we mature spiritually and are ready to meet our Father, God, in person. This book is a “must read,” if you are at all curious about your place in eternity and what you have to look forward to in the afterlife.

[The Urantia Book, was first published by the Urantia Foundation in 1955, and now is also available from Uversa Press. It can be ordered from any book store, online, from the Urantia Foundation at:, from the Urantia Book Fellowship at: or the Jesusonian Foundation at: It can be viewed from these web sites, free of charge and has been translated into many languages (15 at last count.) It is available both in hardbound and soft cover and is very reasonably priced for a book of this quality.]

The second part of the Correcting Time is called “The Teaching Mission.” Volunteer celestial beings have been extensively trained to serve as teachers to willing mortals through a process called “transmitting/receiving,” or “TRing.” The celestial teacher assigned to a group of mortal students, speaks through a trained TR, who serves as a vocal conduit, speaking the words of the teacher orally. The object of these lessons is personal spiritual growth. These lessons, more than 5000 currently archived, are usually tape-recorded and transcribed and are available free, worldwide on

The third part of the Correcting Time is called “The Magisterial Mission.” Our Magisterial Son, Monjoronson, has been speaking to various groups since 2004, preparing us for the new era that is coming. These transcripts are available on the two archive sites mentioned in the paragraph above and also The nature of these lessons are for social activism, teaching mortals how to build civilization and all of its social structures for stability and social sustainability into the far distant future of 2500 years or more. Monjoronson and his staff can advise us through the co-creative process, but we must do the work to bring the better ways into existence. The end goal is to have a world that lives in peace and harmony, where all mortals have what they need to have a life of quality, an opportunity to grow into their full potential, and to be equal in value to all others. This is how mortals live on advanced, normal planets in our Universe, and it can be our destiny as well, if we so choose.