1987-07-09-Soul Consciousness, Following Truth

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Topic: Soul Consciousness

Group: New Zealand TeaM


Teacher: Abraham

TR: Babs



Charles - Opening prayer.

Teacher: I am Abraham, I am your Teacher.

All- Good evening Abraham.

Teacher: You have queries.


Automatic Writing

Petta - - When humans pass to the spirit world, you have taught us that contact through mediums is not direct, as many of us thought. It comes from soul conscious(ness), that being so, how does one get automatic writing, how is it received?

Teacher: Yes, one moment.

Yes, delay caused by Reuben, one moment.

The phenomena known as automatic writing comes by way of soul consciousness, your guide controls the manner off communication easiest to assimilate. This is clear for you?

"Does that mean that when somebody writes in a language that they don't know, that their guide has therefore belonged to that particular country in the past or that the person writings has?

Teacher: The soul consciousness.

"Thank you Abraham.

Teacher: You are welcome.

Filip - Why would a soul consciousness come back into a different country then, so the language was different?

Teacher: There is no language barrier for soul consciousness.

Tommas - It would have been just as possible to write in the language that would have been understood?

Teacher: Soul consciousness would have used the language, used by soul consciousness.

Petta - - So if one wrote German, a past life would have taught them that.

Teacher: Repeat.

If a person did automatic writing in the German language, of which they had no present day knowledge, does this mean that they did learn it, in a passed life?

Teacher: Not particularly. Soul consciousness using the physical as an instrument, would perhaps have been of that language.

"Ah! So it's not your own soul consciousness.

Teacher: Your guide would be the control for such.

"Thank you Abraham, it's clearer for me now.

Teacher: The delay you have experienced between query and answer is attributable to an experience for Ruby. You may continue queries.

Tommas - Is it possible in this life, if you think, In my next life I would like to do such and such a thing, is it possible to do that thing, make plans, or is your future life chosen for you?

Teacher: In the life between physical, you choose.

"So you can't make any decision about it on this plane?

Teacher: Only in as much as what you do now, you reap the reward or non-reward, in the future, which is also in the present and the past.


Selina - You told me, when our lessons first started, that I had met Ruby, Tommas - & Martin, before, through similar interests, I never asked you, I don't think, what the similar interests were, what was it that brought us together?

Teacher: What has brought you together this particular life time'

"We are seeking the truth.

Teacher: Yes.

"The same before?

Teacher: Seekers of truth are always seekers Clara - of truth.

"I have done that, but is that in the future, this is a question to confuse Tommas - (joke)

Tommas - I can get confused on my own, thank you.

Teacher: Past, present, future exist at the same time, space. You have your answer.

Selina - Thank you. Can you tell me, at this stage then, anything about Andreas?

Teacher: That depends on what it is, you wish to know.

"Well, I've often asked before, and you always tell me, I have enough to think about, so I'm asking early this lesson I'd like to know something of his last physical life, his work, the year, perhaps the year date he started helping me.

Teacher: To answer your last query first. Andreas has been guiding you since the day of your creation. It is more apt, you should inquire when it was you first became aware of such guidance.

"I felt I would say, just this year.

Teacher: Then so be it.

Filip - When you say creation, do you mean in this lifetime.

Correct. Continue Selina - .

Selina - I was just wondering if I had physically met Andreas, if he had been related to me in any Clara - way, an Uncle, something like that.

Teacher: Not so.

"Well then, his work?

Teacher: One moment. He was a maker of cloth.

"And the year?

Teacher: 6

Filip - 6 A.D . is that?

Teacher: Correct.

Selina - Can you tell me anything about his experiences in his life?

Teacher: Similar to your own, therefore an apt guide.

"Is there anything else that you are allowed to tell me, then I won't ask about him anymore.

Teacher: You may ask again, at another appointment. A little, and often.

Thank you Abraham.

Tommas - A life in the year 6 A.D. would be completely different to the sort of a life that we live.

Teacher: In physical terms perhaps.

Charles - Emotional terms may be similar.

Selina - Well they still have feet, a roof over their heads, and food in their stomachs.

Teacher: Basic humankind needs, wants, desires.

Filip - That really depends on their place on the Earth though.

Teacher: The only difference concerning the place of abode is or would be, the emphasis placed on certain aspects of living physically, emotionally, mentally, spiritually, but the same needs exist. You are understanding?

Selina - Yes. What country would that have been called where Andreas was?

Teacher: In the time, the Roman time, in a place called SOMALIA present day name, or past, I am unclear. (East Africa)

"Was Andreas a follower of Jesus then? as Jesus grew older?

Teacher: There were few who knew of Jesus at this time, But a God person, yes. He knew, and loved his God.

"That was nice.

Teacher: Ah! There were many Gods.

"Oh! I see, you mean,...you don't mean that he worshiped an idol though?

Teacher: Not a false idol, rather slight mis-guidance. You may ask at our next appointment.

"Thank you Abraham.

Dominica Abraham, you said that once a truth seeker, always a truth seeker. Those who are not seeking the truth, is it that they are not seeking it in this life; otherwise they will never seek it.

Teacher: There are those who have been always seekers of truth. There are those who flit from seeking to non-seeking, uncertain of self.

There are those who have never begun the journey of seeking.

There are those who have just begun. This answers your query?

"Yes, it does, thank you.

"I was also wondering about animals, when they sleep, do they find the stillness, or because their life is simplistic, they don’t need to.

Teacher: They operate in a differing manner.

"Does a cat always come back as a cat, because Zen religion believes you change each time & grow.

Teacher: Within their own species.

Selina - Do they have a learning mission to accomplish?

Teacher: They are not as humans, animals re-incarnate within their own species. A horse shall not become re-incarnated as a cat. A horse is a horse is a horse. Buddhism (Zen Japanese religion) change and grow, this is their view of progression of growth of learning, but you see, the growth from a small insect through to a human being, forgetting that a human being may grow through many, many, MANY, periods of growth within the species known as human kind.

If it is with your agreement, you shall take refreshment, I shall return.


Teacher: SPEAK.

Selina - Well, I will tell you about another social event that's coming up. This weekend, we are all hoping to get together as a group, and go to Melda's for an evening meal, perhaps you will be able to join us at that one,

Teacher: Yes.

as you missed out on our last journey to the rock shop.

Teacher: Yes.

Tommas - , you had some good news this week, you could tell our friends in the room about.

Tommas - My firm has told me I have $600.00 to spend, as I have worked for them for 20 years. It was due it back in April, but I think they were waiting for me to get my tooth fixed after the accident, and have given up waiting. So we will have to see what we can find, there will be a presentation at work, Wilma was laughing, till I said, you have to come as well, and that took the smile off her face.

Teacher: So you receive reward.

"Yes, for 20 years service to the company, and again at 25 years and at 30….

Teacher: And this gives satisfaction.

"It makes you feel appreciated.

Teacher: But of course.


Selina - Has nobody got any questions?

Charlemont - Yes, I'd like to say something. We were speaking in the interval, I was speaking to somebody, about the lessons, having more than one teacher can confuse, and it occurred to me, after I had finished speaking, that I have always felt nervous of saying to somebody, that I felt we have the ultimate in Abraham, because there are so many other kinds of lessons about, but it has occurred to me just recently, that all the other lessons, that I know I've had, both in the physical and the lessons of occult, have all led to this one teacher, and this one teaching of the mind, is the ultimate, and I don't mean just to me, I think it is the ultimate.

Teacher: Because it is SELF.

Yes. And I had always been very cautious of even thinking this, let alone saying it, to anybody else outside of these teachings, because it sounds very

Teacher: I am understanding. You see, I have said before times, I am your teacher. I have explained the meaning of teacher, which is, one who guides, who gives knowledge, yes? but you, yourself, teaches self.

" Yes. I am trying to explain too, that I still am interested in learning music, other occult things, as an interest, and they all add another dimension to the crystal, that is ME, but, this is the centre of the crystal, I realise more than ever now, the deeper I get involved, the more I believe that.

Teacher: Yes. You are correct.

You wish to discuss this?

Tommas - People who are not as fortunate as us, do they naturally become aware spiritually, or could they just go right through their life with not knowing, if it hadn’t have been for the fact, that I knew Ruby & Charles - personally, I wouldn’t have come, so it's really pure luck, I guess. I wouldn’t have gone to a stranger, because the trust would not have been there.

Charlemont - I think we could find the same answers through other channels, in other words, there are other ways, of releasing the inner you, we have found what we call Abraham as a teacher, but I'm sure Abraham would say there are others, and other areas where humankind can find the oneness that is. Because there are other books that we have read, that have expressed exactly the same message that we are getting through Abraham's teachings, and these people have found it in other ways.

Tommas - Yes, but you have to want to read, and to search, and I wondered if you would naturally, which I have never felt. Selina - always has.

Teacher: There may have been, there obviously was a sympathetic cord struck within your soul, Tommas - , to give you the impetuous to commence, yes? and then an added factor of the knowledge of the persons concerned, and having the trust, as you say, is an added impetuous to continue the search yes?

"I have always known there is something, after the physical, because we had a house in England that had a presence there. It used to knock the door knocker and make the sound of footsteps around the place, but I've never felt to delve or find out what or why.

Teacher: Until

"Until now.

Teacher: A sympathetic cord was struck. You are aware of that which it was?

Well, Selina - doesn’t like driving far, and she wanted to go out to Ruby's place, and I said right, I'll take you.

Selina - So I nagged him.

Tommas - Well you didn’t nag, you wanted to go, you couldn’t get there otherwise.

Selina - I desperately wanted to go out to Charles - & Ruby's home, to talk to you, because they had told me about you, and I didn’t want to drive, as Tommas - says, I don't like driving, and he only took me because it was Charles - & Ruby, had it have been strangers, he would have said, if you want to go badly enough, you'll go on your own, but because he knew Charles - & Ruby, he was quite prepared to come along and just sit quietly, but when we got there, before the end of the evening, he had questions of his own, you did trigger off the searching in Tommas - , and then, when I came back home that evening, I was telling Dominica about the meeting, she then just couldn’t wait to come & talk to you, herself

Teacher: And so it continues. Yes.


Filip - I was going to say, what about all those that follow the path of Christ, and that direction, because there are a. lot more of those, than there are of us. Is that their path, well it is their path.

Teacher: But of course. . And I query the difference in number?

"We are more aware of Christ': followers than

Teacher: Than you are of followers such as yourselves. Correct. But of course they follow their path, and the paths all lead to the one ocean which is God. Some take a precarious route, some lead to shallows and mud flats, some turn back on themselves and return to the point of origin from whence they may join another river, and on and on and on

"I think that's what I did, went back & joined another river.

Teacher: And Selina - , your exercise?

Selina - Yes, Abraham. I've done very well.

(Unrolled a scroll of good points)

(Much laughter.)

I didn’t think of anything for some days, and when I thought of the first thing, then I couldn’t stop.

So I started off my good and my positive points with:

1. I think the first thing is, I have a sense of humour. I like to make people laugh, and I don't mind if by making them laugh, I've been the clown or the court jester, if it gets a smile, cheers somebody up, I really don't mind.

2. I'm good at making lists.

Teacher: I AM AWARE.

I like to make lists because I like to be organised, I try to be efficient, so I write things on calendars, keep diaries and such like.

Teacher: You shall change that phrase, remove the word TRY. repeat I am efficient.

"That is so hard to do.

Teacher: Repeat.

"I am efficient.

Teacher: Correct. Continue.

"3. I am a good friend. I keep their secrets, I give advice if asked, and I give them a bed for the night when it's been needed

4. I am good at paying my debts, am honest.

I'll leave out the next bit.

Charles - THAT'S NOT BEING HONEST (Much laughter)

Selina - Well, I put, I always try to tell the truth, but there's that word TRY, again.

Tommas - Say, I always tell the truth.

Selina - Well I DON'T ALWAYS tell the truth.


(Endeavour = to make an earnest attempt or effort)

Selina - Yes, I endeavour to speak truth, yes that's better.

Teacher: Correct

If possible without hurting anyone’s feelings. I will return a favour, keep a promise etc.

Selina - 5. I always do a fair day's work for a fair day's pay. Give my employers their monies worth. Always been a good employee.

6. I'm quite good at keeping things clean & tidy. Garden, home, etc. I get satisfaction from the work itself, but mostly I get pleasure, it's in the end result for me, seeing things neat & tidy is what I really like.

7. I'm a loving, caring Wife, Mother & Friend. Forgiving of hurts, and I make excuses all the time, for people who have done things, perhaps that have hurt me, and I've said, well perhaps they are ill, or tired or I guess I don't hold a grudge, I think that's what I am trying to say.

8. I do have a good eye for colour, as Tommas - mentioned last week. I have been asked to decorate people's homes, going as far as choosing expensive items, like carpets & drapes. They seem to think I have good taste and have tried to copy that in some way.

9. I can say I have good manners

10. I can say I am good at putting people at their ease, making them comfortable.

11. And I was told quite recently that I have a good personality, and that was a gift in itself, except I'm not quite sure what was implied by that.

Teacher: All those things you have found for your self, the sum total of your personality.

Selina - That was the last one, so that worked out well.

Teacher: So you see, you were confused, thinking you should look for outside.

"Yes, that's right really, I've got so much, and never knew it

Teacher: So, you now have a good picture of your self.

Yes, I do, thank you Abraham.

Teacher: Do not give thanks to me, to your self be thankful.

Oh! Well I meant, you set me to do the exercise.

Teacher: I did????

Your query led to such.

Well I would like to finish off with a card that Petta - & Mondaa sent me, and the words were just so lovely, I'd like to tell everybody about it in the room, and it starts with:

There once was a woman who longed to have a flower garden. Each year she would visit her neighbour, who had the most beautiful garden she had ever seen, and he would give her cuttings and seeds for her own garden. But when she would return home, she would change her mind at the last minute, saying," But my neighbours garden is so much lovelier than anything I could hope to grow. And he knows so much more about gardening--I could never hope to grow a garden half so lovely as that. Why should I even try? One day her neighbour stopped by her home and saw that she had not one flower growing anywhere around her house. "I've provided you with so much", he said, "and yet you have done nothing at all with what I have given you!" And so it is with each of us. The Lord gives us talents and expects us to develop them. We cannot judge our worth by comparing ourselves to others, but must bloom and grow the best we can with what we have been given.

And inside the card it tells:

MayClara - each new day that dawns for you, be an opportunity to use the gifts that God has given, to be the best that you can be.

Teacher: Yes. As Jesus said, "Some fell on stony ground"

I have also said, you are as a flower, each & every one. Tend the flower of your self, with care, with light, with love, and you shall blossom and grow to full beauty, if not tended in such a manner, the flower of your self, shall wither and die, yes.

So when feeling sad, when feeling unsure of your self, read your list of your personality, to refresh your self.

And this also you can all do, for your selves. A list such as this, if it is your desire.

Then, there are more queries, or you wish to discuss a particular matter?

Tommas - I can't think of anything, but would like to say I've had another good week at work, things have gone well, problems just seem to get sorted out, it's been really good.

Teacher: So you are finding improvement?


Teacher: Filip - ! You are also finding improvement.

Filip - Not a great deal at this stage. I am still having frustrations. Which would appear to be my path, it would seem.

Teacher: You wish to discuss these, or you wish not?

If you wish not, then perhaps at a some time private appointment, is always available for any of you, if there are certain matters you wish to discuss.

"Some of it goes on from our last appointment, about liking yourself. Loving yourself. Maybe going too far and it becomes ego, that's one thing I've been pondering on, shall we say.

Teacher: Is this causing you some distress? Filip - Confusion, maybe.

Teacher: In which manner?

"I had difficulty understanding how Selina - didn’t like herself, because I've always thought that I liked myself. That I have quite a lot of good points, maybe I've treated people, especially people I've worked for, that I am better, than them. But I have this feeling inside me, that I may be wiser, or more aware or something. I can't put it into words. More then them.

Teacher: I am understanding.

These are my ponderings this week.

Teacher: And your conclusion?

"I still feel I am right, it feels right for me, how I am. My confusion is, am I right?

Teacher: It is causing you some pain, this confusion?

"Not pain as such, its disturbance shall we say.

Teacher: You are teetering-on the edge of a great discovery for your self.

I give you something on which to ponder, which may help you step into the discovery, with ease.

Omit from your thoughts words such as, better, worse, good, bad, yes? see where this, in your ponderings, may lead you and we shall discuss further at our next appointment. This is of assistance?

"It's given me something else to ponder on.

Teacher: Yes. A great discovery awaits you.

Will it be the end of my frustrations though?

Teacher: Perhaps so.

For you a discovery, for anyone else, not such, you are understanding?

"Yes, I understand.

Selina - Abraham, is this similar to what I did last week, Filip - is going to find out something good about himself, that will cheer him up?

Teacher: A discovery for self.


"And out of our 10 lessons, where are we up to?

Teacher: Where do you wish to be?

"I thought we were round about number 9, but I've lost track.

Teacher: The end shall come when you decide.

"I just wondered when you mentioned the commitments, and. the 10 lessons, and possibly 20, if there was going to be a break between, or if the lessons between would be a different form, or course, or if we will just flow on.

Teacher: It is a continuum. There is no such formal holiday.

" I wondered why you mentioned the limit in the first place.

Teacher: To give some, how shall I explain this, to give you some form of structure which humankind are used to using.

Filip - Was not your concern the number of people, that's why we said

Teacher: So it is for your decision, your desires, you’re your continuation

Selina - Well it is with me, I'd like to go on.

Filip - Was there really any doubt?

Teacher: Then perhaps at our next appointment when all shall be present, discussion of where, when, how etc., may take place, yes? Belinda, you are of comfort?

BelindaYes, thank you.

Teacher: There is sickness with friends, yes?

Yes, Hagadah, Korde - , Melda, Clara - .

Teacher: Yes, all is well.


Then, if there are no more queries, I shall leave you with this:

To give light to self,

to give love to self,

is to give light to others, to give love to others, through God.


All - Shalom.

Charles - Says closing prayer.