1991-11-01-Early Teaching Mission, Impressions


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Topic: Impressions

Group: Sarasota TeaM


Teacher: Olfana

TR: Allene Vick


November 1, 1991


Dear Teachers,

Thank you all again for helping me find the perfect job for me. I know you all had a hand in it.

Allene, this is one from on high - a most high authority. We have been watching you. You interest us a great deal. You need to gain more confidence. We will be working with you in the days ahead to help you gain more security and surety in what you are about. You are about the Father's business and He is most pleased. Do not hold back now. Go forward with much assurance. You are so open. Your intellectual capacity and knowingness is much expanded. You have learned your lessons well over the years.

Allene: Aflana, I heard you assure me that this was real. I sense you backing off from this being's presence.

Aflana: Yes, Allene, this is correct. We are so pleased to see the diligence of the small group. It is a great honor for us - this is not the right word as you don't have an appropriate word - for us to see so much attention focused on the members of your group.

Allene: Seems like the original speaker again:

Allene, you backed off from going too deep into the Inner Guide process. Here you would have learned much. With this you will learn much at much higher levels. The way has been cleared for you. Part of this is easy for you to accept for at some levels you do not doubt, and yet you doubt yourself. Why you, you want to know. Because you are willing and open. You are ready for this step. All your learnings and your desires have pointed the way. Do not falter now. Do not doubt what is happening to you.

You distrust your own intellectual ability and knowing and wish for a more spiritual feeling. Do you not see that your intellect can be of service to us and to you? Has it not served you well? It will serve us well, too. Do not fear that your spiritual side is lacking. Your sheer knowingness should show you that this is not true. Do you want to sit in worship or do you want to be of service?

Allene: I do want to be of service.

Then go ahead and be more outrageous, as you would say. Share these "outrageous" ideas and impressions. Accept the laughter of those who don't yet know and share the joy of spirit with those who do know. Travel this way lightly - enjoy the journey. You will not be lead astray.

Session 2

November 2, 1992


Allene: Dear Teachers - All of You,

I am really trying to learn to write with you on this computer. A pen does seem a much more personal way to communicate although it takes so much time to put it all on the computer. I hope you will help me in time to be as free with this medium.

My thoughts tonight are on tomorrow's election. I know you all are busy on many projects and many are working and responding to your presence and the will of our Father. I know that you cannot interfere with our wills, but I do hope that your gentle presence that has been felt by many will bear fruit tomorrow towards the start of a new chapter in the history of America. I feel an excitement inside and hope that it will not dissipate into disappointment tomorrow evening. I have felt that if people voted their hearts they would vote for Perot. He says vote your conscious. I believe by this, too, people would vote for Perot. I am not sure how many are awake enough to hear either. Perot may not be the answer, but I think he would start us all off in a new direction towards better answers to our overwhelming problems. So I can only pray that during this time many will be awakened. I may not be right, but in my heart I believe in this man as imperfect as he may be in some areas. I pray that all that are open will be guided towards the right choice, even if that choice is not what I see to be the right choice at this time.

I am so thankful that our class is progressing so well and thank you for all your help in this.

Vanessa, I am curious about several things. So far it seems that you are the only Midwayer that has contacted our group and maybe all the groups. What about all the other Midwayers? What about David's comments tonight about taking time off and exercising your free will? Can you or anybody else comment on this.

Vanessa: Well, in some ways David is right about this. We have a general duty to perform that we are more aware of than you are of yours. Within this we have freedom of choice. Some of us have specific assignments just as you are receiving. Mine has been to work with all of you on this project if you will. We are the caretakers of the planet and cannot leave until the planet is settled in Light and Life, thus we have a real vested interest in seeing this task completed. You on the planet are just beginning to wake up to what is underfoot. It is as if you have been sleepwalking. Now as you become awakened to the changes beginning to happen, you will be more aware of your duties and responsibilities.

Why do we not hear from other Midwayers?

Vanessa: Because if the cast of characters becomes too large, you would lose sight of the purpose. How many of you can read War and Peace without a guide as to who is who? This would cause the same confusion. Isn't it better to know one of us well than many? If you were aware of all who are here working with you, you would be greatly overwhelmed and not know who to address or how to proceed. Does this answer you question?

Yes, Vanessa. I thank you very much for this answer. It does make a great deal of sense.

Teacher: Allene, you have been wondering about being contacted by a most high authority. Those of you who are open and ready for this kind of contact will be contacted. It is to let you know that the circuits are now open for this kind of contact. This is not to say that this was not possible before, but man had no idea who was speaking to him. Now that you have some idea, vague as it may be at times, it seems rather astounding to you. My dear child, you are all just beginning to become aware of what a grand universe you live in. Your blinders are coming off. The isolation is over. This is as much a joy for us as it is to you. The difference is that these things are not new for us. You have been living in darkness. Now you are beginning to see the light. It is through ones like you who open themselves up to ridicule to persist that we may make ourselves known. As ones like yourself venture forward to discover the universe personalities and potentialities, you will lead the way for the more timorous ones to follow. It was not so long ago that the earth was perceived to be flat. Look how far you have come in only a few centuries. The sleeping planet of Urantia is now awakening.

What you are now experiencing would have been conceived of as being a state of dementia not too long ago and still is by most of your brothers and sisters. We can assure you that this is not madness. To us it is madness to live to live closed off from all that is ever around you. You who are willing to be perceived as mad are really the sane ones.

So my child, put your fears and doubts aside. You could not long survive the natural intellectual assault of your doubts if this experience was not substantiated by the improved quality of your existence in ways that you cannot deny.

For those who have been struggling with doubts, I ask you to ask yourself these simple questions:

Do I experience more joy in my life now that I know?

Do I find more peace now that I know?

Do I feel closer to God and Michael/Jesus now that I know?

Does life make more sense now that I know?

Am I becoming a better person now that I know?

Is life more relaxed and easier now that I know?

You are wondering why I say now that I know. I say this because even with all your doubts, you know that you know. Is this not true?

Yes, in some way I cannot explain, I do know.

Allene, what is causing you the most problem with this is your infernal question of knowing what is you and what is coming from beyond you. It would be good for you to put this aside for now and just accept whatever comes to you whether you think it is you or not. Others will have to learn the art of discernment in their own way. Do not allow the judgement or discernment of others to interfere with your process. You are each unique. No two of you are the same. You do not share the same experiences although many are similar in nature. How you choose to look at these greatly determines what you know.

You wonder about the constant reminders you all are receiving about sharing and how this will be received - whether it will shed light on the same dilemmas others are having or whether it will only add to the confusion of some. It will do both. This is unavoidable. The question is whether you are willing to take the heat so to speak or whether you choose to take the easy way out and be quiet. If all choose to be quiet, the outcome will be the same, but it will be much delayed.

May I know who has been speaking to me now?

Teacher: It is better sometimes that you do now know as it has been seen that knowing this has also caused some confusion. If I were to tell you who is speaking, would you then say how can this be that I am being spoken to by such a one when I am so far down on the scale of things? You have had trouble believing that Michael was actually speaking to you. Did you not experience this just last week?

Keep in mind also that these things are new to you. As you stated several times last week, it is beyond your current understanding to fully comprehend the dimensions of what this means. You do not so much reject the experience as your mind finds it difficult to put it all into full perspective at this time. You have no experience to relate this to at this time. Therefore, it is better to simply accept it and not try to understand how this could possibly be.

There is another aspect to consider. You all have not begun to exercise your full potential. As you stretch yourselves in this way, it becomes a two way communication. Your mind is actively processing the seeds as they are mentally planted. If we merely came to you and answered your questions and gave dissertations on certain subjects, it would be more reassuring to you, but would not begin to develop your potential. Those who are able to develop their capacities to greater degrees are given the guidance to do so. Each one who sincerely seeks for a higher purpose is guided along the path that will be most beneficial for their development.

We encourage you to share your experience, but caution others not to pattern themselves on your experience, but to seek their own unique way. This is why you have been asked in your group to share your experiences and to lovingly allow others to share their experiences. The validity of another's experience is not to be questioned. You are free to accept what fits into your understanding, but you are not in a position to judge one another's experience. As you freely share, you will all grow and in time will be able to laugh at your mistakes and misperceptions. It is all part of the process. Why not be more light hearted and just enjoy this? Your mistakes will have no eternal value and will evaporate as the dew in the sunlight does each day. Lighten up a little!

Session 3

November 4, 1992


Dear Teachers,

I have been working hard tonight trying to get as many of your lessons as possible transcribed. It is late and I must stop soon and get ready for tomorrow. Is there anything any of you would like to say to me tonight?

Most High - Allene, we are well pleased with what you are doing. Your efforts will be rewarded. You will see much good come from all of this. You are speaking with a Most High. Yes, this is true. There are several of us here tonight. Your idea is correct about the personality circuits. Through this all of us with personality are encircuited. Communication is possible. As you on Urantia get a better understanding and are ready, you will be able to make these contacts with many different beings. Do not let this distract you from what you are about. We are simply here tonight to let you know that your idea is correct. You discovered this from the visit with Darlene and your noting the mention of personality circuits in the Urantia Book. As each of you stretch your minds and pay attention you will discover much from your study of the Urantia Book. There is much information to be gleaned by studying this book in contrast to superficially reading it. We are pleased to share this information with you and your group.

Aflana: We are pleased to see that your group is now a safe place for each of you. From this you can see how each of you will pick up pieces to share with each other and thus you will all gain much more and move more rapidly. It is as Lor-El told you, you all have pieces of the puzzle. Do keep sharing and more will become clearer for all of you.

It has come to me that the Most Highs are letting themselves be known to us is not to become involved in our individual activities for as Constellation Fathers they would have little interest in such contact. Now is a special time on Urantia and all who are open and ready and able to be of service are receiving special help and support to be of assistance in the tremendous changes taking place on our planet. This change effects the entire system. Is this correct?

Most High: This is correct.

Thank you.

Session 4

November 10, 1992


Allene: Dear Teachers,

It is late, but I feel the desire to at least say "hello" to you. I do thank you so much for all you have been helping me to understand lately. So much is falling into place and I am becoming more and more excited about the Urantia Book. It is exciting - with your help.

Please work with me and Patije to guide us along the lines that will be most helpful to the Father's plans. Please help me keep my ego out of the show.

Onario: My dear child, your ego is not in the way. In fact, it might even be better if you were a little less shy.

Aflana, are you here? Yes, and our sister Lor-El is here also.

What would you say to me tonight?

Aflana - It is good that you are getting your life in order as you will be very busy in the times to come. We are both pleased to see you and Patije move ahead so rapidly. Patije is certainly a marvel to us. You are no slouch either. You two are so good for each other as you work well together and you each encourage the other to keep moving in the flow of ideas or in the process of action. Let yourselves go. You will have help in this.

It was good for you tonight to go over your figures. It will free you up to get on with things and to see more clearly where you are going. Do not concern yourself overly much with this as the way will be clear for you. You will see. Just proceed. It is good to have a plan, but you need not spend too much time on it.

I thank you all for the wonderful place I have to work. It feels so good to be in such a place. I feel certain it will all work out well. I thank you after all the other experiences I have had.

Agmar: Allene, this is Agmar. Yes, you wonder if this is so. I tell you that it is so. Do not worry that it is your imagination - after all, the imagination if one of the wonderful things about humans. If you did not have such an imagination, you could not reach for the stars or readily accept all that is coming to you these days. You have thought again of the classroom and we would like to know your thoughts.

You wonder first about my coming to you. I am coming to you because you are open and are excited about your new discovery about the open circuits. You do not feel a need to test this or reach out to seek, but are open to all experiences. You are no longer driven by intellectual curiosity. You are now becoming patient and accepting. It is in this mode that we can better function. We know you have your doubts at times, but you exhibit the courage to share whatever even if it seems outrageous to you. The classroom experience was real, although you own confusion got in the way a little. This we can understand. Now what do you think of the idea?

About this time it seemed that Aflana started telling me that I was rambling - my own stuff. I am feeling vague and confused. Agmar says "No". They seem to have a mild dispute about this. Agmar seems to know of plans that Aflana doesn't. This doesn't seem right. I say I don't understand and am going to bed.

Agmar: Don't be so quick to rule me out.

Here I see all sorts of things and flashes.

Session 5

November 12, 1992


Allene Impressions - November 12, 1992

Dear Teachers,

It is late and there is so much I want to thank you for before retiring. Thank you so much for all the help you have been giving Patije and me. I thank you for your guidance and trust that you will continue to guide us along paths that will be of the most service to the Father's will and not let our own desires lead us astray from this intent. I hope that you will help me/us to be more aware of your help and guidance.

Thank you for such a wonderful group meeting again. It was wonderful to have the Universe Mother speak to us. Her energy was so warm and comforting. I was aware of the presence of Michael and Machiventa. How very fortunate and blessed we are to have such presences grace our humble meeting. For this I am most grateful.

It was good to hear from Olympia. She has such a lovely expression in her communication with us. Olympia, we welcome you very much.

Aflana, thank you again for your confirmation of the classroom experience. Surely, you must tire of my constant doubting. I only want to be sure that I do not lead others astray, especially with the project that Patije and I are undertaking now. I ask in the name of the Father only to receive that which is true and will further my growth and that of others. Thank you.

Aflana, I have a question to ask you concerning what I received from you a few weeks ago when you said that you were assigned as my teacher and suggested that I work with you and my Thought Adjuster. It seems we/I have strayed from these suggestions. What would you say to me about this tonight? Recently, I feel you are more distant and I don't pick you up so clearly and so often. I don't feel so clearly impressed with your words or any other teachers at our meetings? Is there a reason for this? I do pick up some things, but not so clearly, thus, I hesitate more and others seem to go on. What would you have me do?

Aflana - Allene, you are busy now with much to do. You are picking up our impressions all the time. It is not necessary for you to be so active in transmitting in the group at this time. We know you intent and your abilities. It is time for others in the group to become more active. We were not chastising you this evening in the group, although it was good for you to think about this. All must be aware and share.

Why do you not seem so clear to me when I communicate with you at times like this?

Aflana: It is not necessary. We are stepping back to let you get in touch with what we know you know. As you put this forth and see the validity in it, you will gain more confidence.

Lor-El - Would it help for me to tell you that we have not deserted you? We are pleased with all that you are doing. We learn much as we see how you humans handle different situations. We have seen your willingness and your perseverance. You will not falter. Continue with your work and let us see what happens. You have much to do now and we are pleased to see the direction you are choosing.

It is good that you come to us when you have questions. We are always here to help you as the need arises, to assist you in understanding what you need to understand. Your plate is already full. If we put more on it before you can fully digest what you have, we will only add confusion and slow you down. Your mind is ever active and we know you will be constantly asking more as you study the Urantia Book.

You are learning more than you think. You will be rewarded for all your efforts as more will come forward to assist you in your study and search to know more. Now it will be good for you to rest as much as you can and to gather your energy for all that you are about.

Thank you.

Agmar, Aflana, any of you, will you please shed a little light on what I experienced the other night with both you. This puzzles me and yet I am learning to trust what I perceive more and more.

Agmar: Allene, this is Agmar.I am real. I am of the Father. I am about the Father. You seem to think that all the beings above you are perfect and perfectly co-ordinated. This would be nice, but this is not so. Do not trouble yourself about what you perceived between me and Aflana. Have you not thought that perhaps this was your doubt speaking and not your beloved teacher Aflana? Do not be so quick to judge. Aflana has instructed you all well to accept any impressions that come to you. I am more than an impression. You are willing to reach out and stretch yourself and this opens you up to more experiences. Later as you look back on them you can judge them if you will. Better now that you simply let yourself go with the flow as you say and see where it leads you. Do you not trust us enough by now to do this?

Yes, I guess I do.

Agmar: Well, while you are at this again tonight, I wish to ask you the same question - what do you think of the classroom idea?

I think it is a great idea and I can see that if a group ever got really connected and open, this could be a wonderful way to teach us. I still am not sure how much you all would learn, but from what we are being told about having so many come to observe our thoughts and reactions, it seems it might be more effective and helpful for both of us if we could simply discuss this from both sides. What would you like for me to do in order to continue the classroom experience? Is this something you would like to do?

Agmar: Yes, I am interested in pursuing this potentiality further. It is not easy to find one, such as yourself, who is willing and capable of participating. I would ask you to do nothing at the present time. Your consent is noted. It would be helpful if you would give some more thought to this and let the idea rest gently in the back of your mind for awhile. We, too, must see how best to proceed. Thank you.I shall return.

Aflana, Lor-El, Vanessa, Onario, Van-El, what do you all think of this? Did you like the original format? Would you be willing to help me in this? I would like to hear from you.

Aflana: Yes! We would very much like to participate in this. Yes, we will help you. We, too, will think on this. The idea has so many exciting possibilities for all of us.

Dear Universe Mother Spirit, I thank you so much for coming to us this evening.I would so much like to know you better. Please guide me in the days ahead that I may know you better.

Dear Thought Adjuster, Please guide me ever forward and upward, even though I may be ever so wayward at times.

Dear Father, I thank you for stirring Yourself that all the events that are unfolding are coming to us.

I am most grateful. I am most excited. I am most joyful. As you know all these events are beyond my full comprehension. I am in my way trying to absorb what I can, let the rest be, put my doubts aside and move forward in trust to take action and participate when I feel impressed to do so. Your humble servant. Allene.

Session 6

November 19, 1992


Allene - Impressions November 19, 1992

Dear Father,

I have never written to You directly. I am inspired by my brother Conrad's letter to you. Always You have seemed so vast in all Your Being. No, what I was going to say is not true. I did come to you for years with the same request and when you chose to answer me, the experience was beyond my understanding of words to express. I have spoken to you many times. It has only been recently in connection with my Urantia experience that I tend to address the teachers, my Thought Adjuster and all your helpers, but not You in my personal writings. I do know that You are behind all the wonderful blessings and precious beautiful gifts I am receiving through your teachers that are so patiently and lovingly trying to further Michael's plan and your plan for us.

I want to say that I love You. I know You are a personality and as yet it is hard for me to comprehend Your vastness. I don't ever fully or even partially yet understand what "personality" is. I can best appreciate Your lovingness as I see it through all those who come to minister to us in our ignorance. While I cannot directly relate to Your love, I see it in all You have sent into my life, the experiences you have so graciously granted me.

It is my sincere desire to devote the precious gifts You have given me in Your service. Most importantly, You have given me life itself. And my life has been so rich and wonderful. I will devote the rest of these precious gifts to You to be of service to You - that my will may become your will to fulfill my part in Your purpose. Now I understand the phrase "the little wills of men." Much that You have taught me and allowed me to experience is coming to fruition in greater understanding, meaning and purpose. I have been well led and guided in all my life. I have made mistakes and I have faltered as I do even now, but the direction is becoming clear. All this has been steadily leading me to You. I thank You for all the help of my Thought Adjuster. He has seem me safely through many opportunities to get too far off track. You know all that is in my heart. Please strengthen my commitment, guide me ever steadily towards You.

Father: Dear Allene, You are indeed a beautiful child of mine. You have endured much and ever you keep going forward with enthusiasm and hope. You and your Thought Adjuster are forever connected on the pathway upwards. You will not default. Your Thought Adjuster has done well and he know your eternal survival is already as sure as if you had fused. You both know this. It has been determined that this is so. Yo will not take this as assurance to sit back and rest on your laurels. You are motivated and committed.

As you shared with Byron tonight, you will share with many. You will bring many brothers and sisters ever closer towards me that they may rejoice and experience joy in this lifetime and not have to wait for the next world.

You and Patije are so precious to me. Each of you are sisters of the faith. You will do much together. The path will be made clear. The obstacles will be removed. Such faith is rare. You two will do much to change the course of events on Urantia. In you both I am well pleased.

Message for David: Stop fighting and struggling and surrender and the way will be made clear for you.

Session 7

November 22, 1992


Allene - Impressions November 22, 1992

Dear Teachers,

I thank you for all your help in working everything out so that we can all read and study the Urantia Book from the beginning on a serious level. It is especially wonderful for me to have the opportunity to do this with Patije as I know I will learn so much from her. It has taken a different turn than I anticipated and I accept this as a better way at present.

Today has been a frustrating one for me. I think this is because I got out of my pattern somewhat and feel a little overwhelmed with all there is to do on top of being engaged for 6 nights and 6 days with work and my involvement in the Urantia groups and projects. I am also feeling the financial pressure now.

Alfana: Dear One, this is Aflana. It is good that you see this. Relax. Take each step one at a time. Just give your attention to the thing at hand. When you concentrate on what you are doing and free your mind of all other things, you will feel more relaxed. Time will expand as you have experienced. You know this. You do not need me to tell you this. You have simply allowed yourself to get out of balance. This you recognize. See how much more relaxed you are at this moment.

Yes, Aflana. This is true.

Aflana: You have been going through an unsettling time with the class and your job. This will all settle down. Your holidays should be a time for you all to relax and enjoy the time together with your friends and families. This is so often not the case in your world now. You are all so busy. Life loses its flow as you all pressure yourselves to achieve so much. Have you not seen that there is time - a great expanse of time ahead of you? Take the time and give yourself the time to enjoy your journey here on Urantia. It has much to offer to all of you.

We appreciate your sincere desire to do as much as you can. Remember you are only one and you are not asked to do the work of many. As you take care of your needs, you will be better able to contribute as you wish.

Your willingness to share what you know and what you are experiencing reaches out in circles that are ever expanding beyond what you can envision. This in itself is a great contribution.

It would be better for you now to concentrate on establishing a pattern for yourself. This will give you more stability in all that you involve yourself with.

Thank you Aflana. I know that your suggestions are good ones. I thank you for reminding me.

Is there anything else you or anyone else would like to share with me? Any suggestions for the class?

Aflana: We have no suggestions at this time. Your basic approach seems a good one. Know that we are always with you. You are not to rely on us in these lessons, but do not forget that we are ever present with you.

Dear Michael, I thank you so much for coming among us and revealing yourself to us. I want to take your hand that you offered to me and ask that you ever lead me and guide me in your plan to lead us all to the Father. Please give me the sensitivity and clarity to know how to follow you and the courage to do so when I am led by you. I am open and willing to do what I can. Please help me overcome any blocks that may inhibit my openness and willingness to fully participate in all that comes before me to be of assistance to you and your whole host of celestials that are working with us.

Michael: Little One, you are overcoming your shyness and will move beyond this in the days ahead. Be patient. Time does not have the same meanings as you wish to give to it. Intent and thought are often as important as action and action can only follow intent and thought. Be content as your mind and understanding expands. Action will follow from this as surely as the sun rises after the night. You know that your Father is there waiting for you. It does not concern Him, how quickly you arrive in His presence. You have a wondrous journey in front of you. Enjoy all the beauty and goodness and many delights you will find along the way. Be as the birds in the fields. They fly and soar and have no thought of the morrow. Nor should you for you can only conjecture what might be. Put your trust in God and enjoy each moment. Move in Peace. Move in Love and put your trust in your heavenly Father who knows your heart, your desires and your potential. I leave you with the blessings of the Father.

Thank you Michael. I will make a much greater effort to remember that you are ever with me.

Michael: This will become increasingly more apparent to you, Little One.

Onario: You have been wondering if any others would like to talk to you. Allene, you are surrounded by so many beings. Some are ever present, others come and go. Many would speak with you. There is not enough time at present for this. Pay more attention all during your waking hours and you will gain much from them. You are correct in feeling that often many are watching you. If you will give yourself more quiet time, you will become aware of many. It is good to try and preserve as much as you can in writing, but this will become too cumbersome a process for you as time goes by. Record what you can, but do not limit your awareness and attention to the time you spend in this type of communication.

Patije has been a wonderful help to you in getting started. Do not pattern yourself after her. You two work well together because your intentions are clear and of a similar nature. You will also make a good team, because you are different in ways that will contribute to each and the process. You will have much help in blending and focusing your experiences. There is much trust and on this is a solid foundation being built that will bridge the way for what you choose to do in the future.

Thank you Onario. I cannot see how I will ever have the time to communicate with so many. I will follow Michael's words and trust that the time will present itself in proportion to my willingness. Thank you. I thank you for letting yourself be known to Byron.

I must sign off and go to bed. I feel that I could be up all night with all I feel present. I love you all. I thank you for you amazing support in what is certainly a wondrous new experience for me. I hope that I will be able to help many others come to know of your love, your patience, your willingness and your openness to all who sincerely seek to know you. I am so blessed. I pray with your help I may prove worthy of all you have to share with us. Allene

Session 8

November 23, 1992


Allene - Impressions November 23, 1992

Dear Teachers, Michael, Father and Thought Adjuster,

Thank you for a wonderful evening. Thank you for getting our new class off to such a great start. I know you have all had a hand in this and I am much pleased with the results. We will do our best to use this time to learn as much as we can from the Urantia Book. Thank you all for arranging this forum and guiding us towards this.

Thank you for such a good start with the other Monday night group. I especially thank you for allowing me to relax more and express your impressions. I was so strongly aware of you Aflana and your joy. One really could not miss it.

Michael, I thank you so much for the confirmation I received from Patije. I tried to put my doubts aside and share what I received. I have come to understand that the reason I don't feel your beautiful energies as I did before is that either I am being stepped up with the adjustments or you are stepping down for our sake. I was at first unsure about this, but tonight has greatly helped me to know that you are truly among us.

I thank all of you for the burden that has been lifted from me. I am not sure what happened this evening, but I again feel light and free. It is such a good feeling.

Allene, go about your daily affairs and know that all is well. Your intentions and desires are known. All will unfold as you wish. As you move in faith and trust, the way is being prepared for you. It is not a selfish, lazy desire on your part. You need not concern yourself with this. What you desire will bring forth much fruit. We thank you for your willingness. This is all we ask. We will take care of the rest. Your commitment is strong and steadfast. You will indeed play a central role in what is taking place in your area. Your willingness to step aside from the center role and to do whatever needs to be done to be of the greatest service warms our hearts and increases our affection for you. Your progress has been greater than you realize. Be patient and gentle with yourself. We have helped you with this tonight. This is what you are feeling. More and more you will be able to stay in this mode of being without our direct assistance.

Patije's faith and steadfastness and her willingness and fortitude to persist in giving her best is a fine example for you to follow. You will learn much from her as you have been doing. As you pay attention and follow her lead, you too will become a pillar of faith, steadfastness, courage and inspiration to others. You have been carefully chosen to be where you are. Patije has been chosen and has diligently been faithful in her pursuit of the Father's will. She has been carefully groomed for this for many years. You, too, have been chosen and groomed for this work, but your experiences have been of a different nature. Your never ending pursuit of truth and understanding are now paying off and thus, you are able to so quickly catch on and catch up. You have spent more time in the pursuit of knowledge, while your sister, Patije, has spent much time in practice. You are a quick study and by paying attention with your conscious intent, you will move quickly up the spiral behind Patije. She is a great inspiration to you as you will be to others. This union is blessed. We are pleased to see the enthusiasm you both have for your assignments. You are never alone and in the days ahead you will become much more consciously aware of this. Your joy and appreciation is known by the Father and He is well pleased.

Travel lightly and with joy in your heart for your prayers are being heard and answered. As you give, so shall you receive.

I thank you so much for all you have given me tonight. I will try to remember this lesson well.

VanEssa, you are so lovely and so delightful. It was so good to hear from you tonight. I so look forward to opening the veil between us. I hope you will share more with us about yourself and what we can do to part the veil that separates us.

VanEssa: You cannot know what a great joy it is for us to see a group such as these two as we have had to wait so long in silence for the humans on this planet to wake up. You have all been exposed to so many new experiences that it is hard for you to take them all in. We know this and are patient as you adjust yourselves to so much that is new. We do not wish to overwhelm you, to confuse you in this process. Much bonding, trust and faith is needed before we can expand more in our imparting of information to you. Already, you all have moved quite rapidly. As each new level is assimilated, we will move with you to higher ones. Much ground work has already been laid for events of the future. We have much now on which to build. You will see more rapid movement in the days ahead.

Thank you VanEssa. It will be with great joy that we will participate in all that is to come to pass.

Child, you already do know what is happening. It is yet beyond your conscious ability to know, but there resides in you a great deal more than you presently imagine you know. You are just now beginning to get a glimmer of what this is. The vessel must be secure before it can be filled. As you have been told, nothing is ever wasted in the universe. What good would it do to fill a leaky vessel with precious oil? Your vessel has been containing much that you do not yet acknowledge. When you release your mind from the fetters of self abnegation and a false sense of unworthiness, your awareness with expand with a breathtaking panorama. Your sense of self will expand to the point where what you now sense as self will be as but a drop in the ocean. A part of you knows this and a part of you denies this. One day you will put any denial away and accept what you are in all its beauty and splendor for you are truly a child of God and when you know this, the sense of separateness will dissolve and you will know oneness with all. This is what God the Supreme is all about. This is the first major step towards God the Father. Do not doubt this, for in this moment you know that this is true. Somethings it is not necessary to understand, just to know.

We thank you for sharing this time with us. We look forward to more lessons with you. When we encourage you to stretch to your full potential, this cannot be done by small, timid steps. If you limit yourself to small, sure steps, your potential will remain exactly that - potential. Now you know the importance of the stillness, for only in that stillness can what you know rise to full consciousness. These are not things you can learn, they can only come into knowing in the stillness. We have planted many seeds tonight. It is up to you to nurture them and we know you will. God Bless You and Goodnight.

Thank you. I cannot comprehend the full meaning of all you have imparted to me just now, but I do recognize the truth contained in this and I will nurture these seeds in the stillness.

NOTE: I was surprised to see the reference to God the Supreme as I was not at all aware of this thought. It seemed to come directly out of nowhere and again I questioned the process. A couple of days later in conversation with Patije, she was sharing what she was reading in her Wednesday morning study group in Paper 34. I got interested in that and began to read that paper. I was most surprised to read the following on page 380, 4th paragraph:

"Although Divinity may be plural in manifestation, in human experience Deity is singular, always one. Neither is spiritual ministry plural in human experience. Regardless of plurality of origin, all spirit influences are one in function. Indeed they are one, being the spirit ministry of God the Sevenfold in and to the creatures of the grand universe; and as creatures grow in appreciation of, and receptivity for, this unifying ministry of the spirit, it becomes in their experience the ministry of God the Supreme."

Here is a reference to oneness and I was immediately reminded of the message I received above. Another clue that begins to fit together and affirm the process that is going on with the teachers and their attempt to ever lead me onward.

During this time, I often stopped in some deep meditation unlike any I have had before. It really did not seem like anything was happening, just a deep sense of quiet and peace while being unfocused on anything present. Again a few days later in talking with Patije, I realized how much was imparted to me on some unconscious level that began to surface as our conversation continued. I became much more aware of what they meant by the stillness. In this deeper space beyond time, we all are able to tap into the vast knowledge of which we have access to when we are open enough to receive and acknowledge it.

In Paper 117 on Nov 28, while looking up something else, I came across this sentence on Page 1288, Paragraph 3:

"What Michael is to Nebadon, the Supreme is to the finite cosmos; his Deity is the great avenue through which the love of the Father flows outward to all creation, and he is the great avenue through which finite creatures pass inward in their quest of the of the Father, who is love."

This certainly is another confirmation to me of the validity of what the teachers have been teaching me as I have only read the Urantia Book once and in that reading only was able to take in the basic outline. This I would not have known. It sounds a lot like what I was given about God the Supreme above being the first great step towards God the Father.

Session 9

November 26, 1992


Allene - Impressions November 26, 1992

Dear Teachers and All Unseen Helpers of Father's,

I love you. I thank you. I take great joy in all your many activities to help our wayward planet of Urantia. I thank you for all the many blessings I am receiving from Father through your loving ministry to us.

Tonight I would like to ask you to direct as much help as you in your wisdom know would serve God's purpose to Susanne and her parents. Please be with them in this difficult time to bring them comfort and assurance in the ways you are so wonderful at giving.

Dear Father, Eternal Son and Infinite Spirit,

I have never written to you. Tonight I wish to give my sincere and deep thanks for all the many wonderful blessings you are bestowing upon me. I desire that I may be shown how to best use these in your service and that I may be prodded when I fall in lazy and careless attitudes. It is my desire to be of the highest service to you that I am capable. I know I have a long way to go to achieve this. I now at least feel I am on the path towards knowing you. Thank you for all your guidance to show me the way and lead me ever towards you.

I would ask that you please help Susanne through all your ministries to find her way back to good health and to be with her and her parents during this time. I know in your infinite wisdom, you know what is in the best and highest interests of all and what serves your divine purpose. I just feel that I have been given so very much help and assistance, I really wish to share my teachers, angels and unseen helpers with Susanne.

Allene, it shall be as you ask.

I thank you. I feel a little out of line asking this, yet I am still too ignorant to truly understand the way to pray for others. I only know to come to you and ask if it be in the highest interests of all.

Dear Universe Mother Spirit,

It was so wonderful to hear from you in our group. I feel that you are involved in my request and manifesting Susanne's good health. I thank you. I hope to know you more and to learn more of your ministering spirits.

I do know in someway, it seems I have long known of your wonderful manifesting abilities. Perhaps, this too is some of what I was told that I know.

Universe Mother Spirit: It is my great pleasure to come to you. Yes, you do know much. Your faith sets you apart. Your willingness to believe. I say know much for this is the right word. You do not understand how I operate for this you cannot yet comprehend, but you do know that I do these things. Remember what seems so obvious to you, is not yet real to most. This is why we take such delight in your enthusiasm to open the way for others to begin to look at things a little differently. You sow many seeds with your joyful enthusiasm for what you have realized. You have experienced me and have given thanks to your "Universe" as you like to say. I have experienced your joy and your heartfelt thanks.

As you and Patije bring your students to Michael and me, we will work with each of them to nurture the seeds you so lovingly and joyfully spread so generously to all those about you who are ready to hear. Do not be concerned about those you think are not able to hear. You do not know how many other seeds have been planted and when one will germinate and grow. Just be yourselves. Share what you are - your joy, your delight, your love, your trust, your patience and what you know.

Your knowingness will increase, for surely we will work with you both as we do with all you bring to us. It is good that you slow down now, for with you we have also planted many seeds. We know that in time these seed WILL blossom and bring forth much fruit. It is the combination of these seeds, your openness, your pursuit of truth and your desire for spiritual understanding that will bring forth these blossoms of eternal value. This combination needs the soil of the stillness. You are now beginning to see this. It is true that much is imparted to you at these times although you may not always be conscious of this at the time.

Yes, you are on the right track about your brother Ken and this recent experience and the circuits.

Thank you so much. Yes, I am getting a much better idea about the stillness. It comes to me now that perhaps I should talk with Van-El and Aflana about this.

Dear Aflana and Van-El,

I am beginning to sense something new about the various circuity and I don't know exactly what this might mean. Is it true that both of you are involved with this? Van-El we have never been clear about who you are? What was I experiencing that Sunday? What does the EL designate to us? Please help to remove my blocks in knowing the answers to these questions.

Thought Adjuster - As you think about circuits. I too operate and have access to different circuits at times. As you become more aware of who and what you are, you will become more aware of information from all these circuits.

Are you my Thought Adjuster?

Thought Adjuster: Yes, I am of you.

This cannot be. The Thought Adjuster is of the Father.

Thought Adjuster: I am of you also. A soul is forming of which we are both a part. It is through this that even more becomes known to you.

But we have not fused yet.

Thought Adjuster: Have you not been told that this is a surety?

How can you know that I won't default?

Thought Adjuster: Because Father knows all. You will not default. Your surety is known. Do not be so concerned with how you think things work. There are many intricacies you have not been told. Your beloved UB is only a primer. Trust what is happening to you. I am not your ego here to flatter you will idle chatter. I am here to be with you on this journey. As your safe passage is assured through the trials and temptations, you will be entrusted with more knowledge. Is that not what you have always sought? Why do you suddenly balk now?

I am ever fearful that I will be lead astray by my own imagination and creative fantasies and I do not wish to be lead away from my path to Father.

Thought Adjuster: My child, with your love and your sincere intent, do you really believe we would allow you to be lead astray? Have you not been told, that you will not be allowed to continue in error. We are not here to play silly mind games. Surely you know better than this.

Yes, I do. I know that Father would never allow one with sincere intent to know Him, be deceived with silly games. I am sorry for my doubts. So much new has been happening to me, surely you can see how difficult it is to process all these new experiences and can appreciate my desire for clarity and truth. Please help me to know and accept all that is true that is coming to me.

Thought Adjuster: In your new understanding of the silence, you will come to know and to trust. Be assured. Be at peace.

My child, your struggles to grasp and grapple with all of this is well know from here to Edentia and beyond. It is with much interest that you are observed for you have ever been a seeker, your mind well developed, your compassion great and your openness most unusual.

Dear Father, Please help me as I am struggling get beyond my humanness to open myself up to all that is coming to me. I am limited in my perceptions and experience and yet I know there is a way to move into a greater knowing. I am trying and it is difficult as yet we as humans have no clear road map to follow and must rely on your revelation to us through the UB and our teachers. It is not easy and I thank you for the gentle prodding and clues dropped to urge me ever onward. You know the search for understanding is one I cannot resist. Please guide me along the correct path to know what you would have me know. Please help me to move my stubborn resistance. I do not know why I resist so much when knowledge has always been what I have sought.

NOTE: Here as most readers will understand, I really stumbled in my sea of doubts when I heard the Thought Adjuster say - I am of you. How can this be? It certainly is in direct conflict with what I have understood in the Urantia Book. This frustrated and troubled me greatly. I asked God to please give me some confirmation as I did not wish to continue in any misunderstanding. The next day, I was still too confused and frustrated to write with the teachers, so I picked up the UB and continued reading Paper 34. Suddenly I came upon the following sentence beginning and the bottom of Page 379:

"Thought Adjusters are definite indvidualizations of the prepersonal reality of the Universal Father, actually indwelling the mortal mind as a very part of that mind, and they ever work in perfect harmony with the combined spirits of the Creator Son and Creative Spirit."

After following the trail of the circuits, it became clear that we have personality from the Father, Spirit from the Eternal Son and Mind from the Infinite Spirit. We possess all these. We are a combination of all these. Thus, the Thought Adjuster is of me in someway as all of these come into oneness creating the soul. While I cannot clearly explain this, a part of me does understand and I was greatly pleased to have found the confirmation I was seeking and able to move on and continue. I do not ask that those who read this to accept or agree with me. I only share my experiences as I think they show how exciting it is to combine the leading of the teachers with the reading of the Urantia Book. It is as if we are being given clues and seeds of thought and are guided as we try to apply what we are being shown. Surely, we will make mistakes, but I am convinced that as we stretch ourselves, we will steadily begin to put more and more pieces together to see a clearer picture. It seems to me it would be a mistake to dogmatically accept only the words as we can understand them in the UB and fail to see and follow the clues that are left for us to follow.

Session 10

November 28, 1992


Allene - Impressions November 28, 1992

Dear Teachers,

I am so happy. I am so pleased. I thank all of you so much. I do not understand all that is coming to me and happening to me, but on some level I am aware that I am being lead to explore far beyond the mere reading of the Urantia Book. It has opened up such exciting possibilities and vistas that I am driven ever onward to stretch myself and to strive to understand more of what I am being presented with.

I thank you so much for the many confirmations and affirmations you have been leading me to see and for your patience with my resistance to just let myself go forward in total faith. I have been reluctant to do this as I have needed constant affirmations that I am not tripping out on my own imagination. I am slowly coming to accept that all this is real, although at times I simply cannot understand why or how or what it means or why me. And yet there is a part of me that does know - this is real. I hope with your encouragement and help that someday I will discover that part of me.

Allene, do not be dismayed or discouraged. You are making great progress. You are beginning to move beyond your doubts and as you do this you will proceed on a steady path in your quest of truth.

We are pleased with your willingness to share your experiences. We know you have been somewhat concerned and reluctant to do this as you do not see your messages to be as clear as those of Patije and other transmissions you have read. Have we not told you, that while you two work well together, you are different? This difference blends well as your intentions are clear and similar. As you both share what your personal impressions and reflections others will be able to see the similarities and how individualistic this process is. Each will have their own experiences. Have we not told you before not to compare? You are each unique.

You do not judge the experiences of others. You accept that whatever it is, the experience is real and valid for that person at that time. Others will accept whatever is real and valid for them from your experiences. Perhaps, it will lead them forward on their own adventures in this journey.

You have already seen how much descension there was among your small group in the beginning and how much there is in the Urantia Community. This did not stop you from what you knew to be true, do not let this stop you from sharing your experiences with a wider audience.

Yes, there will be much ridicule and disbelief. This is known and it is of no importance. You are strong. You will stand strong and steady for you know from whence your strength comes and you know you are not alone. As you continue your lessons with us each day and your studies of the Urantia Book, much will be revealed to you. We ask you to share this - to put your doubts aside and trust us. Have faith, Little One, and pursue this as this way was chosen for you and with you a long time ago. It is only now coming to fruition. There is much work to be done and those of stout heart and steadfastness are needed at this time of correction.

Do not attempt to defend yourself in the days ahead, as what you are experiencing cannot be defended with words for those that cannot hear and cannot yet see. This we know. Just love all and be all that you are.

In your mind you are now saying, "I am writing this to protect myself." We tell you this is not true. We are writing this to protect you - to announce to all that read your lessons with us, that truly you do none of this alone. Your questions, your doubts, your thoughts are those of many. As they see this process with you, it will open the door for those who are ready to step forward. Those with pure intent will have the same assistance we give to you. Each in time will go through much of the same doubting and if they persevere will come to know as you are that we are ever with them and will not allow mistakes to continue.

Go ever forward in love and faith.

Thank you. I will move forward in love and faith, Father, ever mindful of my wish to do Your will. I know, Father, You would never lead me to do that which does not serve the highest interest of Your great goodness for all. I know you know my heart and as a loving Father will ever lead me to what is my highest good. I put my faith and trust in You and all You have brought to me to teach and guide me towards You.

As I put worldly things aside, Father, I crave and yearn to know You better. I am coming to love the stillness for in this I feel ever closer to You and all You impart to me guides me more clearly towards You. All my lifelong prayers are being answered and my ever seeking quest has turned into journey of joy and peace. For this I give great thanks from a heart brimming over. Truly my cup runneth over and I know joy and mercy shall follow me all of my days.

Is there anyone who would speak with me this evening?

Aflana: We have been still listening to your heartfelt feelings and have been moved to stillness.

Lor-Ell - Allene, you have been a good student and will be an even better one. You have moved to a new level in your studies. Do not become confused. Do not go too fast in your enthusiasm. Be gentle with yourself and love yourself for all that you are. Bring your questions to us and we will lead you to the answers. The flowers of truth will unfold in all their beauty in your garden. They take nurturing and will be all the more beautiful as they unfold their petals slowly. To go too fast would not allow you to enjoy each petal unfold and you would have too many to see at once.

You are coming to know many of us. We are coming to know that this can lead to some confusion as to who to address. It is not important.

Onario: As you heard Michael say earlier, I am what you might call an assistant to Michael. I come to pick up from Lor-El's message to you that at this time you have come to experience what we call the stillness. This you have realized is somewhat different from your other experiences of meditation. It is in this stillness that much will be imparted to you. It is good that you are now able to do this. It would be good for you now to spend time in this stillness each day at your computer which you are now comfortable with and simply record the impressions you receive. Much will be received below your conscious awareness. It will come forth in time.

As I quietly contemplate your words, it comes to me that you are one of the Master Spirits or something along this line.

Onario: To your way of thinking, you might see it this way. I am a creation of Michael's brought into existence through a co-ordination with the Creative Mother Spirit.

Are you bestowed with personality?

Onario: Yes. Can you define personality for a mortal comprehension?

Onario: This is indeed difficult at times for mortals to understand. As with much you are learning, there are levels. The best short answer is to let you think on all the beings you have come to know of the celestial realm as you like to call it. You recognize them by their individual personalities. Your Thought Adjuster may speak with you, but you do not get any clear sense of his personality, unless you assign this to him for your own comfort and reasons. There is nothing felt that you would assign to emotion, such as you experience VanEssa, Aflana, Lor-El and your many other teachers. Is this enough for now?

Yes, thank you.

Onario: You will come to understand this in more depth later on. This is not easy to define for you now.

What about our ideas that animals have personality?

Onario: Here you are confusing the behavior you observe with the process behind it. Animals experience reactions such as fear, pleasure, anxiety, anticipation and they have their own individual ways of expressing this, but they do not know God. They are not encircuited in the Personality circuit. They have no free will, are unable to make moral choices, do not know time. What differentiates man from animal is the gift of personality from the Father, which includes all these things and more. Personality is not behavior, it has more to do with the ability to recognize God and the things of eternal value, to make these distinctions and the will to act on them.

Thank you.

Onario: You are wondering about emotions as being a bad example of personality in your celestial friends. You see they have emotions of love for the Father, will to follow his will, a sense of eternal values an understanding of truth, beauty and goodness. You share a common desire to know the Father with them. This you cannot do with animals. Does this make it more clear?

Yes, thank you. I think I got you sidetracked as you were talking with me earlier.

Onario: I think you understand that what I had in mind was for you to continue with your studies and bring your questions to the stillness for clarification. When you wish you may contact any of your teachers, but you will find yourself doing this less in the days ahead as you begin open yourself up more the stillness that you have found.

This would be good for you know, before you get more involved with the many beings around you. You will have enough contact with them in your groups. Later, you will be better prepared for greater contacts.

Thank you so much. I am glad to hear from you this evening and will follow your good guidance.

Session 11

November 29, 1992


Allene - Impressions November 29, 1992

Dear Teachers,

It seems interesting in going back and putting my messages from you on my computer how much your messages foreshadowed the events that are now unfolding in my experience.

Teacher: Yes, Allene. It is a slow process as many factors are involved even with one who is progressing as quickly as you are it does take time. There is much learning and unlearning to be accomplished. We have asked a lot of you and have taken great delight in your enthusiastic response to all we have presented to you in a few short months. You have proven yourself worthy of the task. We have watched your doubts and noted your willingness and acceptance to proceed amidst all of these to stretch yourself to try to follow our guidance. Your faith holds you steady as you know the truth although there is much you cannot comprehend. Your sincere and deep desire to know the truth is what draws you ever upward and onward. In you, we know that this desire will not wane. Each kernel of truth excites you, brings you joy and increases your desire to know more.

And yet you are patient. You do not run pellmell down any of the avenues that have been presented to you to become unbalanced and fanatical. You search and you seek and then when you have taken in as much as you can, you step back and try to understand the greater picture and the meaning. You have experienced many most unusual things. We know you have many questions and yet you are willing to patiently wait for understanding.

It would seem paradoxical to most to ask one to stretch and be patient at the same time. It exactly the combination of these qualities that will lead you far. This does not seem to be in conflict or contradiction to you. This is what makes your enthusiasm such a great asset for you, because it is balanced and tempered with a knowing faith and patience. It does not turn bitter and hard with disappointment when expectations are not met, it moves ever forward to the next unfolding events with a surety that each drop of rain nurtures the flowers that will unfold in tomorrow's sunlight.

Go patiently and peacefully for all is truly well with you my child. This I do not have to tell you for you know this.

Thank you for the peace I have been feeling in the stillness.

Session 12

November 30, 1992


Allene - Impressions November 30, 1992

Dear Father,

I thank you for all the wondrous gifts you have been bestowing on me. Several times of late, you have removed the stiffness from my body and revived my energy. I am so consciously aware of this and am so grateful. This has allowed me to sit quietly with you in the wee hours of the morning when all my work is done. This time has become so precious to me.

Dear Teachers, Michael and Unseen Helpers,

Thank you for all your help to the members of our new group during the week and this evening and all you shared with us.

Is there anything you wish to say to me this evening?

Aflana: We are well pleased to see the small group begin to blossom so quickly. When the soil is fertile, the seeds germinate with even the slightest nurturing.

Aflana, last night I saw such a beautiful display of lights when I turned off the lights to retire. It was like being in a planetarium with some rather special effects around me. I was aware of several large dark areas on either side of the room. As I turned to see them, they seemed to disappear and then reappear as I looked upward again. Were these seraphim I was seeing?

Aflana: Yes. This is the first time you have seen them and at first you felt some alarm as all your superstitious thoughts relating such dark shapes with negative fearful reactions came forward. Even when you realized this could not be so your instincts were aroused. It takes time to overcome such deeply imbedded ideas. Without any preparation, you would have found this a very frightening experience. As you put aside your formerly held beliefs that such darkness is negative, you will experience them more clearly.

Session 13

December 1, 1992


Allene - Impressions December 1, 1992

Dear Teachers,

Always, I have this problem of whom to address - Father, Michael, Creative Mother Spirit, Thought Adjuster, Teachers, Visitors and the list goes on. Can you help me with this?

Aflana: Allene, you know it does not matter. All that is on your mind and in your heart will find its way to the Father. Your thoughts and questions flow through the circuits and are known to all of us who are working with you and watching you. Have you not noticed that when you address one of us, often another appears to assist you? Why not just address whomever you feel inclined to address at that time? You need not concern yourself that you are leaving anyone out. This is only a human perception that has no meaning. As you spend more time in the stillness, you will connect with a knowingness that seems to have no source. Just know that all knowingness and truth comes to you ultimately through the Father.

You are doing well. Each time more is opened up for you, you forget how far you have progressed from the previous step. Already you have forgotten much of who you were less than a year ago. It seems so unimportant and part of a far distant past that has little meaning or relevance to who you are now.

Lor-El: Amidst all your doubts and confusion, you have chosen to pursue a venturesome path. Your doubts are like hazard signs that you take as warning signs that you are about to fall off the path down some crevice into self created fantasies of your own imagination. Let us assure you that this will not happen. It is good that you question, for this leads you to expand your thought processes and to see more, but do not doubt that the path is safe and sure. You will not fall off by the wayside. It may seem that way to some, but as you spend time in the stillness you know that this is not so. The confirmations and affirmations you see almost daily now are being presented to you to encourage you and support you in your journey.

It has been good that you and Patije have given of yourselves and your time to start the small group. From this you can see much that will help you in the days ahead. We will work with all those who truly come seeking to you to find us. As you make the opportunities available, we are ever ready and available to assist you. This you have seen and it will give you much support to continue with your plans.

Now is a gentle time of rest for you as you settle into your new tasks. Each day new ideas are forming like seeds for the days ahead. Some will be developed, some will fall away and from all of this the future will unfold.

Now you can see the importance of sharing. For as you and Patije share with each other, you become pillars for each other - pillars of strength, pillars of faith and pillars of support. Your willingness to share your individual experiences and the example you set of how much more is accomplished with teamwork, will help others to see the value in banding together in twos and threes and more to be pillars for each other. This is not a time of isolation. This is a time of joining together - of oneness. The times of separation are rapidly being altered into a new way of looking at yourselves, your families, your communities, your nations to see your planet moving into one of togetherness and cooperation.

There is more to share with you, but the hour is late and you will have little sleep. Rest now and we will speak more of this at another time. Lor-El

Session 14

December 2, 1992


Allene - Impressions December 2, 1992

Dear Teachers,

Today I took Patije's suggestion to ask my Thought Adjuster to work with the Thought Adjuster of another to solve something that has been vague up to this point. Our following discussion was most productive and satisfying to both of us as we arrived at a decision as to how to proceed. I don't know what actually took place on an unseen level, but it turned out quite differently than I would ever have guessed.

Can you speak to me about this?

Aflana: Yes, Allene. This is Aflana. When your intentions are focused, honest and clear, many factors come into play that you are only dimly aware of at this time. It could be one or more of these that bring about the desired result. You were clear about the result that you wanted and open as to the means by which this could be accomplished. When you discussed this earlier with this person, you were not open. As you think about this now, you can see how your doubts prevented you from being open. This was picked up by the other person and, thus, you did not receive the response you were looking for. Today, you set the stage for a positive resolution to be achieved. What you now recognize gives you more insight as to how individuals interact with each other - how your attitudes and perceptions influence the outcome of all interactions you have with others. You know this from your former studies, but you so often forget what you know. You immediately look to the other person as causing the problem, when you should first look to see what you are doing to cause the other's reaction, response or action. Remember always, to first look at self. This will save you much wasted time and many errors in your thoughts.

Thank you Aflana. It is true. I do know this although I have always expressed it differently. It is the same and yes, I do forget this so often.

Session 15

December 3, 1992


Allene - Impressions December 3, 1992

Dear Michael,

I heard you say to me this evening on the way home, "Thank you for hearing me. Thank you for sharing." I thank you for being present this evening and for my awareness of your presence. I was aware of your letting me know there was something more to share with Brian and the sense that this was accomplished. I am honored to be of service to you and my brothers.

Michael, My shy one, you are stepping forward more in faith now. You will lead many of my lambs to me. Do not trouble yourself with the reluctant ones. These I will reach out to and draw them to me. You and Patije work together as an ever entwining spiral towards perfection. Know I am ever present as you go about the work of the Father. I stand among you as surely as if you were to see me. You with faith know this. As you share this others will come to know of my presence. In this, you are both of much assistance to me. The blessings of the Father will flow down upon you as you continually seek to be about our Father's desire to draw you ever closer to Him. Go in peace. Bring your burdens to me that you may continue on your chosen path with a light and joyous heart.

Oh, thank you Michael. Yes, you have already lifted many burdens from me. "Turn It Over" now becomes a phrase with much meaning to me. How much I have intellectually know and yet never got. These things now take on much meaning as my levels of understanding increase with your help. I do come with heartfelt thanks for all that is becoming revealed to me each day. Please guide me in the ways that I can best be of service to you each day, in every situation and with all I meet. Please help me to be more loving and to allow my mind to expand in the ways the teachers are leading me. Please help me to put aside all my doubts and simply flow in the divine plan. Please help me to be always aware of your presence.

Michael, It shall be as you ask. Be patient and gentle with yourself. The mighty oak tree did not grow to be a mighty oak tree in one day. It started with a tiny acorn and everyday reached upwards towards the sunlight. As you keep your sights ever upward towards your Father in heaven, you too will grow to be a mighty force for good wherever you may be planted. "Bloom where you are potted." This is a phrase you love. You can be sure you will be planted where you can do the most good. Your roots of faith are strong and you can now grow ever upwards and spread your branches out. Others will be attracted to your strength and steadfastness as shelter from the storms that beset them. Under the protection of your branches of love and truth, they will find me.

Thank you. I will try to grow each day reaching ever upwards and to try and bring comfort and shelter to those who are lost in the storms of life knowing always that it is the Father they are seeking and that you are always there to lead them to the Father.

Father: I am will pleased with you my child. Your intentions are known to me. Your faith is pure like that of a child. Your doubts are of no importance. They only reflect your sincerity of purpose. In time these will drop away as leaves in the autumn wind.

Dear Father,

I feel much like a child as I see more glimpses of the magnificence of your universe and the wonderful beings that we are coming to know. As each new day reveals more, I find myself filled with delight and wonder.

Dear Universe Mother Spirit,

I am delighted to be aware of your presence among us this evening. I am so full of joy to know that you are making yourself known to us - that as we are coming to know Michael, we may also come to know you. You know of my special delight in this.

Universe Mother Spirit - Yes, I do know your special interest in knowing me. You have always known much of me. In answer to your question, I will help you in expanding your present knowledge to include what your teachers have eluded to about becoming aware of what you know. As you sit in the stillness, there I will be also.

Thank you so much. Knowing this brings me much peace about this process the teachers started. At this moment, I feel a great comfort within. While others have been drawn to things physical, visual, musical, I have always been drawn to the mind as best I could comprehend it. May I bring my many questions to you?

Universe Mother Spirit, You may bring all your questions to me. In time you will find all answers you have so diligently sought.

This is such a great gift to me. Along the path to Father, I can't imagine a more treasured gift. This is the answer to my most life long desire.

Universe Mother Spirit, This has always been known to us. There was much that had to precede this time. All your efforts and desire have brought you to this point.

I am so grateful. The sense of peace and contentment that now washes over me is so quiet and calm. I do not know the words to express what I am feeling and I do not need to do so as I know you know what I am experiencing at this moment. Thank you.

Vanessa, It was so good to hear from you this evening. Somehow I think you can tell us more about "Ruby" - the absolutely delightful creature that came to us this evening. Watching Ann one could not help but pick up the effervescence of her being.

VanEssa: Yes, she is a delightful being. You are now being introduced to more of the personalities and beings that share this universe with you. There will be more in the days ahead. It is not necessary at this time that you know more. As you meet them, they will reveal more of themselves. It is the openness that is present in your group that attracts and allows these fellow companions to reveal themselves to you. We were all so pleased to see what a "hit" she made with your group.

"Ruby", We did all so enjoy your visit this evening. It was such an unexpected treat for all of us. We do hope you will come again and share more of yourself with us. Thank you for this new experience.

"Ruby" I will come to your group again. Your welcome was such a treat for me also. This is my first appearance among a group of mortals. I find it a most favorable experience. Please thank Ann for allowing me this opportunity.

Aflana, I felt that I really let you down this evening. I was so aware of you and yet, I could not or did not express you will or completely. Please forgive my inadequacy.

Aflana: My dear child, not to be concerned. We were well aware of what the problem was. This has been addressed in Lor-El's message to Patije in her personal impressions and again in the group tonight as information for Brian to share with his group.

What are we to do about this in our group? Do we continue? Do we take steps to correct this? If so, what?

Aflana: It would be good for you not to focus on the problem, but to reach out with love in every way you can to stretch your minds on what you can do. Ask what you can do within yourselves to heal this situation. Focus on strengthening the circuits within your group, reaching out to the weakest links to enfold them and draw them firmly into the circle that surrounds your group. Each of you is there for a reason and each of you is important. Remember, you were told just this week, that this is a time of oneness not separation. Do not create this with your attitudes and opinions. We think now you understand what is to be done.

Thank you Aflana. This has been most helpful.

Lor-El, we thank you for the beautiful and meaningful lessons you have been giving Patije. Your words have clarified much that we have been thinking about and discussing.

Lor-El: It is very pleasing to have such receptive students. We watch your conversations and your reactions. As you digest our words and meanings, we ever move forward. As you take the seeds that are being dropped and nurture them with your thoughts, they grow and more are sown. It is a never ending process. Few take the time to gather the seeds and plant them, thus many are lost to await another time to sprout. Your gardens grow rich and beautiful as you eagerly gather and plant as many seeds as you can find. Others will see the beauty of your garden and begin to look for the seeds.

From you too, we learn much. Do not doubt this. For "by your students you are taught." As this works on your level, it also works on all levels. The more advanced the students the more the teachers learn. We love all of you and participating in this joint venture is as rewarding for us as it is for you. We bless you and we love you. In time the separation even between us will disappear. We welcome your companionship on this great journey.

Dear Universe Mother Spirit, After putting this away for the evening, I find myself sitting quietly, so thankful for your message. I want to record what you just shared with me when I was asking about coming directly to you as I feel most closely connected to you.

Universe Mother Spirit: You may come to me at any time. You feel drawn to me more closely than to Michael at this time as you have always been more closely attuned to my presence. You have never felt a separation from me as you did towards the one you called Jesus. In your inability to make sense of what you had been taught, you turned aside and sought the Father directly and you always sensed my presence and took comfort in the things you attributed to me. It is okay for you to come to me, for as you come to me, you come to Michael and the Father. It does not matter. Follow the leanings of your heart and what brings you the most comfort. There is no separation when you reach out to us. Separation only exists in your understanding - this will change as you will come to see.

Session 16

December 6, 1992


Allene - Impressions December 6, 1992

Dear Teachers,

I don't seem to have any questions on my mind this evening. I am ever thankful to the Father for all the good things that are happening in my life.

Dear Universe Mother Spirit, I must laugh at myself. I say I have no questions and yet as I sit here in the silence, I do have questions.

Universe Mother Spirit, My child, you always have questions. Your mind is ever busy even when you think it is resting. Now is a time for you to spend more time in the stillness. You are able to do this now as you are content knowing that all the answers will be forth coming to you.

You are correct about what you are beginning to perceive about communications with Ken and friend's, Ken. The desire and faith of the sincere seeker intersect with the circuits of Truth and Spirit and in this all are connected. You will know more of this later, but what you and Ken are experiencing is real. Confirmation of this will be received.

It is as with the psychic levels. We wish to discourage all interest and pursuit of this psychic level of communication as it is greatly distorted and leads to much confusion and misunderstanding. Those who are able and ready to will find many new experiences as they move up the spiral of perfection. Each level brings its own experiences.

When you find yourself on the mansion worlds, you will not instantly find the answers. As here it is a process of expanding one's awareness, learning, assimilating, practicing and "owning", as you say what you know or becoming that which you know. The difference is that there you will be aware of assistance that most of you are here are unaware of being all around you. Help will be given to bring balance to those who were so often emotionally out of balance here. This you know can be accomplished here, but many are unable to do this, thus, they become stuck. Their emotions ricochet back and forth within themselves from one extreme to another. There is no stability, for stability comes from balance. Fear is always present when one's emotions are out of balance and fear separates one from the spiritual circuits.

It is through the spiritual and love circuits that all are connected. Through the personality circuits they are recognized and mind is ever present in all communications. Thus, when one moves in faith, putting doubts aside, seeking ever higher truth, it is revealed to them at their level of openness to receive and accept. This is why it is so important for all to stretch their minds, to expand them, to stop limiting ideas and perceptions that block that which would be revealed to them. Accept what is received, for those with pure intent will not be deceived.

You were thinking about things that seem to you to be understood on a heart level. On this level mind also operates for mind is what puts it all together to have meaning. Otherwise, you would simply experience sensation.

Thank you for you help. I will share this with my friend.

Universe Mother Spirit: My child, it is good that you are beginning to put your doubts aside and share what you are beginning to perceive. It is far better that you make some mistakes as you move ahead, than wait always for confirmation for to do so would slow your process and impede your growth. We have encouraged you to expand your mind and to use it. We will see that any mistakes are corrected. Have you not seen that as you venture out on faith that confirmation has backed up what you have been given?

Aflana: Allene, this is Aflana. Lor-El and I are pleased to see your willingness to move beyond your doubts. It makes our task much easier to accomplish. We thank you. We support you. It will soon be time for you and Patije to reach out to more and in this we will be ever present to assist you.

Aflana, I thank you so much for all your assistance to me and to others. It will be my great pleasure to introduce as many as possible to all of you. At present, I am not sure how this will come about as my time seems to be somewhat limited. I am open and willing to do all I can. Any guidance you have for us will be gratefully received.

Aflana: You two are doing well. We are pleased with your progress and your plans. It is good that you are proceeding as you are. Do not put pressure on yourselves, just be yourselves and let it unfold. Your intentions, desires and enthusiasm for your assignment is enough to move it forward.

Thank you.

Session 17

December 7, 1992


Allene - Impressions December 7, 1992

Dear Father, Michael, Universe Mother Spirit, Thought Adjuster and Teachers,

Thank you so much for such a wonderful meeting this evening. Thank you for all the help you have given our three new members. It surely is confirmation of all you have said about working with those we bring to you. It gives me much encouragement to continue even though there is little time to catch up on any other part of my life. I am so thankful to be a part of all that is happening.

Aflana: Allene, this is Aflana. Write this down. Do not doubt the authenticity. You do not fully appreciate the fact that your willingness, faith and effort is what makes your experiences possible. We are here, but we cannot act alone. It is through those of you who give of yourself, your time and willingness that much is accomplished. You have no comprehension of the far reaching effects of your groups.

You are correct in perceiving that many come to your groups to observe. Some of you are able to pick up their presences. It is the fertile soil we find in your hearts and minds that lead us to plant so many seeds among you for here we know they will be cultivated into gardens of truth, beauty and goodness for all to see.

It is your ability to come together without preconceived expectations and take joy in all that happens that allow for the many varied experiences and visitors. What VanEssa was trying to tell you is that you need only be present with an open willingness to experience and participate.

VanEssa: Yes, this is what I wanted to convey to you tonight. You do not know what to expect, so there is nothing for you to do to prepare for each group meeting. It is enough for each of you to be fully present, aware, alert and open to what unfolds. As questions come to you, we are here to assist you in finding the answers. The more you share among yourselves, the more you will grow and the more we will all learn in the process.

Thank you VanEssa.

VanEssa: You cannot know how exciting this is for me. You cannot know how long we have waited for these days to come, when we could at last make ourselves known to you on Urantia.

VanEssa, we too are very excited about getting to know you better.

Dear Thought Adjuster, what does it mean that Michael's Thought Adjuster came to our group this evening?

It means, dear child, that the Father is most pleased. This means much to the Thought Adjusters who have labored so hard with each of you. It is very rewarding and brings much honor to each of us. We must thank each of you for your cooperation as we must rely on your free will for all final decisions. There is much that we can do, but we are unable to make any decisions. A parent may lovingly try to guide a child, but in the end the parent will have no say in the decisions the child chooses to make.

As you choose to do the will of the Father, that choice allows us more freedom to operate within you. Thus, you have sometimes found yourself in amazement at what you have just said. It did not seem to originate from you. This happens even when you are not aware of its happening. Life becomes more easy and the road more smooth as you learn to relinquish control. As you come to trust the Father and learn more of his great love for you and his pure goodness, you come more in line with the divine flow that emanates from Paradise itself. The path of least resistance is the path you want to follow for there is no resistance to the Father. You are ever drawn to him. This is what you are seeking. The resistance is always within the self - a battle, if you will, between your will and his will. You have won that battle. What you are now experiencing are minor skirmishes caused by the residual effects of past attitudes, judgements and a lack of knowledge and understanding. These are being corrected.

Do not be so hard on yourself. It is a monumental task to bridge the gap from humanness to divine perfection. One crosses back and forth many times, before the final crossing is made. This takes time.

I thank you for all you have been doing to assist me in this crossing. I know with your help we will journey together as one up the spiral to perfection. This gives me comfort, peace and joy.

Dear Michael, I like to hear you call us your lambs and I like thinking of myself as one of your lambs.

Michael: Little "lamb", you are truly one of mine. Your gentle ways will bring many more into my fold

Session 18

December 11, 1992


Allene - Impressions Friday, December 11, 1992

Dear Teachers,

I come to you tonight to express my thanksgiving and delight in all you are doing to help us and in all that is happening.

Do you have anything to share with me this evening?

Aflana: Allene, this is Aflana. We come to you tonight to tell you how pleased we are with you. You are somewhat uncomfortable with praise, but tonight we come to offer you praise for all you have been about - you openness, your willingness, your faith, your thoughts and your commitment. You have put aside so much that mortals seem to find pleasurable to spend what time you have working with us on this joint effort. We are most taken with the fact that in this you find so much pleasure and delight. It has been easy for you in that you take delight in each new discovery and it holds an interest for you above all things. We wish to acknowledge how much time and effort you have put forth in this endeavor.

Last night when you came to me to ask of your health as all your efforts have caused you to pay less attention to your needs, you took the words of Melchizedek in total faith and made the decision to continue at the same pace and to do what you could to take care of yourself. Many here would have stumbled and backed off rationalizing the need to do so. Not you. You persevere. For this we wish to commend you.

We will assist you in the days ahead as you move to accomplish the goals you see ahead of you. We will assist you to make more time for the many immediate things in front of you. Your dedication will be rewarded as you see the results of your efforts.

Dear Aflana, I thank you for your kind words and all your help.

Welmek: I am aware of all that you are doing and your intentions. Know that you will have much assistance in this course of work you have chosen for yourself. It is good that you appreciate your sister, Patije, and all that she has done to encourage you, but do not feel that you are in her shadow. Do not put yourself down. You have great strength and many talents. Not all talents are the same. It is as they work together that much is accomplished. One's gifts are not to be compared. You two make a wonderful team as your spiritual visions and aspirations are much the same. As you combine your talents as teachers, as examples and as leaders, many will find sure footing on their path to the Father. As you have been told, there are a host of teachers waiting for those open to knowing them. They are anxiously awaiting what is to follow as you and Patije go about your assignments. I, too, will be assisting you both.

Once the wheels of motion are put into place for your vehicle, you will be amazed at how rapidly it will move forward. You are putting together the pieces now to build this vehicle and already you can see the momentum and forces that have gathered to support what you are about. You will not be deterred. This will go forward and light the way for many to follow. As you read my papers, you will gather much insight and strength for the days ahead.

I say farewell for now. Welmek

Dear Welmek, I do thank you for such strong words of encouragement. I will proceed to do the best I can to move forward in this. Your help and guidance is most appreciated.

Session 19

December 12, 1992


Allene - Impressions December 12, 1992

Dear Michael, Thought Adjuster, Teachers,

Please help me. I am turning to you for more guidance and asking for your help. Today, as you know, I was off balance emotionally. It seems this situation with Mother is a constant cycle that gets played out over and over and over. Please show me what I am doing to cause this; how I can break this cycle and teach me what I am to learn in this. I thank you for your help. Please help me put aside any of my own perceptions to be open to hear what you have to share with me.

Aflana, is this you?

Aflana: Yes, dear child, this is Aflana. The reason this throws you off balance so much is that there is much unresolved emotion connected with your mother. These situations merely act as a trigger to all of that. Your mother is indeed a difficult one to deal with. Her intentions are good and she makes much effort to do what she can every day. You know this. You see it everyday. Remember what Michael said to you, "Walk their path with them." Your expectations of her are too high. She cannot meet them. It is up to you to make the adjustment and to eliminate your expectations. Do you not remember Lor-El telling you that you can never be hurt unless there are expectations of others?. This is indeed a trial for you, but it is a good opportunity to practice loving another as they are.

This is particularly difficult when the one you are learning this from is one's parent. Each child has the deep desire to be loved and accepted by their parents. When this is not met, their remains a deep longing within for this unconditional love. As a daughter, this is generally most difficult with the mother. You have seen this. Your mother loves you to the limit of her ability. You must accept this. You have resolved this with your father, but this was easier as you do not live with him and he is not as rigid a personality as your mother.

You are so accustomed to sharing with others who understand and can see what is happening. Your mother is not able to fathom what you are talking about. As it was too frightening for your brother, Ken to see and face his major issues, it is the same for your mother. You challenge her carefully designed defenses and she resorts to denial. She can only discuss these things on a superficial level and then she must withdraw to an area that is safe for her. Let her be, my child, and love her as Michael loves all his lambs. She is truly one of his as her intentions are good and are followed daily by action.

This is a good lesson for you to learn now. You have always been a seeker and have not accepted authority without question. Your mother comes from a different place. She has never trusted her own authority, thus, she is looks to others in authority for validation of her decisions. It causes you much frustration that you, who knows so much, are constantly challenged by her faith in others and lack of faith in you. You must come to accept that in time, she will come to see you for who you are. Be patient. You want this to happen now and this is most unlikely to occur during her lifetime here. You are so patient with waiting for the coming events to unfold, why must you be so impatient with what is in front of you? Would it not be good to show the same patience in this situation?

Your mother is pleased that you have such a good friend in Patije. She does not know how much you are spiritually nurtured in your association with Patije, thus, she is at a loss as to see why you feel so indebted to Patije when your mother has been so willing and has done so much for you. This appears to be out of balance to her and she feels slighted and rejected. She cannot know the spiritual joy and comfort you share with Ellen, Alan, Del, Patije and others as she is not aware at this level. I makes her feel lacking that she cannot give to you what you find so valuable from others. If she were, she would be sharing with you also at this level. You want her to be able to experience all that you are experiencing.

Here is another lesson for you. You have learned that you cannot lift others out of their dilemmas. You can only love them and support them where they are at and when there is an opening share what they may be open to hearing. Can you not see that this is the same? With your level of experiences and understanding of so much, you soar so high above the heads of most around you, they simply cannot keep pace with you. This does not present a problem to you as you instinctively share on the level of those around you leading them to take baby steps when they are ready. With your mother, you are not satisfied with this. Why not treat her as you do others and proceed with the same good sense? This you do not do because you want her to know who you are. How in the world can you expect this to be? Can you not now see how silly this idea is? Your mother cannot know who you are. Only those on your level and beyond can truly see this.

Look not to your mother any longer for acceptance and unconditional love. Have you not found this in the Father, Michael, the Creative Mother Spirit and all you celestial companions? Do you not know of our love and support? Have you not noticed that there are no conditions or expectations placed on you by any of your celestial companions? We love you and are here to love and support you. If we urge you forward, it is because we know your heart and your sincere desire to move forward up the spiritual spiral towards the Father. If you should choose to take a vacation from all of this or to put it aside, do you not know that we have told all of you that this, too, is okay.

Is it not enough to know that you are so well loved and cherished by so many in the universe and that we are ever ready at your side to help you? Think on this and you will get a much better prospective on this situation. You know this, but as a mortal, you are still subject to getting ensnared in your human emotions and expectations. As you put these aside and move beyond them, you free up the circuits for more positive events to take place. It is as if you have a ball of yarn. When it is all snarled, you can do nothing with it. When you straighten it out, there are many possibilities of what can be done with the yarn. Unsnarled yourselves. It may at times seem that you are coming unraveled in the process, but this you must go through for the changes to take place. Many are so comfortable with the snarled mess, that they fear any changes to the long established patterns.

Aflana, I do thank you for the good guidance you have given me. On some level, of course, I know all of this and yet when the emotions and unresolved unconscious issues become involved, we seem to get caught in such ways that we lose all perspective and forget what we know. Thank you for helping me see more clearly.

All that you have shared with me helps a lot, but there are still questions that I have? How am I able to continue with my job; devote as much time as I have been to you, the classes, the groups; tackle even more projects with Patije; take care of daily duties; spend time with mother; and stay in touch with my many fellow friends along the path? This seems even more overwhelming by the fact that I do not live alone where I have much more freedom and time. How can it be, that I am in a situation where I am not allowed the freedom to teach classes and have groups here at home? It really doesn't seem like home when I cannot do this. I would really appreciate some practical suggestions and some direction in establishing the best priorities. I need to find some balance here also as it is my wish to do all I can to be of service in all that is happening. What can I do to help my body to have the strength for all of this? How much sleep do I need daily?

Aflana: Take the time to nourish your body and to nurture yourself. You have neglected these areas in driving yourself to accomplish so much. You were given a body, not a machine. When you treat it as a machine, you do not honor the temple you were given. You do not see and appreciate it for the exquisite creation that it is. Make use of your time on Urantia to enjoy this gift. Do not abuse it and it will serve you well. As you do this, you will require less sleep for it will have received daily nurturing from you. It will not need to work so hard to overcome the stress you have placed on it during the day. Learn to love it and care for it as a living part of yourself while you have it.

It would be good for you to establish a pattern. This we have mentioned to you before. This way you and your body would become attuned to this pattern and operate more effectively and efficiently. Your desire to do so much, drives you to extremes from which you and your body periodically have to recover. This causes both more stress. This, too, will cause you to need less sleep, as your body will learn when it can depend on rest and will use that time accordingly.

As for your request for priorities, this you already have been thinking about. You are concerned as you do not wish to let anything interfere with all your Urantia activities. Your intentions and desires are well known. You have already exhibited your willingness by all your efforts. This willingness to serve will not be wasted. There is much to be done and we know you can be counted on when you are asked to serve. It would be best for you to relax more now and get your affairs in order. You cannot expect to keep pace with Patije as there are many other demands on your time. Do not allow yourself to feel that you are falling down on the job, as you take the time to take care for yourself and all of the many tasks you have before you to put away, clear up and clear out. It would be good that you take some time for this now and have that behind you. When you do, you will be better able to devote more of your full attention to your beloved Urantia activities and there will be many in the days to come.

You will feel more comfortable with your situation at home as you take the time to go through your things and create your own sanctuary in your room - an environment that is aesthetically pleasing to you surrounded by those things that mean the most to you. Take the time to do this, as this effort will be well worth it to your peace of mind. You cannot change the situation, but you can change a part of it. This will make a bigger difference than you realize. You can do much to make other changes. In this you will have to take the lead. Your mother will be well pleased with the results. Just proceed. Get started on this project.

You are somewhat surprised are you not? You expected more emphasis to be placed on your Urantia activities did you not? (Yes, I did.) Your Michael has lived on Urantia. He is well aware of the basic requirements your daily existence places on you. These you cannot magically set aside and they are not to be avoided. They are a part of your experience here. You are not asked to put aside all else including relaxation and pleasurable pursuits with friends. You are not asked to do more than circumstances allow for in being of service.

Michael: Relax little one. You are one of mine. Your intentions are so precious to me. Do not tire yourself and become weary. As you follow me, the path will be made clear. Already you have done much. Let us do this together and the journey will be lighter.

Dear Creative Mother, I come to you for comfort as I know that as I focus my intent, it changes from that to reality. Please help me to keep my focus ever on will of the Father and to see the opportunities to do His will as they unfold.

Creative Mother: I am ever aware of your intentions and desires. In the days ahead you will see these manifest themselves beyond what you can at present focus on or envision. As your vision is so limited, focus your intentions on doing the will of the Father. I who know your heart so well, will make the best and highest use of your openness and willingness to serve.

Dear Thought Adjuster, I am following Welmek's guidance and asking you to become my Thought Controller. What can I do to assist you in this?

Thought Adjuster: You intent and sincere desire is all that is needed. It is your willingness to step aside, to put your personal self aside, that greatly aids in this transition. As you consciously think on this and affirm your willingness, this takes place. We cannot override your free will. As you direct your free will away from self and towards the will of the Father, this is a natural process and one that we all rejoice in.

You were correct today in thinking how many times you traverse the bridge back and forth on your path. At times you exercise your free will in ways that please the Father and at times you exercise it to please yourself. This choice is always yours. You make it many, many times each day. In every encounter, every thought, every deed you exercise your free will. Which side do you want to be on? Think about this in all your actions and thoughts. Patije's question, "What would you do if Michael were beside you?" is a good one. Even better, is "What would Michael do?" He is your best example. As you focus on this, your choices will be better ones. In time you will cross the bridge less often back to self pleasing choices.

I thank all of you for your most wonderful lessons this evening. I have one more thing that troubles my mind, if I could ask you about something so mundane and material after such guidance. I don't know what to do about the money I am to receive. This troubles me as I do not feel that it is mine and I do not know how to handle this.

Aflana: My dear child, of course, it is yours.

I don't understand as I owe so much to others. It is with my mother that I am concerned, not the others.

Aflana: You need not concern yourself about this. It is in your hands that her sense of security lies. You two may have difficulties, but do not doubt that you bring her much comfort. She would not choose to live alone no matter what she may say in anger or hurt feelings. She is afraid, but do not respond to her fear. As you follow my suggestions, she will begin to feel more comfortable and will relax. She is more concerned about your welfare than she is of her own. When she expresses otherwise, it is her fear speaking and she is not pleased when this surfaces. Your change in attitude will eliminate your concerns with this.

You need not worry yourself with the future. This will take care of itself. You know this. Do not doubt it. Remember the lilies in the field. Just get on with what you are doing.

Dear Father, I thank you for all the help I have received tonight. Please help me to take these lessons and apply them to be of better service to you.

Session 21

December 16, 1992


Allene - Impressions December 16, 1992

Dear Father,

Can you let me know more about prayer, specifically about praying for others? Do we need to put energy into this, or concentration or is it enough to simply ask you to help them? I am not sure. At times I have concentrated on seeing the person in the White Light and visualizing their receiving as much as they wanted. Other times I have asked Michael to put them in the White Light of your love, wisdom and power not only for their own protection but to attract others unto You. I feel I need some instruction regarding this.

Father: My child, it is good that you ask this. There are many things involved in this. Anything you focus on comes immediately into your reality. As you focus on the positive, positive energies are drawn forth and directed to the point of focus. This you may do in specific response to your inner leadings. Time is a factor and you cannot do this for all you would wish to help. It is enough to focus yourself on your true desire for help for an individual and know that I know your true desire before you ask. All prayers of any kind are heard and are helpful. No request is ignored. All prayers are not answered as there are times that your wish would not be helpful to an individual at that time. This you know.

Session 22

December 17, 1992


Allene - Impressions December 17, 1992

Dear Father, Michael, Thought Adjuster and Unseen Helpers,

Thank you for all your help this evening. I know you all participated in the healing that took place in all our hearts and in encircuiting us all in your love.

In reading the Welmek papers, it has been brought to my attention that I have not paid much attention to my Guardian Angels. Tonight I would like to acknowledge you and offer thanks for all you have done and are doing on my behalf. I look forward to becoming more aware of your presence in the future.

Aflana: This is Aflana. Before addressing the question in your heart this evening, we wish to tell you how pleased we were to watch this evening's proceedings. It is in this spirit that much can be accomplished. We will always be with you to support your good intentions and lend our support to assist you over the rough spots. When your intentions are good and your hearts open, there is much we can do to ease the way in this process. Tonight was a good example of how easy it is to overcome what seem to you as difficult problems. They are not. As you open your hearts and let love flow freely all seeming conflicts and differences melt away as the new fallen snow in the sunlight. Remember this. It is our lesson to each of you for this evening. I must leave you now. Go in peace with joy in your hearts for all of you have done well this night. VanEssa will speak with you more.

Good evening VanEssa, I welcome any messages from you. You are always such a joy to us.

VanEssa: You, too, are a great joy to us. We are waiting to come forth to share more with you. The time is drawing near. You are approaching the threshold. We urge you to continue with the progress that has been made this evening. Go forth in faith, little ones. We are with you. We walk beside you in this journey. Let us take heart and make this journey light together in joy and love. Another barrier between us is being removed. You will see. Rapidly now the others will be gone and you will forget what it was like before. It has seemed a slow proceeding to you for much work has been needed to clear the way. Your perseverance will be rewarded. Go forth and enjoy you season of celebration. We, too, join in this time of joy and good cheer that abounds on Urantia now.

Welmek: This is Welmek. Well, I am pleased and surprised to learn how much you have responded to my words. As you hunger for truth and understanding, you will surely find it all around you for those with eyes to see and ears to hear.

Dear Welmek, you seem so incredibly real to me as I read your words. I feel as if I know you. The little that you share about yourself surprises me and makes me feel even closer to you. It makes the sense of separation seem to evaporate into thin air. Reading your words, I feel as if you were right next to me. It helps a lot to learn how you see us and what you are learning about us. We have a tendency to think that you all know everything and we are the only ones who have so much to learn. Listening to you gives us a different perspective that I find most heart warming and helpful. Your words give me a better sense of teamwork - of all of us participating in Michael's plan. I am looking forward to hearing more of your words. Perhaps, my words will help you better understand how to help us become better team players.

Welmek: I welcome all your thoughts for as we come to better understand you, we will be more effective in our mission.

Welmek, you say you cannot enter into the sanctuary of our thoughts without our permission. I, hereby, give you and all the teachers permission to enter into my private thoughts. I have so much to learn and my thoughts are not always good ones, but if it helps our unseen teachers to better understand us and thus, assist in furthering the plan of Michael's and the Father's, I am willing. I know that Father knows all my inner most thoughts and I know that His love is constant in all my failings and humanness.

Welmek: Perhaps, you want to think on this some, as most are not willing to be an open book for all to read.

Welmek, I realize there may be private moments, I would prefer not to share, but they are all part of being on Urantia at this time and I think not so different from many of my fellow brothers and sisters. Those of no spiritual value will all be wiped away in time anyway. I think I am comfortable with this decision.

Michael: I am aware of your intention here. I accept your gift. Your free will and the sanctity of your thoughts are gifts of the Father to you. What will be useful will be used. What is of no use and mere curiosity will remain guarded.

Father: You are so precious to me little one. You willingness and your courage find much favor with me. None will be permitted to abuse this gift you have given your Creator Son and Me.

Dear Father, I do thank you. It is my sincere desire to be an open channel in your service.

Dear Thought Adjuster, I give you my permission to operate freely through, within me to help us both on our journey to the Father.

Session 23

December 18, 1992


Allene - Impressions December 18, 1992

Dear Teachers,

I thank whomever was helping me today in telling me to relax. This helped me a lot.

Aflana: We are pleased to help you as your desire and efforts are so great. We know you have many things you must do aside from all your Urantia activities.

Your mind never seems to rest. Yes, this is Aflana. Lor-El and Vanessa are here also. I will continue working with you as your teacher. This is correct.

It is true that Melchizedek will soon materialize on Urantia. How soon is as always contingent upon events, but we anticipate that what you heard today is correct.

Aflana, what can we individually and as a group do to help in these plans?

It would be good for you to share this information with your groups and help prepare them by explaining what you know. Help them to focus on this as real and what it means. As your faith and anticipation increase, this will help. You will not be disappointed. This event is going to happen and soon.

Stay in close contact with the other groups so you can keep your group informed. This will help.

You cannot know what this really means at this time, but your faith gives much support to what is happening. It is enough that you and Patije continue to work with all those willing and sincere that come to you. You have been learning your lessons well. There will be much more to learn in the days ahead.

All who are willing are asked to serve at this time. You need not be concerned as to what to do. Each will be guided according to your desires and your talents.

As you think about the coming materializations whether it be Melchizedek, your teachers, the Midwayers, guardian angels, seraphim or other beings, your mind will begin to expand to overcome your natural reservations that limit you at present. It is difficult for material based mortals to truly believe. It is one thing to conceive of the idea. Quite another to open yourselves up to this as really happening. This is what is needed for you to experience all that will be available to you in the days ahead.

We will be here to help you and guide you. We will work together in this. You are doing well. We are most pleased with you. Try to relax more and get more order in your life. Take time for yourself. While we ask for your help, it is not meant that you neglect yourself. The tendency to do so should be corrected.

Thank you Aflana for your time and words this evening.

Michael: I am Michael. You are so precious to me. It is sometimes surprising to see connections and outcome of ideas to the human mind. You were the first to come forward with the definite gift of opening your mind at all times to all teachers. This willingness endears you to all who are working with you and the Father who smiles upon you. You do have two Guardian Angels and in the days ahead, I will see that you become more aware of them.

Thank you Michael. Thank you for becoming a real presence in my life.

Michael: I have always been with you. Only now you are coming to know me. This is pleasing to me. We will speak more later. I leave you now with blessings from the Father.

Session 24

December 19, 1992


Allene - Impressions December 19, 1992

Dear Teachers,

This evening I will try to be quiet and still my mind. If you have any messages for me or our group, I am open and willing.

Unseen Helper: As you come to us in the stillness, you will learn much. We do not wish for you to inhibit you from seeking and stretching your mind. It is from your active thoughts that we are able to work with you to help you better discover and understand the seeds that we have strewn along your path. As you pick these up and examine them, we are able to help them grow in the garden of your mind.

I am very willing and anxious to do all I can to help in all that is to come about. In the car this evening with Patije, it occurred to me that we really need a newsletter to share amongst those interested in the teaching process here. Would this not be the next step to take?We can continue with our classes, groups and seminars, but with a newsletter we could reach so many more people and share what we know and are discovering about this process. It would be so easy to do. Patije mentioned the cost, but this could be handled by a subscription rate to cover the cost. Am I right in thinking that we should form a corporation as an umbrella for all these activities? I know we are not to bring all our questions to you, but I would like to know if this is something we should be doing or is there something else at this time that would help you more that we should be concentrating on at this time? Do you have any guidance for me on this?

Welmek: My, you are a serious one. This would be an excellent vehicle at this time. You are so impatient to get things organized and moving forward. It those like yourselves who are so willing and dedicated that will be of much assistance to us in the days ahead. You see a real need here after talking with Thern, as it will be a little time yet before a central clearing house is set up for all the transmissions and even then there will be so much to read that not many will be able to read them all. As you know, there is much repetition. It would be good to have much of this condensed, hitting the highlights and sharing the informationfrom each group in a nutshell. Isn't that how you say it? (Yes) You and Patije have learned much in discernment and would be good in this work. We will assist you in this process. This idea excites me and I give you my assurance that you will have my help on this.

Each group could send us the highlights of their meetings in a timely fashion and/or give us permission to use anything we receive in the way of transmissions from them.

Welmek: Yes, this could be arranged.

Should this be a monthly newsletter? Seems now with all that is on the forefront, a weekly letter might be more helpful to you now. I don't know how feasible this is at the moment, but we could sure give it a try.

Welmek: Once you set this in motion, those who are willing will help send you information on a timely basis for they will want to participate in this vehicle. The more frequent the mailing, the more helpful and current it will be.

We could start out with a newsletter of our information and send it to all the groups. If anyone would like to subscribe, they may for a cost of $50. 00 a year. In it we could share what information we receive and our experiences. We could request information, ideas and questions from all the readers. This would rapidly grow, or so it seems to me. There is really nothing to do, but to do it.

Surely, I answered my own question. We do need tax exempt corporation to handle the expenses and monies involved.

Welmek: Yes, it seems you did.

Well, as soon as I have the funds to do this, I will get started. In the meantime, we can put the idea into form and prepare for this work.

Welmek: This will happen more quickly than you think.

Thank you Welmek.

Aflana, I sensed that you turned these questions over to Welmek. Is this correct?

Aflana: Yes, this is correct. It is good that you work with him on this. As always, we will be here to assist you.

Lor-El: This is Lor-El. I have stepped in here as you are sometimes hesitant in picking up what Aflana has to say to you as the communication is not always so clear and direct. You are a joy for us to work with. Your willingness and enthusiasm to move forward causes you to do just that and sometimes the swiftness takes us by surprise. We have seen that most mortals need time to deliberate over all moves. You seem to be able to pick up the ideas and move as you are led with a wonderful freedom to act. This really endears you to all of us. How much more man could accomplish if he could develop this ability of yours. How can we go about teaching this?

I am not sure if this is a question. Since you stopped speaking, I tell you that I do not know. I suppose it has much to do with trust in the grand scheme of the universe and experience in seeing that all works towards purpose. As you say, all mistakes can be corrected. All one can do is fail and that is a great deal preferable to not trying. I think my Thought Adjuster and all those that have been guiding me and teaching me through the years must take credit for this. Perhaps, you should address that question with them not me.

It also helps to stop judging one's self and defining one's self by what one does, but by what one is. This is a huge step in getting beyond ego to the true self. Some of you helped me to see this lesson sometime ago. It does give one a much better sense of freedom.

Lor-El: You have learned much. As you share this, you will help others to find their way. Your Creator did not plan that you would put yourself in the shackles that so many of you have placed yourselves in. This is your humanness that we find so prevalent on your planet. Life was not meant to be so difficult. It was meant to flow with a freedom and grace of movement. This rigidity that we find here must be removed. It keeps one locked in patterns that are old, outworn and no longer useful. Each day is a new fresh day in the adventure of life. When you carry the burdens and shackles of yesterday with you, you limit the fruits of the day that are in front of you. You do not even see the wonderful opportunities that are ever presenting themselves to you for your old ideas have blocked your way. You must learn to tear down these blocks and see life through the eyes of a child - with wonder and assurance that all is well. He knows his needs will be met. Your Father knows your needs before you do. You on Urantia have heard this many times. When are you going to believe it? Can you believe this and believe that He will know of your needs and refuse to help you with these needs? What Father would do this to his child. When you open yourself to knowing and trusting that He loves you and is there to help you, you, too, will feel the wonder and assurance of a child. You, too, will come to know that no matter what happens, all is well. As you come to know this, you will learn to love your brothers and sisters better and find not only more tolerance, but genuine acceptance of what they are about, for you will know that no matter how things appear - all is well. This will, also, teach you patience with all around you and yourself.

Life on Urantia is not easy for most, but as you come to know the love that is ever coming to you from the Father, your time here will become one of joy and the burdens you carry will fall from your shoulders leaving you with a light heart on this part of your journey. You were meant to enjoy it, not to trudge and force your way through it. It is most often the case that from your ignorance, you create your own burdens and shackles. We are here to show you the way to a better way. We cannot help you, if you will not hear us and turn aside. You who have remained faithful and willing are now seeing the fruits of your faith and willingness. There will be more to come in the days ahead. Your faith and willingness will be rewarded beyond what you could now imagine. When you look back there will be much joy for the choices you are making now. We can only encourage you. We cannot decide for you.

Lor-El, Do you have any personal message for me tonight about ways I may be of more service at this time?

Lor-El: Take time not to neglect yourself. You are doing much. You are paying attention to the way you are being led. We are pleased with your progress. You will have time to do more. Pay more attention to your needs and you stay more balanced. This will help much as you go about your work. It is not selfish and we are aware of the necessities of daily life. These must be attended to and not pushed aside. You are being given much assistance now, but it is your responsibility to look out for your needs. Have I made myself clear?

Yes, quite clear. I thank you for all you have shared with me tonight. You have helped me very much.

Session 25

December 22, 1992


Allene Impressions - December 22, 1992

Dear Father, Michael, Teachers, Thought Adjuster and Unseen Helpers,

Tonight I do give thanks to all of you. You have helped me so much in the last 2 days. I don't know what you did to me during the meeting on Monday evening, but my energies are definitely different and so much for the better. I am so relaxed. I mean really relaxed! I feel so clear about how to go about my plans. As I think of them, things just seem to drop into place. It seems truly amazing how easy it all seems. With all I have to do, one would think that to tackle even more would seem stressful, but quite the opposite is the case. I definitely had the feeling that Van-El and Aflana were doing something with me during the time they said they were going to do some experiments. Whatever it was - thank you! I do remember being told that time would expand for us to do all we are now about and this sure seems like what is happening.

Unseen Helper: My dear child, you are a creature of time and space. While you are bound by these limitations at the present time, time is not static. It can be contracted or expanded. As you move further out from the material plane, you will be more aware of this. Already you have had some experience with this. There is never a need to get in a frenzy. When this happens, stop and realize that you are out of balance. As you move up the spiral, you will begin to move away from the limitations of time as you have known them. You will know the difference and realize that you are causing these perceptions of times.

May I ask who is speaking?

Samson: I am a Most High. My name is Samson. I am not from your constellation. I merely happened to be passing when I picked up your thought wave, as you might say.

Here I went to my Urantia book.

Samson: I am amused to see you look to your Urantia Book to see how this could be. You heard me clearly. You heard correctly. If you only knew how many are visiting your planet at this time, you would find it difficult to comprehend. Some are coming to observe. Some are coming to take an active part. Some are coming to learn. All the circuits are open and as you are adjusted and attuned, you will pick up more frequencies as you might think of them. I am not a teacher. It is just a moment in time when your thoughts intersected with path.

Thank you Samson, for taking the time to speak to me. I am always open to meeting the many beings in our Father's magnificent Universe and beyond and I look forward knowing many more of you.

Samson: It seems certain that you will. May God bless you on your journeys. Do not be afraid to trust the presence of those you feel aware of around you. In time you will know that this is far more real than that which you know perceive to be real. Trust what you know. I bid you farewell.

Thank you Samson. I will remember your words to me.

Aflana: Good evening little one. You are progressing well! Van-El and I did indeed work with you yesterday and we are so delighted that you are so aware of your adjusted energies. We are so pleased to see what you just experienced. We know this seems far out to you, but you can be sure what you hear so clearly is not your own mind at work. Did you not hear him very clearly?

Yes, I did. I was taken back when he said he was a Most High and not from our constellation. It caused my natural doubt to surface, but I heard him say how amused he was as I was going through my Urantia Book. I heard him more clearly than I have heard you at times recently.

Aflana: You will have many unusual experiences, because you are so willing and so open. You may stumble over your doubts at times, but you are open to all that will be revealed to you and you are able to do this while keeping your feet firmly on the ground and proceeding to do what you feel will be most helpful to your brothers and sisters. You may be swept away by your natural enthusiasm and this is good as it propels you to stretch further, but you are not swept away by the currents of experiences. These you accept and put aside as you do not understand them nor need to understand. It is enough to know that this happened and someday you will know more. This is as it should be.

Lor-El: This is a good lesson for your groups. It is good that they, too, have many new experiences, but they must always remember that this is not what is important. What is important is that they learn the lessons of love here among themselves and that of the Father. As they learn the love the Father has for them, they will learn to love Him and see Him in all those around them. This is what is important. This is what the correcting time is all about. Each will have many new experiences that will be exciting for them. Acknowledge these, but do not let them dwell on them for they will be led away from what the teachers are here to teach them. We realize the temptation to do this and the natural curiosity of those who are being shown so much so rapidly. We try to bring balance to these things. We do now wish to limit your experiences, we simply do not want them to be the focus, for when this happens, we are not able to do much and must wait for this to pass. Some will fall into this and we must rely on those with sure footing to pull them forward on to the path again. Steadfastness is a word you have not yet derived the full meaning of and tonight you have more insight into its meaning. You must remain steadfast on your path to the Father and not let the wonder of events and experiences sidetrack you.

Dear Aflana and Lor-El and I do mean dear. Thank you both so much for your guidance. It is so good to have all the help that you both give to Patije and me as we work within our groups. You are certainly right when you say we will not be doing this alone. It is so reassuring and your presence is so loving.

Lor-El: We are here to help all those who are willing. It is our real pleasure and joy to find two such willing workers to assist us in this. If each group could find two such anchors as you, our task would be much easier and more could be accomplished. It is indeed good to work in pairs as we talked about before -pillars of strength and support. We applaud you for your efforts, your dedication and your purity of intention. As you see and become aware of your mistakes and shortcomings, these will fall away and you will become more effective at your tasks. They are not important. What you are accomplishing is important and in this you will have all the help you need.

Thank you both for all you help and your kind words. They are gratefully received.

Session 26

December 25, 1992


Allene - Impressions December 25, 1992

Dear Father, Michael, Thought Adjuster and Unseen Helpers,

I know it is late, but I cannot go to bed without thanking you on this special day - the day when the world celebrates Michael's bestowal birth on our planet. I want to thank you for all the many very special blessings that I have experienced this year. The understanding I have gained from the Urantia Book. The personal understanding I now have of you our Father. The relationship that I am developing with you Michael as I come to know you more. I thank you for your personal presence in my life. I thank my Thought Adjuster for all you have been laboring for on our behalf.

I thank my teachers, celestial visitors and Midwayers for all the time you have taken to help me and the many wonderful lessons and guidance you give to me with such patience and loving. I thank you for Patije and Roy in my life. I thank you for my good health, my spiritual understanding and my financial support.

I am willing to be of assistance to you in any way I can. Please help me translate my willingness into useful service. Please help me to hear you clearly and to put aside other things to follow your teachings and guidance. I know there are many that doubt the existence of the teachers as we experience you. I do not doubt your existence. I only doubt my ability to receive your messages clearly without coloring them with my small understanding.

I greet this season with much quiet joy and thanksgiving. Father, you are truly answering all my prayers.

I would like to ask your blessing for all my many wonderful human friends who have given so much to me through all the years. May each of them find a special place in your loving nature. At this time, I ask special blessings for Ken, for all he taught me. I know you recognize all he gave so many far more than I do. I especially thank you for Alan, Ellen, Patije and Del for all the gifts of love and truth and understanding they have shared with me and for their loving support. In their friendship, I am truly blessed and I ask for your special blessing to each of them.

Father, I thank you for the special gift you gave to all of us on Urantia in the bestowal of Michael. He has set such a perfect example for all of us.

Michael, I want to thank you so much for making yourself known to me. I have wanted to know who you were for so long. I never dreamed you would really appear to me as you have. I know it was only my ignorance that separated us. I want to be of help to you in your plan for Urantia. Please use me as will best suit your plans and please help me to be aware of what form this should take in the days ahead. I am your willing servant in doing the business of the Father. It is my intent to put my personal wishes aside to be of service. Please help me to have the understanding, the commitment, the dedication to be able to accomplish the Father's will in all things. Please help my to understand and overcome my weaknesses that deter my from my intention.

Please convey to Ken through the various circuits how much he is loved and how many hearts he touched with his love, kindness, understanding. Please let him know that while you have lifted this burden from me, I love and honor him and what he so generously gave to so many and how humbly inadequate I feel in all that he is.

I also ask for your special blessing and help for Del, Ann, Wanda, David, Debbie and Peter.

I would also ask that the way be made clear for Mother to understand the truth and joy that I have found. I know in your infinite wisdom, the way will be made clear in time.

Father, Child, I have heard the prayers of your heart. In my infinite wisdom, I will be with each of those so close to your heart.

Michael: It is by your faith and willingness that you come to know me. I embrace you and in the days ahead you will come to know me more. Your willingness to lead others to me is a great service that you perform for me. I hear your prayers and I tell you that mountains will be removed to bring your intentions and desires to fruition. Put your trust in me. Take my hand and do not be afraid to bring your questions to me. As you and Patije surge forth to be of service, I will always to be with you. Bring your questions to me as you did the other night and you will always find me present to help you. I am well pleased with both of you. It is what draws me to you. Go in peace and know that I am with you always.

Thought Adjuster: I am here and as you allow me more freedom you will begin to know more about the morontia bridge. You will know more about this and yes, as you spoke with Patije earlier this is possible to achieve here. Did not your dear Jesus accomplish this on Urantia? Not many will achieve this, but there are some who are ready and capable of experiencing this here on Urantia. It is not necessary. What is of most importance it the upward spiritual seeking towards oneness. In this I will always be working towards our path to the Father.

Aflana and Van-El: We do in many ways work as a team. Both of us are so delighted with your progress and the degree with which we are able to work with you. Your openness and willingness offers us many possibilities. We would ask your permission to further experiment with you. Are you willing?

I am so thankful for all you have done to adjust my energies and open the way for me to be more balanced and relaxed to take on more in my efforts to be of service. You have my permission for any experiments you wish to make.

Aflana and Van-El: We thank you. You will not be disappointed.

Aflana: You will be hearing much from me in the coming year. You have proven yourself to be steadfast and willing.

VanEssa: We are so delighted with you. You are such a joy to us. We have watched all that is happening with you and anticipate much to come in the days ahead. Be alert, pay attention, be aware as you have been and much will be revealed to you. It takes one with eyes of faith to see, as you will see.

Thank you Van-Essa. I look forward to more contact with you.

Lor-El: This is a special evening for us as you share your thanksgiving with all of us. Aflana will be working with you in the days ahead. As the teacher for Patije, I am also assigned to all you two are about for in many ways you work as one unit in the Corps of Destiny. You are steadfast, open and willing. You are able to receive my lessons and will impart them to all those around you at the level they are able to receive.

Do not be disturbed, distracted or bothered with the doubts of any you come in contact with. You know and in time they will know. Continue with your work and your plans. Pay no heed to what is going on around you. Stick to your path. You know what you know, as Aflana so often says to you. Stick with this knowing. Do not allow any to waste your time with their doubts. Be what you are. Share what you know.

You need not convince anyone. As those are led to you, give what you can and let them decide the value for themselves. In you two they will see much. Those who are ready will gravitate towards you. Those who are not will fall away until another time. Let them go and work with those who are ready.

I confirm to you that you did hear from Samson and Norson.

I don't recall hearing from Norson.

Lor-El: But you did. You simply did not know it was Norson when he spoke to you.

As you are willing to take so much on faith, more will be revealed to you. Just accept it as you have and later the significance will become clear to you. At this time, it would not mean that much to you and would only confuse you.

Machiventa: I, too, am aware of what is happening in your groups and have been watching the events unfold with you and Patije and all those about you. I am well pleased. You do not hear much from me as you are finding all the help and assistance you need to carry on your work. You can call on me and I do not expect that you will for you have all the help that you need with the attention of Michael and your teachers. What you are about will pave the way for many to follow, as you have already seen. This is a most high service that you are rendering to the Father. Farewell. Machiventa.

I thank you. I thank you all. Merry Christmas!

Session 27

December 26, 1992


Allene - Impressions December 26, 1992

Dear Teachers,

I am tired this evening, but this time with you seems so important a part of my day. To retire any more without this quiet time with you, my day seems incomplete and unfinished. Your love and support for me has been such a wonderful blessing. Everyday it unfolds and manifests itself in more obvious ways. If only those who doubt or do not know what you offer them, could know what they are missing, so much suffering would cease.

Please help me in the coming year to pay more attention to all your messages and to put these into action in my life so that I may be better able to help you and serve the purpose of Father.

Creative Mother Spirit: It is truly a gentle and patient spirit you are developing. With all your enthusiasm and action, there resides in you a gentle patience that is a joy to behold.

Thank you for your kind words. I do see this difference in me.

I would like to ask all of you to help to ease my financial burden to open the way for me to devote my full energies to being of service. In the meantime, I will do all I can while still trying to maintain a balance so I do not lose my effectiveness. I know that wisdom beyond mine is ever present and active in the universe and if this would be in the highest interests of all, it will manifest itself. I thank you.

Creative Mother Spirit: You have a saying about timing being all. In some ways there is some truth to this. It is not so much timing as you sense it, but the coordination of events.

It would be better for you to concentrate on just what is in front of you. There is no need to concern yourself with the future. This is contrary to all you have been taught and the common wisdom prevalent around you. As you grow more in your trust of the Father, you will come to see how silly it is for you to concern yourself with anything but the present. The Father knows your deepest yearnings and desires - which ones have eternal value and would bring much good to you and which ones are only due to your present ignorance of all that is. As you exercise your gentle patience, you can rest assured that your prayers are being heard. Your talents will not be wasted. You have long been prepared for what you are about. Only now is this beginning to unfold for you. You know this. This is what brings you so much peace and joy amidst the daily stress of all you are doing. Each step along your way, has been a process of learning and preparing for your real work.

Michael: What is it you would want, my child?

It does not seem right to come to you with such mundane concerns as what I am thinking now.

Michael: Did I not tell you to take my hand? To bring all your concerns to me? Do you not know that I am aware of all you are thinking? You need to move beyond your false modesty and belief that somethings are up to you to take care of and others of more spiritual intent are to be brought to me. There is no separation when the intent is centered on higher thoughts than self. Who would know better than I do what life is like on your planet and the issues that confront you daily? It is not how well you succeed at each thing, but how earnestly you strive for the highest good in all you do. This is the real test. As Welmek has said, you do not realize what endless possibilities you have to make good choices here on life on Urantia. When the difficulties are so much less, the opportunities are also much less. When life is more orderly on planets settled in light and life and there is more time to devote to your spiritual development, you will have less impetus to do so as there is with chaos all around you to spur you on to a better way. This you will come to know. You seem to think that once you leave this material plane behind, life suddenly changes and one is automatically propelled forward on the path to Father. This is not so. The dimensions change, but all lessons must be learned. Think about yourself. As you have had glimpses of the vast possibilities, you did not suddenly stop in your tracks and make instant changes. It is a slow process for the mind to grasp the meaning of events. And so it is.

So, my shy one, why not tell me what you think you desire and let us speak of this.

Okay. I think I want a home of my own, where I can feel free to open it to all my spiritual friends and those seeking truth. A place that is more conducive to all the things I want to do in service to Father. As I am not able to provide a place of security to Mother, I feel stuck in the situation. I feel guilty when I think of wanting to be free of this present situation realizing all my mother has done for me and does each day. It saddens me that I cannot be all that would please her and still do what I need to do. Always I feel caught in the middle. It saddens me that she is so stubbornly clinging to her beliefs and unable to partake of the joy and peace that I have found.

Michael: You know I know of these burdens on your heart. You cannot serve two masters. As you have chosen to serve Father, you must learn to put these concerns and feelings aside. Here is a difficult opportunity for you to move beyond the emotions involved in a parent/child relationship and reside in the arms of Father as a child of love. As you keep ever focused on this relationship with your true Father, the conflicting feelings you are now experiencing will wane in comparison.

Each must make their choices. East must live by these choices. Your Mother makes her choices and thereby creates life as she perceives it. Her intentions are good and that is recognized. Your intentions are good and are often rebuffed and thwarted. Thus, she denies herself much that would please her. This is her choice. Put your guilt aside as there is no place for guilt ever.

This is a good opportunity for you to learn to love one such as your mother. When you master this, the situation will change.

How can I master this? Even your mother with all your loving presence still did not see you for what you were when you were here.

Michael: Your mother cannot see you for what you are. She does not have to see this for you to love her. Your dissatisfaction with her inability to see you clearly, is what keeps you from loving her as you surely could. This is what is really bothering you. Here is beautiful lesson in love right in front of you. Love should never be dependent on the feelings and acceptance of others. As you learn to love your mother, it will not bother you what she thinks and she will respond to being loved. This ability to love another under any circumstances is what all of you on Urantia need to learn at this time.This desire for her to do so will not be met at this time.

Accept the situation and proceed to do all you can to create that which nurtures you. Put aside her judgements and move as you feel directed to do. As you find the way and practice loving her each time you feel a different emotion, you will learn this lesson. Bloom where you are potted. As you learn this lesson of love, you will be much more greatly prepared to do the work ahead for Father.

You have asked many times to be shown the way, you can be of more service to Father. This I tell you is the greatest lesson of all - to love all. Were you not told before, that you can never be hurt, if you have no expectations of another and simply love them? This is the same. Always you have the expectation that your mother will come to see and appreciate your wisdom and always there is the deep yearning expectation of acceptance. This is exactly what she desires from you. True love is beyond all expectations and sees beyond the human flaws to view God in each one. You will not learn to love her until you are able to put aside all your desires for acceptance from her. This is why those we love the most are most able to teach us these lessons. It is easy to love a stranger, is it not? You have no expectations and anything that brings you happiness from this encounter is seen as an unexpected gift to you.

This you know. It is the emotions that get in the way that bring forth the emotional desire for acceptance. Your Father loves you unconditionally. Your Father sees all that you are. All that you do and all that you think. No aspect escapes His knowing. He loves you unconditionally not conditioned by any expectations. Does this not mean more than your mother's ability to love you? Of course, it does. Remember what your Ken often said, "they just don't know" for surely if they knew, they would behave differently.

As you think about this more, you can begin to develop some "keys" for yourself as learning tools. I will help you in this. Know that I am always present. Turn to me each time you are aware of emotions getting in the way and I will be there to take your hand. In learning this, you will be a great soldier in your Father's army. Be gentle on yourself and let us go hand in hand.

Michael, I do thank you. This is truly something I must learn and now is the best time to learn this. I thank you for your help and I will do my best. I will learn this.

Session 28

December 27, 1992


Allene - Impressions December 27, 1992

Dear Father, Michael, Thought Adjuster and All Unseen Teachers:

I thank you for the call from Mary. This has been a difficult day as I have been out of sorts all day and feel so unable to apply the lesson I received from you Michael last night. I felt so out of balance all day. It is such a difference from the way I have been feeling this last week.

Aflana: We know what you have been experiencing. There are times when your bodies are not operating at optimum or near to it. You, precious one, need to guard your use of time. It will help you to stay in balance. Much is happening to you at this time and you need the quiet, alone time and much sleep to help in letting all these things settle within you. You push yourself very hard and when you put extra pressure on yourself you suffer the consequences. Relax and know that all is well. Move at your own pace - and this is already a fast pace.

Lor-El: Dear One, I come to you this evening to offer you love and support. What you are learning from Michael you know. Be patient as you make this adjustment. Knowing alone does not bring about the change. It is a matter of releasing old patterns and exchanging them for new ones. In this we will help you. It is better now that you rest and let your body return to normal before beginning to tackle this issue. You will have a much greater chance for success when you are rested and feeling more like yourself. Do not be hard on yourself. Your motives and intentions are well known. These will come to fruition in time. There is no deadline. Rome, as you say, was not built in a day. You seem to think that once you "get it" you've got it. More often, it does not work this way. Once the idea becomes clear, it takes time to put it into action and own it. First take care of your needs and then you can concentrate on reaching out in circles to those around you. If your needs are not met, you will not be very effective in anything. It is indeed not selfish to take care of yourself first. This you must learn. All that you have to give radiates out from you. This includes any positive or negative energies. Thus, you must look to this center in yourself first. Do you not see this clearly?

Yes, I thank you both. I will rest and look to my needs to get centered again.

Session 29

December 30, 1992


Allene - Impressions December 30, 1992

Dear Teachers,

Now that I have gotten started with the Celestial News. I would like to hear anything any of you have to say. This seems like a very useful tool at this time for you and for us. I have been feeling so strongly about this, I feel this must be coming from somewhere beyond my mind. However, I am aware how easily we can delude ourselves and get an idea stuck in our minds. We do have a tendency to get attached to ideas. Please give me some guidance as to whether this is something I should be doing now and if I will be able to find the time and energy to follow through. Would you like me to proceed? Would you like me to do something else? Aflana, is that you?

Aflana: Yes, Allene. This is Aflana.

Welmek: I am very pleased that you are willing to go forward with this project. It is good that it will be started in your very capable hands. You and Patije are very capable and it is good that you start this as your intentions and focus will keep it clear of much that has no place in the teachings. We will work with you on this. If it is used properly, we will all benefit from such a vehicle. It will facilitate the work of us and help all of you and your groups. Do not fear, little one, you will not do this alone. You will be surprised, or perhaps, knowing you, you won't be so surprised afterall. Relax and rest now. You have done a good night's work and much good will come from this.

Thank you for your reassurance. and goodnight to you.