1991-12-16-Self Analysis


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Topic: Self Analysis

Group: Woods Cross TeaM


Teacher: Ham

TR: Rebecca



Some self-analysis is not always unfruitful. At times it is wise to be self-searching, to know your limitations and weaknesses, which you may then pray for guidance, strengthening, and understanding.

By self-searching and through prayer, these shortcomings are consciously addressed and consciously turned over to God. It is wise at times to do so. Over self-analysis with the mind of changing your character by force of will is faulty - in error. You may say “I wish to have this virtue” and humanly force this onto an unsound framework. This cannot stand, will not hold up, and is destined to fall - crumble.

Virtue - righteousness, are things which grow naturally from God-knowingness, from willingness to be God-led and God-grown. He will spring forth within, all righteous virtues. These are secure and steady. They, once acquired, cannot be disowned, and you would not disown them by force of will. The others, yes, by force of will, are easily shaken off.