1992-06-29-Father's Love

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Teaching buddha small.jpg


Topic: Father's Love

Group: Woods Cross TeaM


Teacher: Ham

TR: Unknown



Our Father has much love for His children. He is accepting and always wanting of His children to follow His path of light. He has in store for each beautiful child many gifts, blessing, and much divine love to show all, the way back to Him. You are His beautiful, glorious, growing, spiritual children, who are in your adult stages of progression. He wants each one of you to open up to Him and put aside what fears you may have. He wants to help you grow and appreciates very much when you communicate with Him.

You are each, as you know, endowed with His fragment and this is such a precious gift, a treasure for all His children to have. It is your God fragment that does guide you and lift you, step by step, on the path of spiritual growth. In your meditation is the best time to communicate with your God fragment, who loves you and cherishes you and guides you back to Father. His love is so magnificent and divine for each of you. He is waiting and wanting for all of His children to turn to Him and to love Him. His understanding and mercy is far beyond your comprehension. You are always welcome to be close to Him. He is always reaching out for you. Open yourselves to Him. His love is secure and whole.