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Topic: Fortitude

Group: Pocatello TeaM


Teacher: Daniel

TR: Unknown



  • Opening prayer

Daniel: "Good afternoon my friends. I am Daniel, your teacher and guide. I am in the ministry of Christ Michael as a teacher in the special corps for helping in the spiritual upliftment and spiritual growth of the inhabitants of Urantia. I am ever mindful of the work that you do to help bring about more of the understanding of the First Source and Center into your lives and helping to bring forth the seeds of this enlightenment of the Father's love to your fellow brothers and sisters.


Teaching Mission

The work of the teachers is to help to bring about this broader and more abundant picture of what it truly means to be a brother, a sister of Christ Michael, and to be a son and daughter of the First Source and Center, the Parent of us all. And so I come here today to say to you all that in the course of the last year, while you walked and tread different paths, you have been in like mind in trying to decipher and come to terms with your relationship with the First Source and Center, and in doing so you have had a tremendous surge and growth in many areas. You are finding that your life's path is being enriched, is being fed and nurtured in ways that would have not come about had you not opened yourself to the channels that have been re-encircuited, had you not been willing and ready to serve.

My mission has been to help you to bring this about in your lives, to bring a different perspective, a more abundant approach to the reality of what life truly is. And so I say to you, my dear friends, it is a tremendous pleasure for me to work with you, to understand you and to realize that despite the trials of life you continue to work and strive to bring about God in His fullness, Her fullness, to all and to yourselves. It will be an ongoing process, one which you will continue to grow in, one in which you will continue to be enlightened in. It is through the time spent in that quiet that the language of God is brought forth in your heart, in your mind, and in your spirit. It is only through this silence that you can truly grasp and feel from the deepest and most remote part of your being that which can help transform you into a more Godlike child, that can bring you into greater understanding of your nature. You who are like myself, formed in the likeness of the First Source and Center, in that we will all someday be of that spiritual nature; that day when we can see forward and backward in time, that day when we will understand the fullness and see with more clarity the picture of the reality of existence.

As we sit in conversation together and share, it is through this form of closed small groups that will bring about a greater and more unifying effect. It is important that you do form deep friendships, for in doing so you form a foundation base from which you can find support, bring support, and can continue to plant those seeds of love, tolerance, forgiveness, fortitude, courage and the like. And so I say to you that over the course of these last months you have been students who have listened, have worked and have brought forth a greatness and enrichment in your lives.


Our lesson this evening will be on that virtue of fortitude. I ask you to think in your life about what this means. What does it mean to be able to stay with a certain concept until fruition? What does it mean to be courageous in the face of doubt, self doubt and doubt that comes from outside? What does it mean to have the fortitude and the courage to stand up against all odds? In your lives there are always challenges, some large, some very minute, but it is through this wondrous gift of fortitude that you are able to grow past that depth into the next, to face that challenge with a sense of competence, dignity, and with a sense of power behind you.

The power behind you comes, not from you alone, but from the First Source and Center. It is through the Indwelling Spirit, through the angels and through the love of the Father that you are given the gift of fortitude, of being able to stand, to face the challenges of life. Sad it is for those who have given up, who see that life is so overwhelming that they close themselves off. Those who stand with fortitude are constantly drawing from the wellsprings of the Spirit. And the wellsprings of the Spirit are enhanced and grow from that time spent with the Father.

You, all of you, have felt a fuller and better capacity to stand tall, to be courageous, to show forth the fortitude necessary to meet life's challenges with more competence, much more surety, much more maturity. And this is because you are taking the time to come into the reality and the knowledge of your real and true being. You are a son, a daughter of the First Source and Center. And because you are of this nature, you do have all that you need to meet life, to grow to your potential, to become. And this is meant because you, being the son and daughter, are opening yourself up to that which is a given for all. It is only by your own attitude and limitation that you do not become.

So today I ask you to think about the time you have called upon that Indwelling Spirit to help give you the courage, the fortitude to continue to meet the challenge, to reveal to you that which you need to know to carry on in your next step. And it is through fortitude and courage that you, my friends, will meet the unexpected unfoldings of life. And you will meet them with a renewed and rejuvenated spirit, one that is growing, one that is becoming, one that is opening to the universal energy and circuits when you remain that open vessel, when you daily call upon the Father to help you to have that understanding heart of which we spoke earlier. Then it is you who will be fortified and you who will reap the spiritual grace and input necessary to meet life's challenges. In your quiet time with the Father be thankful for the courage He has given you to reach out, to take that next step, to grow in coming into understanding of your nature and His nature, in growing and being able to open up to the wondrous love, the wondrous being of the First Source and Center.

Through your own efforts do you fortify yourself. Through your own efforts of saying to the Father daily, 'let my will be in line with yours', that you will know courage, you will be continually fortified in spirit, in body, and in mind.

And so this week I ask you to think about this virtue. Work this week to fortify those areas in your being that are weak, that are not bringing you all that is possible in your relationship with the Father. And please, also, this week thank the Father, the Mother Spirit, and the Son, Christ Michael, for the many gifts you have been given. For they truly are bringing you to greater heights, greater understanding, greater knowledge of who you are and your life's purpose. As you continue to let prayer be the guiding force in your life you will, my friends, grow and be enriched; you will stand with courage when necessary; you will stand with dignity and you will know what fortitude is; you will be nurtured.

And so on this day I call upon you to recommit yourselves to the Father, to the Mother Spirit, and to your own potential of who you are. For you see, as a son and daughter of the First Source and Center, you need to continue to see yourself in the beautiful light of which you are. Do not allow negative feelings about who or what you are at any given moment to overtake that which you are in the whole picture. Realize that even in your own daily life it takes fortitude and courage to face your own weaknesses. And you are, through your quiet time, realizing that the weakness that you do have will, in time and over time, be laid to rest when you stand with the First Source and Center; that perfection will take many, many eons to come into being; and that what you are now is only but a portion of your total being. And you are, all of you, very wondrous and special, and you are all a part of God's plan. When you look to your brother and sisters, realize that they, too, are of the same nature as you and continue to spread love and continue to forgive, and continue to bring the fruits of the Spirit to all. Stand with courage. Know that you will be fortified, you will be given what you need at any given time if you will but open yourselves always to the First Source and Center. He and She will not let you down. It is only your own limitations that will do so. Stand tall, my friends. I will now accept questions."


B2: "Daniel, this is B1. I want to welcome two friends here, John and Crete. I am wondering if you wanted to make any comments to them?"

Daniel: "Thank you B1. And I am most pleased to finally have John and Crete here with us today. Your presence, your beings have been noted by us for a long time. And it is to people like yourselves that we are most able to bring our Teaching Mission into fruition. For those who seek and remain open, those who search out the many paths that there are to the First Source and Center are open and of understanding that the love, goodness, and all that encompasses the First Source and Center is not a narrow path, but one filled with many, many avenues and many roads. The love of the Father reaches to each individual. And so I say to you, my friends, welcome. And know that we appreciate you and your ability to continue to search and to bring the personal relationship of the Father/Mother Spirit into your lives and those whom you affect. I say, welcome."

B2: "This is B1 again. I just want to thank you for your friendship we have had over the last year and a half. I know that it is going to continue but I'm certainly going to miss the direct contact weekly, although I know that you have visited me on other occasions. I hope that continues. I just want to thank you for everything that you have given me."

Daniel: "Indeed, it is, again, mixed feelings of saying 'Bon Voyage' on your different locale of living. However, we will, of course, be together in spirit. And I will, of course, be with you and L2 on many occasions. It is my greatest joy to see my students reach great plateaus of understanding. And I know that you and L2 will continue to broaden and to continue to serve the First Source and Center. It is not with any fear in this direction that I have for you, for your path has been one of steady progress in coming into terms with the First Source and Center and the mysteries that are a part of life. I say to you, go with the knowledge that Winslow will be your friend and companion. Go with the knowledge that you will, when the time is right, know what you must do. Go with the knowledge that you always will be part of this group as well as others. Go with the knowledge that you are loved and that we will always have you in our thoughts. Go with the knowledge that you are on a correct path. I will not need a private meeting with you. There will be other opportunities."

B2: "Thank you very much for that reassurance, Daniel. I really appreciate it and the lesson tonight. It is really appropriate."

Daniel: "Indeed."

V1: "Hello, Daniel. This is V1. And it seems that B1 saying that it was appropriate maybe fits more than just him in the room. That was a 'right on' lesson for me. It is so easy to look for approval by doing less than what you think is your best, I guess. I can't help but think of the book that K2 shared, 'Woman's Worth', that the author stated that she was criticized more for being successful than for being a failure. It is just really what I needed because....in fact I said to B1, 'should I become Salierie, become mediocre?' And I really thank you for this pep talk. I really needed it."

Daniel: "My dear friends. Know that those who are in that desire and that state of mind of trying to know the First Source and Center, of trying to understand His will that you may bring it to your life, will always find that there will be those who are not of understanding, those who will try to drag you down, those who will, because of their own garbage, so to speak, not be able to accept and allow others to grow. The greatest thing that you can do for your fellow brothers and sisters is to love them enough to allow them to grow and to become, and, too, if necessary, make the mistakes they need for them to experience and to grow. It is difficult when you strive to do your best and you are misunderstood. Know, however, that even your Brother Christ Michael knew of this feeling very deeply, for He was misunderstood in many areas, yet he courageously and with fortitude carried on His life even unto death! And so, take solace in this and know that you are in great company."

V1: "Thank you Daniel. I do appreciate that and as in your lesson of two weeks ago in trying to understand, it is sometimes difficult. You can know the source that they come from...and I just really appreciate the lesson tonight...and to love them and not become resentful or unforgiving is my task. And I thank you so very much."

Daniel: "You are welcome, my friend."

M4: Hi Daniel, this is M4. We are trying this courage bit, but it doesn't work.[having difficulty talking] D2 hasn't had a chance for me to talk to you, so she suggested that I do it during the meeting today. I have been asking to be a healer for my grandmother. My grandmother has had headaches for a couple of years and she is a very dear person to me. And I would love to be able to help her so that she would have a little more...she is giving up on life right now, and I think a lot of it is because she is in pain every day. And I would very much like to do healings on her while she is here for B4's graduation. I am hoping that I can do this, but I need some guidance and assurance of what to do and how to do it and how I might explain to her what this is, because she really . .she knows that I come to this group but she really knows nothing about it. And I don't know how to broach the subject enough to...I know she will let me do it because I am her grand daughter. I need to know if you can give me some explanation how I could briefly explain it to her and how often I can do this? She will probably be here about three days and I need to know how often to try it. Can you give me some guidance along this line?"


Daniel: "Certainly M4. And I am so pleased with your desire to become a healer. The gift of healing is open to all who will open themselves to the Father's love, the universal energy and to the Life Carrier's energy. I am pleased that you have such love that you wish to share with your grandmother. And, indeed, she will allow you this opportunity. And the trick will be to get her to believe that what you do is possible. For, you see, healing is only available to those who also open themselves up to be healed. If you do not believe it is possible, if you block that area, healing cannot take place. For you to bring your grandmother into this mindset will be what is necessary. And to do that I would suggest that you take her into your confidence, that the understanding that you have been given regarding the First Source and Center and the greatness of our Loving Parent is that through God's love there is available healing; and that there has been throughout the history of mankind those who have been able to lay hands on their fellow brothers and sisters and bring about healing, and that you firmly believe because of what you have experienced in your own life, that this is possible. And ask your grandmother if she, too, would like to experience a healing; that if she will open herself to this that, indeed, there can come about a healing.

Healing, as you know, is not miraculous, is not instantaneous, and is done on many levels, body, mind, and spirit; and even if she opens herself up to the healings, that the headaches that she has have been a long time there and will not disappear overnight, but the spiritual healing which she will glean from this will help to bring her to a greater appreciation for continuing her life, will bring about a lessening of this depression that she is engulfed in. It is very true that pain can bring a person into a state of demise, where hope and the ability to want to continue to live lessens. And so a spiritual healing as well as physical is possible. I would say to you to explain that because of the understandings that you have read in the Urantia Book and that which is given in these study groups, that healing is available, and that you would love to be a conduit, a channel through which some of this healing can be given to her, someone you love so dearly. Your grandmother is one who is open in many ways and will be able to benefit from your efforts. I would suggest that you do this twice a day on her and that you continue to practice on yourself and other family members or even here tonight with others so that you can become stronger in this and more confident so that when your grandmother comes you will be ready.

As you take time the next few days, pray in confidence that when your grandmother comes that the words necessary to help her in understanding this healing and in understanding what you are doing will be available to you. And I can assure you that if you are in that mindset that you will know what to say. It will be easier for you if you are at ease yourself. And so I suggest you give a healing or two here tonight to help you gain that confidence. Your time spent with your grandmother in this closeness of the touching will be a time that you will also form even a more beautiful bonding strength between the two of you. And you will grow in your ability to be a conduit of healing. Has this helped answer your questions?"

M4: "Yes. I will get the tape and listen to it a couple of times and hopefully I can come up with the words that will do it. I appreciate your time and help. Thanks."

Daniel: "You are most welcome. My greatest words to you can be this at this time: Be at ease. Do not allow your fears of being incapable of doing this take over for you are a beautiful and intelligent being. You will and can continue to grow in this healing ability. Be at ease with yourself in this regard."

M4: "Thank you."


B1: Daniel this is B1 V1 and I..and I know you know this..are about to embark on a trip to the east, to Rochester where I believe there is a teacher in residence. I'm wondering if there would be any need that you know of for either of us to have a meeting with you before we go. Any special instructions? Are our plans as they are being made adequate? I wondered if you had a need to talk to us about anything that might transpire back there?"

Daniel: "At this point in time I hold complete confidence in your abilities to speak with others and to meet with the [Rochester group. I also hold in confidence that this trip will be very rewarding for you, V1, as you take in the workshop that you will be attending. And that the time, B1, that you spend with your father will, indeed, be very uplifting and rewarding for you as well. It is a trip that will prove a milestone, a point in your life that you will grow and always remember. If further instructions are necessary I will get with you at a later time. So I will be with you before."

B1: "OK. Thank you very much, Daniel."

T3: Daniel, this is T3. I, too, am embarking on a trip to the east with my family. This whole trip has come so suddenly and is quite divinely inspired, I feel. I guess I would just like to ask for your blessing and any words of wisdom that you can give me for this three week venture."

Daniel: "This will be a time of great pleasure as well as a time to help plant further seeds for your parents. You will be going with two others who understand somewhat of Urantian principles, understand and accept the teachings of the many and varied teachers on this plane. You, as you speak, as you interact will be instrumental in helping your parents in seeing a little beyond where they are now and bringing them into further enlightenment. It will be a time to plant seeds for the younger children as well. It will be a time to see all people across the country as truly brothers and sisters in a quest, on a journey of finding the First Source and Center. My personal challenge to you will be to take and make time for the quiet. For even as you journey, as you travel, a few minutes spent with the Father behooves you more than none. And so all of you, strive to find that time even in your busy, busy schedule. And I will, of course, be with you on occasion. You and all of you, I will be with. We teachers have many, many commitments. We are lucky we can travel quicker than you do.(laughter) I might add, we are lucky we have more space than you will on your trip.(more laughter)

V1: "Along that line I was probably accusatory with my teacher because I felt like maybe she was predicting something and she just laughed and gave me a quick answer that she just knew how to go through walls. And I really . ..I would love to have that kind of information. And I know we are limited but I really enjoy the fact that you can travel quickly and go through walls and all those things we on this plane are looking forward to."

Daniel: "Yes, you are in many ways restricted by the material, yet do not desire to give up this wondrous state you are in, for it is one that is so totally different from that which you will experience as you ascend. And know that it is a state that you only experience once. And so enjoy it. Going through walls will be an easy feat for eternity."

V1: "(laughter)Thank you Daniel."


C2: "Daniel this is C2. I have not spoken with you for some time and I am appreciative of your lesson. I needed to hear that again for reassurance and I guess continued fortitude and courage. I also am, as I listen to you, aware of how many ways you have chosen to speak of our First Source and Center, our Father, our Mother. I am appreciative of that. And I am also appreciative of the fact that you must fly around a lot with many of us, because I do a certain amount of traveling. On this last trip that I took a read a book that many others may have read, 'The Bridge Across Forever', by Richard Bach. Is he a reader of the Urantia Book? Can you tell me that? I hadn't made the connection before but the thoughts in that book are so very, very akin to what our lessons are about, the inter-connectedness of us all and how we then have teachers, because he had some teachers also."

Daniel: "I am not personally aware of this man. This I can find out for you. Let me assure you though, that there is, indeed , much help, and many Urantian principles are being given through many different channels in order to reach a greater number of people. And it is important that you as a Urantian community do not become so enclosed that you have all the answers, for you see, the God of us all is so broad that He will never choose [only] one channel to reach His sons and daughters. He is a channel to each and every one of you on your road. For the true religion of any planet would be that of the personal realization and personal walk with the First Source and Center."

C2: "Thank you, Daniel."

Daniel: "Indeed and I would like to say that I have, indeed, been with you on your many jaunts."

C2: "I appreciate that and knew that and I thank you."


Daniel: "My friends I will take my leave as D3 grow tired. And I wish to say that it is good to be here amongst you fellow journeyers, sojourners on the path to the Father. For you see, it is a path filled with much adventure! You have only begun to open the door to what lies ahead. I tell you this..that as you spend time with the First Source and Center, as you come to know a little bit more and more about this wonderful Mother/Father that we have, you grow in so many ways and the adventures of eternity are made known to you, little by little. And as each little step is known, it entices you to continue to be in touch with that which brings you back home to your Indwelling Spirit, to that FSC from Whom you all come from. And I say to you this evening, walk in courage, given through the time you spend with the Father. Walk in dignity. Walk with tolerance. Walk in love, that it may emanate from your body and spirit to fill in all the hollowness of all your brothers and sisters. As you fortify yourself, so will you fortify others, so will you help bring this planet into Light and Life. Be the strong ones to help others. Go in peace. I love you all. Good evening."