1993-07-11-Loyalty & Trust

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Teacher: JarEl

Topic: Loyalty and Trust

T/R Dixie

July 11, 1993

The love of God surrounds us. The power of God protects us. Wherever we are He is. Good evening this is Jarel.

GROUP: Good evening Jarel

JAREL:(T/R.Dixie). The circle here tonight is not complete with Douglas gone, but it is alright. It is good that you took the break and resumed once again. Joseph you did hear me speak. Lucille you did see a vision of me. That is one of your gifts.

The lesson is on loyalty and trust. The loyalty that this group has for each other, and the trust of each member of this group. There is much loyalty and trust in this group. You are more progressive than each of you realize. All of you trust in the Fathers wisdom and guidance. The receptivity of the group is being adjusted. Please wait.... Dixie is quite stubborn about speaking, but she was willing for as she resisted she experienced a headache. and as she let her resistance go the headache is leaving as part of the healing of the body. For when humans resist their spiritual natures watchfulness will occur. Christ Michael is pleased with the progress of this group... I can answer a few questions.

LUCILLE; This is a very personal question if you don't mind. How tall are you, are you about 7 feel ?


LUCILLE: Stella asked that we ask you about Marlies. If she should be invited to this group. Have you any remarks about this person. I have never met her.

JAREL: Stella has been with this group before ?

LUCILLE: Yes about two weeks ago. Marlies asked about coming to join a teaching mission. She has been reading the Book for about two years.

JAREL: You must understand that you have a corp group, and that group is stable and when others are invited the stability of the corp group is what is important. Not so much as the interim visitors.

HAL: From a personal standpoint should we consider Stella as part of the corp group, and Dora and Anton ?

JAREL: There is the major corp and what you can call minor members who are always welcome to come and they will not affect the stability of the group. The dedication of the corp members is what counts. The corp group can increase. The commitment is there. We understand the many activities of the members and the movement in and out of other people.

HAL: This friend of Stella's. Did we get an answer as to inviting her ?

JAREL: If you feel that she will be welcomed by the other members of the group they can come.

JOE: Jarel can you spell your name for us, and tell us a little bit about who you are, so that we can get to know you as our teacher.

JAREL: The spelling of my name in your english language can be either Jarel or JarEl. Is that O K ?

Hal: Are you a fused mortal ?


HAL: On a nearby planet ?


LUCILLE: How old are you ?

JAREL: Very old. (Everyone chuckles)

LUCILLE: Jarel what was your occupation in your previous existence.

JAREL: I do not get that message clearly, Lucille.

HAL: You spoke of trust and loyalty as the theme for tonight. Can you clarify the difference between trust and a belief?. We have an academic belief. Is trust when it is extended to a complete faith in the Father ?

JAREL: Please wait.. would you please repeat the question ?

HAL: In discussing trust. I was wondering if there is clarification possible between trust and belief. We have an academic belief and knowledge we get from the Ubook which gives us a belief. Is trust beyond that and closer to a faith.

JAREL: Trusting in the Fathers wisdom and guidance is a belief. There is difficulty in transmission. May I say farewell for this evening

GROUP: Farewell . BETTY: Jarel I just wanted to say before you leave that Stella is at a book fair in Whitier. They have a booth where they are talking to people about the book. She wanted to invite you and Aflana to come

JAREL: If she would,like a teacher she may have a teacher and I may be there with her . GROUP: Farewell again. Thank you JarEl.