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Topic: Searching for Truth

Group: At Large


Teacher: Aaron

TR: Unknown



Aaron: Searching for truth is the guiding line which brings all who would seek for answers, to the source, to the understanding, to the answer that they seek. In time there will be an answer to all efforts.


To bring yourself to this knowledge you must first only find the way to the connection between you and your inner force, that guiding force to the Father, that fragment of the Divine presence. Let yourself be aware of His glory, of His right to be of one with you, then you will see such amazing features of existence as you would have never thought possible in your life.

Know that all efforts go not in vain, that everything done is always responded to in like fashion from the spiritual agencies that are so present and so engaged and so offered in duty to make such information and understanding known to those who seek.

As a seeker of the will you are all a major part of the ascension scheme of your Father. There is no little role. All who would play the game are starters, for there is an integral part for the existence of each and every being from their conception as a spirit possibility.

Know this from your Father's energy, that you are in turn available to bring a message of hope and love forth when you offer yourself as such to your Father. In giving your understanding to the Father, then in turn through you He can give understanding to others. You in your outreach must always be aware of the positive role the ministry of your Father plays in your development of love and understanding.

Share your wisdom with those who are seeking. Show forth by example what you have come to know as the real possibilities for existence. Know that you as human beings have much that can be offered to each other and that in your seeking you may often times find much that is noble and much that is worthwhile within your fellows, as well as when you are seeking from the higher source, for in seeking you will always be answered. Perception is your key. Sometimes the answers come direct, other times in a life lesson, and sometimes in the words of a friend or even a stranger. So share your heart with all and you will see much that is worthwhile to know in the actions and words of many.

I look to you this evening with joy and love for you are truly attempting to make this service for yourself. I know you do not understand always, and question that you're in the proper position for yourself, but when you look to what you can do, when you reach beyond what you can conceive, to understand more of yourself and therefore more of your Father, then in time you will truly know what has come forth for you.

In acting unknowingly and uncertainly to bring forth a positive effect, then you are creating an inner sense of faith and trust to make worthwhile that which can come from your Father to you. In the growing of faith, in the growing of trust, you will certainly stumble and regroup on occasion, but in allowing yourself to see, feel, search and ask for the truth, then you will be assured.

I know this is a trying time for you and for others in trying to understand themselves and those around them. In your sharing with each other, in your true sincere efforts, in your caring, then you will certainly move beyond the uncertainties and questions to the unexplored areas of development still to be seen.

Share your possibilities with those around you. This outreach will be good. Don't feel you need to hold back too much. Know in your discretion that you can be more assured of purpose.

In your statements of positive affirmation for this mission, be sure to include your understanding of this process as this goes forth from you and the knowing of its imperfection, but of its sincere effort. This would be most appreciated for myself and for the other teachers.

I am Aaron and I am certainly glad to be here with you tonight friend. Open yourself to the possibilities of enlightenment. It is there for you. It is there for all of you. Take this as a guidance for love. Move this effort forth and share in peace and togetherness. This is what this should be about. In your reflection, in your thanks, in your worship and prayer, then you can also be sure of the peaceful presence of Michael and your Father, and in doing so you shall bond with friends that you have never felt so close to in all of your lives. Take the time to love each other, to truly love without judgement, in honesty and sincerity. If you can do this then there is no stopping the success held for you.

Know that you as a group will have much to reflect and rejoice upon as you realize that this effort must not be one of organizational purpose, but more to the purpose of outreach or discovery of worship and of thanks. In all phases of development- physically, mentally, spiritually- enjoy yourselves. Don't place the pressure so high upon expectations when the joys of the simple life and the simple attitudes shall bring much for the authenticity of your experience.

Share this with your friends, that they have no reason to fear or be unnerved by the revealing of their participation in the mission as it so holds, and as you reach out with conviction as to what you know and to what you believe to be true, you will see a sense of hope and wonder and possibility come forth from those who would see your efforts.

Speak the truth of the heart. Downplay conjecture. Let your experience speak for itself in understanding. Don't feel the pressure of justification for your efforts. It is most needed for your simple sincere approach to this effort.


I would share your love tonight. I thank you for coming friend. I would certainly be open to any questions you may have.

B: Thank you Aaron. It's good to hear you tonight. I hope our Jesus' celebration gathering will be good and I'll try to let the pressure roll off of me.

Aaron: In your outreach you have certainly been kind in your service motivation. Know that as you spend the time to become sincere for the understanding of your fellows and for the understanding of yourself, that you will certainly find that which is needed within your personality outgrowth, and you will find the love and security that you so need beyond your uncertainties.

I have much to do with you friend and as we work to progress this understanding then you will certainly come to know that this is not a partial game. This is an ongoing outreach that will continue on for much time, even beyond the conception of your life frame if you so choose.

Just take the time to be aware of the possibilities for yourself and for others. As you open to truth, and as you come in your sincerity, and as you seek, you shall find.

Know that this is not always going to be a frustration of occurrence for you and the doubts will subside as time goes on. You must be aware that uncertainties will never cease until you meet your Father, for in growth and in development and in progression, there will always be uncertainty in your levels of attainment.


I give much for the effort because I see the possibilities. This should be your approach, to know that with possibilities much can occur. Then you may come forward to see the light of your truth and of your seeking. Farewell friend.