1993-09-06-Love of Self

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Topic: Love of Self

Group: Rio Rancho TeaM


Teacher: Ham

TR: Unknown



Greetings. I am Ham and I am your teacher and friend.


Our discussion today concerns love of self. Human mortals are the creation of God through His Son, our beautiful and nurturing Brother, Son of Mercy, Michael of Nebadon. His desire during human existence largely had to do with love, teaching love, showing love, living love, and He could always know God's love through Him. He loved not Himself, He loved God instead. Humans also by stages are instructed to refocus love not on themselves but on other mortals, other creations, otherness. Self-love is an insidious thing for it is also self-hatred. By degrees do humans understand that they must lay aside their lives, their selfhood, and walk only by His power, learn only through His mind, see only through His eyes. Human tendency is to step half-way and delegate certain areas of functioning to God and reserve areas for themselves also. When your prophet said, "I, God, am a jealous God", he referred to God's ultimate insistence that all selfhood be His. All of a lifetime includes all of the circumstances required to allow the complete, total, and final surrender of selfhood to He, who created it.

Fear and self-loathing are the opposite side of self-love. Energy which remains focused on the self, selfishly inhibits God's ministry, inhibits Supreme realization, and vouchsafes that human iniquity, really continues to invade men personally. All of human error, sin, and iniquity, stems from self-loathing/love. If there shall be hope for mankind, it will come through increasing awareness of the reality of individual responsibility to individually eradicate the legacy of the Lucifer rebellion. Increasingly I have spoken about psychological tools for self-understanding and subsequent self-mastery and now I am revealing our true purpose; that the Lucifer legacy be overthrown in the hearts of humankind and that the reality of Heaven replace^ individually. Someday will the reality of the Kingdom of Heaven reign supremely within each individual heart and soul, then shall the angels sing and Heaven rejoice that our flock has come home.