1993-09-28-Experiments Including Sharing Visions

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Teacher: JarEl


T/R's Betty, Douglas and Joe

Date: Sept.28,1993

Practice Session

T/R Douglas:

JarEl: Share the experience. Let yourselves be susceptible to our words and impressions by daily taking time through the Stillness; Through the practice of sitting down and opening your minds to receive impressions that I myself or others with me desire to communicate to you. It is our task to prepare you as receivers and transmitters. You have expressed willingness and desire to do this. You have shown the ability. Step forward now and claim it.

All present sat in stillness, eyes closed, trying to be receptive to any and all impressions. After a few minuets various images were expressed.

Betty: I feel like I am under water. I see plants of the waters. Salty. Because it is colored grey. It is like muddy, salty water. The plants are growing in water. Flashes of light above the waters.

JarEl: Trust the process. Allow the flow.

Betty: Going farther; going through the plants. As I go it's like walking through the forest underwater. Swimming with the fish under the water.

Douglas: Is the impression Life Carriers?

Betty: The plants are swaying side to side. Sunlight is shining through the water. It is getting lighter. We've passed out of the plants into the open sea.

Joe: I'm (sailing along?) the islands. Very, very green with lush vegetation. Going towards the northern trip. I'm landing on it's western shore. The water is clear, clear. The sand is white. I have landed here with one foot in the water and one foot in the sand. I am looking inward to the island. The vegetation of palm trees. The sun is shining beautifully bright.

Douglas: I see an island, too. Waves rushing upon the sand. Greenery. I see people. I hear the sound of the waves. I see many beings. Teacher JarEl what is the meaning of this? What is the significance island, water, seawater, the waves?

JarEl: (Betty transmitting) Trust the process.

JarEl: (Joseph transmitting) We are all of one mind.

Douglas: Sharing visions? Collective vision? Unity of collective vision? Changing the world's vision?

JarEl: (Douglas transmitting) That is correct. We are changing the world's vision through this Teaching Mission enabling all to visualize the same thing. Having a common unity with vision. Coming into Light through our unity.

Joseph: Different perspectives of a common belief!!

Betty: I see the waves parting and it's revealing this old, old rock. I see the rock as I get closer. Caves.

JarEl: Dear ones, you have witnessed how a commonality of thought will progress onward, forward. It appeared to be real. You have witnessed how each has influenced the perception of the other. You have allowed this to continue. Herein lies your lesson. These teachings can have the same effect upon your fellows. Each word represented a seed that was implanted from one to the other. Picture your perception grow larger or expanding in detail. Each of you took your cue from the other and expanded upon his vision. So your fellows would take their cue from this living gospel that you take upon yourselves; through the text; and the transcripts; and the knowledge that your fellow Teachers try to impart with this gospel. As your fellows incorporate these visions of the Father into their own, your vision will become theirs, there will be unity between you and those that you desire to share this love with. There will then be one great vision that will usher this planet and it's inhabitants into Light and Life. Learn from all experiences. Each one is not necessarily a profound event. There is knowledge in the simplicity. Seek wisely. That is all. Farewell. Good morrow. Continue in your growth. Trust in the process.

Betty: Farewell, JarEl.

Joseph: Farewell, JarEl.

Betty: And thank you for this experience. Thank you for this lesson.

JarEl: All are welcome. Farewell!