1993-10-00-Melchizedek Materialization


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Topic: Melchizedek Materialization

Group: Unknown


Teacher: Michael, Rayson

TR: Unknown



Ron's note: There was no newsletter published in April 1994. A newsletter was published in May, 1994 and there is not mention of this message because the group may have withheld the message, and then likely at the end of May or early June, released it to Allene who agreed to receive it but not to publish identity or source of the message in a note in this June/July issue. As a detective who has not had first had access to the original material, the best I can say is that we can suspect this may be from the west coast [because the Iruka transcripts refers to what was said in Portland or was it some other place?] and received perhaps between the end of March 94 to sometime in May of 1994. The transmitter was male.]

Group Name and Transmitter Identity withheld in the newsletter


MICHAEL: But now to the messages which I bring to you. Your transmitter/receiver is rather agitated in his responsibilities tonight in speaking my words but he should know I have great faith in his trusting heart, ability, and desire for service. So, he may be calm and with peace.

I will tell you that upon your planet now is a Melchizedek whom you have known in other times on your world. He has given greatly to the enlightening and furtherance of the knowledge of our Father in heaven. He has done great service for me, his brethren, and of course you, the mortals of Urantia and all spheres of life so given beyond it. Our dear brother, teacher, and friend, Machiventa, has come to your world in a physical form. I make this announcement as his sovereign and as your own. He now takes on ever more responsibilities for my Mission from the Father to your earth, this Urantia, which has been a home to us both, and it will ever be so. We share a common bond with you and between us that will last unto Eternity.

And I am here to tell you tonight as your Lord and Sovereign, and as your human friend--as Michael and as Joshua--and as every incarnation between the two: we have come on a long, dark at times, journey to this point of the New Dawn. Our healing throughout the universe begins now, here, in this room, in the paper in your hands as you hold and read these words. I am beside you; Machiventa walks among you as your brother and a father to you, as well--as I am. We have come to forge this link to the greater Cosmos, consciously, into your consciousness and to the world in which you live with such great hope and expectation.

Your expectations shall be met. It may not be so in your lifetimes, though many here within the hearing and the reach of my voice shall see wonders of renewal, hope, and new life as you could never have imagined. This is no intellectual discourse; this is a challenge to live the teachings which I brought you 2,000 years ago and my brother Machiventa those hundreds of years prior to that time, and which again come to you ever clearer in the book so many of you have reverenced and studied and been challenged by, the Urantia Papers of the Melchizedeks and other Teachers and Helpers in the Father's light, given to your founding brethren in Chicago those decades gone. We salute their valiant efforts at maintaining their charge. We call upon them now to take on the next great challenge, and that is the hearing of my voice: in their hearts and through the mouths of those who connect and speak by way of my Spirit. It is still for each individual to decide whence comes the authority or the lack thereof in such words. You have the seed of Eternity within you in the Father. You have the Spirit of Truth, its great outpouring upon an entire world that is your own. These things are given you freely, and it is for you to use them and seek their guidance, and of the angels surrounding your world and yourselves. Take up this challenge, my brothers and sisters. Believe the voice which speaks deeper than all your nights of loneliness, brighter than the sun of the highest mountain peak, deeper than the sea's dark coldness and depths of gloom. You all know the Truth: which shakes you, which uplifts you, which brings you the peace beyond human understanding and yet completes it. I am the Way and the Light and the way everlasting. Follow me and the voice of the Father in your soul, in your heart of hearts, and the world cannot fall to darkness ever again.

But it is you, my brothers and sisters, you who must take up this challenge: to live your faith, but not trample upon others--their paths are equal to your own in the eyes of God, of our great and loving Father. Deliver your will unto Him and He shall steer you to the brightness of eternal Light, His consuming Fire which does not burn you, His glory everlasting. Take on this challenge, I ask you each, personally. Do not think you need answer now, though many of you in your hearts know the answer. Think deeply and in your proper time decide what you are willing to offer for this Mission. If it is less than your lives, there is no more to say. I do not speak of crucifixion, persecution, or the dire fate of so many of the early martyrs to my belief and the church which was mistakenly built around my earth existence--though in that I do not in any way lessen the sacrifice and gift of those lives.

Your lives must be offered up to perhaps an even greater choice, for it will largely be a quiet one. The drama will be within your own souls and the lives of those you transform, perhaps without you even knowing you are the source, acting for myself and our Father. This is the challenge I place before you. We must move forward. We must decide. He who would keep his life will lose it; and he who gives his life to the Father in my name, in the name of Light, Redemption, Mercy, and Love, shall gain it again, everlastingly. The message has not changed, my brothers and sisters.

I am leaving now from my speaking with you, but of course my heart, my soul, my presence, surrounds you. Heed my words; remember my love and my humanity I shared with you and do still. And remember the Father's mercy and goodness, which may be yours all of your days unto the end of Time. Goodnight for now, my children. God bless you all. I love you, eternally. Good night.

Group: Good night.

[long pause]

RAYSON: Good evening. I am Rayson, a Teacher of the mortal order which has come to your planet in association with the many sons and daughters who have volunteered and have been chosen by the Most High, the Melchizedeks, and our Lord, who has so graciously come to us this evening. I am here as an assistant to your Melchizedek Teachers. They have been very busy in the past days, and ever desire that you should have a Teacher available to you, individually and as a group. For they care for you a great deal, you have rendered a great service in your constancy and dedication to that which you cannot see, as yet.

I have come from many thousands of your miles to be with you tonight, and many millions beyond that to come to your earth itself. I have never experienced the joy of this Mission nor, frankly, could have imagined it until I should have been given this blessed assignment to your world.


I am now going to leave off speaking, for it has been a great strain on your transmitter/receiver tonight to channel, to receive, these messages. I will tell you, if he does not, that he had no notion that our Lord Michael would speak tonight nor that a new Teacher would come to your group, so it has been a rather unsettling, if I would hope, promising surprise for him as perhaps for you in your own different and equal, too, ways of receiving this good news. So my blessings to you, my children, my brothers, my sisters. My thanks for your coming here this evening, and for those of you who read this, for your interest in it, in this Mission, and the particular teachings which may come from this group, to add to those many other groups who function equally in the Light and with such goodness and joy. Above and below, within and without, the joy surrounds this world. You are a part of that joyous creation, never forget that. I will leave you for tonight, but I look forward to speaking with you again soon. And again, I am available to you individually as well. Good night, my children. I love you very much, as does the Father in His eternal Grace and Wisdom and Joy. Good night.


(Allene's Editorial Note:) [In discussing this with the sender of this transcript, it has been deemed best that the group name be withheld for now as it is the message not the group that is of importance. To the members of this group, please accept our appreciation for sharing this transcript. - Editor's note /Allene/]