1993-11-09-Continue To Study

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Teacher: JarEl


T/R: Betty

Date: Nov.09,1993

JarEl: Greetings, I am JarEl, your teacher, who loves and respects you. May the Power of God enfold you and the Love of God protect you; to lift you up in glory, for you're truly the children of the beloved God. Within His being you live and walk and breath and love. Glory be to the Father on High!

I am so pleased that each of you have gathered here. There are angels and seraphim; unseen helpers that are surrounding us. Christ Michael has made note, and is very pleased with your efforts and dedication. Love abounds, One moment please. Feel the current of love as it circles, feel the joy, the warmth as it enfolds you.. Let it energize you and lift you up. Let it take your cares far away, and truly within your heart the love of mankind dwells-nothing can harm you. Nothing will be taken away that cannot be replaced with this love. Nothing will be lost that will mean half as much as basking in His love. Has this warmth not become the source of your being? Has this vibration not become the one that you seek when you go into the stillness? Have not all of you experienced the vibrations, the warmth, the love?

Even though we may be few, even though time may be sparse for participants, they will return to the fire. They will return to the warmth, to the vibrations, to the love. There is no turning back. There is no going back to ;your old life. You have been infused with the power. you have been giver Christ Michael's blessings. You have evolved to a new creature. There is no regression as long as the commitment is in your heart; as long as the longing is there to return to the warmth. Just as your feet do not float in the air because of the gravity of the earth, because the Farther has you ever in His mind. Just as you crave water when you are thirsty, so it would be that you crave the warmth above if you were to stray.

Little ones, if you could see how much you are loved, how we all depend on you, how pleased we are with our development; how exquisite is your brilliance and luminosity of the light! Just as the feathers on the great bird are beautiful to behold, white and poised ready for flight, so it is that we gaze upon you. You are beautiful to behold. Others will see this beauty and will be drawn to you; you will not understand. You will not know why they come to you. But believe me, it is this unseen beauty which will attract many. Be prepared for them. Continue to read the text. Continue to read the transcripts. Set aside an interval of time each day devoted to study. we will have difficulties with the dedication you exhibit. We will give you strength to overcome all the difficulties in your path. All that you need for your spiritual growth will be given to you. Have I not told you it is hard to see in such brilliance when you have been in the dark so long? Yet you each are now in the twilight of a new day. You have traversed the hill. You have climbed the foothill for a look at the mountain, but down below is the valley. And if you look back you will wonder how did you do it: how did you come all this way, and you will know it is the love and the courage and the dedication in your heart to the Father that has led you this far.

I see the stillness has been difficult for several. I am much pleased with conversations, you have; sharing these difficulties and these enlightened impressions you have receive. Remember just as there is a period of rest for all effort, there is a period of growth. When ;you were climbing the mountain did you not stop to rest? And when you were tired and weary did you not stop and refresh yourself with water and deep breaths of air? So it is with development. You have steps to climb and platforms to rest upon. Do not be alarmed. All is well. When these times occur take advantage of them for, believe me, ahead is another mountain.

I will answer questions now if you have questions pertaining to your growth. (Long Pause) Loosen your tongues. Such quietness. Have we not reached the point where we feel comfortable with questions?

Lucille: Sometimes I find, as I was talking before, that I fell asleep when it came to the quiet time. The last few days I have been trying to go to bed earlier but having my quiet time later, when the rush of the early morning hours is over. It seems that I get closer and get better impressions at that time. Is this all right?

JarEl: Dear One, did not the Savior go into the woods and into the mountain and find a spot that was suited to him? Did He not choose a time of day that He was drawn to? Did He not find constant communication with His Farther? Did He not choose a setting that was pleasant to Him? You so well. You experiment. You are flexible. You are creative in your attempts to reach the stillness. This is excellent. Each on is so individual. Our experiences, our needs that nourish ul, the energies that we give forth. This is excellent that you continue to search for exactly the situation that makes you comfortable. You do well.

Lucille: Thank you, JarEl

Violet: JarEL, I think that might be what I am doing, also. Some mornings I feel are good, but it seem that I am having better success at snatching moments during the day or just a minuet or two when I am taking a walk, even with the noise of the traffic. I seem to be able to do it better that way, for now, at least. Is that all right? I mean, just short times when I have feelings of frustration or worried, or feelings of even joy or laughter, to turn around and go to the Father and share it and ask for help again? In just a few snatches.

JarEL: It is hard to explain the power there is in prayer- to devote thousands and thousands of hours explaining the power of prayer. One second, one moment, one hour. It matters not. For you, lit is an exercise of mind control as well as prayer. This is excellent.

You inherently know how to control the process, of how to develop the muscles that are needed in this effort, to reach the state that will allow you the most benefit. Is this not true?

Violet: Then I inherently know this--that somehow it will work?

JarEl: When you proceed to go to the Father you also practice an exercise in mind control. A way to shut out all that surrounds you, the noise, the traffic, the birds, the rustling of the trees, the clatter of the chairs, the sound of the machines, the dishes that rattle, the spoons that drop. You are exercising control that leads to a deeper meditation deeper connection. It is excellent, your effort.

Violet: Then I have a long way to go.

JarEl: Dear One, you are all different. They are all nourished by the love of the Father. He is ever with you. He knows exactly how to minister to you. He knows your needs. You need only to surrender to His calling Whether you hear it or not, it will be accomplisher. You are gifted in this way. You knew what you Knew. Does this help?

Violet: Yes, it has very much. Thank You.

Hal: JarEL, in my efforts to understand the mechanics of communication, am I correct in assuming that each one is using his own thoughts patterns--that you give impressions to stimulate certain thought patterns and they express them and use their own ideas? Or is it that you are actually portraying the ideas through the ideas of the T/R?

JarEl: The vehicle is the temporal body. The mind stores the experience in verbal conversation. In reading the vocabulary the words are impressed upon the transmitter. The transmitter is limited only by the data stored in his vocabulary. It is easy to understand what is impressed. It is most difficult to use the available words to speak. This is where faith, much faith, is required. And trust in the process. Have I not told you that you are in my care? It is my responsibility to impart this knowledge to you. You are in my charge, and although it may not be "right on the money" it will be close enough for your understanding.. This one prays her message will not be of herself. The doubt is present and yet she is willing. This is faith. It will become easier, more proficient, and the doubts will abate. Does this help your understanding of this proceed? Is this clear?

Hal:Yes, to a degree. Again, in our efforts to understand the teaching mission and understanding our relationship to it--can you speak to the degree that you perceive us? Do you perceive our thoughts? Do you perceive our intent on things? Also, it would help to understand this unseen spiritual world better. How do you know where to come and how do you know when we are ready for you? Can you speak to this as to the relationship between the spiritual world and our physical world?

JarEl: You are recognized by your light. Each on radiates a light.

Hal: These lights are different then?

JarEl: Yes. And together there is greater light. When the core group is together that is a larger brilliance that if one is alone. Although the one alone is easy to find. You are my charges. It is my job --my duty to now what is going on with each one of you. I check in on you and watch to see how you handle situations in your daily life. This way Machiventa Melchizedek and I, and others, are able to prepare the lessons that are needed for each of you and collectively. There is much going on that I am unable to convey to you. Believe me, you need only to call my name and I am with you instantly.

Hal: That is hard for us to conceive of. We know that the Father is Omnipotent , is with us all of the time. But to have another entity have instant contact with us is hard to conceive.

JarEl: When your children were small, did you not know their whereabouts? And if you were to be away did you not leave them in the charge of another of responsibility? You would not abandon them. You would always know what their needs were, what their schedules were. So it is with me. You are in my charge. It is my responsibility. If I were to default in my responsibility, thousands of teachers are waiting to take my place instantly. You are cared for and loved. You are precious to the Father. All of His means are employed to insure the success of this mission; You are instruments in His scare. The children that are being nurtured and tutored. Is this so hard to understand?

Hal: No. Along this line of watchcare. Two or Three weeks ago when this group gathered, I was gone to another meeting. You indicated that you were with me. Was there some need that I had for you? (pause) Some protection that I needed. Or was it a special aid or help that you guided me in?

JarEl: Lucille requested that I be with you and see you safely to your destination. Was this not conveyed to you? I am at your command. Your will is supreme. You need only ask. I am ever willing to assist you.

Hal: It was Lucille's request. I took a completely unplanned route. I felt that I must have been guided that way for some reason.

JarEl: It was my intention that you arrive safely.

Violet: JarEl, you don't worry about me when I travel on the highway, do you? I travel so much.

JarEl: Dear one, I sometimes think you have wheels on your shoes. (Chuckles) Many conversation I have had with the Father while these wheels are spinning. You are loved. You are cared for: All is well. You are self-sufficient unto itself. Each one of you brings a unique experience to the structure of this temple of the Father's that is being built with the love and devotion of all who participate. Its beauty is awesome. It's energy is profound. You are the pioneers to transform the world into Light and Life.

Hal: JarEl, I have noticed that each of the individual members of the core group, each one seems to be having more physical problems to solve. Is this part of the correcting time for us, as well?

JarEl: Yes, dear one. Much growth is gained in solving problems. You're facing adversity in overcoming problems within. Much initial healing is taking place. Fear not. Houses are being set in order. All is well. Do not worry. You too, will have things to solve. While others will be present. Each time each will have his time and we must all pray of them and support them, whether it be a phone call or a note. If you were in trouble or worried about situation in life what would you want from those that loved you? Their love, support, caring and their prayers?

Hal: We need to strengthen and support each other then?

JarEl: Yes, dear one. Many have never known this love, support and this caring. And now, my dear ones, if there are no more questions, this one grows weary. I will leave you now. Let me part by saying that you are cared for. I love and respect you. You bring great joy to my life. Christ Michael is always with you. The Father looks down upon you and smiles with love. Little Ones, remember to share your joy with others. Plant your seeds. Water them well. And now I leave you. Farewell!

Group: Farewell, JarEl. What a joy you are to us in our new and exciting adventure!