1993-12-19-When Looking for Authority Seek the Father

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Topic: When Looking for Authority, Seek the Father

Group: N. Idaho TeaM


Teacher: Aaron, Elyon

TR: Unknown



Elyon: Hello this is Elyon. Both myself and Aaron are here and are open for questions.


Sects, Authority

S: I'm so very glad to talk with you today. I have some questions that I'd like to ask you. What are your thoughts on the situation that has been put in front of us as a study group by the Urantia Foundation who is pushing out members from being a part of the International Urantia Association that are involved in this occurrence here?

Elyon: As a member of the planetary commission which has been installed to bring forth spiritual enlightenment, it always disturbs me when a faction excludes. Exclusion is not what Michael portrayed in his earth life. Your Creator Father was the epitome of all inclusiveness, even to those that many would deem undesirable.

It is not for you by your Father's will to become like everyone else. It is for you to search out and find the truth as it pertains to you in your quest.

It is unfortunate that these steps were taken, but in your realization you can know that they are not of vast importance to the universal growth.

This foundation has a purpose for its existence and as they uphold that then they are fulfilling their responsibility.

When you look for authority to give you guidance and understanding, choose the Father. The material sources and organizations are not here to control you and if they choose to do so, then you must step aside and evaluate where your course must go.

Michael as Jesus never referred to human sources and material establishments for authority. His decision making process was made up of his communication with his Indwelling Presence.

These are my thoughts.


S: I have another question. What is the status of the litigation "Gabriel versus Lucifer"?[1]

Elyon: This has been adjudicated and they are no longer. This occurred quite recently and as this has happened the spiritual circuits have been in the process of removal from isolation.

S: So am I correct in saying that Lucifer and Satan and the planetary prince Caligastia, and Daligastia, and all the others that went into rebellion, are as if they never existed? They are no longer?

Elyon: All those who would not receive forgiveness. Of those that you know by name, none accepted forgiveness. There are those who are rehabilitated or are in the process of rehabilitation, but know that as this universe now stands, there will be no more rebellion.

S: Thank you Elyon. Oh I have one more question. Do you see or know of any way that I can help with this upcoming conference? Is there anything I can do to make it as beautiful and special as it should be?

Elyon: For reference, you are speaking of the conference for this mission here. Am I correct?

S: The conference that A. and B. have talked about in the past.

Elyon: Yes you can play a part in bringing this forth and as your willingness is there I would push B. to be open with the details and plans. By being there in heart, focused with your Father's will and open for a good time, you will have fulfilled any requirements for you. Does this answer you?

Seven Psychic Circles

S: Yes it does, thank you. The third psychic circle in the Urantia book. The people in these study groups here on Urantia, are they a part of this circle, being morontia-ized as far as our consciousness, accepting our role in the universal scheme of things so to speak?

Elyon: There are those who have attained this level and this is not for myself to divulge in an educational role. Specifically in this group here I would only let you know that you're progressing is seen and you can continually work for understanding of spiritual values.


S: In the Urantia book it asks the reader if they are aware of the fact that out of 619 inhabited planets, that there is an archangels headquarters on this planet,[2] and I'm curious as to where it is located. Can you divulge that information?

(Presence switched here to Aaron.)

Aaron: This we cannot do. Its importance is not as to the source of its location, but as to the activities that are enabled by the archangel corp. And yes, this is very interesting, don't you think?

S: Yes.

Aaron: It causes me excitement as well. Know that I do not know of all their activities. I could speculate, and yet that would not be useful. Realize you have much beyond your fingertips to reach for and understand. This whole awareness of belonging to a universal progression is the first exciting step.

I am Aaron and it is good to speak with you. It has been a little while. Would there be any other questions?

A: I don't have any.

S: Thank you to you all for answering (?)ray questions.


Aaron: Thank you for asking. It is a pleasure to speak with you because I have a lot of learning to do involving you all and as I can partake in discussion with you it helps for me to relate this to my work.

There is no lesson today. Just good feelings toward you. Feel the love.