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Topic: Practice Learning to TR

Group: Arcadia TeaM


Teacher: JarEl

TR: Stella, Marlies, Lucille, Hal



Hal (t/r) Good evening;

Stella: Good evening. We greet you tonight and appreciate your efforts.

Lucille (t/r) I am with you always. The love of the Father is ever with you.

Jarel: (t/r Hal) Greetings this is Jarel. May we open with the prayer of the mission. The power of God protects you. The love of God enfolds each and everyone. Wherever you are, He is. Greetings.

Group: Greetings Jarel. Jarel: These practice sessions are good for each. Each wants to transmit. This is the way you will accomplish it, letting yourself go in the practice setting. I am pleased to be with you tonight in this intimate setting. You are indeed an integral part of the core of this teaching mission. We are watching you develop and grow. We are very pleased with your progress even though there is always room for further growth. Each of you are capable and desire to transmit. Stay with it and practice it in your quiet time in the stillness of the Father. Request your teachers to be with you. Eliminate those disturbing thoughts. The comment of ‘throwing them in the waste basket’ certainly might help. Whatever works for each individual. Some get an impression of the concept without the words. Others get it word for word and sentence by sentence. Either way it is the message of the mission. As the saying goes ‘hang in there’ and let yourself go. Relax and enjoy the process. It should be fun, a joyous experience as it is for those who have mastered it. Each one is different in their chemical make-up, the ease with which they can transmit. It is neither better or worse. Each one is on their own path. We have no organized lesson for tonight. But to just practice to whatever comes to mind. those will be impressions from us.


Stella: Did you say questions are welcome ?

Jarel: Yes

Stella: I read in the paper today that there is in Pasadena a man who is lecturing in warning against the anti-Christ. If Melchizedek comes will this turn people against him with this kind of warning spread about ?Jarel: Yes, dear one. Some will always misinterpret what is going on. This concept of the anti Christ has been around from almost the beginning of time. There will be those who will fall by the wayside. Those who have progressed spiritually will know and be sure in their hearts that what they see and know is the truth. However we need to guard against these, shall we call them, impostors, but do not worry about them, they will fall by the wayside. Machiventa knows what he is doing. He will know how to relate to those he meets. On a planet such as this which is so far behind in development there is always the hazard of being misinterpreted, as our Creator Son Michael found out. But let this not deter us from our goal, our mission, of creating Light and Life on this planet. Stay with the course. Trust the process and know that you are protected by the Father and that His love enfolds you. You will know what is right. There have been many that have claimed to be the new prophet, the new savior, but fear not

Lucille: Jarel, in our study group last night we were talking about Light and Life on the spheres that were before us. The question is, are we actually in the beginning of Light and Life on this planet, or do we go through a series of corrections before it begins ?Jarel: Dear one, Light and Life is a progression. There is no one spot that one can say is Light and Life. It is a progressive spiritual awakening. But yes, you can say that we are in the early stages of Light and Life. But it is not something that can be pinned down to today it is here and yesterday it was not. It is a progressive state of spiritual awakening in the planet. We have arbitrarily designated a first, second, third , fourth, and fifth stages, but that is mainly to satisfy the human mind for cataloguing things. It is a progressive process always

Lucille: Thank you. Our group was impressed with the paper.

Jarel: The paper ?

Lucille: That we read in the study group last night in the text. Several of the group do not come to the teaching mission. In fact only three of us come to the teaching mission. They were really excited about reading this particular paper.

Jarel: Yes the text is exciting. That is the source of our knowledge and information. All of you dear ones, should read it regularly also. Each time you will gather new truths, it is not a static idea. As your spiritual awareness progresses the text will take on new meanings. You can never finish reading the text at this stage of mortal progression. As you say, it is exciting for everyone who is searching, striving to find the Father.

Stella: Yesterday and today I tried to contact you and my teacher Jalan (? ) I think you both were there am I correct ? (long pause) (The t/r apparently lost contact and was unable to answer)

Jarel: Yes. Each one must receive these impression even if they seem to be your own thoughts. We will practice and you will learn to set aside your mind. It is difficult at the start. The public speakers that seem to never run out of words use both their material mind and also a contact of the universal mind that is incorporating with their material mind. Those who have not read the text may still obtain higher thoughts from this universal mind. The whole universe is a coordinated unit. Each is a part of the whole with many varied interpretations of universal truths. We would like to have others here tonight express their impressions.

Stella; Is president Carter one of your emissaries ? He has been promoting peace throughout the world. I admire this man.

Jarel; I do not know from personal experience but I have been told that he has an Urantia book. He is of a nature that wants to do good for his fellow man. I would feel that he is operating from the mission, but whether he is a part of it I do not know

Lucille:(as t/r) This is Jarel. This one is having a difficult time letting loose, but is trying.

Jarel: You are doing fine dear one, keep it up

Lucille: The love of God enfolds me. The light of God surrounds me. The presence of God is with me at all times. Where ever I am, God is. This is a beautiful prayer that I would like to offer up to recognize the presence of God. To understand that He is with us. If we would only recognize and accept His presence. A beautiful light it would be. You dear ones are trying in this mission. We are trying to contact you all. The communications will open up better as time goes by, but it does need practice. I would recommend that the three of you and Marlies practice for quite a while without falling back on Doug and Betty.

Hal:(t/r) Yes dear one,, you have the concept. You have ‘broken the ice’. Continue in expressing your thoughts, your ideas. That was beautiful.

Stella; Last Sunday I get these symbols in my mind. I saw this worry, worry, worry, and it became like a tunnel and at the end of the tunnel was a big square like a window. Does that mean that there will be success at the end of the tunnel ?Stella (as t/r) . Yes Stella. It does.

Hal: (as t/r) This is the symbol that is so often used in the near death experiences. But it is merely a symbol of the unseen world ahead. Whether it relates to the material success is not apropos.

Stella: I hadn’t thought of it in that light

Lucille: Jarel, you say that everyone is on their own path, how do we find out what we are to do on that path ? I sincerely desire to do the Fathers Will but I don’t know what it involves. Jarel: Yes I can understand the difficulty. The path seeking the Father. How do we express the differences in this limited language. The path is what you are doing every day as you are striving to do the Fathers Will, which is to radiate His love to everyone you meet. Be non-judgmental. Spread the joy and the enthusiasm of the Father. This is the universal path for everyone. Each individual has their own little universe that they are operating in. This consists of your daily activities, your material obligations. This is your path. If it is guided by the Father it is a spiritual path regardless of the material activities involved. Everyone has different material activities and this is their path as long as they keep the spiritual goal in mind, of service to your fellow man. As Michael said when He was here, ‘if you serve the least of these you are serving me’. So your path is your everyday activities geared towards the Father. Now in this path one can see a need, or see someplace that they can spread the Fathers love. It can be a willful decision to do something you see that needs doing, as the so-called Christian missionaries have seen a goal, something they wish to do. This is their path that they have decided upon. Is it a calling from the Father ? It is if their motive is spiritual. But they have made a material decision to do something. Everyone makes material decisions to do something, whether it is consciously done or not. Follow the leading of Jesus. The path that he took was enriching the lives of the people He met.

Stella: What happens to the people who say that they do not believe in Jesus and will not hear His name ? will they sleep forever or will they still have an opportunity to make a decision for eternal life.

Jarel: Their decision is usually based on a negative contact with the name of Jesus. They are not lost, they are merely searching for another path, another way to go. Jesus, as Michael, is behind it all regardless of the path he takes, as long as he is striving to be of service to his fellow man. The name Jesus has been used as an idol in many forms of Christianity. Many have turned down this idol as presented. It is not Michael the Creator Son that they are turning down. It is the image as presented here among mortals. So no, he is not lost yet. He may be on the wrong journey but he can still find the way to the Father.

Stella: I went to see a friend of mine today who is about 70 yrs. He is a manic depressive. He wanted me to come over and talk about life after death. When I got there the subject was out of bounds. He said don’t even mention Jesus to me. So I was wondering, his mental state is not is entirely normal, yet he is a good man as far as social concerns. Is his thought adjuster still with him. ? The Urantia book says that once there is something wrong with the mind the thought adjuster leaves immediately. I would imagine this man still has his because he is lucid in most ways.

Jarel: As you describe him it would seem that he is still capable of making a free will choice so his adjuster is still with him. He has made a choice to resist Jesus as he has heard of him, probably from childhood impacts. But as long as he can make a freewill choice he can make another choice to find the Father. From your description he is doing that in his service to his fellow man.

Stella: He is drawn to spiritual knowledge and yet rejects it.

Jarel: It sounds as if he is searching for the U book.

Stella: I showed it to him one night and he read one chapter but did not show any interest after that.

Jarel: These things take time. . .. Lucille, do you not have anything to add. I am sure you have had thoughts while sitting here

.Lucille: Nothing concrete to present.

Jarel: The thought adjuster is a wonderful concept. To think that the Father has endowed each one of us with a fragment of Himself. The awesomeness of this is hard to conceive, particularly from a mortal perspective. As we progress in the spiritual world, the morontia worlds, our concept of the Father enlarges until eventually we can conceive of this. Each thought adjuster is a part of the Father working to guide the experiential living of mortals. To try to guide them into spiritual concepts. the spiritual concept that God is love. That is all one really needs to know. Love for your fellow man, love of the Father, love of Michael, love of the opportunities of life that you have. A life is meant to be enjoyed and lived to its fullest. Go express the love, receive the love, spread the love to the entire planet. It has ever been thus. This is the mission of the mission to see that this happens. Each one must participate. It is one on one. I am sure you have heard of this concept that, One on one eventually spreads to everyone. This is what is happening now in the mission, a special effort in the opening of the circuits. Multitudes of celestial messengers all adding to the love and spiritual progress. It is exciting to watch and see and be a part of . As we learn to receive these images and impressions the more exciting it becomes. Stay with it. Go into the stillness regularly, relax and let it happen. Stay the course. Follow the Father.Dear ones, it has been a lovely evening of practice and experimentation. We have all made good progress. I have tried to contact each one with some success. Stay with it in your quiet time. Ask for your teachers. ask for me I will be glad to come and aid in your growth and ability to receive. With that I will bid you farewell and look forward to our meeting again on Sunday.Group: Farewell Jarel.


Stella: My hands are tingling. I wonder if that means anything.

Hal: It means your hand is going to sleep. (chuckles.)

Stella: You did very well. Lucille: Was that all through Jarel or was it some of you.

Hal: Well it seems like it is me. Yet it is thoughts and ideas that come to me, whether they come from Jarel I don’t know. When it comes to checking something from across the country I can’t do that yet

Lucille: Yes she asked something about Carter.

Hal: I guess you have to get into it pretty deeply to let that kind of information come through

Lucille: Did you have any feelings at all.

Stella: Happiness.

Hal: Yes it does give a sort of pleasant feeling.

Stella: I guess I got some communication. It wasn’t that lengthy. I don’t know how much of it was my thoughts.

Hal: Yes that is always the question. How much of it is your own thought. They keep telling us it is both.

Stella: Michael came through, He didn’t say anything more. I don’t think I would have thought of it myselfHal; The concept is to keep trying and eventually you can turn your own mind off.

Stella: At least I let my guard down. That’s progress

Lucille: The concept of the man rejecting Jesus was only rejecting a background hang-up from childhood teachings was a new idea.