1995-05-15-Exercise in Thought Sending

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Topic: Exercise in Thought Sending

Group: Woods Cross TeaM


Teacher: Abraham

TR: Nina



Tonight I ask you to join me in an exercise of thought sending. Many individuals tonight will join us on the thought circuit for this planet.

Last week I discussed individual and group thought, hopefully bringing unity with individual and Father, also group and Father. Tonight I ask you to join me in sending a message to your brothers and sisters of this world. Thoughts have power. We pray that our thoughts come from our Paradise Father. He knows our road we must travel.


Please picture, if you will, your planet is like an egg. The contents of this egg are perhaps like a forming baby chick. In this egg there is darkness, there is fear, there is confusion about the outside of the shell. This world is maturing and the mortals are ready to end their loneliness. The baby chick prepares for birth. With birth comes pain.

I say the mortals of this world are ready to be free from this darkness of the shell. Please picture the baby chick breaking the shell. Please imagine the mortals of this world breaking through the materialism, the selfishness. Imagine the cracking of this shell and the first light. Feel this excitement that this world would feel seeing the first light, knowing there is something beyond this material existence. Feel the heart of every man, woman, child. Feel the hope of finally breaking through the shell. See the empty pieces of shell on the ground rocking back and forth. See the baby chick. The feathers are wet. It is trying to stretch. This is your world. The shell has broken.

We are now baby chicks seeing this vast panorama before us. The God-consciousness has begun. The baby chick feels the wind dry and lift his feathers. He sees the sun and feels the warmth, like this world in realization of its Paradise Father, its loving watch-care of the Creator Son. This world realizes the bounty that awaits them. Can you see your fellows in England with this sunlight upon their faces? Can you see your fellows in Asia realizing those that created them also loves them? And in Africa, can you see the relief on the faces of your brothers and sisters, that true help has finally come to them. The world awakens with this new birth, this new opening of eyes.

I thank you for assisting me and others on this thought circuit. With this exercise we may reach many. You see, it is in your hands, the power to change the world. Yes, your parts are small, but many small parts working together can move mountains. This week I ask you to think about in your spare time what are the positive aspects of a worldwide awakening. Question?


W: Abraham, I have a question. Where so many recognize we are in a time of great change on this planet and there has been a consciousness shift over the last, I don’t know how many years, in terms of people looking towards metaphysics and spirituality in different ways from the old traditional religious ways. In some of those prophetic channelings there has come information that we are facing great cataclysmic changes on the Earth. We are certainly seeing some affects of weather and events along those lines. I am just wondering are those kinds of cataclysmic events necessary, or as we put our attention and our best intention out there for the healing of this planet, can we help to avert some of that? Is that in the will of Father that we use our power to bring more peaceful changes?

ABRAHAM: Natural disasters are not planned. Most destruction is more human caused, and with this great awakening, we wish those humans that cause so much destruction will awaken to this abundant love from Father. I also would say, disastrous events are made the most of by the spiritual hosts. Your good thoughts do help those that crave human power which leads sometimes to war and destruction. More questions?

W. Can you clarify something with that? (Sure.) Are things like unconsciousness with regard to industry that pollute our waters and our air, do they have an effect on things like the ozone layer? Is that part of what cause things like volcanoes or earth changes? If so, is there something we as individuals can do to effect that positively? Prayer, I suppose?

ABRAHAM: The Earth will do what it has to to survive. Yes, it is known by your scientists, volcanoes do help repair the ozone. Many mortals do not realize this Earth is a gift on loan. Many mortals live here a short time. They damage or hurt the Earth without regard to future generations. In reality this planet does not belong to the mortal inhabitants. It is just on loan. Once this is realized, industry, people, might begin to take care of this planet.

This world is not yours, but your Creator’s. Once humankind can get past selfish motivations they can begin to think about the future generations. When all is said and done, the Earth will take care of itself. More questions?

C: Abraham, in these exercises, two or three weeks now, I perceive you’re getting us to like enlighten our minds and stimulate our minds to realize that our individual and group collective thoughts can help uplift the thoughts of those around us, even though they are not participants here, and hopefully mushroom into a big change. Is that what you are saying? Are we ready to burst out of the egg as a world, a group of people, or are we the young chick having already burst out of the shell here? I missed that part.

ABRAHAM: It really is not for me to say where you are. It is for me to teach you. This visualizing and focusing can create change. This exercise was aimed at the sending of thought and that thought was of freedom. Yes, some parts of this world are still in the shell, while some feel the wind in their feathers and still some are able to feed themselves. Next question?

R: I have one Father Abraham. For the last several weeks have you and some of our spiritual brothers and sisters been monitoring us in our homes? I have felt a different presence really strong. I can feel the presence of different ones. Is this what is happening?

ABRAHAM: Oh yes, yes, we are always around. Sometimes you are more open to feel our presence. Other times some may be too busy, but we are with you. More questions?

C: I know you yourself are not in the perfect state, but can you tell at your station in observing us during the week how we are growing from your lessons? Can you perceive that without our discussion here in this group?

ABRAHAM: Yes, reports are given by some Father Fragments on the effectiveness of the lessons. Other times teachers can observe lessons in action and can assist at the moment when they are needed. One more question?

R: Abraham, I know that it’s been an experience in my life when I have noticed that certain people who show up in my life to teach me a lesson. I believe that is part of the Indwelling Spirit’s blessing to us, is to place on our paths, those people to teach us the lessons we need to learn. Are you as teachers involved in that process of bringing people to us that we need to then apply the lessons or learn the lessons from them? Can you comment on that?


ABRAHAM: Yes. We are involved somewhat. We are given orders by our superiors. We do not have an overall view, but we assist when asked. It is with that on which I shall take my leave. I remind you several teachers are available for personal questions. God be with you today and everyday. Shalom.