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Topic: Disillusionment

Group: Woods Cross TeaM


Teacher: Abraham

TR: Nina



I am ABRAHAM. Welcome to you all. I especially enjoy your stories about your daily learning of Father’s lessons that occur during the week. My lesson on transitions in your mortal life, as well as your divine path, will take much self-conditioning to become used to change, to accept changes more readily, and not to fear them. As time passes, these changes, you will look forward to them and greet them with enthusiasm.

I am even now always uplifted by the changes the Father has for me. I have learned to be open to His will and these transition times are more simple and I am almost honored to be included in the transitions of this local universe.



These last weeks I have spoken much on serving as examples and teachers. I let it be made known that this work for our Master is not at times very exciting or bring glory to individuals who serve. I am praying that those that serve Michael and His Mission will not be discouraged or deterred from the desire to serve and assist in ushering this world farther into the stages of Light and Life.

My purpose for these last few lessons are to assist you in finding the correct course to take to help further this Mission and your individual growth. I suppose I look at these lessons as sort of a time to disillusion the mystical essence some may hold. When in fact this whole production is rather normal and without spectacular events. I say those left standing after this exercise in disillusionment will be those most effective in serving in this Mission.

I am aware of your many pitfalls and stumblings you have endured. I say to you now, these stumblings were quite necessary to bring you to this moment in learning how to assist in uplifting the spiritual capacity for this world. It is not my place to disenchant you or take from you the excitement of serving your fellows. It is my hope I can bring more reality and assist you in integrating your spiritual education with your human endeavors.

I say, this communication is not magic. This form of communication, transmitting/receiving, is quite normal, for you see it is done everyday, all the time. Whether mortals are aware or not is not the important factor of this communication. The important factor to understand is, yes, God has reached them.

I find it, this work, like your armed forces basic training. You volunteer, you enter basic training, the drill sergeant may remove your previous notions about the military. He may remove your misconceptions in a rather harsh manner and when the mind is free to receive correct perceptions about this new soldiers duties, he is well prepared to receive, for his old ideas have been disillusioned. The new recruit is ready to be trained in the manner that will best suit his duties as a soldier. In a manner of speaking the soldiers mind was somewhat like a chalkboard and the old ideas were erased to make room for new ideas and maps that would assist him in the future.

I say to you, this is a part of our Mission, this disillusionment, is appropriate now that you have experienced many expected illusions. I hope to bring heaven right before your eyes. I endeavor to make your work in His kingdom a reality. I hope to make secure the foundation for this Mission to be built. It is my purpose to remove fear in your training to serve your fellows. To make this work more of a reality I am to first remove the mystical ideas. This mystical thinking does not make for a good foundation. It is too far from your reality, from your realm of thought processes.

To make service more of a reality I must also help you to connect with the Master. Those that have studied His life knows that He was not in favor of erroneous mystical thinking. He, the Master, was very solid. He knew who He served. He knew why, and therefore, He was taught how. The Master was human and divine just as you are. The Master did not have the same pitfalls that you have experienced, but He does know of the ideas that can be subjected onto believers.

Yes, the Master was firmly grounded. He lived day to day knowing that the joy of the universe filled Him and those connected with Him. He knew the source from where His joy came. This joy the Master experienced is only possible through the learning of spirituality and making it real in your lives. To hang on to old ways of thinking is to close off any incoming ideas. Those ideas that stay with you are indeed realities for you, and they will stay with you without any effort on your part to remember them.

You will find the closer you draw to the Master the more your spiritual life becomes real. Yes, learn from Him. He was divine and yet His intellect served Him in His bestowal to this world. Yes, the Father endows us with many gifts and we would be wise to utilize each gift He has given to us. A few questions?


C.: I had a thought during your lesson about the Master and His life here. He had a lot of brothers and sisters. This is way off the subject of your lesson, so I apologize for it. Does Jesus’ earth brothers and sisters then have descendants that are still alive today? Probably little of the world would even know that He has family descendants.

ABRAHAM: Yes, but I say the strain that could possibly be left by any of Joseph’s and Mary’s children would be very small, very untraceable. Does that answer?

C.: Yes it answers everything I wanted to know about it. Also you talked about the Father’s many gifts. In past lessons from Ham and yourself you have talked about gifts that we have not yet known of. Is it gifts that we have that we are not conscious of, or gifts that we have not received yet?

ABRAHAM: You are starting to realize these gifts gradually and to clear the fog of illusion. The new senses you receive will become more clear and seem extremely ordinary. These gifts, yes, they will appear as if you always had them, but the inner joy you receive in knowing this will tell you, yes, this is something new. Does this help?

C.: Yes it helps a lot. As we see more clearly we understand the gifts and appreciate them more clearly.



CL.: Abraham, could you be a little more specific about the mystical errors you were talking about?

ABRAHAM: I will give my best effort. Yes, there is information in the Urantia Book which describes many of the erroneous mystical expectations that hinder your spiritual development. With this Mission, a number of new mystical expectations have occurred. It is my hope that I could assist you in the release of expectations in the areas of abnormalities, things that appear extraordinary, that produce feelings of fear for the unknown instead of feelings of enthusiasm for what Father may have planned out for us.

I do not wish to remove your excitement for Father’s mysteries. I wish to make them more of a reality, and with some expectation of odd occurrences, this is difficult. I am perhaps explaining the last few lessons as to why we are learning them. It is known that exercises in mysticism can lead to fear, that can block off any of Father’s realities.

I say this small group right now may appear out of sorts, but at a future date these groups will be countless and appear very average. The Master never did want His kingdom, His Father’s kingdom, built on miracles or erroneous thinking. Most of you have experienced this erroneous thinking and are knowing of the difference and are quite capable of distinguishing between Father and fanaticism. I perhaps teach this tonight also to assist you in your endeavors to teach others that Father is not strange and unknown, but He is loving and real. Does this help?


CL.: Yes, somewhat. Is it wrong for me to consider God’s involvement in my life and His love for me as a miracle? Is that an error in thinking?

ABRAHAM: No, no. This refers back to my lesson on my definition of a miracle. You are correct. To witness Father’s fingerprints in your personal life and rejoice is absolutely your miracle. Yes, good. Does this help? (Yes. Thank you Abraham.) You’re welcome.

C.: Abraham, maybe I can see a little bit more clear of what you are saying. At first, a few years ago, I would tell others about the evidence of your teachings being real. Wow, can anybody think up such a thing? “This and this” is going to happen and when you see it happen then you will know. Now it seems as though the evidence is simply the experiences we all have and the little learning things we have. Instead of shifting to an expectation over that new friend to teach, it is sharing some personal connection they may receive from the Father and knowing that that’s the only growth, soul growth that there is. Not in seeing something or even coming to a meeting and hear great words, but in experiencing these lessons in our lives.

ABRAHAM: Yes, correct. You can listen and attempt to understand, but until you experience you are incomplete. This is like our Teaching Mission. Ham came with many great words and teachings and you listened to say, “yes, I agree”, just to find yourself later experiencing what he spoke of and truly view his teachings in a new light, becoming more complete. Yes, correct. Another question?


If there are no more questions I would request that you review my last couple lessons. Yes, I am deeply honored to be in your presence and I thank you for allowing me to work towards furthering this Mission. Shalom.