1996-05-20-Love Is Pure Energy

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Topic: Love is Pure Energy

Group: Woods Cross TeaM


Teacher: Abraham

TR: Nina



I am ABRAHAM. Welcome to you each. I do so look forward to our gatherings. I am aware of your life experiences you had this past week and hopefully you have learned from them. I will continue the lesson on love as pure energy.


Love, Energy

Last week we spoke about the good farmer who sows seeds of love and how his crop benefits the whole. All are knowing of the benefits of a responsible farmer, you too have benefitted by individuals you know that are considered to be good farmers. Likewise you are knowing of the pain and frustration of knowing and being irresponsible farmers. To be in contact with those who have withheld love or sown seeds of non-love, you can all attest to the fact that the experiences of non-love are detrimental and appear to be overpowering. It appears to be difficult to deal with those who sow seeds of non-love. I say to be the recipient of this conflict is painful, yes, but I say, you are not losing anything in this process. To be so sensitive and believe that you are somehow lessened by others unkind actions is not reality. I say to understand these individuals you must recognize they are withholding from you in order to receive from you.

Those that sow seeds of non-love do so because they are unaware of the source of all true love. They seek various avenues in which to fill their cup. These lonely souls go about sowing seeds of non-love in order to gain love, to gain energy. I say to you, this does not take from you. It at first may feel as though you are lessened by this, but once you are aware of these energy tactics you become immune to the painful feelings that are the harvest of these seeds of non-love. To be aware that individuals treat you with an unfavorable fashion is to indeed open yourself to the direct source of concentrated energy. Your awareness of the fact that an individual is putting upon you a negative feeling is to remind you that you are directly connected with the source of all love, this in turn opens you to the will of Father. Father would have all His children know that they all hold a seat at the Father's table. Those that sow the seeds of non-love are unknowing, unsure that Father has saved their place.

In this world it is difficult to not feel the effects of negative output. I say you can not only deter these negative waves, but you can indeed change them into positive output. You are not mindless followers. You are not powerless, unintelligent inhabitants. You are intelligent beings connected with the universe and do possess the power to change non-love into love, hopelessness into encouragement, despair into joy. I am only able to give you my words. You are able to act as intelligent children of the First Source and Center. You would be amazed at your abilities when you become aware of the spiritual tools Father has bestowed upon you.

Love can manipulate matter. A world can be transformed by this love. Even a child has the capacity to overcome negativity with positivity, overcome evil with good. In your awareness there is always the faith factor. Without the courage to move forward and trust that Father is, then your knowledge of energy is practically useless. This week when faced with those that sow seeds of non-love, before even feeling any hurt emotions, connect directly with the source of all Truth, Beauty and Goodness and manipulate this negative energy into positive energy. Do not say, "I hope I can." Do this, say, "this is done." You will be surprised at how natural this comes to you with a little practice. It is the smallest groups that create the largest waves of change. Have you questions?


Teaching Mission

ROLAND: Abraham, thank you very much for that profound lesson. I found it to be extremely helpful to hear from you that our affirmations of being in a place of seeing and feeling the difference between love seeds and non-love seeds, that it is simply by saying it is so, affirming that affirmation. My question tonight has to do with . . . anthropology– we have come to a place on Urantia where we are now receiving these beautiful lessons from many different teachers. How would you view as a historian, as a understander of a tremendous amount of history occurred during your life time, as a understander of the history of this time of Urantia? How would you sum up the impact of the Teaching Mission will have on Urantia and the people who are at the beginning of this experience?

ABRAHAM: It is clear. This time in history can be summed up quite easily. It is comparable to coming out of the dark into the light. This Teaching Mission is comparable to the day of Pentecost when the Spirit of Truth was poured out upon all flesh. These recipients of the Spirit of Truth were immediately aware of a difference. The Teaching Mission is the same awareness of difference and yet not so immediate. But I say this is a time of worldwide recognition of the Supreme rulers. Its not so much that the world recognizes a Supreme deity as what it does with the information. How this planetary awakening is handled. Many will become overwhelmed, and just as it was in the days of old, change our message to suit human desires. This is expected and yet we remain confident in the new procedures, such as our mind to mind communication, the opening of the circuitry, the teaching staff and various helpers. This Teaching Mission is beyond a mental recognition. It is something that is deeply felt, although not so much spoken about. Does this answer?

ROLAND: To follow up on that question, in a thousand years from now do you suppose anthropologists will look at this particular point in time, will recognize that the return of Machiventa Melchizedek to the earth as the Planetary Prince and the establishment of the Teaching Mission was indeed a turning point in the history of the world, as it was when the man Jesus appeared on the earth two thousands years ago? Will it be that kind of impact? Will we be able to trace it back? Will these people see the volume of teaching, that there was truly an impact?

ABRAHAM: Yes, to a point, not as much as when Michael walked the earth in material form, but yes, to some degree. This Teaching Mission will be recognized by mortals as a turning point in history. Another question?

ROLAND: I hate to take anymore time, but I would like to introduce to you Greg and Lisa, who is studying anthropology at the University of Utah and are here as loving observers. If you have questions please feel free to ask them

ABRAHAM: Greetings and welcome. Please feel free to ask any questions. Anymore questions?

Teacher Contact

CALVIN: Abraham, Randy at work, a friend of mine, approached me this week with a startling in the middle of the night shock from Ham, he believes. Anything you would like me to take back to Randy?

ABRAHAM: I am aware that he has had communications with Ham and myself. We are not to be feared. We endeavor to soften the door of his heart for the one who knocks upon it, our Father/Brother, Michael. Another question?


RACHEL: Father Abraham, teacher Rayson said, "in our Father's eyes all work is beautiful, that includes any work that you despise, detest doing, that you sweat and struggle and curse. It is still beautiful." Now I have always disliked scrubbing down walls and ceilings, which I have been doing some of lately. I got thinking all of a sudden, caught myself thinking, gee, I am glad at my age I can still do this and pretty soon I really felt like it was beautiful. Do you have a comment on the beauty of work?

ABRAHAM: Yes. Any work that is performed for the good of the whole is indeed beautiful. Work that is done for purely selfish gain is extremely dull and difficult. Work that you perform to benefit others is indeed beautiful in our Father's eyes and it lessens not the beauty if it is not beautiful in your eyes. Our Father surely delights in watching His children serve one another. On the mansion worlds it is taught that to serve another is to serve Father, and this is not just said, it is truly felt by Him. Does this help? (Yes sir.)


LISA: I'll ask a question. I am taking two classes actually. One class that I am taking is a environmental class and we study the problems of over population, environmental degradation. I find it is very hard to come from love when there are people in the class who agree that these are problems but aren't willing to do anything about it. In one sentence they say over population is a problem but I am going to have eight kids. Its really frustrating and makes me very angry. I don't know how to come from love when dealing with that kind of situation.

ABRAHAM: Understood. The majority of the planet still follows a certain spiritual book that makes clear that Father has proclaimed multiply and be fruitful.[1] It is popular to follow the heart and human fulfillment instead of what is best for the whole. They are unthinking of the whole when they subtract from the environment without thought to the repercussions it may have. These are not bad people. They are merely attempting to live life to the fullest. Those that appear to be uncaring about lessening the quality of life by over population are not concerned for the whole and somewhat disconnected to universe realities. Father also bestowed us with mind and intended for us to use it to our fullest capabilities. I say it is not wrong to not feel love for these individual. It is your passion for this subject that will tip the scales toward intelligent population of the planet. You are not alone in your thinking. Anger felt towards others attitudes only drives you to share with others your ideas and rule in favor of quality in life rather than quantity. Your feelings are quite natural and acceptable and not to feel bad about. Your passionate expression on this subject indeed sends waves of logical use of mind and practical use of the planet. Does this answer? (Yes, thank you.) Another question?


CALVIN: Abraham, if I understand the lesson correctly, let me put a scenario out. Somebody says, "oh, I can't stand that person over there. I hate this and that about the person." Whether or not the person deserves the comment or not, how do you change that from a non-love to using energy to swing that person over without becoming preachy or self-righteous?

ABRAHAM: Understood. This is difficult without creating bad feelings. My suggestion to the one who criticizes say, "perhaps that person is that certain way because of past misfortunes, painful events in life." Offer understanding to the one who criticizes. Help them to understand why that person may be sowing seeds of non-love because... Help the one who criticizes open up to positive enlightenment. This opening to positive enlightenment also assist you in manipulating this negative energy into positive energy and hurts you not. Does this help?

CALVIN: Yes, especially the offering of understanding part. I am going to send some stuff to Chris that I have been working on for awhile. Do you have anything to add before I send it off probably tomorrow?

ABRAHAM: You have done well and your efforts are very much appreciated. I assure you that your actions will indeed make a positive effect. One more question.

RACHEL: Well Father Abraham, Ellanor told me that she and her mother, Ellen, talk about me all the time. Now what should I do about that?

TR laughing.

ABRAHAM: Ellanor says, " they do not."

RACHEL: That's not what Ellanor told me. I can just love them Father Abraham.


ABRAHAM: I say they talk good things and are learning to overcome their gossiping habits. I do appreciate everyone's participation and I say it is a healing experience each time I am with you. I love you each and I shall continue to follow through with these lessons and share with you the seeds of love. Until next week, shalom.