1996-05-28-Love Is Health & Healing

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MAY 28, 1996

I am ABRAHAM. I am delighted to be here. How much time has passed since we began this endeavor? How this world has grown! In our short amount of time we have all managed to tip the scales in favor of divine values. People are indeed seeing that good takes them much farther than bad. Good is becoming popular and people are always attracted to the latest fashions and trends. Mortals are finding that love is beyond a word and human definition. They are experiencing love as the single most significant proof that somewhere something rules the universe.

Last week we spoke about manipulating negative feelings into positive feelings. I say this technique is now more possible than ever before. The circuits have been restored. This enables this world to experience morontial lessons at an increased speed. We are excited about all the new phases mortals on this world will experience. The circuits that have been restored may at first cause confusion, a restlessness within the human mind. But I say that in time the world will all pause to recognize that God is at their fingertips, God is positive energy in motion and mortals will use this energy to further this planets progress towards Light and Life. Mortals everywhere will begin to jump off their fences of indecision and choose to be a traveler upon the path to Paradise. Mortals will choose to willingly drink the cup that Michael himself drinks.

We have spoken of misused energies and the negative effects thereof, also your power to break up rebuild negative energy into positive. I would speak tonight a few words on love as promoting health and healing. Your scientists of today are finally making the connection of mind and body. Many clinics are there for seeking wellness, for diseases that have no name or cure for. Many mortals turn to one physician after another in dissatisfaction and disappointment because they could not receive what they were looking for. Many mortals are finding the answers to vibrant health are inward. Disappointments in material medical technology has driven humans to turn to the source of all health and healing.

You, my friends, are designed chemically to react to certain energies. The energy of love is the most significant healing factor that exists. To be in connection with Father is to receive His divine love which promotes your own chemical makeup to produce antibodies that are beneficial in fighting diseases. Your own connection with your Father is a important nutrient that without is obviously detrimental to your emotional and physical well-being. Your own openness to relying upon the will of Father is to bring about your own well-being and also empowers you to be healing towards your fellows.

Your love and appropriate humor is indeed healing. Your show of freedom to be joyous is an electrochemical distribution between two souls. To love and laugh freely is to assist your fellows in locating their own well of love and humor. To be willing to be burdened by another is to open up to that circuit of love which promotes good mental, emotional and physical well-being. To be free to assist when you are needed is to be open to that direct energy. To know that a burden put upon you by your fellows is a burden put upon the Father. Your willingness, your attitude of abundant love and humor is to be deemed a healer. You are not only empowered to manipulate negative energy into positive energy; you are empowered to distribute this energy to promote joy and good health. This attitude is magnetic and will attract others who wonder what is the source of your good nature and how may I obtain it.

You, my friends, are indeed healers and your contributions may seem small and simple, but I can assure you these contributions are felt even by the Supreme Being. Your positive use of love as positive energy is a forward momentum in which you move the whole. This week I ask that you promote healing. Feel at ease to be lighthearted and humorous. Feel free to act as though nothing in this world can cause you any harm. Feel free from worry and know that in this moment you are in the will of our Father. A few questions.

RACHEL: Father Abraham, that was a wonderful lesson and so much good information in it. I thank you. You said that love and appropriate humor, I know my love is appropriate. I don't know how appropriate my humor is, but I certainly enjoy using it on you.

ABRAHAM: As do I also enjoy your humor and how you help this group to feel at ease with me, my presence. It is appropriate and promotes comfort for these seemingly odd techniques of this mind to mind communication. It is a gift to give laughter and feelings of comfort. We know that our beloved Creator, Michael, is indeed a fan of humor and we find His humor delightful and in abundance. I thank you Rachel. ( And I thank you Father Abraham.) You are welcome. Another question?

ROLAND: Abraham, Tomorrow evening I will be speaking to an anthropology class at the University of Utah. Do you have any suggestions or instructions to me and those who are here in attendance on how we should describe and teach about the advent of the Correcting Time and the Teaching Mission?

ABRAHAM: One moment. I would certainly use a lighthearted attitude to diffuse any thoughts of fanaticism. I would be almost unmoved by any negative comments that may be expressed. You, my son, know what is true and you are not going to change anyone's deep-seated beliefs, but I can say, your unshakable faith will be remembered. Care not about what others may believe. Care only that you believe and that is a good foundation to begin from. In your earthly universities there tends to be an abundance of over-intellectual disbelievers in things that cannot be measured. Those who over-intellectualize in human matters are overlooking the meaning of those matters. I say you are most fitting for this talk and I am quite confident that you are indeed detached from what others may perceive you to be. You truly believe you work for the Father and you do so to the best of your abilities. Worry not. I shall see to it that you are assisted by those beings skilled in this area. Another question.

ROLAND: Thank you very much. My goodness, that's such a wonderful response. It just gives me all kinds of confidence. Your teachings on April 29th, Exercise in energy and love, I was going to take them through that imagination experience. You have indicated in here that there were Midwayers and Power Directors that were involved in that experience that we had. If that is acceptable as an approach to give them a taste of what it is that we are being taught, I would like to do that if you think it would be advisable. I remind you of it, I am sure you don't need any reminding, but imagine the rain falling upon you. It is not cold or uncomfortable. It is warm and light--sort of like a guided meditation.

ABRAHAM: Yes, I would also explain why we learned this exercise, for example, a few lines about love is the significant proof that God is. Love is as real as any energy humans can experience. Love is more than an emotion and give examples, such as the good farmer and the farmers who sows seeds of selfishness. And at the end of the talk I would suggest to them to experiment this love as energy for themselves. What have they to loose? For the overall topic I suggest to steer away from any mystical thinking, anything so far from their mental conditioning. This speech must appear to be of something real. Does that help?

ROLAND: Yes it does, my goodness. The other question I would have was that obviously I would have to prepare what I am going to say. Would it be better for me to go and speak from the Spirit or to speak from notes?

ABRAHAM: Both. That always helps to go prepared with notes and be open to any appropriate thought transmissions. Another question?

CALVIN: Abraham, is it okay your 1995 lessons and teachings? I edited some of the questions and answers and left the personal questions out, similar to what we did to Ham's teachings. (Yes, certainly.) I'll read this cover letter and anything you might want to add or correct. I think it is an important document that we will begin to circulate. The cover letter:

[Summary History of the Woods Cross Group]

Woods Cross transcripts, 1995 Teachings of Abraham, Melchizedek and Michael. Is that part okay? (ABRAHAM: Yes.)

TO THE READER: The following transcripts are the Teachings of Abraham from Jan. Through Dec. 1995. These lessons transmitted to a small group of around twenty people each from various backgrounds and religious persuasions. This group began meeting for these lessons in early 1991 at one of the group members home in Wood Cross, Utah. The original contact person was Abraham, who introduced us to our beginning instructor who is known to us as Ham. Also introduced to the group was many different personalities including Machiventa Melchizedek, who lived on the world 92 years during the days of Abraham, and Michael our Creator/Brother, known to our world as Joshua or Jesus some two thousand years ago. Is that paragraph okay?

(ABRAHAM: I am aware that this letter is appropriate and offers much too many details. You need not change it, but I would suggest it be less complicated. Proceed.)

This entire experience is part of what they refer to as The Correcting Time, this phase being the Melchizedek Teaching Mission. All is under the direction of the Master Himself, through Melchizedek, Abraham, Ham and a corps of hundreds of teachers assigned to this world as group teachers and individual teacher guides. Since the Woods Cross group hundreds of such groups throughout the world more or less suddenly appeared, each recording the lessons word for word. The purpose clearly stated: "to restate the teachings of Jesus which He taught and lived as a mortal on our world 2000 years ago," and "to bring us into a more of an enlightened reality of who we are and our relationship to our Eternal Father." Time is usually allotted at each weeks lessons for questions and answers. Most transcripts are available upon request.

Since the Teaching Mission began 5 years ago there has not been any attempt to legalize or formally organize these groups. No person claims charge or authority over another. No membership, no fees, no qualifications of any kind, except a searching heart for truth, growth, change and love. No person is more or less deserving. All are accepted equally with no judgment, pressure or persuasion. The teachers do not interfere with our free will decisions, and do not give advice on social issues, political choice or the established religions of our day. We are each encouraged to use our best insight and choose our own path to Father. They teach that the poisons of fear, jealousy, hate, greed, etc., are blocking us from experiencing our Father's love, which is available equally to all and is the source of all truth in existence.

Ham taught the group for two years through Dec. 1992 and then left instructions for the group to continue to meet regularly and discuss/digest the lessons already given. He said our daily life experiences would bring to life the things we were taught. He began teaching a new group in Nashville, TN., where he currently teaches. Our Woods Cross group continued meeting from Dec. 1992 to Dec. 1994 to discuss and digest Ham's teachings. Ham's teachings are most loving and enlightening and are available to anyone.

In January of 1995 Abraham began personally teaching the Woods Cross group in weekly lessons. At present, May 1996, he continues to teach the group. Still no mortal person assumes authority over another, no fees or memberships, and anyone is welcome. These teachings are a benefit to any and all regardless of affiliation or personal background.

May the reader receive these 1995 Teachings of Abraham in the love that they are given. Please make copies and pass these transcripts on freely to others, for freely have they been given to us, and now to you. Inquires may be addressed to: Wood Cross Transcripts. There is a lot of information in there which I think can be reduced down to probably half that size. (ABRAHAM: I ask is Machiventa's and Ham's names used in these transcripts?) Yes, there is a lesson or two from Machiventa and Michael, and some references by you to Ham.

ABRAHAM: One moment. It is appropriate to explain the names. I say the letter wonderfully truthful and it is entirely your choice to write it as you see fit. I am aware it is a bit detailed, but this is quite harmless. I commend you on your efforts and am wholly accepting of your work. I am in appreciation and will be available to assist you on any further questions you might need answered. Well done. I am appreciative of your company and am indeed made to feel healed by your warmth and love within this group. I shall check with you each during this week. Until next week, shalom