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JUNE 3, 1996

I am ABRAHAM. I am pleased to be here tonight. Welcome to you, my friends. I am always made glad to meet with this branch of our family tree. I find it a great source of energy distribution and great wisdom.

I spoke last week on using love as a healing energy to learn how to be a source of healing through love and laughter. Your group spoke of new changes within this world and the effects it may have. I can say the teachers work incessantly to upgrade the thinking patterns to move this planet closer to Light and Life. I can say when the majority of this planet believes in a Supreme Ruler that will indeed bring you closer to Light and Life. I can say that time is nearing when all are believing in one God, it may be from various faiths, religious backgrounds, it matters not. When the majority holds the faith the size of a small mustard seed then will you begin to see major evolutionary modifications spiritually. I can only say this is happening as we speak. I cannot confirm when this sway in belief systems will occur. With the installment of the circuits communications will be more readily available. I say this of great assistance to swaying the thoughts of Urantia toward a divine destiny. You have witnessed much change already. You have participated in this change. You have all assisted in the upgrading of spiritual meanings and values. We are grateful for your dedication to the Correcting Time.

I have taught on using love as a healing energy. And I say those skilled in this practice are indeed healed themselves. I can say that this practice is as natural as breathing. And I say that your desire to be in the will leads you to love. Over the years you have studied. You have put to use these lessons into your daily lives, but I say, that little time has been set aside for stillness practice. You know that this practice is quite short in comparison to other daily activities. It definitely aids in your use of love as a healing tool to take a moment to re-connect with that One who is so deeply in love with you, who knows you through and through. He asks that you take a moment to recharge your energy through stillness practice. Allow me to take a moment for us all to engage into a short meditation.

Relax, know that in this moment there is absolutely nothing pressuring you. You have been allowed this time by the Father, the One who holds your destiny in His hands. Know that your cares and worries lay at Father's feet. Father is aware of these worries that press upon you, that pull your attention from Him. Let them go. This time is between you and your Father. Know that there is not another being that exists who loves you with such depth. Know that Father is informing you about your divine responsibilities. He has placed these stepping stones for you.

Follow them. Feel that reconnection with Father. Feel that He knows His child and His child knows His will. This concludes our meditation.

The stillness is short and simple with very powerful benefits. To connect with Father is to make the most efficient use of your energy. You are less likely to become drained of this energy, less likely to experience moments of emptiness or hopelessness. To practice the stillness is to strengthen your faith to continuous higher levels. This practice is for you. It is one thing you can do to be assured that you are a loved and valued citizen of the Kingdom. Take a moment to re-charge. Open up to Father and His healing circuits. To maintain your energy and God-like countenance it is vital to practice each day. To practice is to balance all new information that may come from the universe helpers. You have learned much on love and energy. I will be moving on in our morontial teachings. I still suggest that you keep in practice with love, the most significant proof that God is. Until next week, shalom.