1997-03-31-Indentifying Otherness

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Topic: Identifying Otherness

Group: Butler TeaM


Teacher: Tomas, Merium

TR: Gerdean



TOMAS: It is well to begin our sessions with a moment of stillness and it is also beneficial when we direct our minds toward Our Great First Source and Center for He is our guide, truly, in all things; and so we may address Our Father in prayer and in praise of His being, asking His guidance and protection on our thoughts and our attitudes, that they may be in accordance with His will, that they may be a refreshment to the soul and that they may arise to greet the moment as a new day, a new dawning, in preparation for the many good works which are given and received by Our Glorious King to His honor and glory.

My friends, Merium and I are glad to be here with you. There are others, of course, and I greet those others on your behalf. Your personal teachers are aligned by your side and in rejoicing of your presence once again in community in communal service to the Father and to each other.

Merium giggled earlier and thought this arrangement this evening was somewhat like a lover's tryst that is hastily thrown together and must be fruitful and passionate for time is of the essence until the more mundane aspects of life come to invade the sanctity of your loving embrace; and so I giggle with her, in concurrence with her analogy, and embrace you - but not speedily - for it is in the quality of a transcendence of time and space which provides that divinity, giving the embrace its eternal and loving qualities.

My dear friends and loyal students, how are you this evening?


Teacher Contact

Iyana: Tomas, thank you for your embrace, and the others for embracing, too. I have a question, please. When I was talking with Hunnah she brought her friend Jasmine to speak and I asked Jasmine a question about my personal teacher Hans and she said for me to speak to you next time that I came and I will ask you the same question, similar to this, I am wondering when will Hans and I be able to transmit with each other. I know that I am impatient; I am willing to keep trying and I am trying to relax, too, and keep my - (what shall I say?) - keep my mind when I am in stillness, so that if there is any printing of any sort of message that comes, that I might be able to understand it. Could you talk about that a little bit? or could I speak with Hans about that?

TOMAS: I will address this, dear Iyana, at Han's insistence, for he feels that a third party might have more objectivity than were he and you to discuss it directly, and this indeed is part of the difficulty, for you and he have worked so intimately together and for so long that it is now difficult to perceive the difference between you.

However, in-as-much as you seek to engage in this more pedantic but perpetual form of communication, I would suggest that you apply yourself to the rigors of an assignment of religiously attempting to make contact in the same methods that have been outlined before, and that is to sit in stillness and then allow a period of time for free-flow hand-written expression, and after a period of time you should see that your responding voice, through the pen, is being the influence of one other than yourself.

That is a first step toward the process - identifying the "otherness" - and through the vehicle of the written word, this is the first step in enabling you to see that you and Han are separate entities. It is only in response to your curiosity and your desire for the delight of the acknowledged companionship that this is even necessary, Iyana, because, as has been said, your and his communications have been on-going for a long period of time.

It would perhaps be beneficial for you to ascertain the separation of your personalities but it does not harm you to equate so closely with your personal teacher that you have indeed merged; for whereas on your plane "co-dependence" is regarded as a lesser condition, in the spirit realms this same "inter-dependency" is highly prized, for in working with the spirit, you are working with powers that supersede your own ego drive and to the extent that you allow this, through your Thought Adjuster relationship, through your personal teacher relationship, or through the relationship that you and I share, it is healthy and does suffice, but again, for your curiosity and your delight, it is a matter of exercising this assignment of meditation and then writing.

In time, after you have begun to discern other identities through the written word -- and these entities will identify themselves for your understanding -- you may then switch to a tape recorder and take the plunge into verbalization of these words from other teachers. It is a time-consuming process but you testified to a desire to accomplish this task and I feel you can accomplish it if you are indeed applying yourself to the development of this unique communication art form.

Spirit of Truth

Iyana: Thank you. I have one more question. I was reading in the Urantia Book, I have been reading in the back of the Book about the talks that Jesus gave before he left the earth and the Spirit of Truth . .. I know that there's a paper here that Gerdean has and I haven't read it, but I had a question when I was reading it. He said, "I will send you a helper." I was wondering -- you can just answer this yes or no for me, because I'll read more about it -- is this helper my personal teacher?


Iyana: Oh. Okay.

TOMAS: The teacher He referred to, the Spirit of Truth, is indeed separate from your personal teacher. The Spirit of Truth is a true study in miraculous creativity by itself. It is addressed at length in the Urantia Book but it (the Spirit of Truth) is without personality and your teacher is a distinct personality.

Iyana: And this is a special gift?

TOMAS: Indeed.

Iyana: That we have received from Christ Michael --


Iyana: -- to go with the special gift that we have received from the Father, of the Thought Adjuster. I mean we have those two in us that are from them?


Iyana: That's wonderful.


Hunnah: But you can have more than one gift.

TOMAS: Of a certainty.

Hunnah: Regarding the Spirit of Truth. Is that presence of that Spirit of Truth expressed in us as a recognition of truth?


Hunnah: Because I was wondering. I seem to have an extended self that knows … an awareness of knowing something. And under certain circumstances, I can express myself. I was wondering if … When I transmit, I feel as if it's a blend, and yet I know now that it isn't.

TOMAS: You have within you the Thought Adjuster, the actual fragment of the living God. It dwells within you. You have also the Spirit of Truth, and as you are transmitting, in that mode, you have set aside your ego identity to allow for the greater spirit to prevail (utilizing your vocal chords, your vocabulary, and so forth as you well understand, but you yourself are set aside and what remains is the Thought Adjuster and the energy patterns of personality of the teacher holding forth).

At the same time, operating in you and through you and in the others who hear you or who hear the teacher, is the Spirit of Truth (which you hear when you hear the words of the teacher, even as they pass through your own vocal chords); you hear the truth therein, and often they will harmonize with your indwelling Thought Adjuster. This is a good clear transmission, for the Spirit of Truth and the Indwelling Adjuster are in harmony and you sense the harmony and the truth of the message, or at least of the intent.

It is also true that others hear the Spirit of Truth as they hear you transmit the words, for they too are listening with their higher morontial mind; their indwelling God Fragment is being addressed; their highest nature is being massaged and reached and caressed and stimulated; and as they allow their mind to accept the intent of the content of the messages, their Spirit of Truth also will be reverberating with that same harmonious truth.

This is one of the reasons why our personal sessions, these Teaching Mission settings, are so satisfying and stimulating, for even though the words are a great delight and a bit of company for you in later times (the written word, that is), the true value of the interchange is that harmoniousness that exists as you know you and your God are in harmony; not only are you in harmony with your God, but in harmony with other Thought Adjusters, other "gods" around you -- the Father which dwells within each of you.

This is the beginning of group worship. It is something that you long for, hunger for and delight in, even though you might not be aware of what is transpiring. We are attaining higher levels of spirit actuality. Have I addressed your question, Hunnah?

Hunnah: I think that you embellished it. Thank you very much.

Iyana: I appreciate it, too. Thank you.

Hunnah: We are all sitting here with a tummy full. I appreciate your being able to come through Gerdean and I feel the presence of our friends.

TOMAS: Indeed, our friends are here and they are plentiful. My co-teacher Merium is on hand and would like to say hello. One moment.

MERIUM: Good evening, faithful friends. Group: Good evening.


MERIUM: I am here, coming through Gerdean who has her gastric juices on hold. I have been admonished by Tomas that the setting here is not infrequently induced by deep repose, having been well fed physically, and hopefully you will come away feeling fed spiritually also.

Iyana: We do. We will.

MERIUM: It is one of the advantages, if I may, of experience, of developing stamina, that you can in fact learn to transcend the pull of the material body, although it is sometimes difficult, even seemingly overwhelming at times, particularly when your instinctual energies are involved, such as electro-chemical pulls or hormonal pulls or the like, digestive pulls even; but it is possible to overcome and triumph over these physical aspects of being. Of course, that is your free will choice.

It is and remains one of life's rich experiences, that you be allowed to enjoy and appreciate your physical nature, your hormones, your instincts, your digestive aspects and so forth, but look you well to those that would hold you in slumber from greater joys and satisfactions, and so although you are admonished to enjoy your life, you are also encouraged to enjoy that which you can attain through greater striving toward spirit integration.

I am going to leave and allow Tomas to wind it up. Our romantic tryst comes to a hasty close, for as they say "tempus fugit." Good evening.

Hunnah: I was really hoping she'd come through for me. I was all rarin' to go.

TOMAS: I apologize for allowing the time constraints of your realm to impose themselves onto me and my realm. In particular, Hunnah, I have to convey to you that there is a connection between you and Gerdean that is becoming more and more readily apparent to you both. It is much as Merium spoke of in her recent words with you about the cooperation and affection that develops. As it strengthens, our communications will gather more fluidity.

Hunnah: I had some recent discussion with someone and it has to do with friendship and work and Christian experiences, that there is a possibility down the road that my friend and I might speak publicly. In the event that this can come about, will that make an opportunity for this work that we're having . .. a possibility of using that environment in . .. let me put it this way: health care and the Christian experience? Those words come to my mind.

TOMAS: Those words may come to your mind, but the word that I heard was "my" friend and I must ask you, who it is that you are claiming here?


Hunnah: Tomas or Merium or a teacher. I was just . .. thought I'd just be Hunnah here for a minute and ask that because it's fresh in my mind. And I was talking with someone who was so impressed with our conversation, and I have a friend at work who has had the burden of being a health aide for a loved one, and it's her Christian experience that has strengthened her, and it was suggested that the two of us would team up and . ..

TOMAS: I will not go on at length but you have indeed set the wheels in motion for our next lesson. I will say here, however, that it is to be remembered that our purpose here as teachers is to teach you to be teachers also, and as you experience this process of transmitting the teachers, it is fully possible for you to transmit us in any environment that you can establish and it need not be known that you are transmitting anyone but your own understanding of truth.

Hunnah: Well, in my previous teaching, the man and the woman were teachers. The word "channeling" teaching never came about; she just always seemed very eloquent and now that this field is more open and this information is made available to us, I reflect back and feel that she absolutely had to have a teacher coming through, but that description was just never used. Wouldn't that be true?

TOMAS: Indeed.

Hunnah: Yes.

Iyana: I had a lady come to my house for my Urantia group meeting.


Iyana: And I felt that she would come again. I felt very comfortable with her, that she was loving, etc., and . .. would you make a comment?

TOMAS: She will be back. Iyana: Thank you.

TOMAS: It sometimes takes time for them to allow the seeds to germinate and to be comfortable with the fertile soil, but they have tasted and they will hunger. She will return.

Iyana: Thank you.

Hunnah: Thank for the extra counsel. I will let myself be open to it. In proper time it will probably come about.


TOMAS: Let me give you an appetizer, a tidbit to tantalize your tastebuds in the realms of teaching, and that is the refinements as are taught by and enjoyed by our associates, the Morontia Companions. I will take this up again. They have long awaited another turn at the wheel, and in-as-much as we are entering the realms of "the group," it is again time to consider the facets of graciousness that can be had and learned from the Morontia Companions -- also wonderful teachers, although they are not as rigid and formal as we in the Teaching Corp, and so I am finished for this evening and I cover you all with kisses, my lovely mistresses in truth.

Group: Thank you. Thank you. Thank you for coming tonight.

TOMAS: Farewell.