1997-04-21-Demo of Prayerful Healings


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Topic: Demo of Prayerful Healings

Group: Woods Cross TeaM


Teachers: Abraham

TR's: Nina



Healing, Circuits

I am ABRAHAM. My greetings to you each this evening. I am excited about our upcoming lessons. Your spirituality will begin to go beyond these doors at your Monday meetings. When I first taught you as a group I vowed to make your spiritual understanding more of a reality. We are at the point in our lessons where our spiritual understanding takes action. The scales of spirituality are increasing on the side of reality, almost to the point of necessity. The scales of visual reality rise in decrease due to universal meanings and values.

Our lesson from last week asks that you serve one another through prayer. There are always great burdens to bear and it can seem there is no end in sight. It can seem as though your human self has power over your divine self. To participate in this prayerful healing gives you greater capacity for receiving spiritual insight. With the re-incircuitment of Urantia this prayerful healing technique has great benefits. It has such realness to understanding your status within the Kingdom of God.

To request such mindal healing is not a show of weakness or slothfulness, no. To request this service is to be active in expanding your capacity to receive spiritual understanding, to make clear the way to participate in gaining solutions to those problems seemingly unanswerable. To perform in these healing exercises is not so difficult. Your love for your fellows will lead the way. Your devotion to Father and the wellness of His children make this a technique you feel you have always known.

To pray with one another is not a new concept, but I say it has certainly changed in how it affects mortals. The affects on mortals are with a new concentration due to the welcoming of Urantia back into the fold of Nebadon, gaining back the spiritual circuits. Mind you, this technique is not miracle working, no. It has to do with mental and emotional healing. Healing has to be accepted in whatever form it may appear in. By that I mean, to receive this prayerful healing and discontinue your efforts to promote it may possibly weaken the strength of it. With each healing I recommend several sessions of stillness practice by the healing recipient. It is my desire to have our demonstration now if it is possible. Is that appropriate? (Yes) Are there volunteers?


Prayers, Prayer

CALVIN: Would you accept me as your first volunteer? (Certainly.) Would you like me front and center in front of the TR? (Yes.)

TR: He is saying he would ask Ellen and Rachel to assist.

CALVIN: Where would you like hands of Ellen and Rachel to be?

ABRAHAM: Anywhere it is comfortable in your immediate presence.

Father, you are the Father of all fathers. We know you are unmatched in power and grace. Your love for your children is confirmed by the witnessing of your fingerprints in their mortal living. Father, this is your son whom experiences some difficulty that takes a tremendous amount of energy in unfruitful directions. You are the maker of all things and no task is too big or too small. We would ask you, Father, to touch this your child, Calvin, to be open to receiving your presence of love and well-being. It is at this time Calvin would state his desired results from this healing.

CALVIN: I desire that I can develop full trust and confidence without worry and anxiety over my responsibilities, first to you, Father, and secondly, to my responsibilities in life, and do so peaceably without fear and anxiety, to be more open to your peace and to open communication and help me be more loving and serving. Thank you.

We are with faith that Father has heard our petition, and in knowing His greatness and wisdom, His will always reigns supreme. We each here are accepting of your will, Father, and we hope we can each be open to your direction. Let us have full faith the answer is forthcoming. We would express our gratitude to Father and also return His love with a most humble heart. Amen.

The words need not be exact. You will easily find the words are there when you are reaching out in service for your fellows. Is there another here tonight who would receive our prayerful healing?

HONOREY: You don't need to ask me twice.

ABRAHAM: I would ask again for your participation, Ellen and Rachel.

Father, we have gathered to request of you an opening of the heart and mind to receive your abundance of love and comfort. This is so easily achieved through faith in you, our Supreme Father. We know this. Our faith is strengthened by our bond between each other. This, your daughter, is no doubt your beloved child and this is known to the core of our beings. We would ask you, Father, to allow Honorey to be open to your will, whatever that may be. With us your will reigns supreme. Honorey, in your own words, what would be your desired results from this healing. It need not be verbal if you wish?

HONOREY: Did you receive my desire?

The Father is knowing of your most deep scars and is already at work on the softening of the stubbornness of mortal mind that can perchance block His words. You are understood Honorey. We would express to our Father that His guidance is so needed and appreciated by each one here and the answer, we know, is forthcoming. The openness in mind and heart is now occurring. We are in deep appreciation to you, our Father. Love to you always. Amen.

This technique is fairly easy and not to cause anxiety or cause embarrassment. We are promoting the brotherhood on Urantia. If a person is not up to this technique there need not be any forcing. Your desire to serve will come in time. This should be kept simple and it does the recipients good to share the understanding they receive from this prayerful healing. I would take a few questions.


CALVIN: Abraham, thank you very much. I would have much to share after the questions with the group here. Say for instance, my 9 year old boy, who probably at this point is not going to say, Dad, I need a healing. In explaining to Chris this is possible, the Father can help heal you, he would probably at first think its strange. Does the child or the other person need to request this healing?

ABRAHAM: No. It is wise to explain all the details and benefits that are involved with this healing technique. You can say, this type of prayer is really not much different than what the Master did Himself to help open the spiritual eyes of all He met. Children in understanding of the power of prayer are excellent candidates for this prayerful healing because they receive as a little child full of faith. Children are entirely welcome to participate. It does them well to feel the importance of the focus of adult attention. To be accepted as another Kingdom believer, not as a less significant person because of age, but a real fellow pilgrim in the Kingdom. Is there another question?

MIRIAM: Abraham, right now while we are learning this technique and getting a grip on it, are you suggesting that the recipient be here with us so they can sit close to us, and later on maybe we can use it with folks that aren't here?

ABRAHAM: Yes, there is available always Father ear for all your petition, but I would request that to gain full effect from these prayerful healings, the recipient needed to be in close proximity. Does this help?

MIRIAM: Yes, I understand. Like say for instance, not just me praying for someone, like if a member of the Mission, you know, one of us, like if we got together and prayed about someone who wasn't with us, would that still be just like plain old petitions? Do you know what I mean?

ABRAHAM: Understood. Yes. "There where two or more are gathered in my name, I will be there," is a promise that Michael has kept up unto this very day. Your gathering to pray and direct energy toward one who is not present does certainly have greater benefit of concentrated energy. Yes. Does this help a little?

MIRIAM: Yes. If during the week any of us needed help and we called one of us and said, could you help me with this? Do you support that, or do you support us practicing this technique, or would you rather we wait till next time?

ABRAHAM: No. Certainly I support this technique and it is wonderful that you would find time for your fellows to assist them. You know that mental anguish can at times be even more painful than something physical. It would be of great blessing to those willing to participate in this at any time. I would do these prayerful healings a short time, just to allow you time to gain confidence in this technique. Does this help? (Yes. Thank you very much.)

RACHEL: Well Father Abraham, doesn't a good part of the time mental anguish create physical pain?

ABRAHAM: Yes, certainly. A great many afflictions are due to distorted perception. It would be of benefit to this form of mental anguish to receive prayerful healing. You are correct.

RACHEL: We would be capable to go home and heal someone of our own family through prayer at this time, at least perform prayer?

ABRAHAM: Yes. Our technique is to provide mental clarity and comfort. It is to open the human mind to receive divine insight, which surely can indeed lead to better health, but better health is not our focus so much as is our strengthening the connection between Father and child. Does this help?

RACHEL: Yes it does and I thank you. I have been performing this for last two or three evenings, or my son and I have, which I imagine you know that.


ABRAHAM: Yes. It does carry weight. I can say to you it is wonderful and health promoting. I am slipping, but I would express my faith in you each as confident carriers of the good news. My love go with you. Until next week, shalom.