1997-06-30-Spiritual Strength

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Topic: Spiritual Strength

Group: Woods Cross TeaM


Teacher: Abraham

TR: Nina



I am ABRAHAM. Welcome to you each this evening. It is always encouraging to see you, my students, putting forth morontial efforts to solve mortal problems. It is a source [of joy] to us, the unseen helpers, to be witness to your spiritual strivings.



In our lessons up to this point there have been significant changes in your understanding. When we had first begun there was little involvement for you to connect with each other within the group. There was more of an individual seeking, and now each one has realized your mortal lives are somewhat similar, and each can relate on a more personal level. It has taken time, yes, and I can say this is indeed natural. Your willingness to work collectively towards spiritual consciousness has grown. In all your earthly striving there is a spiritual bond between you each that can endure any adversity, as long as you remain open-minded towards the growth of Truth, Beauty and Goodness.

We have discussed your communications within the group can bring about an enhanced understanding of spiritual concepts. I would dare to say it is acceptable to also experience rest or recreation together. Not every minute you spend together needs to be work or problem solving. We see in your years together there has been understanding between you each, and acceptance that all are destined to complete much of the same goals. My understanding is that you are each due to experience some fun and fellowship. It is entirely permissible to do this during meeting time. Your fellowship strengthens your bond which assists in endowing you with spiritual strength.

You must know by now you equip each other with spiritual strength, love, and energy to be about the Father's business. Your time here weekly has given you the spiritual tools needed to work in the garden of the brotherhood. In your personal interaction it is correct to say you are helping one another to not just endure mortal living, but to challenge it with power from on High. Do you see, my communications would not take place without your support and energy input. These spiritual lessons have gone as far as you have taken them. You are the master, so to speak, concerning your spiritual education. Your involvement with your fellow brothers and sisters help to either create an opening for spiritual understanding or a pulling away, yes.

In the days of the apostles of old each one took responsibility to care for one another. In this there was releasing of anxiety and a distribution of spiritual strength. I say that Father surely is the source of all spiritual strength. I also say that in the brotherhood there is assistance in understanding this spiritual strength, and greater capacity for reception of it. Know that here you have created a family of sorts in which you can draw strength from, also can you give strength. It is our goal to envision this concept worldwide. I am going to accept questions now.



ROLAND: We had a little discussion about the bible code before you began your lesson. I kind of would like to know how I should approach this information, if you have knowledge of the book, or if there is something you could tell me to bring that into focus of our Mission and my own personal mission?

ABRAHAM: In my understanding, if you look hard enough for something, it will be there. My understanding of this book is that science is attempting to find proof that God exists in these predictions. In these prophesies there is long held beliefs that to predict the future is to find proof that God exists. In these books it is your choice to take what is valuable, and allow the rest to fall away. I am not against anything you might find interesting or entertaining, no. I would say, please, by all means enjoy, and look for Father's fingerprints where you may. To accept certain concepts as the gospel could perhaps lead you to irrational thinking and actions, but this place, this meeting place is a safe arena in which to throw in the hat of inquiry. Your fellow group members are filled with varied sides..(TR: It is a mathematical thing. I can't even think of it. I don't know. I can't understand it. Give me something else.) The group here is able to help with different understandings. (TR: I don't know why I am having such a hard time tonight.) You also are each equipped with the Spirit of Truth to guide you towards reality. Does this help?

ROLAND: Yes it does. I just remembered the first time I came to Woods Cross was the first of July, 1991. This is the end of the sixth year I've been coming, and I am so thankful for you and Ham, and all the teachings we have received. I just think it is miraculous, and most life changing experience. Thank you again.

ABRAHAM: I would also thank you and comment that you have been instrumental in spreading our message. Thank you also. Another question?


NORWOOD: Abraham, Saturday night I was watching the news, and one of the news reporters was reporting on the mass exodus to churches that people are taking today. All of the churches are building new facilities, putting in day-cares. A lot of new Christian churches are dropping some of the old philosophies that the older religions have, such as dress codes. They are putting in more of the community centers. This pleased me quite a bit to sit there and watch that take place because it reinforces what we have been learning the past six years, that the energy circuits are opening up, the Spirit of Truth is r starting really to reach out. I have kind of monitored this over the past two years. I was reading the Urantia Book this afternoon where the Christian religions are somewhat short in dealing with Michael's, or Jesus Christ's teachings. He used Christianity as a vehicle to spread His gospel. In reality the churches have not done it the way He would have liked for it to have been done. People have been falling away throughout the years. So my question is, if you can kind of understand where I am coming from with this, with the massive amount of people moving towards religions today, because they feel this the Spirit of Truth or spirituality, I am not sure if I understand how the conversion is going to take place, because the religions of today are too used to living in the past to be able to take the next step into the future to spirituality, such as the Teaching Mission we are on today. What is going to happen? Do you know how it is going to kick over where people don't..if they get to a barrier, and they can't cross that bridge or get through the barrier, they are all going to fall away, because that is what happened to me, and a lot of other people throughout time. Christianity don't fill the bill. Can you understand what I am asking?

ABRAHAM: Yes. Churches are finding they must be within the realness of everyday living in order to minister to its people. If the churches continue to make people feel inferior by expecting them to reach for unattainable goals, then yes, people will fall away. The church should be its people, not a group of salesmen's attempting to promote a product which people are uncertain whether it will work or not. The members of a church must give their full authority over to Father, instead of a few chosen individuals. The members must also put in what they expect to receive from their church, just as you here in this group. The Spirit of Truth and the opening of the circuits have enabled people to better read truth. The people of this age are indeed searching, and if it cannot fit within the realness of everyday life, other avenues are sought after. The realness of life is always appearing to be negative, drugs, gangs, homelessness, abuse of all kinds, is realness, and mortals deal with these things daily, and expect from their church to be assisted by endowing them with spiritual strength to go about being within this realness. The church is its people. The people will spark this change. The interaction with one another is linking them to greater concepts of what should be as opposed to what is. The people will bring about this change, just as you have brought change concerning your spirituality. Does this help?

NORWOOD: Yes it does. Another question I have is while we were reading last weeks lesson tonight I had a distinct pressure applied on my head. I was just wondering if that was my body doing weird things or was there actually something taking place?

ABRAHAM: It was receptors. As you read your consciousness became broadened and this circuitry between the soul, Indwelling Father Fragment, and spiritual circuit, is connected. This occurs when you are seeking spirituality and in your efforts material things take place concerning the body also. Does that help? (Thank you.) One more question.

RACHEL: Father Abraham, you said it was good to be open-minded. I have always been a little leery about being open-minded. I was afraid my brains might fall out. That's my humor for this evening. Laughter.

CALVIN: Abraham, in Christian religion much is said about the necessity for the Jews to turn back their hearts back to Christ. They are your offspring, as far as we know, as far as I know, your family, your grandchildren's children's-children-etc. How much weight is there on that concept, if any, in this new viewpoint of them having to turn their hearts to the existence of the man Jesus in the correction and Middle East peace? Do you have enough left to answer or would you rather defer that to another time to answer?

ABRAHAM: I can comment some. Yes, the concept of knowing the Master is important in this human life. You are relating with Him as human and divine. This is surely helpful, and yet, I can say not altogether necessary for those seeking spiritual peace. It is sad that this rage continues, when the act of giving full sovereignty over to a higher being would eliminate much of this rage. I have seen the hearts of these peoples, and I can say they are exercising their full faith in what they have been taught. Once again, it is the choice of the people to evoke change. I would apologize for our transmission. We are experiencing some energy block.


In our days to come it would be good to consider a bit of rest or recreation to create comfort. My love is with you. Until next week, shalom.