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Topic: Emotional Excitement

Group: Butler TeaM


Teacher: Tomas, Merium

TR: Gerdean, Hunnah



TOMAS: Good evening. Group: Good evening.

TOMAS: I feel like the cameraman on our script for the evening. "Rolling!" Is that a phrase they use in cinematography? Our film this evening continues. This outpouring of celebration in fantasy and reality has been entertaining. Your tastes run the gamut. Indeed, when you are in the mansion worlds you will thrill to the epoch pageantry put on by the Celestial Artisans, depicting the evolution of worlds of time and space, and historic events in the development of God-consciousness, as well as testimonials to the wondrous works of the Creator, done by his many creators. You, indeed, are creators. You create not only your environment but the environment for others.


I would like to speak briefly this evening regarding emotional excitement. You are emotional creatures and emotions speak to you. You easily identify emotions and live, in large part, in the emotional realms. The lure and fascination of your entire entertainment industry, in fact, is based on emotion. The suspense of the plot, the intrigue of the entanglements, the paradoxes of the point of the movie, the romantic tie-in between the hero and the heroine, the scintillation of the sensual aspects of the moviegoer, all these are emotional conveyances of feeling and value designed to stimulate you and keep you coming back for more.

When you feel that, in the resolution, the emotional satisfaction of the play, the theater, the orchestration, the pageant, has been met, you are contented and satisfied and ready to come home, having confirmed for yourself that your money was well spent for the ticket.

These ministrations of the imagination have entertained and profited you throughout your evolution.

I go back that far because in your zoo today you can well identify and appreciate how much you enjoy, still, the antics of the monkeys and without question, your early ancestors entertained each other by their antics and dances. Even though they endured great hardship in survival, they understood to some extent the value of emotion and of ego.

That remark would reveal that the emotions are a playground for the ego. This is true. And, this is not necessarily negative, for your ego is your identity and it is part of the value of entertainment that you identify with the players in order that you can have the emotional conveyances that will result in a culminating emotional experience.

And so the emotional realms have great value for the evolving being and will continue to present delight and satisfaction even into your morontial realms, but in terms of ministry in the spirit and in relationship with spirit, emotions are a second-best experience.

You spoke last week regarding Jesus' having visited and spoken with you, and after our session was closed, you marveled that when He came by or that when you had seen Him, you did not fall to your knees in exaltation or become beside yourself in some way, and this is because a spiritual experience is not an emotional experience. But you have an understanding that your life is almost entirely emotional, having been emotional creatures all this time.

There is an admonition, an instruction, in the text that suggests that when you appeal to the Thought Adjuster in your associates you appeal to the highest nature and that to appeal to the emotional nature is misleading and short-lived. Indeed, as you seek to plant seeds, it is better to plant your seed in the soil of the spirit than in the soil of the emotions which is like a soil which is not fertile, does not have the nourishment that will take the seed and allow it to take root.

All of you have testified to an emotional experience this evening in your personal sharing and clearly the emotional experience is of value, but it is different than a spiritual experience. As you advance and understand how it is that you can have mastery over your emotional systems, you will be calmer and freer to engage in those emotions which are satisfying, while you deny those emotions which are unproductive and which create a less than ideal environment for yourself and for others.


MERIUM: Merium is here. So you were all out gathering and experiencing berry- picking experiences, filling your pockets with new observations of how you relate, gathering appreciations and sensitivities of how others are burdened, wondering what your proper response should be. It is difficult to let people "cook in their own juice" you might say. They have their own bath going and you have to stand on the side-lines with a towel when they're ready to get out of the rolling waters.

Being an observer is an art form. Not standing back, but being appreciative of what goes on and allowing yourself a sense of impersonalization. When you have this impersonalization activity, it is, as a rule, without judgment. You are just simply watching what's going on, and if you have been doing your homework and maintaining your base of operations of your relating to your new reality, then it allows you to get very close to these situations without being drawn into them.

You may be amused but not in a state of hilarity. You may feel sad but you may not be drained. You may be asking why with empathy but you will not find yourself entering the scenario of the individual with whom you are keeping company. You are objective. Tenderly objective. And it is a rollicking, frolicking affair! You will move in close and enjoy the essence of joy but you will not be overwhelmed by it. You are living with different equipment, you might say.

I don't bring this in to disappoint you, because it is wonderful to be able to try on the emotions of the star of the show, to feel the threat, to feel joy, to feel passion, but there is an objectivity and an awareness that, once you develop it, it does not leave you. You will know that you are 'watching television'. It isn't really real. And yet, in the same, you will connect with it.

We watch you in this fever bag of activity that you have. Have you ever stepped back and looked at the variety of emotions that you put yourself through in the course of one day or perhaps a morning? It is quite an activity. It's as if you were playing the full scale of the piano all the time, ignoring the melody, but touching every key whether it's necessary or not. In order to allow yourself to truly appreciate the form of the music, you have to pull back a little bit so that there are areas of yourself that are not unnecessarily disturbing the main theme.

I am chattering this evening about emotions and the varying degrees of your ownership to them or toward them, and it might sound frivolous to you. Yes, indeed, you are living in a human condition. That human format has been conditioned as sensitive neurological make-up, but you are to become the master of it and the beholder of situations around you.

It is your harp and you will learn to play it well. This is the harp of the divine creation, and I simply want to lead you into a new view of what's going on around you, of being in the world but not of it, and knowing when you are involved in the highest way, with the true joy, that it feels really right, and once you have tasted this wine and danced to this tune, it makes the lesser look shallow or look unreal to you and you will not as enamored with it.

I was wondering where I was going to be able to inject a comment this evening with Tomas' bringing your attention to all the variations of your emotional overtones that you experience. I hope that in some way this talk will be in your pocket and, as you venture out into your experiences, that you will be able to be a beholder and yet not feel yourself separate, but just having a slightly different view. Thank you.

Group: Thank you, Merium.

TOMAS: Are there questions?


Leah: I was wondering if we could discuss -- I know it's been done before, but -- a little bit between feelings and emotions, and you know on page 1218 or 1219, it talks about quality being felt. The registration of quality is felt, so, as Merium was talking about a feeling of tightness, could you just talk about that a little bit?

TOMAS: I will begin. I have discussed emotion to some extent this evening, and so I will address feeling. Feeling is that which is yours, based upon your spirit reality. When you feel sad, for example, you feel the sadness that the angels feel when they see you stubbornly refusing their aid. When you feel happy, for example, you feel joy because of love in some form or other -- spirit/love-based relationship, based in love. A feeling is a personal thing, unto yourself. An emotion is active.

Think of e-motion as motion, for when you feel angry and you lash out, your lashing out is in the realm of emotion. If you were to feel jealousy, you are feeling an emotion. It is not truly a feeling except as you understand you are not getting the feeling you want, the security that you desire, and yet it is precisely because it is not attuned to the First Source and Center, which is completely open, loving, giving, non-claiming, non-constricting.

Anger is a human emotion. God does not get angry. You can feel anger, but it is a human feeling. When you act on it, it becomes an emotional outpouring. We can pick this apart.


HUNNAH: Before Merium speaks, I would like to make a comment. This is Hunnah. One of the observations that I have made regarding these many months that I have been in Urantia, I have found myself less than enamored by "human behavior" and it has not been a conscious thing, it's been sort of one of those "I don't want to get involved." If I were to be involved, I'd want to climb up on a bank of grass where I could see, have a better view, and I'd want to stay there. I wouldn't want to come down for any reason, other than a valid reason, and I feel that way with a lot of the things that have gone on in my human connections.

I do feel personal toward them, so I decided that the reason this was going on was because I was becoming accustomed to a new reality and I had a new measurement, and having you talk about emotions and feelings is very appropriate in identifying my behavior because it does not mean that I do not feel, it's that I do not want to be drained, for want of a word, for some of the behavior that is no longer something that I want anymore.

If I feel love or silly or want to be playful, that is one thing, but I don't relate or react to things the way I did, and this all fits in with getting in other people's stuff. I find that I want to be there for them, but I don't want to get in the water with them, so to speak.

I hope I'm not pulling you away from your subject, but I guess it is rather timely because it even connected with a conversation I had prior to coming here this evening about my friend's observations about a new relationship and how much time and effort he had taken, through prayer, to appreciate that relationship and wanting it to work, so ....

You mentioned getting angry. I find that when you're up on that new level, where you like it, you don't get angry. It takes a lot of pulling at you before anger even comes near. I guess I wanted to get it off my chest that you seemed to stir that observation that I had been awakening and that I was holding. I appreciate it.

Leah: May I say something, too? I'm wondering, what do you do with a feeling if it's not let out emotionally? If you have a happy feeling, you want to laugh. That FEELS like a positive emotion, but if you get anger ... I guess I have to judge myself now, but I try to pray that I find some other thing to focus on. I used to deny the anger, but I don't do that anymore.

TOMAS: Let me respond, for you are in the practice of the issue. It is normal for you to feel, and your feelings are valid for they are speaking to you of your understanding of your own experience here. If you do not want to feel anger, you are better off, for then you can say, "I feel anger. I feel justified in my anger. Let me sit with the Father and discuss my feeling of anger," rather than, on the other hand, saying, "I have anger. I have a right to have anger," and then acting out your anger and harming others.

It is possible to have anger and use it effectively. If you have anger and you have discussed with the Father your anger, you will have an unemotional comprehension by way of His response to you that will clarify how it is that you may convey to the situation that it was disturbing to you without an emotional backlash. In other words, being aware of your feelings, even your joy, and handling them in accordance with the Father's will for you, will generate an effect from the Father rather than from your feeling and your emotional base.

Hunnah: May I comment again?


Hunnah: The very fact that the word anger comes up is interesting to me because I was thinking that if I ever get "mad" -- which is an emotion -- or suspect that I'm angry, my first reaction to finding out that I feel anger is wanting to re-identify it and saying that I'm probably disappointed. The disappointment and the frustration of not having any control over a situation, or disappointment in not being able to influence an individual to a more developed or mature outlet. These are the things I think I deal with most: disappointment that somebody can't handle themselves better or that I can't handle myself better. Is that anger?

Some people have a greater history of enjoying and experiencing and frequently being angry than some, and it has to do with how a person's brought up, that you weren't allowed to get angry, or you didn't even think to describe it as anger when you did get mad, and it's usually -- now it's related to disappointment that things aren't going better.

Like our friend here described some disappointment in her gift, expecting her conversation, she was just reminded of what really irked her. It's disappointing to expect one thing and then to get something totally different. Or you get impatient because there isn't any growth or change.

I've monopolized this conversation. I can't believe we're talking about this!

TOMAS: I will hold in reserve, then, a discourse on expectation, which is a viable subject of study and reflection. You have testified to two things, Hunnah, one of which is that in your cultural conditioning it is immature to manifest anger or even have anger. It is a cultural conditioning that at least says little girls don't get angry; it is "not proper." Even little boys are not allowed to get angry, for it is socially unacceptable. This is absurd, for children do get angry. They have tantrums. It is a normal part of childhood.

It is not a shame to have anger, even as an adult. The problem arises when the anger is manifested blindly and causes harm to others. If you have an emotion, any emotion, reflect that emotion back to your feeling and take stock of the feeling that generates the emotion.

You have fairly effectively recalculated your response to life, for your ability to elevate your response to certain situations from anger into disappointment as a method of not lashing out in the moment of anger is an effective discipline that you have undertaken behaviorally, but by the same token, my dear, you subject yourself to more than your share of disappointment.

It is not a crime to be angry, as compared to disappointment. Each of the many, many emotions is a reality unto itself and has its own message, its own learning instrument. If you are angry, recognize it. If you are lustful, recognize it. If you are covetous, recognize it honestly and face it fearlessly before you act out on it emotionally. I want to ask Leah if this is responding to your inquiry.

Leah: Yes, it's speaking to me quite a bit! I wasn't expecting to say something to you right this second. There I go with my expectations.

TOMAS: That is not the same thing. You are not wanting to be exposed at that moment. That is different than an expectation. I will, however, return with focus here to Hunnah and allow her to continue, or if another avenue is appropriate, I am amenable.

Hunnah: I wanted to add one more thing. When you said that culturally if you're not to get angry, then one thing you're going to-- that I did when I was young, literally, was cry. And obviously crying was my second choice. It was just like ... a leaf blowing over with a least little breeze, and I know that Leah, in the group, used to tear up quite a bit, and that would be my classic recent history, that I would get teary.

Perhaps-- and no matter what emotion, if you take crying and just discipline it … or lack of control or whatever analytical reason there would be, or anger … the thing that I find most trying about the whole ordeal is how exhausting it is, because these emotions had a price, and we don't have anybody speaking right now that stuffs their feelings, but the crying was always my way of releasing tension, and I was teased when I was young about being such a cry-baby, but that was my escape valve.

You pointed out emotions versus feelings and it's like reaction and response, that wonderful talk you gave us about reacting and responding, and it is, to me, being elevated. You go from being angry, which is a reaction, and that is not a response. What is the response then for anger, if...? Yeah, that's a reaction. What is a response for anger?

TOMAS: The response, always, is to take it to the Father and discuss it with Him. Take all of your feelings to the Father. He is not going to deny you access to Him because you come with an inappropriate feeling. If you are angry, then come to Him, even if you must punch Him in the nose with your anger. He can take it. And if you are patient, you can sit with Him and divulge the nature of your anger, to the extent that you can by-pass the emotional aspects of it and seek for the truth of the feeling - even to the ability, then, to either let it go or to appropriately deal with it by way of ministry.

I want to point out that the thrust of understanding here is on negative emotion and it is important to realize that positive emotions are also exhausting. Even having a good time can be wearing, and so what is the adage? Moderation in all things. Once you can attain that caliber of existence, you have developed charm. "Action achieves strength; moderation eventuates in charm."

Having a charming personality is beneficial, Godlike, peaceful, promoting of good will, comprehension, communication, compassion, and so forth, as compared to emotionally embroiling yourself in life's vicissitudes -- either your own or other people's -- in order to keep up the addiction of emotional input. It is a level of reality that is an unreality as compared to spirit reality.

Emotions can be the embroidery of a life. They can embellish your existence infinitely, but without understanding what they are, without recognizing that your feelings represent you in your relationship to yourself, therefore are a door of understanding your relationship with God, they can rather be like a grade B movie that you have paid too much for the ticket.

I did not intend to bring you down, my friends, by our discourse regarding emotion. I indeed wanted to call to your attention only that emotional excitement was not the same as a spiritual experience. That you are emotional beings, however, with a grand emotional heritage is part of what you present to the world, and as we teach, it behooves you to know who you are and how you affect others by your very being.

As I said earlier and as Merium supported, allow yourself this week to observe life as if you were watching television. Stand removed from life -- in the spirit if you will, if you can -- so that you can see the panorama of emotional behaviors that are enacted constantly in your world. One moment observing a TV screen will quickly point out what emotions look like. You can then see the emotions of those around you as they portray their own reality.

Elevate your portrayal of reality, my children, to be based in and for the First Source and Center. It is an aspiration, of course, in-as-much as you are human and you are and have emotional composition. I don't expect you to never have another emotional reaction, but it is an interesting assignment, and you will find you will have a great deal of freedom, spirit liberation.

MERIUM: We are stretching, putting pressure in tender places this evening, and as this is read in the form of a transcript, it may have some healthy release because I want to remind you that as you are released of the heaviness of the human experience, and the emotions that have burrowed into your flesh and into your emotional fields, then it is a sign of not purging but of letting go, and you will be frequently feeling like a leaking, sinking ship because there will be poisons, painful things that you have, held and kept for the wrong reasons even within your body and within your energy field, your emotional sphere. Your light is dimmed by this emotional cobweb that adheres, and as we talk about feelings and emotions, and as you allow yourself to exercise this impersonal observation, you will be able to look at yourself and see some of the places that are collapsing and you will watch them leave.

Hunnah was on the back porch today and brushed her cat. It had picked up green sticky burrs from the bushes, some type of bush that he had passed by, and he was not too pleased with having them on him nor did he want them to have to be released, so as you travel in this light experience, you are going to find that the grooming process is sometimes uncomfortable and that there are timely releases. There are areas and there are memories that you are not consciously aware that you are carrying with you, but you may be uncomfortable as they are passing by.

And you don't even have to put a name on them. Maybe you are feeling this discomfort of having these burrs being released from your emotional, your physical being. Celebrate privately to yourself and say, "Oh, there goes some more of that stuff that I don't need!" and know that in the grooming of your quiet time that these . . . this gravel in your shoes is being released from you so that you might be more comfortable.

We spoke to you of being stretched mentally. There is no part of you that is being operated on in any particular way. When we say that you are being stretched, we literally mean the all of you, not a little bit here and a little bit there. We are not picking burrs. We are allowing you and helping you to relax the tension in your being-ness, in your inner confinement. This is a process of releasing, of loosening up the unreality that hinders and makes your experience uncomfortable. We are not fitting you for rose-colored glasses, but we are helping you to use what you have to see with new eyes because your field of vision is going to be expanded.

Let me steal one more moment from Hunnah's experiences. She has had, over the many years, a scenario where she has been on an elevated piece of land with someone; there has been dialog; and over the years, the elevated place where she has stood has been higher and higher and the perimeter of her view has been greater. And in a sense this is what is happening to you.

As you are elevated, your whole countenance is altered, because the work that you are going to be doing requires the release of the limitations that have held you in what might seem an emotional bag to the liberated place of reason, introspection and the willingness to allow a new definition, a new feeling. And you will become honest and generous with yourself. You will consider your well-being as if it was God standing with you discussing your destiny

In the past, your status has been in the community at a community level comprehension with community values, but you have been lifted up. This is indeed an ascension mode. You have been ... what you might want to call ... climbing a hill. It is not really that, but these words and metaphors sometimes make you more comfortable with the changes. You are maturing, and you are not going through the pain of puberty; you are going through, just simply, into this intimate service of the living Lord.

I hope that this surprise discussion this evening will help you all to feel that you have taken a wonderful bubble bath and that you will be stepping out, standing taller and shinier and much more comfortable with yourself and there will be a playful appreciation with your friends. It is not heavy at all. It is a lightening up. And I hope that you will be able to accept this lesson this evening and that whoever reads it will say, "Oh, yeah! I like that idea very much."

Only love would let you feel this cared for, this appreciated, and be in this much confidence that we will be about the Father's business. Thank you, Tomas.

TOMAS: Thank you, Merium. Are there other questions? Ann, I understood you were aligning yourself with "Doubting Thomas" and that you have some concern about your faith.

Ann: I don't have concern with my faith. My questions were always "Why? Why are things the way they are? Why do they happen the way they do?" I accept the things that happen, but I seem to want to delve in and see how they happen, why they happen.

TOMAS: You are a child, indeed. You are being brought up anew. It is well known, in the mortal realms, that when a mortal child attains the age of 4 or 5 or 6 or so, they become a mass of questions and want to know "Why? Why? Why so many leaves are on that tree? How many colors are in that coat?" and so forth. This is a part of the investigations of the new creature.

In some ways you, too, are a new creature. You are becoming new. And that you are eager to know, to find out, to question, is a very healthy response. Your desire to know why things work and how things work is not to be disdained. You are in a phase of eagerness to comprehend.

Your understanding of comprehension is, of course, emotional and intellectual. The things of the spirit, however, are morontial and not merely emotional or intellectual. They ascend to another dimension, if you will, and although it is very real, it is also very curiosity-inducing, very question-invoking. It is not unnatural to want to know why, and surely you will learn.

There are certain laws of the universe and you are essentially wondering what they are and why are we barred from something here while the field is wide open there. What sense does it make? Perhaps none at all, but sense is not necessarily the lure of eternity. In time it will make sense, but it will make sense in your higher mind, not in the mind that you have known as a materialist.

You will discover truths as you remain open and eager to receive answers, meaningful answers that resonate not only in your mind but in your very being, that This is the Way. It is this way because it IS, and you will know this reality, this fundamental reality, in parts of you that are yet being developed.

As you ask questions of the cosmos, the cosmos answers, a little bit at a time, a lesson at a time. They are given certain names for your mortal comprehension such as the Law of Cause & Effect, the Laws of Abundance, and so forth, and these may not coincide with the laws and understandings [of mammon], but they are real none-the-less.

And so your asking many questions is an indication of your new appreciation of a greater reality and your hunger to know where, in all this vast knowledge and experience, do you fit and how does it make sense to you. Fear not your adventures, little one. You are given a wondrous playground in which to learn.

Ann: Thank you very much, Tomas.

TOMAS: You are more than welcome, my child. I wonder do you feel that my response has somehow put your mind, or a part of your mind, at ease.

Ann: Yes, it has.

TOMAS: I am glad to hear you acknowledge your growing comprehension of divine reality.

We will be having more lessons soon. Our season will be disrupted for holiday. Much like your schools here, you take a few days off for Christmas. We will take a few days off to celebrate the birth and life of the Master. And so perhaps in keeping with your tradition, I should wish you all a very merry Christmas.

Group: Merry Christmas to you, too. Thank you.

TOMAS: Are we concluded? Or are there other matters?

MERIUM: I am still full of energy, and I was just wondering what to do about it, but there is a statement I would like to make, that I have this impression, that in the future, when you are talking with friends, that you will be introducing new concepts to them in your everyday conversation, and you will help them to identify feelings or emotions, responses or reactions -- not in a sense of correcting them, but in a light, inner, golden dialog.

The concepts that you have received in the framework of these gatherings will be shared with those who do not appear to be students. Your classroom is the world. It is the everyday group. It is the casual exchange. And as you continue to remain focused, you will be appropriately about the Father's business, and occasionally you will hear someone say to you, "Who told you so?"

There is a friend of ours who wrote a book called "The Thunder of Silence" and when this person bought this book she read this line that indicated, "Who told you so? Man or God?" That is a little goodie to keep with you. Who told you so? Man or God? You can use that measure for your own moments of pondering. When someone presents you with a challenge, you will be able to get your yardstick out and say, "Where did they get their information? I will take it to my Source and my authority to have it redefined."

Gerdean: I have a question, Merium. What would you say about the human concern that if I am not steeped in the emotional energies that are common to my fellow men, then am I not going to appear "stupid, boring and glum" and/or am I not going to be wafting around in this-- not saintly state, certainly, but in such an aura of containment, that I'll make people … we'll make people uncomfortable? Does that make sense?

MERIUM: You amuse me. Excuse me for saying this. I love the dramatic overtones of the human condition. Who do you want to impress? Who is keeping score? Are you in fear of human judgment? If you are yourself, you will be appropriate. You will not even have to try to "be yourself" you just simply will be. And when you are in this best place, wear your most appropriate attire, of course, in personality form; you will hear yourself speak and that will be the clue.

You will know that you are wearing Cinderella's slipper and that you are appropriately attired, and the more time you spend in this "scary disguise," the more comfortable you will be, and you will not miss the tatters of yesterday's clothing and conversation and you will not draw to you people who will insist that you wear your old garb of talk in the old form.

There cannot be two. Why would you want two? One is enough to keep track of. You are new in Christ. You do not ever have to put on those old comfortable clothes of yesterday's behaviors and values. You don't have to worry, but when clothes don't fit you anymore, it is time to get rid of them.

Gerdean: Won't I be lonely?

HUNNAH: No. When you are fulfilled with the spirit you are not lonely, but you will feel, at times, that you have been taken apart. There is not a me and a you, there is only the fulfillment of satisfaction of your true nature, and that flexibility will allow you to travel the old path but perhaps not linger in certain situations.

There are people who do not want to grow, and you will probably be seeing less of them. There are people who are in partial readiness who will stay in your life but you do not have to trouble yourself with which ones those are. If they are there with you, then that is all that matters, but there will be personalities in your lives but you will no longer be hobnobbing with them, as you say. We do not have to hold on to everything or everyone.

We have to remember that they have their own journey and that there are others that will attend to them when they are ready. They may move to another part of the nation and there are others who will have already been prepared to assist them when they are ready for their stretch.

Gerdean: Thank you.

MERIUM: I hope you are not, but it doesn't really matter if you are disappointed with this answer. It is not easy to leave the old habitat. You want a new house and yet you want to take everything that made the old house old and drag it with you. It is human nature to want to hold on to things and relationships, even when they are not comfortable.

Gerdean: Well, I hope I don't disappoint you by conveying that it was a rhetorical question for the record, because I am not worried about being lonely. I realize I have a whole plethora of associates, not only in the spirit realms, but here also. I did like all that talk about a new dress. (Group giggle)

MERIUM: There are many dresses to wear. There are many addresses, also. You will know what to do. You are already doing it. You are already being what you hoped you could do or be. And as in our dialog this evening, we are simply reminding ourselves that there have been many painful emotions, at times, when we felt we were stuck and it all takes care of itself. So continue. This is an on-going movement.

TOMAS: I am Tomas. I would like to mention the fourth dimension, if you will. I know you are all delighted to have your own association with spirit reality, even to include your own seraphic guardians. And you can see how it is that those of you who have that fact of ascension in common are brought together in association and indeed removed from many who are not part of you but are still guided and protected by a legion of angels or a unit or another configuration. These occur right here in your physical realms. As you make certain decisions, you are elevated to a new plateau, even in your own hometown.

There are cases, for example. You will identify with a couple who severed the relationship, who oddly enough don't even run into each other, even in the same locale, and this is often because you are functioning on different levels. Those who you will encounter, Gerdean, who might entertain you as you waft about in your new gown, are those whom you might be able to touch in service. Those who are far removed from you, in terms of what you can provide for them or what they can attain from you, there will be a large span of space, cosmic space, dimensional space, between you, even though you may reside in the same village.

There are dimensions of reality that are under the control of many, many, many types and kinds of spirit beings, all of which are under the Third Source and Center, the Mother Spirit, who has a knack for interior decorating, the likes of which you have not comprehended. And so you will see there is nothing to fear. There is nothing even to question, for your path is laid out before you like those famous lily pads, and as you advance in your desire to know the Father, you will be shown the way.


We have enjoyed our full repast with you this evening. Each of you has brought a full course to our feast. Each of you has been well fed and offered dessert. Merium and I are so blessed to have you as our companions. How we love you! And how we love you even more as time goes by, and we spend time together and we grow together and we experience together the path that runs alongside the living water.

Beautiful children, enjoy your upcoming adventures. Indeed, there will be jubilations across your globe. Even now preparations are reaching a fever pitch in the spirit and in the emotions and in the intellect, for the acknowledgment of the materialization, the incarnation, the bestowal of the Creator of this universe, the Creator who became, for a time, a wee babe, a mortal of the realm, to share with you the experience of being a mortal of the realm, to know the feelings, to understand the emotions, and to reach for and attain the perfect harmony of unity between the divine nature and the human nature that would enable the entire cosmos to say, "Behold the Son of Man. Behold the Son of God."

Well, you know how I love Jesus, and I am looking forward to his being with us in these next few days as we honor his mortal life and his life entirely. I will curtail my enthusiasm, lest I become emotionally exhausted by my torrent of love and praise. I will save that energy for ministry to you and those of us who sometimes wonder what it's all about, that we can be there to spread the joy, to share the love, to shine the light that comes from Michael to all of His children. Good night, my friends.

Group: Good night.