1997-08-26-Expose Your Anger to Father


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Topic: Expose Your Anger to Father

Group: Woods Cross TeaM


Teacher: Abraham

TR: Nina



I am ABRAHAM. How blessed am I to know you each. How blessed am I to experience what you experience. My friends, accept my humble gratitude to you for your efforts in preparing the world for more enlightenment. It is wonderful to view your collective thoughts unifying in a common goal. You are beginning to grasp the ideals of the brotherhood. No one is any farther upon the path to God than any other. You are in understanding that you will all go together. I am made glad to ponder upon this reality.

It has been quite an eventful week for all of us. Think not that those who did not attend the conference did not receive our main message. I can say that each who lends an ear will indeed receive our message. We are joyous to confirm that our goal for this conference was completed successfully, and numbers within Father's Kingdom has expanded. We stand at the beginning of mountainous changes that will take place, spiritually speaking. It is those individuals who have knowledge of self-mastery that will assist in feeding the flock.

Last week we discussed steering towards the divine self, showing our human selves a more peaceful and loving way to solve problems. It is known that the more animal-like self needs a gentle nudge at times to act upon spiritual ideas. We will perhaps go into more detail on those spirit poisons you wish to have control over. It is known that in this day and age there are multiple ailments due to run-away emotions. The world would appear to be in complete chaos with rampant emotionalism. I would tonight begin to say a few words on anger.



There is no doubt that anger can stem from certain fearful happenings. Anger can be seen when one has felt cheated. I say that in a small way there is some resentment over Urantian isolation, anger towards the Lucifer Rebellion, which led to a planet being cheated of spiritual assistance. As more and more individuals come to God-consciousness this feeling of anger will be understood and modified. Anger can appear to be inflating without release. It is thought that anger must be in great release or explosion to be settled. I can shed a new light on anger.

Your internal Father is the great diffuser of anger where He can turn it to productive energy, instead of negative release. In your efforts to steer towards the divine through various avenues, therein awaits your Father to enfold your anger, and remove its sting. To go into immediate stillness during anger is practically impossible. To lay out your anger for Father to view is to inspect your anger through His eyes. Conference, yes, to confer with your Father, whether it is through private emotional out-bursting is of great benefit for viewing for what Father is viewing concerning your anger. Conferencing with Father in the midst of Michael's hard truths will aid in diffusing the negative energy of anger.

Father is all too knowing that His child is not about to sing eloquent praises to Him during anger, or well thought out prayer, no. Father is always available for you to thrust your anger before Him. Allow Him the opportunity to remove the sting, and understand the violation in which this anger stems. It is an excellent idea to lay out any difficulty before Father, but especially when in the midst of over-controlling anger. He is ready to accept your negative energy. It is said, overcome evil with good. Do you see, by exposing this anger there is comfort to be had, along with a mental and spiritual clarity? If at all possible, during your next bout with anger, talk to your Father, expose it to Him. Worry not about offending Him. He is entirely capable of showing you a new and better positive energy. Before you act on your anger, take a moment to show Father, and see what He sees, accept His divine guidance and comfort. Are there questions?


Healing, Money

WILLENA: Yes Father Abraham. I have a question that came up in the course of the conversation prior to [your lesson]. My personal work is of a nature that looks like healing. I have been trained in something very specific. I charge for it. Back in the days when we were all doing healings, I remember that there was real clear delineation between doing healings for money, and simply giving the gift. Because that line was pretty clear in my mind, I stopped doing the healings, per se, because I didn't want to confuse the energy, or the issue, because this is how I support myself through my rapid eye work, but also along those lines. So would you address that with me. Am I in good standing here, or am I out of integrity, or is there something that you can say to me that will allow me to feel at peace within myself about this?

ABRAHAM: It is well that you have sought help. In your seeking there is an acknowledgment of awkward feeling, and yet you are very conscious of doing right. It is difficult for me to say yes or no to this moral dilemma. I can only assure you of your good standing with Father, and express my confidence in you as a faith daughter of our Father. Your decision to charge for your service lies in what category is your service in. Do you see? Is it physiological? Is it physical? (Combination of both.) I would say that if it is spiritual, that would verge upon taking advantage of those in Father's Kingdom, as far as my understanding goes. Is this a service for Father to your fellows?

WILLENA: It is confusing, because the truth is I do everything from that position, but prior to being exposed to the healings through Urantia, I have been trained in various forms of healing techniques, according to the world. I have always been pulled to offer it from a higher position. So I can see that this is a real question. I definitely gave up the hands-on healings that we were being taught here, because that was very clearly a line that I felt drawn.

ABRAHAM: I say it is one of those decisions you must make according to your new light. I have no doubt that you are certainly qualified to handle. Another question?

NORWOOD: Abraham, your lesson tonight on anger, talking it over with the Father, releasing it to the Father, that subject was brought up today. I was talking with my wife about this very subject. My anger has been kept inside which has caused me some problems physically in my body where my nerves get a little frayed, and my muscles will tighten up, consequently I might be on a mild tranquilizer at times. That question I was dealing with this afternoon. It is refreshing to hear an answer so soon. I really appreciate your lesson tonight.

ABRAHAM: You are certainly welcome, and I am aware of this. Repressed anger has been a leading cause of arthritis, depression, skin ailments, and various other problems. Anger released to the Father through your human self is a beneficial avenue to take, whether it is through yelling, crying, fist-pounding. Father is all too ready to accept your human behavior, no matter how juvenile it may appear to you. Do you see in this release there is not repression and the physical ailments that may accompany anger. Does this help? (Yes, very much. Thank you.) You're welcome.


MIRIAM: Abraham, I was wondering, like we were saying before the meeting, the deal in Colorado was like a lesson within a lesson. I was so grateful for your lesson to have avenues and tools to use to process that experience. I have a question. I don't know if this is a spiritual poison or not. I am a little gray on this. Say for instance, when you are sitting in a meeting, and your inner guidance tells you something, and it doesn't maybe jive with what the rest of the group has going--that is kind of a hard one for me. Do you listen to your voice and you get up and leave, or sit and learn tolerance and acceptance? I did both during that conference. The one that I am asking about, I was sitting in a meeting, and I did my own thing, instead of what they were doing. Later on I talked to the woman about it, and I told her about my discomfort. Is that a spirit poison? You know, like I feel bad. I feel like I should have just grooved with everybody. I knew I didn't want to do that. I really didn't feel like I should. I guess this kind of guilty thing got going, and I felt like I ought to.

ABRAHAM: Understood. Your first impression was correct. Your guilt feelings stem from your past experience with non-conformance. Your immediate internal feeling upon making your decision to not participate was what, one of peace and contentment, or more conjoined with the ego, a feeling of my way is the right way? Do you see the guilt came later after having time for the human you to have input? No, what you did was not in error. You were following your internal Father. Does this help?

MIRIAM: So, like you are saying I was groovin with my ego or I wasn't? You are saying I was looking to my internal Father, and I wasn't looking to my ego? I didn't understand.

TR: He is saying, you decide. Laughter.

RACHEL: Father Abraham, I thought it was time for a little humor. It is time for parents to take their children to church when their children believe that the second coming is the return of Michael Jordan. Laughter.

[TR: I was explaining who Michael Jordan is to Abraham, he said, "I know."]

ALAUNA: Abraham, I'd just like to introduce a member to our group, Ashley.

ABRAHAM: Greetings to you Ashley. It is my extreme pleasure to meet with you. I am aware of your connection with Father is strong, and yet, sometimes confusing. If I can be of help to you, please feel free to ask me anything. One more question.

CALVIN: I just wanted to ask if we did read more into our observations than what was actually there? Is there something you can comment on at the teaching gathering? I know we could have exercised a little more refined ways of doing things. Its going to come with more teaching and experience. I think you understand what I asked?

ABRAHAM: Yes, you are correct in what you say. I can also say that it was not easy to have our students act upon truth without some prodding. You have your understanding of truth, and how it affects you. It should not cause you shame or embarrassment as long as you cling to the authority of your divine Father. There should not be any questions as to the validity of your inner feelings.


Having said this, I shall take my leave. I would remind you to expose your anger to Father for divine clarity to take place. My peace and love to you each. Until next week, shalom.