1997-09-09-Born of the Spirit

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I am ABRAHAM. Welcome to you each here tonight. I must say I too was deeply involved in your topic for debate. I know well that group unified thinking does not appear to be a possibility, and yet, I can guarantee to view you each with your good intentions is truly beautiful. It is most gratifying when groups of mortals can debate as a family and stay committed to one another. I must say that your show of strong emotion was an indicator of your care for each other. Without your care and concern for one another this particular branch in our Mission would not be in existence. I would also be committed to you each no matter what.

Last week I had spoke on the spirit poison of fear. I had asked you to contemplate your first experiences in knowing God existed in the hope that this would help to dissipate your feelings of fear. In being born of the Spirit one sees with new eyes. A mortal is practically different in every aspect from that moment forward. It is as if one had humbly chosen to lay down his old ways of thinking to be transformed into a new creature. This acknowledgment of being a new creature, having died to the old ways, renews the faith levels. These new faith levels remind you that being a new creature you see things differently. Fear is not as powerful as it once was. There is faith and trust in a higher power. There is confidence in knowing your Father knows you, and can bestow upon you His knowledge. Your memories of first beliefs that Father was real and knew you through and through, loved you in spite of your failings, and thought to share your life with you, brings an amazing amount of comfort and feelings of safety. One who has been born spiritually is a different person. Great changes can occur. Old thinking is fading away, and a new taste for adventure is present. How wonderful it is when we can be made small to have recognition for something so great, so loving and protective. I would ask at this time to say a prayer of gratitude to our Father.

Father, we would be small so we could recognize your workings in our lives. We would grant you our praise, and give our gratitude to you who knows all things, can do all things. If our thankfulness were a symphony playing for you it would be so great and powerful it would reach the outer edges of the universe. We are knowing of your watch-care, and yet, at times we forget our smallness and become fearful, forgetting that you know all things and can do all things. We, your children, would ask you for your continued help on these lessons of self-mastery, and greater knowledge of your personal being. Help us to maintain our smallness so we would have successful communication with you. Father, again we ask, MAKE US LIKE YOU. Amen.

In our memories of being born of the Spirit, worship sometimes follows. We can view the negativity in the world. We can remember our old lives and the tremendous amount of spirit poisons we held. Thanks to our Father, He has made Himself known to us that we might reach out to Him. Without our first recognition of Father's existence we would be still stumbling through our spirit poisons. Can you feel the gratitude for your divine saviors? These moments of worship and gratitude are especially helpful in self-mastery, not that Father would need to be praised and worshipped to bestow knowledge to His children, no. The worship and gratitude helps you to enlarge your capacity to receive His word. Yes, a mortal who feels dragged down by spirit poisons is likely to find worship to be a life preserver.

This week I would ask that you still study anger and fear, and make effort to find moments to worship and be grateful for you knowledge of the Father. Next week I would begin on the subject of despair and depression. Have you questions?

CALVIN: Abraham, in our Mission participation, as the teachers view this two-way mortal to teacher contact, would the teaching staff prefer us to come to the table with the teachers on what is best here, or is it more to your teaching to say, students, figure it out for yourselves, we are bringing you to the Father and let that guide you? Don't come to the table with the teachers help. Do you get what I am saying?

ABRAHAM: Yes. This is mostly individual. Various individuals would handle things in the manner to which they were best suited. Some individuals would take action because they were feeling strongly to bring out truth. Some individuals may feel drawn to take action because of past painful experiences. Some would take action from a truly ego led point of view. Your desire to bring forth consciousness to certain topics is commendable, and you may be spirit led to do so. I would also say that some individuals are not prepared to receive your particular words, and you are entirely qualified to know who can accept your challenge to view truth and who cannot. The Master knew also who would accept His words, and who was not capable of doing so. The Master worked individually and consistently. He would only give words to those who would hear. I would say that you do well in bringing consciousness to these topics, and yet, in doing that there needs to be some softening of the words, not holding back, just softening. Are you understanding?

CALVIN: Yes, very clearly put, thanks, except for how much contact would you, our director/teacher, like us to have?

ABRAHAM: I feel that our contact is adequate. I can see you here in our group, or at your convenience. There is no limit, if that's your meaning?

CALVIN: Yes. I think the issue for me is I don't know when my own 'at home contact' with you or the other teachers is me misled, or wishful thinking, or wrong interpretation. I think you said earlier we like clarification through a transmitter we trust better than our own selves maybe.

ABRAHAM: There will come a time when all transmitters will stumble and fall short. Your best transmission would be from your own Indwelling Father. That is who you should put your faith and trust in. All transmitters will fall short. No one transmitter is entirely accurate. You are to each rekindle your flame with your own Indwelling Father through your memories of being re-born in Spirit. You can trust your own inner guidance if you feel it is from a standpoint of doing the will of our Father for Father's glory. To communicate with others is also an anchor in the sea of unknowing. To guard against irrational thinking, or to guard against fanatical thinking, or irrational actions, it is wise to have communication with your fellows, and a amount of time to ponder over those things you feel you received. Is this answering? (Yes. Thank you Abraham.) You're welcome.

NORWOOD: Abraham, I would just like to thank you for that answer to Calvin because those have been my thoughts also--that question on trying to contact my teacher, but in reality I have been contacting my Father Spirit, Fragment, learning to follow His wisdom, His advice that He has been giving me. That just verified my own thoughts, and the Father's truth that has been given to me the last month or so. Thank you for that.

ABRAHAM: You are certainly welcome. I would say to each one that our Mission is to have mortals have better contact with their Indwelling Father. We on the teaching staff are but a tool. I can say to you, Norwood, your Adjuster contact becomes stronger every day, and doubt not that you also have my assistance along with others from on High. Another question?

MIRIAM: Abraham, this is the first time this has happened to me that I have come to one of these meetings and I feel upset. I don't feel good. I don't want to go into a long deal about it, but I was just wondering if you had any guidance for me?

ABRAHAM: Certainly. Miriam, this group of individuals has been like a long marriage. There has been love, but also have there been many disagreements, to which the solutions have not come without some time. In our marriage there is emotion, there are spirit poisons, there is some resentment, and yet, I can say that is not enough for this marriage to be dissolved. This group, through its times of confusion, has vowed to stay together, to be committed to keep reaching for that common goal. I can say that this group has also been the producer of spiritual fruits, feelings of family togetherness, feelings of safety, linking of like-minds, and for us here in this marriage who view the world as lost and hopeless, we come here together to find God and be hopeful. You, Miriam, have brought your heart and commitment to our group. We are better for you entering into our union. Let not your uneasy feelings chance to disrupt your foundation of commitment. It is in those feelings of uneasiness that brings us these lessons to build upon our foundation. Your honesty is a wonderful thing to behold. Always let this be a name tag in which we recognize you. Does this help? ( Yes Abraham. Thank you very much.) You're welcome. One more question.

WILLENA: Abraham, I was very, very affected by Princes Diana's death. I was surprised by it. I spent the week basically grieving. I watched the funeral all night long. There was a moment in it that I want to talk about. There was a prayer that the Archbishop of Canterbury asked all the people in the church, all the million or so people outside the church, millions of people around the planet to join in the prayer, Our Father, all at once. I joined in and I felt very strongly physically affected by the fact that I was one of billions in that moment praying all together on this planet for this event, this passing, this honoring, this recognizing of this particular person that represented so much love and compassion. My question is, in that moment I felt connected to the brotherhood. I felt so completely one with a planet that I was stunned. Would you address that experience I had--that moment of praying with the world?

ABRAHAM: I know not how to say it better than you just did. You are correct in your thoughts of unified consciousness in that, out of this seemingly tragic event, momentous thought unification occurred. You are correct in your understanding that there was a great link to the brotherhood between mortals of Urantia. It was felt far beyond this solar system. There has not been such a use of these circuits since before they were severed. This is felt physically as you had described. Yes. Does this answer?

WILLENA: Yes. There is just one more piece because of Mother Treasa dying within a week. My understanding is that these two women represented a healing or a opening on this planet in terms of the heart charkra, cracking open the heart, breaking the heart and then expanding it, that there is actually at this time on the planet a rekindling of, a renewing of compassion on this planet. Am I accurate? Is that so?

ABRAHAM: Yes, compassion, self-forgetfulness, service, and joy through it all. Yes, you are correct in these events. There is advanced spiritual seeds being planted in the hearts of those who could not see their way through to be of service, to enjoy self-forgetfulness. I am slipping, and I would ask that you find time to have worship and moments of gratitude to expand your capacity for reception from our Father. My love is with you continually. Until next week, shalom.