1997-12-30-Energies & Health

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Topic: Energies & Health

Group: At Large


Teacher: Michael

TR: Steve



Brothers and sisters, greetings, and especially greetings to the one I know the best. I look forward to being able to communicate more directly to him. [Remainder of greeting deleted.]


The energy I work with is primarily heart energy. I do this in two ways. I enlarge the heart chakra and increase the vibratory rate at which the chakra can absorb energy. Thus, capacity and frequency are both elevated.

This is accomplished through the bringing and interpreting of experiences during the mortal life and spirit life in which you will participate after your temporary death on the earth plane. Death is simply a door. A new body awaits. In fact a series of bodies await. These will not be material in your definition on the earth plane, but they are considered 'material' to those on the spirit plane.

Your mortal experiences are the experiential factor by which God elevates your understanding of the various planes of life and the continuing grand adventure of service. Experience is all important. It is not only a means of sharing your experiences with God. God actually gains experience through you as well. Both you in the material world, and we in the spiritual world, gain from your experiences. You are living a 'shared' life. Your experience is the main way that God teaches you. It is how, as a mortal, you are brought to a state in which God may, through personal revelation, evolve your individual consciousness, to raise you up to seek the everlasting adventure of service in the realm of God's Spirit. God actually can assist you in bringing those experiences you need to enlighten yourselves to you. You are in a partnership – You and God. You choose. God encourages. You provide direction. God provides framework.

All reality is in truth God’s Spirit. We simply exist in Him. The lightworkers work to extend the Spirit of God abroad in the material universe. The material universe is simply a vibratory manifestation of God’s Spirit. It is a framework for evolution. It is up to the service workers or lightworkers to assist the fulfillment of God’s intent within the framework. We are loved and trusted by our Father you see. The ultimate act of love and trust is to allow us to unfold at our own rate and time. Freewill is an act of trust. Reality is imbued with the consciousness of God even though we cannot always see it or be aware of it. Spirit is too fine a substance to be seen with mortal eyes or even most, what you would refer to as, spiritual eyes. In truth most of us on the great adventure of God’s service simply have a different type of body than your own and are really just ‘mortal' if you will.

Experience in the material body is created by making an actual connection between your chakra and the energetic possibilities. This creates the manifestation of your actual experience. This can be as visible as a beam of light to the trained eye. That energetic expression attaches you to the item of your desire. Desire or emotional content makes the beam of attraction stronger. You literally 'bring' the experience or thing to you by attaching your chakra beam to it and drawing it into your experience. This is the mechanism by which God is able to work in your life. He is able to encourage you to attract those experiences which will optimize growth for you as an individual. And, God does indeed know you as an individual. It is literally true that "nothing is hidden from God." How can it be otherwise when God looks out upon the world through all your eyes?

The real truth is that all paths of honest seekers of truth will lead eventually to the ultimate destination of God’s love. Most of these differences in philosophy or 'paths' that you see from all the Masters currently attending to the earth’s needs is due to the fact that these Masters have 'mastered' their own path and they simply ask you to follow this 'path' that they understand so well, having lived it. But no one can really, exactly match another’s path. And, the masters understand this. They are simply explaining how they conceptualized the path that they have taken in hopes that it will provide – you as a seeker – a framework until you are strong enough to understand that each must develop his own unique path, and that although many paths will utilize a similar framework, no path is exactly the same. Could it be otherwise? You are a unique expression of God's love. And, the new spirit being that you will become with your eternal partnership with God is the only begotten son and daughter of the most high God. How could there be another like you? And, if there can be only one new 'you' –

is it surprising that your path with and to the Great Unknowable God of the Universes will be uniquely your own? The infinite God sends out infinite opportunities to find and commit to the service of God.

One of the concerns for gaining an ability to attach and detach appropriately from our experiences in the material world, is that when we become overly attached or overly detached from this energy that passes from us through our chakras, that an imbalance can occur which can cause illnesses in the mortal lifetime. For instance, if God determines that we need to work on relationships – a framework is created and we will begin to attract others to us. Our energy from our chakras seek out similar energies in others with similar lessons to learn and we make a connection through our own choices. We begin to work out that relationship. Let us say the lesson is learned and the other person’s energies begin to detach but our own energies refuse to recognize the appropriate times to detach, then this could cause jealousy and anger. If the attachment becomes a fixation then a warp of the energy occurs. This loss of energy causes an imbalance in your system which over time can translate into an illness in the body. We can keep repeating this same lesson over and over again, attracting and refusing to detach from similar relationships until this warp in the energy is detached and healed appropriately.

The physical is the doorway to the spiritual realms for your races. It can be used to accelerate your growth. If this were not true then God would not have provided material reality. A lot of time is spent condemning the physical, yet this is a creation of God that proceeds from the spiritual. It's base in reality is spiritual. It is upheld by the spiritual energies. It cannot be bad. At best, it can be neutral and is for your highest use. Work with it. It leads to eternal life. It is the 'temporal part' of the eternal, if you will excuse my humor. It is difficult to be balanced in your life. Focus on God is one way to accomplish this balancing. Give the things in life up to God. Focus on acceptance and love. Focus on service to your brothers and sisters. Time will pass and before you realize, you will be transformed without your realizing that the transformation was underway. God inside you has all power. Many of you concentrate on what you can do during your series of days of mortal time and the obvious answer is nothing. You would not even be alive without the continual presence of God. You do not contain life within you. Life is a gift. It allows you to come willingly to the source of that life. You have nothing to give but your willingness to come. Willingness is the ultimate key. Be willing to let God have the lead in your life. It is called faith. And that faith is a transforming thing.