1998-04-13-Self Punishment

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Topic: Self Punishment

Group: Woods Cross TeaM


Teacher: Abraham

TR: Nina



I am Abraham. I am with great love and respect for each one of you. I am always made glad by our visits. I am highly grateful for our friendship. I deem myself blessed for knowing you and having a relationship with you. I do endeavor to bestow Fatherly affection, allowing you each your life experience, opinions, and personal definitions of things spiritual. I would not ever make it my place to have you feel as I do, have opinions the same as my own, no. I am not offended when my words are not met with your approval, nor do I take offense at your reactions, or personal characteristic traits. I am attempting to love with the bestowal of freedom.


Mother's request last week was for you to have this same love for yourselves, allowing yourselves the freedom to live fully through all mortal living experiences, allowing yourselves room for evolutionary growth, feeling no pressure about the time taken for stumbling. Yes, Fatherly affection and self forgiveness applied to your own lives will help you to lose some of those unrealistic fears and habits to make way for new evolutionary lessons.

To continue in the habit of self punishment is really a great sadness within those forces that aid in your ascension. Self punishment has always been a form of sacrifice or atonement to the gods. I can say that to believe you are deserving of punishment or negative happenings, is no less than a prison which limits you in attaining those things you would desire for yourself, and also those things God would desire for you.

Mother has asked you to review life memories to gain understanding, self forgiveness and healing; to promote well balanced mental health. She also shares these lessons now at this time to upgrade the thinking concerning relationships. In your mortal life, your fellows before your eyes would appear to be your closest relationships. I can say maybe not the closest, but most definitely important.

This evening, I would speak for a moment on mortal attachments and those attachments we must let go in order to grow. Many mortals down through history found that a man's most prized possession was the people that belonged to him.

The people made him who he was. In the days of old, a man could bargain or trade these people for goods. It is somewhat like that today when in relationships, people are thought of as property or goods to be bargained or reflect who an individual is. Of course, mortals have a great need to belong and have companionship, and most mortals would be wise to investigate, to rethink the relationship.

This week I would ask that you review your relationships. Are they healthful connections or unhealthy attachment? We will continue to speak on this next week. Have you questions?


Gender, Mansion Worlds

RACHEL: Yes Father Abraham. This is a question I wanted to ask last week while we were still studying about Mother Spirit. On Urantia, the term "mother" or "daughter" denotes a female gender. What does it denote on the spiritual worlds? Number two: When you see Mother Spirit, how does Her appearance differ from that of male gender Spirits such as Prince Machiventa Melchizedek and Christ Michael, and so on? Number three: If I were on the mansion worlds and could see two spirits, without asking, would I be able to denote their gender?

ABRAHAM: Gender beyond the mortal life is more perhaps recognized on a soul level, a perception through internal feelings. Not so much visual do you recognize gender, but by mindal recognition. Mother to me is recognized first in my mind as Cocreator, Parent, Care taker. My first recognition is neither male nor female. My recognition of Her is based on my internal understanding, not my visual. Mother's personality is powerful, and yet, by Her personal traits, I could describe Her as complete grace. I could describe Mother as the water of life, as in fluid and in motion. I could perceive form my internal feelings, She is the embodiment of true beauty, where Her care taking abilities are gentle, and yet, fierce in power and passion. I also would perceive Michael as Creator, Parent and Care taker, Brother, Father... His first perception I receive is neither male nor female, but as Creator, Parent, Caretaker. Are you understanding?

RACHEL: Yes I am. I am understanding what you are saying. I really and truly asked some of this for all the different women that are wondering about the equality between the male and female on the mansion worlds.

ABRAHAM: I can understand, and I would find it most wonderful if our earthly sisters could feel the most excellent equality that our female personalities feel here. Good question Rachel. (Thank you.) Another question?

Childhood, Healing

ROLAND: In the Jesus Papers, John Mark went with Jesus into the hills for a day and they had discourse. One of the things that was brought up was that Jesus knew that John Mark would be a loyal devoted servant because of his first eight years of his life. He was exposed to a loving family and parents who showed true affection for one another. Also, it indicated in there, I think the young mans name was Amos... he wasn't as fortunate, and he carried scars from the experience form zero to eight that would make him not as well known or as trustworthy as John Mark. In those first eight years, we are all affected to some degree adversely by a negative situation. That being said, my question to you is... Do these adverse affects of childhood ascend with us throughout our ascension? Are we limited by our early childhood experience?

ABRAHAM: Only by the choices you make. To be hindered by past traumatic events you are made stronger. The decision is always up to the individual, and if this is to continue on into the morontia life, then so be it, perfectly acceptable. Yes, does this answer?

ROLAND: Yes it does. I am supposing that as we get to Light and Life that mothers and fathers know how to raise their children so they don't have negative self images. That must be something that during the morontial training, we are trained out of having a negative self image. Would that be a correct statement?

ABRAHAM: Yes. In planetary evolution, the knowledge is greater and mistakes are fewer, but I mean not to cast a negative light upon the parents of this age. I would say there are parents who care deeply and are not equipped with the tools wherewith to raise children with a positive self image. I do say also, that great strides are being taken to educate and allow for the earth's people to understand that the love and time taken today for a child prevents future societal problems, but yes, you are correct in that children raised in worlds settled in Light and Life have a greater chance for success. Does this answer?

ROLAND: It does. I don't mean to take up a lot of time, but the practical matter of this is for all of us who possess perhaps damaged self images from those first eight years, what attitude would we take and how should we pray to correct that?

ABRAHAM: An attitude to take is not one of helpless victim, but as one who has been given more advanced lessons to become an excellent server in our Father's Kingdom. Pray for understanding and strength to endure the hard truths and allow our Divine Parents to bestow upon you the understanding of your true status as a child of God. Another question?

Survival, Thought Adjusters, Stillness

CURT: Yes. Are we at a spiritual level now, or in the near future, where we will be able to consciously make the choice of not existing, or moving on toward fusing with our Thought Adjuster? And could you give us some help with some way or path that we can communicate better with our Thought Adjuster so we can gain a better co-existence with Him?

ABRAHAM: These concepts are in the text, but I can say this that yes, there is a choice each one must make to choose survival, or not. Upon death or shortly thereafter, all understanding is given to the one who would make the survival choice. All life experience is understood and it is easier to make a decision from this broadened perspective. Meditation or the stillness is your best exercise for Thought Adjuster connection. A humble heart, one who is allowing for Father's answers instead of their own, makes for a strengthened bond between you and your Father.

Stillness practice in combination with a good balance of humility is good to start with, and time passing, the connection is more constant. Does this answer? (Yes. Thank you.) One more question.


CALVIN: Abraham. In the Urantia Book it talks about the Universal Conciliators, a group of four individuals who are available to come to the mortal worlds to help solve mortal conflicts or deadlocked decision making. It also talks about what is referred to as the "Trio Arbitrators" who are the "referee's" of the worlds. They have many levels from the mortal world up through the superuniverse level, but on the superuniverse level, they are no longer "arbitrators," but "explainers of mystery" and so on. On the mortal level, one of the four is called a "Divine Executioner" whose purpose is to make contact with the mortal races of men to present the decision of the other three. My question... Is that something that we can begin to take use of on this planet, or is it something that is more available on a Light and Life type world not an isolation world? (25:2)

ABRAHAM: My information is that the Conciliators are already functioning on Urantia. Urantia is no longer considered isolated. There is a great amount of work for all the Divine forces.


I am slipping. I would ask again that you attempt to re define your relationships and make note if possible. My love is with you always. Until next week, Shalom.