1998-07-27-Our Goals

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Topic: Our Goals

Group: Woods Cross TeaM


Teacher: Abraham

TR: Nina



I am ABRAHAM. Greetings. Welcome, my friends, to another week of spiritual discovery. I look forward to each week with anticipation and wonderment at what Father has prepared for me to teach upon. I always feel at home among you. My gratitude to your for your patience and dedication, and also to Father for opening these doors for me to teach.


Our mission has been long in the making. We have already accomplished a great deal of small goals to get us closer to our main goal. I usually think not of the main goal, but focus more on those small steps that take us where we need to go. My associates and I cannot step into Urantian reality and come froth saying, "change and be corrected," no. We cannot feel anxious for our goal to be pushed into completion. We are joyful that our small steps are most of the time successful and even sometimes disappointed at things unsuccessful.

My associates and I were informed from the very beginning that the Correcting Time was to progress at Father's pace, which is a natural evolutionary pace. We expected not to awaken those spiritually sleeping and proclaim the good news that Urantia is well loved and cared for. We were informed step by step on how to proceed in the assisting of evolution. Our Mission at first was directed toward letting mortals know of our existence; then of Father's love for them; and then the disillusionment exercises came into play; and finally the spiritual teaching went out, which was our goal for many years.

Many of our small goals have been accomplished. Of course, the main goal has not been reached, nor are we disappointed by that fact, no. It is all in Father's natural evolutionary time that we will reap the happiness of our efforts, and even then will we all bow in awesome gratitude to our Father, who makes all things possible.

In mortal living, many expect their time to be God's time and are disappointed when goals are delayed. The wise mortal knows all goals are completed in natural evolutionary time.

A man who has been injured in an accident and is paralyzed does not focus on the end of his recovery, which is to be up and walking around, no. He focuses on the physical therapy he will have to endure to progress toward his goal of walking, all the while, looking for Father's open doors. If this man does not appear to find the open doors towards total recovery, which would allow him to walk, he perhaps looks for those open doors which would find him employment, or purpose, or fulfillment in some other avenue. Perhaps he may teach upon the hazards of his particular accident. A man who found himself unable to ever walk again would surely experience crushing defeat, yes, but the spiritual man would redirect his goals towards fulfilling his mortal destiny in other ways.

Yes, his defeat would be temporary; surely there is happiness to be found. A Zebra does not make a goal of attaining spots like his fellow Leopard, no.

Goals must be realistic. A man who is told he will not walk, and has put forth his best effort to no avail, in time, begins to accept it and redirect his goals. Of course, this is not done without every effort within his being. He is simply not allowing his adversity to make him lie down before his struggles with hopelessness. His goals must become realistic. Perhaps his next goal is to contend with the depression that has set in from his disappointment, yes.

Father wishes for your every abundance and opens those doors that you need in His natural evolutionary time. His path is always spiritual. Before material or personal fulfillment, He always chooses the spiritual. Know that Father will open doors of spirituality first. He desires closeness with you, and in closeness, there is always success. We know that Father has His own natural evolutionary time in which we must allow for when setting our goals. We know our goals must be kept within the realness, and always the first doors Father opens are regarding spirituality and closeness to Him.

I mean not to say there won't be things miraculous, no. Miracles are Father's immediate fingerprints, yes. These small miracle are however, usually performed to gain attention from a wide circle of people. You would perhaps experience a small miracle and go forth to share your joy and gratitude with another. The sharing of these immediate Fatherly fingerprints are indeed faith promoting, and there is no reason why you would not receive one.

The man who is downtrodden by his handicap and receives a phone call with a job offer, may certainly regard this as Father's fingerprints and reap the joy therefrom, but for the most part, your mental attitude is better balanced with the thoughts of Father's time is normal evolutionary time. You need not feel anxiety ridden over the time that passes to attain your goals, no. It is better for your to focus on the small steps you can take toward attaining your goals. Watch for Father's open doors to closeness with Him. Your closeness guarantees a good balance in all you do.


I am not accepting questions for reasons regarding this lesson which will be explained next week. This week I would ask you to keep journaling, or begin if you're not. In your writing whispers the voice of Father. I will also attend to your during these journaling sessions. I would ask for your questions at that time. Be aware that I am close by and desire very much to speak with you. Again, my love goes with you. Until next week, Shalom.