1998-08-10-On Worship

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Topic: On Worship

Group: Woods Cross TeaM


Teacher: Abraham

TR: Nina



I am ABRAHAM. Welcome, my friends. How wonderful it is to arrive in a group that is so uplifted, so jovial, yes. It is wonderful when we can gather and generate hope, uplift one another, and promote faith.


Anyone who has been spiritually reborn knows that hope lies in faith. Your faith in Father is indeed your salvation and shield from those things which would promote hopelessness. Any child willing to allow Father to have influence in their lives knows that hope is not possible without trust in a Supreme Ruler.

How do Father's faithful children maintain hope and faith? Why do some fight the good fight and some appear to be incapable of doing so? What keeps hope alive? How, in the midst of unspeakable events, can Father's children regenerate hope amongst themselves?

Surely your faith continues to free you from the burden of hopelessness, but one with faith must surely know that the key to regenerating hope is the capability to worship to feel personally touched by a Supreme Sovereign to know that in their smallness they are deeply cherished to live with a grateful heart, is certainly hope promoting.

My friends, [for] belief and hope and perseverance one must obtain the ability to worship; to express to our Father that we wholeheartedly believe He watches over our every need and is completely capable of guiding us. With the busyness of everyday living we forget how important worship is for our spiritual diet. In your worshiping, do you acknowledge Father is certainly working in your life and you are committing your will to doing His.

You can see your fellow mortals living lives of hopelessness, not putting forth effort because they are without faith and understanding that the Gods are aware of their existence. Your ability to worship is always renewing your commitment to Father and regenerating hope within to persevere, to carry on.

Your receiving this rejuvenation is seen through the outworkings of all your daily tasks. Your fellows do recognize you are uplifting in faith and hope.

Our goal for this week is to renew your understanding concerning worship. A few moments of acknowledging Father's mighty fingerprints in your life and the world around you is literally energizing energy that is recognized wherever you go. Light dispels the darkness; you are bearers of this light.

Many committed to going about the Father's bidding envision magnificent selfless acts they can perform. My friends, Father's bidding is much closer to home. Whether you are helping a family member, or a friend, or perhaps a neighbor, or coworker, you can be sure you will have the energy to go forth, for you are connected.

Daily worship is your drink from the well of light. Your mortal connections are your mission tasks and the exercise of regenerating hope in their presence goes a long way. This evening, I will receive only a couple questions.



HARRISON: Abraham, today after reading part of the Urantia papers in Christ's ministry, I approached my wife with the possibility of working a book together. I would appreciate any comments you might have, any support you might offer, and whether or not you think we should even attempt this.

ABRAHAM: This is perhaps something to be answered by your Indwelling Father. He is one who would open doors to this task. I could only ask that you allow time to pass before making a decision. It is known that sometimes in the moment of excitement and enthusiasm; one could get caught up in making decisions that are fading with time. If this assignment is to be... then the desire will stay with you and Father will show you the open doors. Is this answering? (Yes, thank you.) Another question?

KURT: Abraham, this is my daughter Monica. This is the first time she has been to a meeting. I am just curious if you had any special words for her. She has a lot of things going on in her life. (Monica is around 10ish, and this same night, unbeknown to each other, two other daughters of the group, about the same age, were unusually present.)

ABRAHAM: Greetings, my daughter. I am amazed with the energy I can see around you. How wonderful it is to meet one who is also so creative and brilliant in thinking. You, Monica, may at times doubt your brilliance and are burdened by others suggestions toward you, but I can say, let not these negative comments come between and what you know to be real. You indeed have a future within this Mission, and events that happen to you now train you for your mission assignments. Monica, my dear, you will certainly be a great light to all who know you. I say to everyone here, that these little ones are your mission assignments. The constant explaining to them, the teaching, the discipline, the watch care, the love, the validation... is certainly your greatest mark you could leave your home planet. It is important that the children of our Mission participants are at some time taught the Urantia Book and about the Correcting Time, yes. It is wonderful for me to meet with you young ladies this evening, yes. Another question?

CALVIN: Abraham, brother Ham announced that he would like to address the General Council or the Conference at Vancouver next year. Some do question that, so I'll just leave it at that for you maybe to make a comment or a "no comment."

ABRAHAM: I am understanding it is early to make decisions concerning that, but I am told that even now as we speak do Father's workers make way to show the Mission friendly. Time will prove our Mission to be embracing the URANTIA BOOK and the concept of God as our Father and man as brothers. This is my information.


Our question time is limited so I would take my leave, and again remind you that our goal for this week is to renew our worshiping techniques and allow the light we receive to spill over to all we meet. As always, my love is with you. Until next week, Shalom.