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Topic: Service

Group: Nashville TeaM


Teacher: Ham

TR: Rebecca



Ham: Greetings, children, friends, I am Ham and I am grateful that you have come here today. Tonight, I want to talk about service.



As you increasingly come to dedicate your lives to the furtherance of our mission, as you come to love the mission, you also come to love service. Children, you are all embarking on new lives and I tell you now that service must become the center of your lives, the focal point of your thinking. Everyone who lives, serves. You each serve in your various job capacities, your work. All is service, if you come to understand it correctly.

All human beings are meant to live by and through serving their fellows and this service, in whatever job you are doing, whatever manner you have chosen to make a living in this world, this service can be elevated to a most sacred duty. If you are flipping hamburgers at MacDonald's, for example, you can lighten your burden by elevating this task to a sacred responsibility. You are entrusted with creating a meal for many, many people, many little children, may older people, people from all walks of life are consuming the nourishment that you have created so you are touching the lives of many people every day. This work if seen correctly, is not drudgery, is not demeaning, it is the most sacred privilege to serve your fellow beings.

If you are a teacher, you have a sacred and solemn responsibility to be a positive role model for your students, for even more than the subject you teach, your character and the way in which you teach, the way you live your life, the way you treat the students, is what makes a lasting impression. They forget what you have taught them, but they remember you so you must look upon this work as a most sacred duty, a most sacred privilege that you are impacting the lives s so many, many young people. See to it that it is positive.

If you are a sales man or a sales woman, you meet many people on your journey every day. It is your sacred privilege to leave these people feeling a little better after having met with you. It is your sacred privilege to bring a little happiness and joy with you along with that which you are selling.

If you work in the health fields, likewise, it is your sacred duty to minister to the souls of your patients as well as their bodies.

All of life, whatever job you have before you, is a sacred duty, a solemn responsibility and truly and act of joyful and light hearted service if you should view it correctly. How happy you all should be to have the privilege of doing what you do and ministering to your brethren in these ways for in every person that you minister to with a smile, or a light remark, you are doing this for and literally to God the Father. Think of it as working with these people's inner spirit. You are helping their good spirit in giving them a little lightness and joy in their lives.

All service, if viewed correctly, is joyful for you cannot be made happier than to now that you are serving the Father in heaven and the Master Michael and the Mother Spirit by doing some little thing for some other person. You are not asked to change a person's life. You are not asked to make another person your responsibility. No, you are asked only to spread a little love from the Father, to lighten another's load just a little, and to do this for many people during your day.

Now children, their reaction will be your reward. You will receive 100 times back that which you put forth. You can elevate the drudgery of any task by viewing it correctly as a sacred duty of service that you have been privileged to receive. All people must work and all work, even the lowest kinds of work, can be ennobling if approached in the right way.

Those of you who work in a factory and are part of a production line, this work is very tedious and even numbing, but look around you. Are there not human beings beside you? Do you not enjoy their company and they yours? Have you not learned about people? Can you not give them something to make their lives a little lighter and is this not a great reward?

Those of you who work in isolation and in silence, say security guards for instance, can you not use that time to contemplate the higher realities so that when you are in contact with others you are centered and balanced and able to be a conduit for divine love.

Those of you who work in the creative fields. Is this not a great privilege to be able to create something that reaches many people and perhaps can even be life changing for many. Certainly this is a great and solemn responsibility.

Children, the indwelling spirit will lead you through many phases of your life, many different kinds of work, many different kinds of people and this is all part of your universe training, for when you have reached a certain place in your spiritual development, you will be given greater tasks and greater responsibilities than you have now and in order to do these things you must know what you are being taught today. Look upon all your work as being given by God for you and also for those whom you are in contact with.

When Jesus was incarnate in the world, he was the light of the world and now he is sending out many lights, many servants, who would serve both he and the Father by serving mankind. But, mankind is not an abstraction, mankind is millions and millions of individual men and woman, children, and old people and you cannot reach the multitudes until you can reach the single individual effectively.

Therefore, this week as you go out into the world doing you jobs, think about what it is you are really doing and how you can best serve your fellows in whatever capacity you have been given. Questions?



Q: Do you have any advice for me this week?

Ham: Son, you do well. Your heart is straining to open, wants to open with joy and love and your head, your mind, is holding it back some. But, I tell you, it is wonderful to be a young mortal on a struggling planet. It is wonderful to give and to receive love as a human being. It is wonderful to weep with joy at the beauty of the world and it is wonderful to weep with pain at the painful opening of the self. Accept your emotions, don't deny that you are human and that you are in need of loving comfort. But also be gentle with yourself, tolerant with yourself. Allow yourself your humanness and be at peace with that. That is all.

Q: What about when people do things that are harmful to others like people who sell dangerous drugs or child pornography. How can we reconcile that with your statement that every form of work is sacred.

Ham: Yes, if the person selling these things were to view it differently, they would have to turn away from that kind of activity. I suppose I meant more in the general sense that earning a living by honest work is sacred. Dishonest work, of course, was not my meaning.

Q: Our culture is very different than this. We tend to see work as getting as much as you can for itself. Even the theory of our economy says that is works by each person seeking their own selfish interest. It seems to me that if people changed how they see work, then the would start changing what they do and the impact could be tremendous.

Ham: Yes.

Q: Amalain requested a message and wants to know what her proper work to do is, and also Jim, her friend from Memphis, has also requested the same message.

Ham: Yes, children, I see that you both are going through some transitions and some changes in thinking of what your life's calling should be. There will be much that comes to you from within that gradually alters your thinking and may not alter what you are doing right now but will alter the way you look at what you do. This change of perspective can lead into new areas, even great changes in vocation. But, this is not for me to direct. These things will be done with your teachers and in cooperation with your individual Thought Adjusters. Be assured that both your lives are securely held in the Father's hands. Be at peace with all you are finding that is new.

Personal Counsel

Last week I asked for my spiritual name and you said you couldn't give it at the time, can you do that this week.

Ham: No, it will have to wait a few more weeks. Is it necessary to know who your teachers are?

Ham: No, not at this time, you do well.

Q: Ham, do you have anything for Esmirelda?

Ham: Yes, daughter, as you are growing in your acceptance of yourself, you are also growing in your acceptance of others and this is very good. Things that used to really bother you are now not quite so burdensome. Keep along the path you have embarked upon, for you do well.

Q: Elena?

Ham: Child, you have grown much and are continuing to grow and expand your outlook. Realize that you are not the same person you were a year ago, that you are learning and growing and changing. Be grateful for all the many gifts that the Father is giving you and be open to accepting them.

Q: Frankie M.?

Ham: Yes, son, you do well. There are many things that are expanding in your life. Your outlook now stretches far beyond where you used to see. Be humble to the daily walk with the Lord and receive the good things from his hand.

Q: Rebecca?

Ham: Rebecca, you are given many tasks, many responsibilities, and you are fulfilling these tasks and responsibilities very well. Soon you will have much more to keep you occupied and it is correct for you to view these things as a service privilege rather than as a burdensome task. Lighten your load by thinking of these things as the Father's work, the Father's opportunities, the Father's responsibilities. Don't take on undue responsibility, leave that in the Father's hands, but serve him with joy.

Q: Jarad?

Ham: Yes, Jarad, there are many tasks before you that are probably going to seem like an awful load. But, you must with joy and confidence step forth and take up these tasks for they are truly your sacred privilege. Keep always a humble heart and be joyous as you go out now into the world. Be at peace son, for all goes well and you are doing very well.

Q: Ham, this is Kellan, and I would appreciate a message, especially related to our work in the world and my task.

Ham: Yes, son, you have not been quite ready to fully incorporate spirituality into your work, but it is coming through anyway and you will be privileged to bring many higher values and more profound meanings to a great many people. Yes, you have had some reticence and fear of being too blatantly spiritual, but this should not be. The way of the spirit is the way of life and all human beings respond to the spirit. Sometimes this response is negative because that person is not seeking the truth. But, this is good. This deflects people away from you who would not be beneficial in the long run to your project. So, be happy and at peace for all is as it should be.

Q: Yes, Ham, I would appreciate any feedback you have this week for me.

Ham: Yes, son, you have much work ahead of you. Your book task is going into the hands that will in turn that will deliver it into the hands that are necessary. Be at peace, for all is going well as it should. You have needed this time of quiet and preparation before once again attacking this work. Be exceedingly glad because you will be none to ready when the Father calls.

Q: Ham, there is a Meralee M. who has cancer and Moe called and wanted to know if you had anything to say to her?

Ham: Yes. Use this time and opportunity to delve into the spirit, to read and to cultivate spiritual understanding. You have an opportunity to be a role model for many people, especially the children, to inspire them and to show them increasingly what love is all about. Be of good cheer, even in the face of suffering and the despair of others. Keep moving forward, don't go back.

Q: Would you have anything for Samuel.

Ham: Yes, Samuel, is doing a little better.

Samuel, son, you seem to take a step forward only to take two back. Life consists of change and your resist changing. But, eventually you must surrender yourself to change and to trusting the Father to provide that change.

Q: Anything for me Ham?

Ham: Son, you continue to do well, to make progress, Don't be worried or afraid about the future for all will work itself out as it should. Be at ease, and go in peace.

Any further questions?


If there is nothing further, I will take my leave until next week. My love and my prayers are with you each. Go therefore in peace and love, farewell.