1998-12-04-About Advent

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Topic: About Advent

Group: Pocatello TeaM


Teachers: Daniel, Andronason, Minearisa, Aaron

TR: Nancy, Isaac



Andronason(Nancy): "....and allow the conversation to evolve. We do request that all participate in this conversation. Of course, this remains a request. Free will shall rule.

My dears, you are in the calendar ecclesiastical season known as Advent. Advent is very familiar to some of you, and unknown to others of you. Advent is the season in the Christian church of preparing to receive the Christ Child into one's life, the season of making oneself ready. And the weeks are known. There is the week of hope, the week of peace, the week of faith, and the week of joy. These topics are dealt with in the season of Advent in the churches at this time of year. You, here, have a unique position for you have further knowledge of the meaning of Michael's life in the person of Jesus than do many of those in the churches during this season. You have the story of the pre-birth, you have the story of the birth, the early years as a child, the later childhood years, the adolescent years, the young man's years, and finally those years of Jesus' ministry, the years with which the New Testament deals.

From that broadened perspective I , we, the teaching staff request that you consider the meaning of Advent in your own life at this time. This is a broad focus, for as I have stated, there are four aspects to Advent. There is Jesus' entire life laid before you. So I ask you now to discuss the meaning of Advent in your life here today. I will take my leave of this TR so that she may participate fully. This is an assignment for you. We will make ourselves available after your discussion as is the general case. We look forward to observing your discussion and continuing the discussion with you.

I am Andronason here among you today. Until later."

  • Group discussion

Daniel(Bill): "Greetings my dear friends. This is your teacher Daniel. I have been in attendance upon all of you at various times in the last several weeks and have spoken with you. I learned as a mortal physician that there is no substitute for making rounds, for in visiting with patients in their homes, healing was more efficacious. Your mechanized medicine has lost something, but this loss is becoming apparent. But I diverge. Indeed, were the words of Andronason appropriate to each of you this evening and your deep and strong bonds of love have not been severed during your strenuous battle and conflict with the obstacles which you have been facing in the last few months. Indeed, did Michael struggle valiantly as a mortal throughout his life, not merely in his last moments. He experienced the conflict of dual loyalty to truth on the one hand and to his parents on the other, and wonderfully did he surmount this obstacle as a child. His advent to planet Urantia completed his experiential bestowals and has benefitted native Urantians beyond what even you, my friends, comprehend.

The throes of the Lucifer Rebellion are dying down. The patterns of stubborn resistance to the Spirit of God are coming into crisis, into a final confrontation, and the victory is assured. Michael's Spirit of Truth will triumph. Indeed are we all messengers of the advent, the desire of all ages, of the era of Light and Life on this sparkling sphere of Urantia.

Thank you for all you contributions to the discussion this evening, for each one of you presented truth that gleams from your heart. You have fed each other's souls. You have fed each other's bodies, minds, and spirits, your attitudes. I love you all dearly and cherish your friendship, perhaps more than you understand. Like proud aunts and uncles we teachers trade stories, discuss progress, exchange a great deal of laughter over the antics of our charges as you enjoy the struggles of your younger siblings and your own children. Please do not be put off by me sharing this for it is truly indicative of our bonds of affection. Continue to walk hand in hand with the Mother Spirit and Michael so that you will walk past the zone of fear of what others think of you. Has it not been told you recently that other's disapproval of you does not in any way diminish your value in the sight of God? This TR is weary or I would otherwise continue through him.

But I will respect the mood of the group and will allow another to field any questions or concerns or sharing that you might have. I wish you a most blessed Advent season. I look forward to our next get together. Good evening."

Correcting Time

Virginia: "I'm not sure who will want to answer this but Daniel did suggest that questions were okay. I think I would like maybe more than a general answer on this. Listening to the tape of the UB and how the apostles and the family of Jesus had so much expectation for change in their lives because of the Romans and everything else they were experiencing, I couldn't help but apply that to today, how, as we desire change through the Correcting Time and the Teaching Mission, am I expecting greater changes than I will see in my lifetime?"

Aaron: "My friend, this is Aaron. It is a pleasure to be here this evening. Concerning your inquiry, let me tell you that the largest degree of change regarding this Correcting Time is of the nature of the materially unseen. The greatest shift is in spiritual administration instituting procedures and efforts from the celestial vantage point. Most of what you have witnessed already will be the inspiration needed to carry you through in your quest to comprehend and to implant new ideas into the minds of those you touch. Great things are, indeed, happening, most of which you cannot see and you must, therefor, take on faith that it is so. On the other hand you may witness some inspiring performances of spiritual reality and awakening but these are by design to be humanly initiated and co-creatively manifested. Our influence will be suspected but never provable by material means. The manifestation of the gospel requires human beings willing to live these ideals rather than announcing or creating some visible undeniable reality that isn't wrought from human hands. Your concerns are well placed concerning the outlook of the apostolic corps and the mother of the human Jesus and family /friends. Often there is a sense that you would like to see, as humans, that your faith is well placed, that what you are doing has value. These are not so different from the wishes of the apostles and others who would like to see the Kingdom come in force and glory. I don't know how much this has answered your desire, my friend, but it is my attempt to shed some light on your question."

Virginia: "Thank you Aaron. It's general and I realize that none of you are fortune tellers. It is pretty well what I would have expected you to say. Thank you."

Melchizedek Schools

Nancy: "Aaron, it stirred a question from me..like what you are saying, or my interpretation of it. Let me back up. There has been discussion in the past that the Melchizedek universities which would be evidence and I interpreted you to say that that's not so."

Aaron: "..that these..."

Nancy: "..that these Melchizedek universities would be evidence of more than human hands is not going to occur in mom's lifetime."

Aaron: "I would, in not predicting the future, be careful not to predict that such isn't going to occur. For you have conceptions of these things that may not come to pass, but yet, may have partial viewpoints which are threaded with the truth, and may indeed find realization on some levels. The example I would use regarding these Melchizedek universities is that one viewpoint says they will be built of other-worldly material; that Melchizedek advisors will even materialize in human form and that this would be without question what mortals would either witness or recognize as being celestial in origin; that the faithful students would be drafted to positions in this university to teach as they have been taught. Yet if spiritually led and wise minded individuals entered into a development procedure to bring these insights they have learned to the world, and over time from these efforts developed educational facilities which had various sources of involvement manifesting diverse yet unifying efforts of spiritual awareness, but never being absolutely identifiable as the Melchizedek universities we speak of, would you feel somewhat that your concepts initially were without merit?"

Nancy: "Is that rhetorical? Or are you asking me?"

Aaron: "I would be pleased for your response."

Nancy: I actually don't know how I would feel. I really want to believe that we are the last generation of Agondonters. That means that we would have physical evidence of God's administration. And the day will come when there will be the last generation of Agondonters just like the day will come when the last person dies because of war. Yes, I'd like to..I realize it could be hundreds, thousands, millions of years away, but I want it to be this generation. I really want to see the first stages of Light and Life on this planet. So, actually, yes, it does make a difference to me whether it's a human institution that is spiritually led and guided by Melchizedeks or is it something...in which case I would believe that we were still Agondonters. But if there is physical evidence, then we are the last generation of Agondonters. So, does it make a difference in my spiritual progress or faith or my focus on God's will..no. In terms of my personal desires and my personal preferences, yes."

Aaron: "I appreciate your willingness to state your wishes so plainly. These desires are known. I cannot say that you will know without a doubt as a generation that God is real or that physical proof of spiritual existence has substance. What I can tell you is that much of the timeline is wholly dependent on circumstances which require human input, action, and development. And thus you may or may not see these things come to pass in your lifetime, or even if they will occur years, decades, or centuries afterward. There is simply no way to tell you what will happen when we are bound to humans and their actions to realize certain of these things. You are too unpredictable. (Laughter)

Nancy: "Thanks, Aaron. (More laughter) I mean that sincerely. I understand that perspective of the future and it being free will dependent on choices as a whole, individually and collectively."

Minearisa (Bill): "I am Minearisa. I would speak to this same issue briefly [Ed note: apparently the TR has recovered his strength!]

I would remind you that the celestial status of Lucifer, Caligastia, and those others was not sufficient to prevent their ego-centered unbelief and the sweeping away of their reason, tearing them down to destruction. There is no proof short of the presence of the First Source and Center that will convince a mind that is unwilling to believe, except the experience of enjoying that actual contact with God which you mortals are privileged to experience in Adjuster contact. Your intimacy with the First Source in this experience exceeds the understanding of the Melchizedeks. You are most blessed to be able to experience the entire gamut of creation from the lowest to the highest. So even if the Melchizedek universities appear within you generation, PamElla, it will not convince everyone, by any means! There is no fact that can convince a heart that is unwilling to yield allegiance to its Maker. I understand you personally wish this to happen and as has been discussed, the timeline does depend on human factors which we cannot predict, at least with any high measure of probability. Were you merely animals with no souls, with no free will, then we could make predictions and be reasonably certain. I remind you that the keys to all happiness and all joy are within your reach. You do, indeed, possess them...and that is your relationship with God. As you share your inner life with God , so do you do God's will. I am finished."

Nancy: "Thank you Minearisa. I think I need to go back and read about the first stages of Light and Life and what it means to be an Agondonter . . . because, yes, it is an excellent point about the Lucifer Rebellion with plenty of evidence of the local administration. The rebels were still not convinced of God at the center and of Paradise. I am having a confusion about what it means to move into the first stages of Light and Life and that sort of thing. So I will read."


The Garden Project

Minearisa: "Very well. I would also throw another chink into the mechanism of probability and that is that there is still discussion of the appropriateness and possibility of the return of your formerly defaulted Adam and Eve or their children to re-establish the lost garden and its culture. But it is only a discussion at this point. Even we Melchizedeks, though we be the highest Sons of the Local Universe, are not privy always to the all pervasive, completely loving, perfect wisdom of our Father, your Brother. He will accomplish his purposes. He comes again in Advent to each of you and to each of us . Let us open our hearts to receive him. With these words I now conclude our meeting. My love also to you all. Be at peace. Good evening."

Group: "Good evening. Thank you."