1999-01-24-Sharing Stillness

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Topic: Sharing Stillness

Group: Butler TeaM


Teacher: Tomas, Merium

TR: Gerdean, Hunnah



TOMAS: "Dear Heavenly Father, we thank you for the opportunity to be together. We thank you for this living family, this bountiful grouping of striving, seeking believers. We rejoice, Father God, in the opportunity to know you in and through each other, even in those areas that remain a mystery, and in this we thank you and give praise."

I am Tomas. Good afternoon.

GROUP: Good afternoon, Tomas.

ELYSSIA: Thank you for coming.

TOMAS: The same to you, my dear, and thank you for opening your home so graciously to these travelers, these sojourners in the spirit and in the flesh who conjoin in the afternoons within your realm. We graciously respond to your need for that which we bring, that which is of The Father.

Indeed we have an abundant gathering this afternoon, and indeed the depth of perception goes down into, might I say, the ultimatons of yours souls (group chortle), for whereas we perceive of God as being On High and in the exalted glorious pinnacles of Paradise far beyond your eye, you must remember He also dwells within, in the deepest part of you, in that Core which is also in the mystery.

Merium, you and I have a smorgasbord as always. Have you greetings for the group?

MERIUM: Greetings. This afternoon with you is a great warmth, and I do welcome you all in the name of our heavenly, phenomenal creation. It is good, indeed, to see the configuration this afternoon. Good. Very good. Well, are we going to banter? Are we going to carry on? Or be knowledgeable?

LIANA: Let's do both.

CHRIS: I always liked that word, "banter."

LIANA: Merium, your cheeks have engaged.

MERIUM: My T/R is more comfortable now. It is, as she describes, like stepping out into the water and wondering if she is waist deep before something happens.


You have touched upon many subjects and you are becoming more comfortable within yourselves of the marvelous creation that you are. You have entered into what you might have thought, at one time, a dark hole! And now you find out that you are off in a brilliant cosmic configuration of exciting aliveness within yourself. It is a journey within and without, and you are allowed to make as many mistakes as you want because you are enriched by them as well. You are allowed to try every condiment and main course in society's configurations if you bring the application of wisdom and the attentiveness that we are to be shown, which you should take, and which you should not. This reminds me of a quick story before we return to Tomas.

A friend of Hunnah's went to a foreign land. Might I add that it was China. She had the most splendid guide who served as guard as well. She was adamant that her tourist students would pay attention and tell them what should be and what should not be tasted. It is said, in this journey in daily living, when you pay attention to this Guide/Guard, this blessed Journeyman, this Friend that you carry within yourself, you will not get a belly ache nor a headache and you will make friends more often than enemies.

I make light of this, but my quest, as you know, is to always pay attention and listen. Take that chance. Go deep as your waist if you must, as long as you have thrown out the lead of listening to your continuous Companion, this intelligent spiritual knowingness that you all contain. How's that for a starter, Tomas?

TOMAS: You have led me on, my dear, and I will take it from here. Thank you very much. I will, in fact, stitch together your preliminary remarks, Merium, with the review of Morontia Mota that you indulged in aforehand. I am going to look at one now that somewhat relates to your reading about these collisions in space, and it is the Mota that speaks of the fact that, "Blind and unforseen accidents do not occur in the cosmos. Neither do the celestial beings assist the lower being who refuses to act upon his light of truth." [Mota #7, page 556] and herein is the point to ponder in your ministry:

As you pass by, in your daily experience, as you seek to do His will, as you seek to plant seeds, and you begin to perceive that perhaps there may be a more fertile soil, and your time/space limitations are such that you choose to be an EFFECTIVE sower of seeds, how can you tell? How can you tell if that situation, that circumstance, that individual is one that might give rise to a seed being taken into the soil of the soul of the individual and growing therein? How can you tell if one is going to act upon the light of truth?

If you allow it to be a matter of your own perceptions, you will likely judge your ability to determine and you will also likely be muddled in your planting process, but if you allow that which in you knows whereof It speaks, that part of you that is in the Heart of Divinity, It may know more keenly than your intellect, or even your sense, your perception of how to allow that seed to be planted, if at all.

And herein is an example of how it is that when you align yourself with divinity, when you allow that inner Force to field life's foibles for you, you will have saved yourself much time, for It is That which would seek to bring unto Itself It's own reflection of It's own reality, and It would know. This Mystery Monitor would know beyond your understanding, beyond your perception, and in this, my children, you also are always amazed at the magnificence of Our Creator, our creators and our spirit helpers. The magnificence of this universe in perfecting process. Amazing it is, and astounding.

And this little message has been brought to you by the Efficiency Technicians.

How is everyone this afternoon?


ELYSSIA: Great. We're great. We haven't had a chance to meet here for such a long time. I think we're feeling pretty happy that we finally got it together!

TOMAS: We certainly are happy that you have finally gotten it together! It has been a long, cold season, and now we sit around the hearth of the Father's fire and draw comfort from His love and the companionability of one another. The Morontia Companions are indeed enjoying our afternoon, as well as many other celestial beings. Are there questions?

ELYSSIA: I have a comment, and then I would like to have you enlarge on this because, to me, it was so beautiful and I want to hear more about it. In one of the papers that came from somewhere (I can't remember which of many papers I read, but), it said, why should you be surprised that you can KNOW, really know the mind of God, because your Thought Adjuster is part of Him and you can know your Thought Adjuster and therefore you can know the mind of God and the mind of Christ is open and available to you, and I thought it was a marvelous idea. Of course, it's rather self-evident, perhaps, but I had never quite thought of it before and I thought perhaps you could make a few more comments about it.

TOMAS: I just did, but I will make some more.

ELYSSIA: You just did? I guess I didn't hear it.

TOMAS: Have you motivation, Merium, to fill in the gaps?

MERIUM: I will comment. Having the mind of Christ is a long-term goal. In your words today you were talking about ambition, and this particular ambition is being available to the teachings of the hidden language which bring about action on your part. You are in a state of enlightened, reasoning man, and you are responsive to this that is in you, but you have a long way to go. Your every day routine is a blemished reminder that you are not continually connected to the beauty of this inner flow that would keep you on-line if you would stay focused, so you have a long-term goal here and you are having moments of this experience which encourage you to go and do as you should. I hope that helps. (T/R's "beeper" went off.)

ELYSSIA: It does, very much. CHRIS: I would like to interject here. I believe having the mind of Christ, we can know the mind of Christ if we are understanding the rudiments of faith and we can have an eye on a certain goal, a standard of value. If we comply with … if we can understand that there is a higher standard and we learn the rudiments of faith, we can learn the mind of Christ. I think so many of us don't know the rudiments, and that most of us do believe without having faith. And if we can learn baby steps to what really is faith, then we begin to understand what it is to have the mind of Christ.

TOMAS: Indeed you are correct, my son, and in certain ways we have developed this field of study by enabling you to ascertain what your beliefs are, for they are something that you can claim and get a handle on, therefore your belief is something that is structured around your faith, whatever you may have faith in, and as your understanding of your beliefs direct you / point you more and more toward faith, then your faith has an opportunity to experience itself because you understand that it is not a belief, not a system, not even comprehensible, but alive and active.

CHRIS: Belief is limiting and binding, whereas faith is liberating and always progressive, and believing is merely scaffolding to actual faith.

TOMAS: Indeed. We have even had this conversation before.

MERIUM: I want to comment. My feeling that is reflected here among the many who have come to observe in this amphitheater of instruction, the pleasure that we have this afternoon of these eager hearts, especially in this young man, it is such a pleasure. We are witnesses. You take this beauty that rises in you and it penetrates your human personality and you go out into the community. This wonderful sweetening of the disposition that brings out the best you.

I have access to the software of my friend here who just saw the movie, "You've Got Mail!" and the divine element in this picture is that there is this core of beauty that is shocking to someone who is wakened from the preoccupation of a worldly life. It is as if you have found Moses in the bullrushes, have found a babe, and all of a sudden the call of acceptance is there and you reach down into yourself, when someone shows you you do have this inner beauty, and you want to put your arms around it, and hold it like a babe in your bosom, and say, "Thank God, I have found you. I had forgotten!"

If you allow yourself to see such a show and you see the awakening people, the values that are allowed to be awakened and brought into your everyday living, it will warm your heart, and it is in this wonderful new personality that you will be able to harvest the fields. Now, that is a misleading statement. What you are doing is, it will catch fire. You will be awakening the sweetness of others, germinating the seed, you might call it. It is a wonderful mission and it is effortless because when you embrace the inner Christ mind in yourself and let It incorporate Itself in your personality, there is nothing for you to do but be yourself, because those with you will be caught by the divine virus and you will have nothing to do but enjoy friends who will be spirit-led, spirit-linked and will allow you to live in this glorious experience.

I hope that you will enjoy your day, and remember to enjoy this so-called "nugget" of sparkling truth in yourself and let it bring joy to you. Thank you.

TOMAS: I want to know, Merium, where you got your "beeper".

MERIUM: You don't want one, Tomas. They are something they use here.

TOMAS: I was going to draw an analogy that your receptor has a beeper and if you are listening to the circuitry, you can hear your beeper go off. You can dial up the circuitry and ascertain who it is who is trying to reach you.

In stillness you can draw upon the consciousness of divinity in order to be given a view of what it is that you need to do, or where you need to go, or who you need to contact. Now, I say this in great faith of your understanding that I am not suggesting that you will believe EVERYTHING your mind's eye reveals, but it is an act of faith for you to play the game and to go in and listen to the call and ascertain for yourself what it is you are being led to do or say or be, because this gives you a working communication with a higher, greater reality.

Indeed it will expand your appreciation for your social arena considerably, for you cannot always guarantee what your spiritual superiors will say, whereas you may begin to understand that you will always hear the same thing from your mortal associates, and so it gives you a new dimension in your communications and it really gives the spiritual realms an opportunity to play in the fields of the Lord, including yours!

Are there questions?

ELYSSIA: In the Course in Miracles, it was so interesting to me that it always said that happiness is an indication of how we are growing spiritually and so I sometimes have a tendency to think that if I have a day in the week in which I'm feeling very, very happy, then that must be a more spiritual day. But I am curious about your possible remarks about that particular thing.

TOMAS: I will play teacher and give you an assignment. There is a mota that speaks specifically to that issue. Can you recall in your mind's eye which one that is? Anyone?

[#8, page 556] "Effort does not always produce joy, but there is no happiness without intelligent effort." And so perhaps you have exerted some effort along the way that today has become existent in such a way as to afford you an uncommon happiness, even if you are not aware of your efforts and their results. You are entitled to the reward of your labors, and thus you may experience a happy day because you have worked in the fields for many days.

ELYSSIA: Thank you very much.

MERIUM: Joy will come upon you like a fragrance that is lifted from a flower and finds its way past your senses. It will move in on you when you least expect it and you will just feel good all over. It does not mean that it is going to continue with you for the next three months. It comes like an awakening, a pleasure. It comes and greets you, and tweeks you, to remind you that it is not of this world. It is a reminder, a very pleasant and light touch.

You have words. Words, words, words. And they are just weighted with definitions, and it so good for you to come out into the edge here and rest, where words are not necessary, just the lovely fragrances of good will. I am going to leave now. Thank you for inviting me.

GROUP: Thank you, Merium. Thank you for coming.

ELYSSIA: Well, are the angels who introduce people to each other, are they working on the internet, Tomas? I have that feeling that they are really busy there. Here we have two people who got to know each other through the internet, so is this a place where these angels are busy?

CELESTE: That was Cupid!

TOMAS: Oh, of course. It is a very active thoroughfare for spirit engagement. It is not as dense, you see, as … your mortal circuitry. I was going to say, "snail mail."

ELYSSIA: Well, I've often wondered where those angels were because I see so many good people who are trapped in relationships that are so difficult, and I say, "Where were you? Where were you angels?"

TOMAS: These people are not trapped in relationships. They are trapped in a perception. They cannot blame the relationship for where they are. That is a good excuse to hold someone else responsible for your own perfection attainment.

ELYSSIA: I'm not sure that I can go along with that. I don't know, Tomas. I'm not sitting here accepting that.

TOMAS: Then that is something that you might want to ask the angels to discuss with you throughout the week.

HUNNAH: "Guideposts" is full of miracles about relationships that have been turned around.

CHRIS: I believe that there is no lack of avenue by way of the thoroughfare when it comes to goodness seeking out goodness. There will always be and ever shall be ways. Even if we create our own way, it will find its goal. It will attain that. However, I like the "thoroughfare". It's a good term.

LIANA: A magnetism?

CHRIS: Yeah. When one seeks to reach out and enjoin others in the spirit, it will always find a way.

TOMAS: This is the importance of making decisions. As you make your whole- hearted decisions, then you have given the universe permission to act upon your will. This is how you advance yourself in your faith reality.

CHRIS: I think that is a goal and a progressive thought. A lot of us don't realize the prominence of that thought. A decision. No one seems to want to make that decision.

LIANA: Well, give me an example of that. What do you mean?

CHRIS: I'm thinking a definite decision of action. Like, "I am going to … stop drinking," knowing that that decision will lead to a supreme end. I believe through that great decision I can help people because from that decision I will have a clearer mind to know when to accept and … I'll be at the right place at the right time, ultimately. I'll be making a decision and know the end. There can't be anything better than that you will help somebody.

HUNNAH: You are going to make the conditions for your receptivity more complete. It's an act, like you were describing. It's an action on your part, and you have every right to accept the goodness that it will bring.

CHRIS: I'm in the process of writing a song called "Great Decision" and I'm in the midst of the very aromatic thought of that. A bouquet of decision for me. What is it! Like you said, I'm allowing it to come in beyond the senses into the Heart of Hearts and in that way finding the great decision and like you said, goodness will never deny itself; it'll be progressive by it's being fulfilled, and that alone is a great step to help others.

TOMAS: And to help yourself! In your decision-making processes, it will, again, help you distinguish between your belief systems and your faith, for most people's decisions are based upon their belief systems and they don't think about these decisions. They do their decision-making by rote, and therefor they are not truly decisions at all, but habit, whereas when you walk in faith, when you walk with divinity as your partner, then you are given the opportunity to look at each decision you make as a live element in the greater organism.

Herein you find the value of the fruits of the spirit, for it doesn't always mean, "What will I do?" or "What will I say?" but "How will I go about my life? Am I going to have confiding trust in this person about this situation? Am I going to have undying hope in the face of that distressing situation? Am I going to apply merciful ministry here, or is that up to someone else? Or would I be interfering with that individual's opportunity to advance themselves if I were to make such a decision? Am I enabling or am I genuinely helping?"

And these are decisions that go on in your mind that refine your understanding of who you are, align you and give you clearer vision as to how you may make these decisions in and with the mind of Christ.

GROUP: That's beautiful. That's great.

TOMAS: I feel triumphant. I think that I will quit while I'm ahead. I am so glad, again, to be your friend and to be able to be your companion in your adventures in spiritual awareness.

I appreciate, Liana, your bringing your offering from your fellow believers in the dynamism of life. It is wonderful to share the spiritual precepts of others unfamiliar to you, for in this way you expand the kingdom. You break down barriers and you know it is true that if you can understand your brothers and sisters, then you are more able to love them.

LIANA: Thank you, Tomas, for the acknowledgment.

TOMAS: It is very fine to see you here, Ron. It is a good collegiate thing for you to support your menfolk in the mission. There is a paucity of active male energy in our community as we have made a note of for many moons. Huh, girls? (Laughter) And so it is really an advantageous afternoon inasmuch as our energies are ever so much more well balanced.

Angus, it is wonderful again to see you. How we enjoy your presence among us and look forward to your extended sojourn into this arena.

ANGUS: I'm looking forward also.


TOMAS: And Chris, your enthusiasm and exuberance is indeed a pleasure. Having touched upon all you lads and lasses - Celeste, Elyssia, Hunnah and Gerdean - I take my leave and extend to you my and Merium's best wishes for a joyous week, and we shall see you soon.

Amen and Farewell.

GROUP: Thank you! Bye!