1999-01-31-Morontia Mind

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Topic: Morontia Mind

Group: Nashville TeaM


Teacher: Ham

TR: Rebecca



Ham: Greetings, children, I am Ham and again I greet you all and thank you for coming here tonight.


Mind, Morontia Mind

We have talked about many different subjects over these last few years. You all, without realizing it, are mastering the first mansion world lessons. You are learning to think with the morontia mind and sensibility. The morontia mind experiences no fear.

The morontia mind, indeed, is not emotional in the normal sense of the word. When you are operating in the morontia mind, you are above the what we would term physical emotions, anger, fear, sexual emotions. But still, you are subject to the ego emotions: shame, disappointment, joy, wonder — all these things are still a part of your consciousness. Pride is certainly one. The morontia mind is not something apart from you that you can go to to escape the vagaries of ego life. The morontia mind is simply a higher level of mind from that which operates on the purely material and animal level.

The Four Levels:

You can think of mind as having four levels. The first and lowest level is entirely electrochemical responding. It is the area of mind that conditions and is conditioned by the nervous system, the brain, and what we would call pre-brain, the spinal column, that responds to chemical stimulation and also contributes to the release of chemicals in your body.


Then there is a level of mind a little above that. It is the consciousness. This is comprised of the area of the mind that sorts and makes sense of the physical stimulation and all the senses. It is conscious awareness of being.

Then, there is the level of mind just above that which entails consciousness of consciousness and this is the beginning of the morontia mind. This morontia mind is the morality level, the awareness of God's will, the part of mind that accepts God's love and merciful ministrations. At this level of consciousness, you are always aware of the Father's presence. Now, all these levels have levels within them, of course, and they all influence each other.

Then, of course, the highest consciousness is pure spirit consciousness. The point of oneness between you and your indwelling spirit. Think of all this like a continuum. When you consciously choose the higher levels of consciousness, when you choose to experience the Father and to respond to his ministry, you are truly living in the highest levels of mind. But, you are never free from all the other levels. All the other levels are still with you. But, you can, with practice, continually elevate your consciousness toward these higher levels so that you are not trapped in your normal emotional ego-centered self-consciousness.

Now, realize that this choosing of consciousness level happens day by day, minute by minute, even moment by moment. When the Master taught us the better ways of living through his mortal life, he in essence was teaching us how to reach higher levels of consciousness. When someone slaps you across the cheek, and your consciousness is flooded with shame, anger, your impulse is to strike back. But, if you elevate your consciousness to the awareness of God's love and his mercy towards all his children, then the response is to ignore all those lower animal feelings, to ignore the lower, even the lower morontia mind, to feel instead love for this erring brother and to offer the other cheek, to do the positive thing. And this response goes against all of the millions and millions of years of animal evolution that you are carrying with you. This response is like the response of an angel or other higher being and thus it is truly revolutionary in your world. This new way of living can and will change your world completely.


Notice that I told you to ignore the lower responses. If someone slaps you on the cheek, somewhere you feel pain, anguish even, shame, all those things will occur in your being because all those other parts of mind are with you. You do not escape the feelings that come with the lower levels of mind, what you must do is choose to locate your consciousness in the higher realms. All of you have found these higher realms in the stillness and now your new lessons will concern bringing this higher consciousness or finding this higher consciousness in every day interaction.

The Master said, that there is within each person a citadel, a place of refuge, and of strength. This inner fortress is accessible at any time. It is a place where you can escape your own lower ego and animal emotions. You will feel these things, they will assail you so to speak, but you will not be defeated by them, you will not be influenced by them. This also is the ultimate self-mastery. You do not turn to the emotions of the lower self to dictate your actions. Rather, you go to your citadel, you take comfort from the great Comforter, the spiritual presence of Jesus and of the Father, and these great spirits will give you the proper attitude and response to any circumstance. Once you know how to get to this citadel, this higher level, that is all you need to know.

The new and greater awareness that will come to you and will give you all wisdom and all ability to discern the Father's will and his mercy and his love in every situation of your lives. This knowledge, this ability, is really the highest thing that I can teach you while you are in the flesh. Every person will distinguish God's will uniquely. But the one constant that will always tell you for certainty that you are accessing correctly is that your actions will be positive.

Soon you will begin to let go and not even consider the old negative reaction patterns. And you will begin to be able to minister to your fellows in a completely positive manner and you will be able to tell your fellows about the Father. Each of you will do this telling in a unique and individual manner. No two of you will have exactly the same ministry. It is good that you should all periodically gather together, support one another, and to love one another and practice the completely positive way when dealing with one another.

While you are in the world, you may have many challenges and times when others are approaching you in an entirely negative way and gradually you will learn that there are times when you can turn these situations completely around through positive action, as in going the second mile, carrying your neighbors pack. There will be times when removing yourself from the situation is necessary, when others cannot be persuaded to the better way. But always, children, living your life in a wholly positive manner will influence those around you tremendously and will influence many people the more you can live in the higher realms of morontia consciousness. That is enough for this evening, we will come back to this subject. Do you have any questions.


Q: what kind of practice? Do you have more specific suggestions for guidelines to give us?

Ham: Yes, these stillness is designed to let you access these higher realms to know what God consciousness feels like. Then, as you go about your day, you will find you can gradually begin accessing these higher realms in your daily life without going through the elaborate preparations of stillness. Eventually, you will be able to live in these higher realms for hours at a time and eventually you will be loathe to go back into the lower levels of consciousness, even though you will feel pulled there by strong emotion. Soon you will have a choice to go into what we are calling the citadel, the highest morontia mind levels or to go down into the lower mind levels and this is when you will have achieve self-mastery.

Q: Ham do you have a message for me tonight please?

Ham: Certainly son, you are still exploring the inner self, the areas of hidden consciousness to integrate your humanness and this is as it should be. Human beings always feel strongly for one another and this personal integration, integrating all the levels and hidden rooms of the psyche enables one to fully empathize and thus fully love other people. It is humans who cannot integrate their total selves who are capable of cruelty to themselves and to other people. The adjuster is constantly seeking to unify the personality, the total psyche, and you are now coming into that realization of relatively full integration and this is opening up new feelings of love for yourself and for other people. You know you are making progress because every day you are capable of greater love.


Q: I have two questions. One, do you think it would be beneficial for me to go on this Florida trip, is that something I should do? There are probably conflicts, but should I make way for the Florida trip?

Ham: Yes, I recommend these times of gathering highly. It is very growth promoting to be around like minded individuals, to love and to share with each other. For most of you, this is a totally unique experience, a time when love dominates and fear and insecurity are greatly lessened. It can be a very healing and nurturing experience.

Would you recommend it for Rebecca and myself.

Ham: Absolutely, yes, make it a priority. It is important.

Personal Counsel

Q: I have a second question. For about a year now, I have had ringing in my years, and I have made all kinds of excuses for what it was and hoping that it would go away. Do you have any idea what this is and how I could stop it.

Ham: Does if feel like it is in both ears?

Q: Yes.

Ham: Is it worse certain times of the day?

NO is seems to be consistent. It came on one night and it won't go away.

Ham: Prior to that, had your ears experienced unusual pressure, loud noise, or diving in water.

Q: They had experienced loud noise, one night at a rock show. I would have thought it would have gone away, not stayed for a year.

Ham: It seems that you have some inner ear damage. It is unknown if any traditional healing methods can aid this. Advise that you request healings in Florida and that you and ricallo can learn these healing techniques to keep working on it through these energy techniques, if necessary. It may come and go for the rest of your life, unknown. Seems to be actual damage, but sometimes this can heal. Do not be discouraged.

Q: Do you have anything for Esmirelda?

Ham: Daughter, you are experiencing greater levels of self-mastery as well. Keep working to improve your health. This is important and we are glad to see it.

Q: Elena?

Ham: Yes, daughter, you to must begin focusing on your health. You have some habits that if changes now your overall health will improve and you will begin to feel much better. Nothing radical, just slow change of attitude and routine.

Q: Anything for Frankie?

Ham: Yes, son, you do very well spiritually. You are kind and gentle with you fellows and always willing to be helpful to those in need. Illness can tend to bring the mind, consciousness, down into the material mind level but this does not effect your spiritual growth or spiritual well being.

Q: Rebecca?

Ham: Daughter, be aware that your consciousness level drops when you are tired. Try not to make important decisions or actions when you are tired.

Q: Jarad?

Ham: Son, you are doing very well. You are beginning to experience and know how to access the higher mind. Your consciousness level drops when you focus on the sensual desires, the comforts. I think you understand this and should be careful about making important decisions or actions when you are in that comfort seeking mode, to use your term. All of these things tend to lessen the self-mastery, tend to bring you into levels that are emotional, being too tired, being hungry or eating too much, and drinking, all these kinds of things.

Q: I would be grateful for anything you had to say to me tonight?

Ham: Yes, Brodan, you have truly made great spiritual progress, but you tend to neglect the stillness practice which needs to be put back into your life as a priority. This is important as your being prepared for work that will come to you in the future. The stillness practice is essential for self-preparation.

Q: Pursuant to what you told me, is there a somewhat unconscious part of me that does that overeating stuff so that I won't have to go into those higher levels, as a means of avoiding this higher mind and place of truth?

Ham: I recommend greater stillness practice for you as well. You must make it a regular part of you day. This will help you in all these things. Focus on the positive, don't worry about the negative things.

Q: You have to agree that is an interesting question, even if it is negative.

Ham: It is one that you will know the answer to yourself in time.

Vontiss requests a message. Son, you have reached a level of some stability and yet are not embracing that stability. You still have a tendency to not feel yourself as truly valuable and thus to not be able to confront the stark black and white realities. There is a tendency to kind of sweep problems under the rug saying that they are not important which is in effect saying that you are not important, that you are not important enough to deal with. Son, you must integrate all the different parts of yourself and your life into the essential knowledge that you are a son of God and as such of well nigh infinite value.

Kellan, when you are confronted with painful feelings about yourself, don't turn away from them but embrace those feelings and feel them completely. Then, you can let them go. You, likewise, are experiencing this integration that was spoke about and so sometimes some things will occur which cause you painful feelings. It is important not to dismiss these things or push them away at this time. Take time for yourself. I would recommend journaling and continue the stillness practice.


That should be everyone. Again, my love and my prayers are with you each. Until next week farewell.