1999-02-10-An Admonition

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Topic: An Admonition

Group: 11:11 Progress Group


Teacher: Unknown

TR: Lytske



Human frailties, loss of patience, and impulsive action, lack mindfulness. Your patience can stand improvement, as you well know. Plenty of opportunity will be provided for your growth. As this lesson needs to be learned and mastered.

Do not get discouraged, and least of all, do not beat up on yourself, for your lack of patience stems from your own early upbringing. You only have to go back into your ‘memory bank’ to find incidences in which you personally experienced impatience from significant others.

This is a great learning opportunity in mindfulness to curb your impulsiveness. Your unhappy feelings, about a recent incident with your little grandson, are a sign that you are willing to trim ‘the branch of impatience from your life’s tree.’ Again, mindfulness, a greater consciousness, and being more in present-centered awareness are essential. It is true that discipline is needed, but it needs to be sprinkled with love and care.

Yes, I realize that this is very difficult at times, as you have lacked a great deal of love and understanding from your parents, and there-from stems a lot of grief and sadness. However you are growing into the love of our beloved Spirit Mother, who takes all Her children onto her lap for a comforting hug. You, yourself have experienced this many times, albeit most often unconsciously, but when you finally realized who It was, you knew that you hat a real Mother.

That mothering aspect from the First Source and Center -- that unconditional love -- is what you can now give to others. So now you can clearly see why it is so important to not perpetuate past social, cultural, and home-life conditions. Center yourself always in harmony and balance, so you can nurture each one you come into contact with, especially your grandchildren, who are so impressionable.

Remember, the ocean of motion is energy. This is the path, this is the life, and this is the lesson to harness the energy in the self, so it becomes the most important tool for personal growth. You have all the help you need, and doors are opening. Walk on, and many more will open on the road to perfection.