1999-02-25-Scribbles from Lytske


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Topic: Scribbles from Lytske

Group: 11:11 Progress Group


Teacher: Unknown

TR: Lytske



Order out of chaos. Become aware of the tendency for your thoughts to go off on a tangent. Trace back to the original seed thought, so you can keep your mind on track. You are busily improving your brain/mind with neuronal power and firings. Be more thoughtful in eliminating the cross-currents, which throw you off balance, and which make your thinking become a jumble of thoughts.

Yes, this is a ‘aha moment’ for you! Now you see how you allow your thoughts to race through your head, without giving any thought to why on earth you think them, and wherefrom these thoughts arrive. In tracing back, you begin to see a dis-order, which you can eliminate with greater awareness. This enables you to go to the first wave of thought and ask the question: ‘I wonder what is behind this thought.’

This also paves the road for fresh new insights, for fresh new firings to start up, so the neural nets increase exponentially with a deeper way of thinking, contacting the unified force field where all thought are nebulous and waiting to be thought. This is the way of originality of thought, of inventiveness, of creating into the material realm.

You are beginning to feel, see, hear and understand how the inner creates the outer, and then the outer returns to the inner for more. They are the centrifugal power of the First Source and the centripetal power of the human. Expanding and contracting the polarity in the dance of life. Let us add that this beginning understanding, or rather this waking up of the soul-mind, is the start of a whole new dimension.

It is that dimension in which peace, love and joy, truth, beauty, and goodness are also enlarging into a greater understanding, into a growing -- a fusing into a balanced and integrated personality. Allow self to expand, ask when confused, for order to come to your mind. Chaos brings panic, which is truly undesirable for the nervous system. You experienced enough of that. Chaos can now be left behind, as you now have the awareness to trace back to the seed-thought, and say: ‘I wonder why I thought this.’