1999-03-07-First Morontial Lesson, Time


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Topic: First Morontial Lesson - Time

Group: Woods Cross TeaM


Teacher: Abraham

TR: Nina



I am ABRAHAM. Greetings. I am once again so happy to be here. I am excited at the clearance for me to speak on morontial topics.


Time, Timing

A great many changes are occurring throughout the world and they are a mystery to most. The mystery does cause quite a bit--much confusion and anxiety, for the effects of morontial possibility on Urantia are unheard of and have not been experienced.

Had this world continued in a normal evolutionary fashion, you would not think the morontial effect to be anything special; they would appear quite naturally as each would experience life as an infant into adulthood. Yes. Many, at this time on the planet, feel a restlessness. This restlessness is the introduction into morontial reality. As time progresses this restlessness will ease somewhat to make way for clarity and understanding of the need for the morontial introduction.

Many close to the spirit and divine realities have a tremendous yearning to bypass mortal experience for the new and exciting taste of morontial reality. To bring Urantia into a new and better age, we are to teach a little on spiritual progression. Understand that this progression comes not quickly but steady and surely with time. Patience is utmost importance, yes.

Your first lesson will focus on time concepts. Your fellow pilgrims who have ventured the morontial worlds have learned how to re-train their perception of time. At this point in the spiritual journey there is comfort and confidence, and knowing that time is not a factor in your universe career.

At this time we endeavor to introduce you to an internal clock. There are phases in mortal living that complete your levels of growth. There is a time when the infant knows he is well finished being a baby. There is a time when the adult understands their years of youth are done. These are fairly simple concepts that all would understand.

This evening, I speak of time concepts that you will begin to understand regardless of your material methods. As you begin to create a close connection with your Father, you are then, on his time. Universal time appears to be forever for you, and yet, I have experienced Fathers time takes into consideration the Universe' upon universe's well-being.

Worlds of time and space are included into His calculation. The Supreme Being's growth is also interwoven into the pattern of the overall evolution. Father's abilities to calculate and master time are unmatched, and therefore, it's my responsibility to align my will with His.

When our Master had labored day in and day out in the carpenters shop, he had not questioned his Father's ability to calculate when His hour had arrived, no. He continued to go about his duties until he should understand when Father would call him to go forth to labor for the kingdom of heaven, yes.

We can all view a fine example of patience on the Master's part. He had trusted Father's abilities to know the precise moment when the hour would come. His closeness to Father had put him closer to an eternal time clock yes. Jesus' internal Adjuster had enabled him to go about the Father's business in a timely fashion which would be an overall benefit to everyone. He felt not the restlessness that his apostles had felt, maybe that which you feel now.

There are desires you wish to fulfill and this is known by Father and certainly He can calculate your desires into the benefit of all. As you begin to set aside man's concepts of time and gain closeness with the Father, the internal clock will activate; you will also understand. When Father assigns you a task or a calling, you can indeed allow your anxiety to go from you with full trust in Father's ability to direct you. Your sense of time will be unseen with the material eyes. It will be more internally felt.

The stress and anxiety time brings is certainly a determent to mortal living. Your continued stillness practice, prayer time and requests to Father to go before you, should ease your anxiety. You can be assured that time will become unimportant to you and your confidence in your inner knowing to go forth on certain tasks will increase. I would answer a few questions.


CALVIN: (Paraphrased) I have noticed lately that things just seem to line up, the timing of things as I learn to relax more and not worry--things just seem to happen on time, at the right time. Is that what this is about?

ABRAHAM: Absolutely, yes, I am speaking of just that. Father has his networking of Adjusters and numerous spiritual beings in coordination to bring forth lasting results. He incorporates the overall good with as many individuals that can participate. You are correct and also, listening to your internal guide. Even if this appears to be unconscious. Certainly, open doors will appear and anxiety will effect the speed of things to happen when you can be within the will--his, Father's internal time will take over and you can find peace and confidence knowing you are carefully watched over and participating in the wellness of the whole, and to the growth of the whole and the Universe, yes. Good question.

Teaching Mission, Transmitting

RACHEL: (Paraphrased) Thank you Abraham for last week's eight year anniversary lesson. Could you tell us just how many groups are transmitting now?

ABRAHAM: The actual number would be practically impossible for me to tell because the amount of people transmitting are in many groups not just the Urantian community but in various denominations and different groups of even close individuals not affiliated with any spiritual foundation. Transmitting is not always known by these individuals or even called transmitted" or "channeled" messages but also being defined by "moved by the spirit." Transmitting and receiving is yet another morontial reality you have already experienced. One more question.

ANIESIA (Ashley): (A question about the spiritual preparedness of her friend Robert who attended this meeting a couple weeks ago, and didn't seem to find it real. He thinks what he is doing is more "in touch" with the universe and Aniesia says she believes him.

ABRAHAM: Understood. Yes. This is common and should not be worried for your friend has indeed his divine realities that he finds comfort in. This form of communication is unusual and perhaps his background in religion leads him to believe this may be an open door to other possibilities not encompassing good. He is indeed spiritual. He will traverse many paths before he feels he can call some one place a spiritual home. I have already been familiar with his concept before he attended and I indeed, still attempt to instill within him that he has his Inner truth and yes, he can trust it. Is this explaining? (Yes, thanks)

You are certainly welcome and you can find spiritual advice just about anywhere, but you have with you your own Internal Guide which allows you to receive truth, for wherever that may be. You are indeed a well dedicated child. Yes.


I am to remind you to spend time in things spiritual to promote that closeness with Father, to activate your Internal time clock for the purpose of participating in the overall wellness of the planet and the reduction of anxiety. Until next week, my love is with you, shalom.