1999-03-17-Scribbles from Lytske

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Topic: Scribbles from Lytske

Group: 11:11 Progress Group


Teacher: Unknown

TR: Lytske



You are sitting here, child, thinking, and becoming aware of how it is that you are a child of an immensely wealthy Father, Whose Light, Power, and Energy streams through you without you consciously realizing this. You are still developing, as you are only in your infant state. During your continuous growth, all your capacities shall enlarge according to your willingness to receive. It is a never-ending cycle to perfection once the mortal realizes his or her immortality, which is the second birth to becoming a cosmic citizen.

Many there are who are still asleep, marring their eternal souls with drugs and alcohol, but hope always remains that they, too, will wake up to a greater reality. However, free will prevails, and if they choose to diminish their own will-center for a temporary high, then that is their choice, and this will make their path more difficult by them creating these obstacles. Nevertheless, more and more are beginning to wake up into a greater willingness. The hunger for peace, for love, for a greater understanding about life, and why they live this life, is beginning to stir deep within them, as it did with you a while ago. Your life has brought you to this moment of a greater perspective, of a greater understanding, and of a greater connectedness to the All That Is. Your knowing- and feeling base is expanding through your intuition, which you are in the process of developing.

Reading about quantum physics makes energy more real, with its waves and particles. You are beginning to sense and feel the waves, so keep practicing, and you will also sense the particles; the shape-shifters of matter. Wonders shall unfold for you, and for anyone with eyes to see beyond the limiting concept of matter. Much is there to be discovered. Continue to be open, have your feeling antenna pointed towards the unified field where the divine blueprint resides.

It is a wondrous period in this planet's history of evolvement into something greater. She has languished long enough in darkness and isolation, and now she is waking up and is finding out that she has numerous siblings in the cosmos that also have been waiting for her to wake up and begin to take her place in the orchestra of the planets to make a joyful noise unto the Lord of all creation.

But for this to happen, at least 10 percent of her children need to wake up, and it is this consciousness which will leaven the mass consciousness on this planet. This is the soul-purpose of everyone; to be in service of the First Source and Center, and to help make this little small dark orb into the blazing star it was eons ago intended to become. This purpose has taken a detour due to some humans that wanted to experience darkness. However, now with the power to destroy each other and the planet, this is as far as they can go.

The dark will now dissipate into the light, as more and more souls wake up to their true purpose, and begin to sharpen their individual talent-tools they have been given for the benefit of humankind and the greater glory of the Creator. Continue on your path of self-discovery. Commune on an ongoing basis with the greater Reality, and so you shall grow.


Lytske’s more recent work, contemplation of which allows one to come into closer contact with the Spiritual World, can be found here: http://www.1111angels.com/TheLight.html