1999-04-11-Scribbles from Lytske

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Topic: Love's Discipline

Group: 11:11 Progress Group


Teacher: Thought Adjuster

TR: Lytske



You are reading in the little book, ‘God calling’, that ‘Mountains can be removed by thought-by desire.’

And you think of how you cannot even establish regularity in your own system. Your desire is just that, to gain mastery over your own system, and how often it lets you down. Think how often you let it down. You have not even begun to give your system what it needs; the proper nutrition it so earnestly desires. Take a look at yourself. How much do you love yourself? Do you know the true meaning of loving yourself? Or do you habitually give in to the people in your life for harmony’s sake?

Know that your first obligation to yourself is to love yourself. Discipline yourself into a simpler way of life, simple nutrition, mainly raw foods, the fruits, the nuts, the grains, the herbs. These were given as a food to My people. Remember this always and invoke My blessing and give thanks to nature, which so richly and abundantly provides everyone with her bounty.

The terrible disgrace of poisons; the chemicals and pesticides she has had to endure for monetary gain is an outrage. It is causing, and will continue to cause humanity untold misery in suffering all sorts of dreadful illnesses, which the innocent masses suffer at the hands of a few. The present situation is serious indeed, so therefore also the attempts of My awakening ones to purify themselves has become a difficult task.

However, it can be done with the use of lots of self-love and self-discipline. Listen closely to your body and its needs. Thinking happy positive thoughts will help the process along. Become more aware of any negative thought and ‘self-talk,’ which might trip you up.

Truly, life can be so much more interesting when you spent more time on healthful thoughts and actions. Your mental and emotional health will vastly improve with its repercussions in the physical system, all resulting in greater clarity of thought. Be good to yourself and love and respect yourself, and so you will love and respect others more.