1999-05-12-Scribbles from Lytske


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Topic: Scribbles from Lytske

Group: 11:11 Progress Group


Teacher: Unknown

TR: Lytske



Your pen is poised, and without expectation you are waiting for words to come. Whatever is forthcoming always boggles your mind. Sometimes it is pertinent to matters at hand, and sometimes there are issues that need to be considered.

You are beginning to experience a deep joy, as your body is experiencing greater health due to better nutrition, and insights regarding the needed supplements like herbs and minerals. The body can now begin to vibrate at a higher level toward wholeness, which benefits the mindal and emotional state, in turn being conducive to greater spiritual growth.

A person adapting healthier habits of living, as in nutrition and cleanliness and through insight, becomes aware of how God helps those who help themselves. In making better choices in the area of self-responsibly, one can shed many unwanted habits.

Another great benefit to be accrued is a more restful sleep, as the mind is at rest. Be reminded that even in the dream-state the mind can become focused and clear, and one can choose the ending of one’s undesirable dreams. Through self-discipline towards self mastery, life can become a very interesting journey indeed.

You can hold a question in your mind before going to sleep, sleep on it, and then dream mindfully and trust that the deep mind has all the answers, as it can also access the unified field where all thoughts are formed, and creation happens.

Check your thoughts, often, check your thinking pattern, and replace negative and judgmental thoughts at once with positive and loving ones. Do not permit negativity to ‘hang onto’ you any longer and trust that at any time you can ground yourself again. Above all, cultivate the habit of checking if it is for the highest and best good for all concerned before you speak.

This is another lesson in self-discipline, which actually pertains to all areas of life.

Through yielding the fruits of the spirit, the air of spiritual fragrance will be cultivated, which results in a lightness of being. At all times, remember that you are God’s child.